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Book 1, Chapter 4 – Ancient Portal

The Great Universal Dimensional Portal, also called the Dimension Portal, is a legendary portal that was used by ancient immortals to travel between stars.

Without a specific protection talisman for the Great Universal Dimensional Portal, only an Earth Immortal with a perfect Nascent Soul, and those stronger than an Earth Immortal, would have the qualifications to use the Great Universal Dimensional Portal. The result of someone underneath the Earth Immortal realm using this portal would be them getting shredded to pieces by the humongous suction force between the stars.

Not only would their bodies be ripped apart, even their souls would vanish into the void.

Soul disintegration; forever unable to reincarnate. This was the most tragic way to die in the world.

Miao Yuan was proudly looking at Wu Wang while explaining the mysterious features of the Great Universal Dimensional Portal. He kept describing to the three the huge amount of pain they would experience when ripped apart by the ancient portal, as well as the tragic scene of their souls and bodies being torn apart.

Le Xiaobai squinted his eyes. His eyeballs rolled around, he was trying to calculate the chances of them turning this situation around.

But no matter how much Le Xiaobai thought about it and calculated, faced with the immortal abilities of Miao Yuan, every plan he could think of would just be a waste of time.

Wu Qi stared at Miao Yuan while grinding his teeth. Word by word he swore, “If I am able to survive this day, I will kill everyone in your sect in the future!”

Miao Yuan wasn’t bothered by what Wu Qi said. Survive? How could that be possible? The Great Universal Dimensional Portal wasn’t some fake object. Either you were protected by the portal protection talisman, or you were an Earth Immortal with a perfect nascent soul. If you weren’t any of those, then you would without a doubt be ripped apart by the portal, there was no other possibility.

As for Wu Wang, he was staring at Shangguan Ye with a grin, “Sect Elder Token, do you not want it anymore? If you vow that you’ll let Wu Qi and Xiaobai go, I’ll give you the token!”

Shangguan Ye turned his head with a snort, then he teased, “The Underhand Sect is already mine, what’s the point of having a token? I’ve never really care about it. With it, I’m the Sect Elder. Without it, I’m still the Sect Elder.

Patting his own shoulders in a mocking manner, Shangguan Ye stared at Wu Wang with a sincere look and said, “I don’t possess those legendary qi meridians. The old story about the token’s function wouldn’t work on me, so why would I let go of two of my enemies just for something that is impossible?”

Wu Wang let out a long sigh and shook his head helplessly.

The Great Universal Dimensional Portal had been activated. 360 jade plates were moving in circles around the golden platform, and streams of light were being shot out from them, filling the huge sphere shaped space with dazzling lights. Massive pressure was being emitted from the portal, forcing Shangguan Ye and the other disciples of the Underhand Sect to keep moving back. Only Miao Yuan and the eight other priests were able to withstand the pressure, with great effort.

[TL: I’m not too sure about Collecting Heaven… I might change it in the future, if it appears in future chapters.]

Shangguan Ye stared at Wu Wang blankly, suddenly he scolded, “Damn you, you motherfucker! You, you’re a spy!”

Wu Wang grinned and spoke as if he didn’t care, “Le Xiaobai joined the Underhand Sect in order to pursue excitement. Therefore, if he was killed, I wouldn’t feel any pain at all.”

Le Xiaobai gazed at Wu Wang ruefully and said with a sad voice, “Brother Wu, don’t talk like that!”

Wu Wang didn’t care about Le Xiaobai’s words, he continued saying, “But for Wu Qi, I’m the one who dragged him into the Underhand Sect. The reason why I dragged him into the sect is because I discovered that it is highly possible that he possesses the Underhand Sect’s legendary Stealing Heavens Arteries. Therefore, I took him in as my disciple. And therefore, I will be the one responsible for his life!”

Glaring at Miao Yuan who was maintaining the Great Heavenly Positioning Talisman with all his effort, Wu Wang said with a strange smile, “Wu Qi is my disciple, therefore, if you people want to kill him, I will avenge him at any cost!”

Clenching his teeth together, Wu Wang bit off his tongue with all his strength.

The massive pressure from the portal became even more intense. Like a fountain, the blood in Wu Wang’s mouth sprayed out for dozens of meters.

Losing such a huge amount of blood, Wu Wang’s life was leaving with great speed. His heart instantly stopped beating.

A bright eye piercing light suddenly exploded out from the Grand Universal Dimensional Portal, and the portal was finally activated. Wu Wang and the other two were going to be transported soon. At the same time, The Great Heavenly Positioning Talisman in Miao Yuan’s hand also started emitting an eye catching golden light. The positioning of the final destination was almost complete.

Right at this crucial timing, Wu Wang’s left leg suddenly exploded. The rapid force of the explosion swept across, immediately causing abnormality in the Grand Universal Dimensional Portal.

The jade plates were starting to break piece by piece, and the twisting energy of the space was turning into a golden platform in a dough shape.

The self defense mechanism of the portal was instantly destroyed, and the humongous tidal energy within the Grand Universal Dimensional Portal was starting to explode uncontrollably.

An eye catching pillar of light shot up into the sky from the middle of Machu Picchu, instantly spreading across the entire area.

A giant mushroom cloud billowed into the sky from underneath Machu Picchu together with the sound of an incredibly loud explosion. A few nearby hills were instantly turned into ashes at the same time.

The massive explosion swept across the whole area, hills were collapsing, rivers running dry, and trees breaking from their trunks and flying high up into the air.

The ground was shaking, and even the clouds were sent flying. The landscape around Machu Picchu was moving up and down like ripples in water, huge trenches were appearing everywhere, and a few hills were even swallowed by the trenches, sinking deep into the earth.

After a long time when everything returned to its original peaceful state, Machu Picchu had disappeared.

What was left on the spot where Machu Picchu used to be was a huge crater spreading hundreds of miles, with a depth of over thirty miles.

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