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Chapter 43 - Merging Soul

The several hundred foot tall body that emerged from the crystal clear water looked really similar to a king cobra, which Wu Qi was familiar with, but it was a giant serpent with full silvery white, almost transparent, crystal-like scales. However, this huge serpent didn’t portray a ferocious feeling, like an ordinary snake that made no human wanted to get close to it, but it gave off an elegant feeling. It was so gentle and gorgeous that every single movement of it had a charming quality.

The giant serpent swam to the lakeside, lowering its head quietly, and started to devour the slaughtered cows one at a time.

After devouring all one hundred cows, the giant serpent straightened up its body, pointing its mouth toward the moon, then it opened up its mouth and shot out a milky white breath. The breath shot straight into the sky, like a tall pillar. On top of this pillar of breath, a human-sized white pearl that was floating around, constantly absorbing the greenish white essence of moonlight.

The greenish white halo, which could be seen with naked eye, rushed into the white pearl, wave after wave, and the giant serpent’s body was resonating in the same manner, emitting waves of charming halo from the top of its head to the tip of its tail. The massive amount of energy swept across, sending three foot tall waves rolling across the surface of the lake.

Over a hundred thousand barbarians were standing at the lakeside with their huge weapons and heavy shields raised. They lifted up their right feet and then forcefully stamped onto the ground. At the same time, they shouted out, ‘Hey! Hey! Hey!’. The sound of the stamping of feet and the loud shout mixed together and turned into a massive sound wave, rocking the water and even shaking nearby trees, sending countless animals hiding within the forest scurrying away.

The old barbarian leaders raised their jade and bone blades high up and started dancing and cheering, all the other barbarians were following their leader’s dancing pattern and shouting out louder and louder. The barbarians had began to use their internal energy to roar even louder, making their shouts become like thunder. These hundred thousand thunderous roars mixed together and traveled out, shaking the ground and making Wu Qi, who was hiding few miles away, feel like a wave was continuously slamming into his chest.

“Lay the formation!” Yan Bugui looked at Lu Chengfeng, handing him three fist-sized Earth elemental energy stones.

Lu Chengfeng’s eyes brightened. He quickly grabbed the soul stones given by Yan Bugui and took out his three formation pillars. Then he inserted these soul stones into the pillars. The Earth elemental soul stones he had used to activate Grand White Gold Dagger formation previously were only the size of a human thumb. The one he was using now was at least ten times bigger and would really make the power of the formation increase significantly.

Laying his stomach on the ground, Lu Chengfeng crawled toward the sandy beach and lay three pillars on it. In order to further strengthen the power of the formation, Lu Chengfeng clenched his teeth tight and took out some silver and gold essence, placing them within the formation. With the help of these Metal elemental essences, the formation would be able to absorb Metal energy and up its power to another level.

Yan Bugui took out a stack of red talismans from his magical storage bag, turned around, and gave them to one of his subordinate.

“Get those people hiding in the forest to prepare. Have everyone wrap this ‘Explosive Talisman’ around their bolts. Let’s give them something nice.”

When Yan Bugui took out the stack of talismans, his expression told of the pain he felt in his heart. Even the corners of his eyes were trembling. The subordinate swallowed his saliva, grabbed the talismans, turned around, and went back to the forest.

The dancing movement of those barbarians became wilder and wilder, and their roaring became louder and louder. Suddenly, the crystal clear and melodious singing of barbarian women resounded. More than a thousand barbarian girls made their debut while dancing and singing, they jumped into the lake and made a circle around the giant serpent, dancing in a crazy manner, their melodious singing mixing together with the wild roar of those barbarian men, portraying a weird charming energy.

These barbarian girls loosened their hair and exposed a large amount of their fair bodies, dancing around the giant serpent crazily. Their bodies were twisting like a snake, soon the giant serpent had been influenced by these girls and started to swing its body.

Yan Bugui pointed at the serpent. “Hey, anyone knows what this big guy is?” From his magical storage bag, Yan Bugui took out a bronze colored crossbow that was two palms wide, he clenched his teeth tight and pulled the string with all his strength, then he carefully took out a flaming red bolt made from a red crystal and placed it on the string.

Lu Chengfeng and few others looked at each other, shook their head at the same time, none of them knew what was this giant serpent.

On the other side, Wu Qi was staring at the giant serpent with all his attention, his mouth filling with water. He murmured, “The Innate Water Serpent. It turns black after a hundred years and turns green after a thousand years, but only a three thousand year old serpent could become pure white, like this. This is an innate Water Serpent that had been raised for at least three thousand years. Among all the other water elemental beasts, it is ranked thirty-seventh inthe lower tier.”

Yan Bugui bared his teeth and said, “A three thousand year old demon? Tch. I wonder if the ‘Exorcism Crossbow of Red Flame’ provided by Scouting Office can even harm it?”

With an amazed gaze at Wu Qi, Yan Bugui gave him a thumbs up and praised, “Brother Wu Qi, it seems you are pretty knowledgeable!”

Lu Chengfeng immediately jumped up and said, “Master Yan, Wu Qi is my chief right-hand man! I only have a few capable men working with me, please don’t snatch my men from me.”

Yan Bugui glanced at Lu Chengfeng and grinned, then he carefully aimed at the giant serpent with his crossbow.

As the moon reached up to the middle of the sky, the dancing and singing barbarians suddenly stopped all their movements. A soft and gentle voice slowly spoke, “Guardian Spirit of our clan, now is the time to fulfill the treaty between you and our ancestor!”

The crowds separated from the middle and made a way, a naked barbarian teenage girl walked out from within slowly.

