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The glare of flame spread out in all directions, and a scorching heat wave was sweeping across the entire Heaven's Will Palace. Haoying Xiong, Haoying Fengying, and few other old men were sent flying far away by the powerful explosion. Their bodies were pressed tightly against the wall of the hall, and none of them could move even a tiny bit. The tremendous pressure had made their seven apertures bleed, inflicting a severe injury to their viscera. It was especially true for the four old men who were sitting on the cushion just now, as countless bones in their bodies were now broken. Blood burst out from their mouth before they fainted completely.

But, the most miserable person at the scene was Qin Xuewen.

As a middle tier Human Immortal of Gold Core realm, he had never thought even in his wildest dreams that Wu Qi would assault him. That was not the only thing that shocked him. He never expected that Wu Qi really possessed something that could hurt him. The Explosive Talisman was a gear of war used by those secret agents of Scouting Office, a weapon of superior quality excellently produced by 'Heavenly Spirit Sect' of Great Yan Dynasty, a sect that was expert in producing all kinds of talisman.

The power of each Explosive Talisman was roughly equal to the strength of a hand grenade. However, when two hundred Explosive Talismans were ignited together, the damage it could inflict was way beyond of that two hundred hand grenades. Qin Xuewen didn't circulate his innate energy to protect his body, and he had no time to take out his magical defensive item. With his cultivation base, it was also not possible for him to own a Spirit Item that could protect the host by itself. As a result, he had just taken the full power of two hundred Explosive Talismans that exploded on his body.

His clothes were torn and shattered into pieces. From his chest down to his knee, Qin Xuewen's body was badly mutilated by the powerful explosion. Especially at the area around his dantian, one of the most important spots for a Human Immortal, as it was also the place where the Gold Core was located. The explosion nearly pierced a hole in his lower abdomen, and a large amount of light gold colored airflow was leaking endlessly from the bowl-sized hole. The offensive strength of the explosion had shaken and hurt his Gold Core, causing it to crack.

The Gold Core was the root for a Human Immortal. It was the seed that was used to give birth to their Nascent Soul. When a cultivator attained the cultivation of Gold Core, he would possess at most eight hundred years of life. However, once he gave birth to his Nascent Soul, he would be able to live for at least three thousand years. When the Gold Core was damaged, not only would the cultivator's cultivation fall back greatly, it could also affect the future achievement of his Nascent Soul.

Qin Xuewen was struck dumb by the explosion, severely wounded and sitting on the floor senseless. His head was spinning, and it seemed as if darkness had blanked his eyes. Shocked and stunned, he stared at the large wound on his lower abdomen, sensing the broken and messy meridians near his dantian. He couldn't help but let out a miserable howl that shook the heaven and earth. His Gold Core was damaged! As the light gold airflow kept leaking out from his wound, Qin Xuewen could clearly feel that his cultivation was diminishing, and the connection between his divine sense and the Gold Core was getting weaker and weaker.

If not because the corporeal body of a Human Immortal of Gold Core realm had transformed into the body of an Immortal, which was at least ten times stronger than the body of an ordinary mortal warrior of Houtian realm and Daoist of Xiantian realm, Qin Xuewen's body would have long exploded and shattered into pieces. Although the two hundred Explosive Talismans meticulously produced by Heavenly Spirit Sect were merely the weakest offensive talisman, when Qin Xuewen recalled the very moment all of them exploded together near his waist, he felt his flesh creep.

The floor of Heaven's Will Palace was crafted using mountain rocks with a high concentration of iron, and was protected by all kinds of defensive arrays and mechanisms. Yet, the explosion had still created a near ten feet hole on it. Wisps of dark smoke kept curling up from the hole. The entire place was filled with tiny pieces of black meat and sticky blood, and nearly all of that originally belonged to Qin Xuewen.

Using both hands, Qin Qingshui pressed tightly against his dantian, exercised his cultivation and barely stopped the core energy from leaking. He murmured, "I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill you now! Wu Qi, you made Qingshui's plan failed, that's why I must kill you! And how dare you hurt me with an explosion? I'm definitely going to kill you!"

In a near hysteric manner, Qin Xuewen suddenly raised his head and let out a sharp scream into the sky, "Wu Qi, I'm definitely going to kill you!"

The enormous shockwave of the explosion had pushed Wu Qi a few hundred feet away, nearly cracking all his bones. While laughing in a strange tone, Wu Qi rose to his feet. Inch by inch, he pushed his body up, straightened his back slowly but surely. He casually took out an Innate Water Pill and threw into his mouth. Using the medicinal strength, he exerted his innate water energy and nourished the damage meridians, bones, and flesh. With his eyes fixed on Qin Xuewen, Wu Qi strode towards the man.

"You want to kill me? Old dog! Your great master, Wu Qi, will settle the score with you right now!" From the depth of his soul, the combative consciousness of Wu Qi arose, burning fiercely like a raging blaze. Wu Qi's eyes had turned bloodshot. For him, once someone expressed hostility, he would use the most violent approach to destroy the enemy, completely annihilate the enemy's will and corporeal body, soul, and everything. And this, was the best payback to the enemy.

Wearing a hideous smile on his face, Wu Qi came in front of pale-faced Qin Xuewen. He stretched both arms forward and forcefully pressed against Qin Xuewen's left and right chest, covering right onto the area where the lungs were located. Qin Xuewen was cultivating the Raging Thunder Sword Technique, which was a variant technique of Gold elemental sword technique. As the internal organ for a human that represented Gold element was lung, it was also the root for the Gold elemental energy. For those who cultivated with Gold elemental skill, the vital of their root was located right at the lungs.

Soundlessly and motionlessly, the pure, concentrated innate water energy invaded into Qin Xuewen's body, who looked like sunk into a half coma. It was like how the drizzling rain during the Spring quietly woke up the crops, it had instantly found out the current situation within his body. His Gold Core was damaged, his corporeal body was severely wounded, and his spirit was stunned by the explosion, which made him in a near coma situation. Currently, Qin Xuewen was like a city without any defending guards, fragile and lacking any protective measures. Wu Qi's innate water energy went straight into the depth of it, without attracting any response from Qin Xuewen.

Stealthily, Wu Qi sent out his divine sense and carefully examined the current situation of Haoying Xiong, Haoying Fengying and the others. He found out that they had all fainted now because of the tremendous power produced by the Explosive Talisman. No one would notice anything that was going to happen. Wu Qi relaxed his mind, then with the same hideous smile, he unleashed a secret technique from Scroll of Stealing.

An invisible vortex was produced right in the middle of his palm. Wu Qi exerted his innate water energy, and used them to wrap around Qin Xuewen's lungs thread by thread.

Qin Xuewen's innate foundation of cultivating Dao and his Spirit Seed were both located and breeding within his lungs. After a cultivator stepped into the realm of Xiantian, his innate Spirit Seed would be nourished by innate energy, exactly like how a seed was nourished by rainwater. Then, it would slowly grow and sprout, and eventually develop into the Spirit Root for cultivating Dao. As the cultivation kept progressing, the innate Spirit Root would grow further and become stronger. Gradually it would expand its root from its initial breeding ground and stretch into all other viscera, transforming the innate elemental affinity of the cultivator and turning the body into a specific constitution of a cultivator.

When the cultivator managed to step into Gold Core realm, his innate Spirit Root would become matured. With Qin Xuewen's cultivation of middle tier Gold Core, the Spirit Root stretching from his lungs had turned all his viscera into Gold element. When he used his divine sense to peek into his body, what one could see was a misty silvery white color. Currently, Qin Xuewen's heart, liver, spleen, and kidney, were still having a tiny hue of their original elemental color. When he finally transformed all these four important organs into the color of pure silver and not mixed with another color, that would be the time he stepped into the late tier of Gold Core realm. At that point in time, his entire body would have had turned into a Gold elemental body, and that would be his foundation to leap into the Nascent Soul realm.

When peeking into his body through divine sense, Wu Qi saw both Qin Xuewen's lungs had transformed. It was as if they were made with pure silver, radiating with a dazzling gleam. The razor sharp energy of Grand White was rolling and rocking within both his lungs. Threads of these sharp energies flowed out from the lungs and kept invading into the other four important organs. Inside the lungs, the massive amount of Grand White Gold Essence energies had condensed and formed a vague, incorporeal image of a tree root. Part of this tree root had penetrated into his dantian and connected with his Gold core, while part of it was stretching out through the meridians, reaching into his heart, liver, spleen, and kidneys.