Wu Qi and all other men were stunned when they saw the girl. This barbarian girl was extremely beautiful. Zhang Hu was actually drooling right now.

The girl was taller than Wu Qi. Her body was slim and fit, and no extra fat could found on it. Not a single imperfection could be found on her body. She had an extremely beautiful face. In fact, it was the most perfect face Wu Qi had ever seen. It was as if all the energy in this forest had gathered on her, therefore creating such a magnificent being.

The girl twisting her waist and slowly walked up in front of the giant serpent, raising up her head and staring at it.

The giant serpent, who was absorbing the energy from the moon, slowly lowered its head, a slurred voice came out from its mouth, “Descendant of ‘Shizhe’, do you possessed the qualification to accept my soul?”

The girl giggled, then her body blinked and suddenly appeared on the sandy beach a thousand feet away. A huge rock, as large as five adult men, was laying there. The girl pressed her palm on the rock casually. In the next instant, the huge rock shattered into thousands of fragments.

The force of this girl’s palm was amazing. Some of the stone fragments even landed near Wu Qi. He grabbed a fragment and squeezed it with his fingers. The fragment shattered, but Wu Qi, who had broken through to the Xiantian level, felt pain on his fingers. His finger bone had almost cracked when he broke the fragment.

“This girl has a cultivation level of at least the ‘Mind Focus’ tier of the Xiantian realm.” Wu Qi shook his head and stared at the teenage girl, saying in a low voice, “Compared to Old Devil and Lord Flame, who were cultivating with evil skills and external forces, this girl’s cultivation is, without a doubt, solid.”

Yan Bugui grabbed few rock fragments beside him. He found out that the sides had smooth cuts, the girl had unleashed her force evenly enough that the cut was smooth. He squeezed the fragment and it shattered to ashes, but, at the same time, his fingers had became red as well.

“What a monster! She doesn’t look that old. How could she possess such an incredible cultivation?” Lu Chengfeng kept staring at the girl’s pert breasts and firm butt, unintentionally smacking his lips.

Yan Bugui had a weird expression, with a low voice he said, “In order to merge with the soul of this Innate Water Serpent, making it into her own natal beast soul and becoming a beast warrior, how could her cultivation be weak?”

Pointing at his own nose with his thumb, Yan Bugui sneered, “The ‘Wind Breaking Wolf’ that I merged with was only a lower tier Wood elemental beast, and ranked at one hundred and ninety-seventh. The requirement to merge with it was being, at least, a peak Houtian realm cultivation level. For a beast like this giant serpent, what do you think the requirement is?”

On the lakeside, as if the Innate Water Serpent was not satisfied with the girl’s cultivation level, it let out a cold humph, throwing an closer look at the girl. It finally nodded it’s head and said, “The treaty with your ancestor, I’ll fulfill it. My soul will protect the clan of ‘Shizhe’ until the time where both of our lives end. My body, you need to worship it properly. No one is allowed to insult it.”

Except for the teenage girl, all the other barbarians kneeled down on the ground, answering the request with respect.

The giant serpent took a deep breath, then it turned around and looked at the surrounding scenery. Breathing out a sigh of nostalgia, it said, “It’s been three thousand eight hundred years, and in all that time, I’ve always stayed here. Woman, when my soul resides in your soul, I’ll be in an eternal slumber until both of our lives end. Use my power wisely, protect your clan and strengthen my soul.”

The giant serpent opened up its mouth and swallowed the white pearl, then it said, with an indifferent tone, “Be prepared, accept my power and my soul!”

All barbarians stood up, once again swinging their weapons and shields, and stamping on the ground forcefully with their feet.

The barbarian girl walked slowly in front of the giant serpent, sitting down in the water with her legs crossed. Deep chanting came out from the mouths of the barbarian leaders, and they waved their jade and bone blades, once again dancing crazily around the girl and the giant serpent. Following their wild movement of dancing, a chilly wind suddenly started blowing from the forest, sweeping and whirling across the scene.

The Scouting Officers had brought all the men hiding in the forest to a nearby spot. They carefully formed a charging formation within the forest.

All the barbarians were immersed in an insane religious atmosphere. They would never imagined that here, in the heart of where their civilization, there would be a group of outsiders sneaking around.

Over eight hundred three bolt crossbows and nine bolt crossbows raised up slowly, following Yan Bugui’s command, aiming at these barbarians on the sandy beach.

The giant serpent let out a shrill roar suddenly, and snowy white blood began to leak out from its mouth. It was twisting its body in pain, then a shadowy white figure, looking exactly like its real body, swam out from its mouth, slowly floating down towards the top of the girl’s head.

A barbarian leader dashed forward. Using a bone blade, he made a cut between the eyes of the girl. The girl started bleeding, and a faded shadowy figure, looking exactly like the girl, floated out from between her eyes. That was the girl’s soul!

All the surrounding barbarians started to sing an ancient melody, and they kneeled down on the ground faithfully, worshipping the body of giant serpent, which was now lifeless. The heavy body of giant serpent had fallen down into the water forcefully, splashing a huge amount of water everywhere.

The girl’s soul moved her hand, chanting mystical words and forming some strange seal with her hand. Layers of greenish light appeared and connected to the soul of the giant serpent. The soul of the giant serpent slowly flew towards the girl’s soul. The human head sized white pearl was following behind.

“After merging with me, absorb all the energy contained within this pearl. It will make your power increase significantly!” The glow within the soul of the giant serpent’s eyes slowly faded, its voice becoming unclear.

Yan Bugui suddenly leaped forward, his crossbow produced a loud banging sound, shooting the red arrow toward the girl’s body.

“Everyone, attack!”

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