"If you were cultivating with other skills, I would have no way to fix you. But apparently, you're cultivating with Gold elemental skill. As Gold gives birth to Water, the Gold elemental energy can be easily transformed into Water elemental energy!" Wu Qi laughed ferociously. Subtle noises of water waves were heard coming from his palm.

Suddenly, the innate water energy exploded with an incredible suction force. The silvery white energy in Qin Xuewen's lungs faded, as the source Gold elemental energies he arduously absorbed for a few hundred years were being sucked into Wu Qi's body, quickly transforming into the purest innate water energy and stored within Wu Qi's water meridians.

It was not only his source Gold elemental energies leaking, countless tiny roots of the near completely formed Spirit Root in Qin Xuewen's lungs were also broken off, transforming into innate source energies and being sucked by Wu Qi, quickly merging into his lungs. In just the blink of an eye, Wu Qi felt the functionality of his lungs had become stronger, and he felt so much easier in his breathing.

It was an opportunity that could change a person's body constitution from the root. Wu Qi kept crazily stealing the Spirit Root which Qin Xuewen had bred arduously, using the stolen innate source energies to slowly form a small Spirit Root of Gold elemental in his lungs.

This was the most frightening ability of Scroll of Stealing. As long as the elements were related to each other, there was nothing that Wu Qi couldn't steal. He could even steal a person's innate talent and innate potential. Everything in the body of someone could be stolen, turning into his own bone structure and talent.

Originally, Qin Xuewen's talent in cultivation was considered upper tier, though it was at the border line. However, after having his innate source energies extracted by Wu Qi, his talent in cultivation immediately downgraded one tier. From the borderline of the upper tier, it now dropped to the level of the upper middle tier. From today onwards, Qin Xuewen's cultivation speed would become very slow. No matter it was the speed of absorbing natural energy or turning the absorbed energy into his own innate energy, all had become at least thirty percent slower.

Before this, he still had the hope of becoming a Nascent Soul cultivator. Yet now, the hope was totally lost.

Using all his strength and effort, Wu Qi merged all the source Golden energies and innate source energies which he could steal from Qin Xuewen's body into his own body. After that, his eyes were fixed at the position where Qin Xuewen's kidneys were.

The Gold element would give birth to Water element. For those who cultivated with Gold element skill, once the Gold element energies were absorbed by his kidneys, they would be easily transformed into Water energies. As a result, Qin Xuewen had a very powerful energy essence stored around his kidneys. In other words, his ability in sex was also very strong. It was at least one hundred times stronger than any ordinary man.

"You're not cultivating with Water element skill, so why are you keeping those two kidneys of excellent quality? You dirty old man, you are a few hundred years old now, but still, have such a vigorous energy in your kidneys. How many women from good family are you going to torture every night? Well, well, I'll have you fixed today!"

Wu Qi turned the fainted Qin Xuewen over, pressing both palms forcefully onto his waist and exercised the Hand of Web. A blue glow vaguely shone through his palms, as he exerted all his force and started crazily extracting the massive energies stored in Qin Xuewen's kidneys, merging them into his own body.

A tender, soothing sensation rushed through his palms into his body, quickly merging into Wu Qi's kidneys. The soothing sensation immediately turned into a scorching heat in the kidneys. Wu Qi felt his vitality was getting better and better. Both of his kidneys were now like two powerful engines, stimulating the important organ between his legs and making it transform. It was now as hard as steel, as hot as a raging flame.

"A cultivator of Gold Core realm indeed has a copious source energy! Excellent! The energies stored in kidneys are perfectly related to the skills in Water Chapter. Now, let me extract all your kidney energies!"

Because of the gap between Wu Qi and Qin Xuewen's cultivation, and as he had to transform the Gold element energy into Water elemental energy, Wu Qi was only able to steal a small portion of source energies from Qin Xuewen's lungs. However, the energies stored in kidneys were in the state of Water elemental. As a result, by using the technique he learned from Water Chapter, extracting these energies was as easy as blowing off dust. Although he was still restricted by the gap between their cultivation, Wu Qi still managed to steal at least thirty percent of Qin Xuewen's kidney energies.

By the time a clamor was heard coming from the outside of Heaven's Will Palace, Wu Qi had already deprived Qin Xuewen's body of everything he could. After that, he simply spat out a mouthful of blood, threw himself on the floor and played dead.

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