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What was going on? Di…Did he apologize to me? Shen Qiang stared at his father, his eyeballs almost popping out. OMG, this was unbelievable!

Seeing that Shen Qiang was not moving, Liu Sijie just shook him awake, "Hurry!"


What were you yelling for?

There were still a lot of reporters here, and a lot of guests waiting to see what's going to happen next. Liu Sijie pushed him again.

Hadn't he been waiting years and years just for the day he could settle with his father? Now that his father had taken the first step to deal with their situation, how could he not take the opportunity? Liu Sijie wished he could call out "Daddy" for him.

The situation was developing too quickly, Shen Qiang was not mentally prepared at all. He was utterly shocked by the scene, he did not even have time to call. He only wanted to leave as soon as possible to process what happened just now.

He pushed his father in front and ran away in an instant.

Why did this child run?

Liu Sijie chased after him without a second of thinking.

"Forget it, it's good to let him calm down!" Director Qi pulled Liu Sijie back.

"Yeah. That's right. Assistant Liu, when you're back, please persuade Xiao Qiang that his father really misses him. All fathers love their children, so please do me a favor, Assistant Liu." Wu Qiaozhen bowed to Liu Sijie.

"Director Wu, I can't accept this!" Wu Qiaozhen was the Vice President of Qi's company, so, it wasn't appropriate for her to pay much respect to him.

"Qi, let's go back first. I believe Xiao Qiang will think it through." Wu Qiaozhen smiled and reached out her hand to hold Director Qi's arm.

Wu Qing walked over with a sweet smile.

Damn it. He apologized a second before and flirted with this bitch right away. Was he kidding me? Shen Qiang's anger suddenly rose again.

He turned around and walked towards Director Qi.

"What are you doing?" Xia Yu and Zhang Peng also rushed over. Seeing Shen Qiang's expression, they grabbed him.

Seeing that it was Xia Yu, Shen Qiang pouted and said in Director Qi's direction: "Look at them … …"

With her consummate acting skill, Xia Yu dragged Shen Qiang to the side. "You're a f * cking idiot, they've already bullied you so obviously, why are you still not retaliating?"

Shen Qiang shot a glance at Xia Yu, who was grabbing his hand, and said snappily: "You're pulling me, how can I retaliate?"

Xia Yu rolled her eyes at him several times: "If I'm not pulling, aren't you going to roar at your father again? First, let's think of how to get your father back, then we can deal with the mother and daughter afterward.

Shen Qiang thought a while and realized this was true, regardless of whether his father's words just now were real or not, since he admitted he was wrong publicly, why not respond him publicly as well? If he really wanted to ask for forgiveness from them, he would treat it as giving him a chance. If he was just putting on an act, then we'll see how he was going to continue acting.

After making up his mind, Shen Qiang nodded to Xia Yu: "Alright, I'll go get my father back right now."

Smart, Xia Yu let go of his hands and gave him a gesture of praise to cheer him on

"Dad, Ruyi Restaurant has put on some new dishes, I wonder if you have time to come and taste those dishes with me?" Shen Qiang quickly turned back and stood in front of them.


This time, it was Director Qi who was stunned.

It's been ten years, right? This child hasn't called him that for over ten years, right?

"I'm free, Daddy is free!" Qi Guogang had been waiting for this day for many years. This child was finally willing to call him "Dad". Happiness came too unexpectedly, and he didn't want to miss it.

Why did this little devil come back? What happened today? Everything was off track.

Wu Qiaozhen looked at Shen Qiang in a daze. He saw her and her daughter accompanying Qi Guogang on both sides, shouldn't he try to screw everything up in next second?

What was going on?

Could it be that this brat really wanted to settle with his father? How could his arrogant mother agree to it?

But Wu Qianzhen was, after all, a person who was experienced. Her cultivation was much higher than Shen Qiang's. She immediately smiled and said: "This is great, I will immediately make the call and book a table!"

Shen Qiang glanced at her, and he was so disgusted that he almost spat it out on the spot.

Seeing that she really took out her phone, Shen Qiang raised his hand and stopped her, "Director Wu, I'm treating my father a meal, what are you trying to do? Shouldn't this be done by Sijie? "

This little rascal was as rude as always. Wu Yingzhen was so angry that she almost vomited blood.

But if she tried to argue with him, it would seem like she was not generous. With great difficulty, she smiled and said: "I'm just happy for your father that I didn't know what to do. Little Qiang, you are a grown up and understand how to be filial to your father, so naturally, you will be the one to arrange!"

Is that so?

Shen Qiang looked at her for a while, and when he saw that she seemed uncomfortable, he suddenly laughed.

His gaze turned towards Wu Qing. Seeing that she was still holding his father's arm, he reached out and pushed her a bit.

"What do you mean?" Wu Qing saw Shen Qiang came towards her after he shut her mother up, she looked as if she was about to face a great enemy.

Shen Qiang tapped his forehead with his fingertip, and a beautiful curve appeared on his lips: "You have taken my place!"


"Father is mine."

"Godfather treated my good, I should be filial to him." What's wrong with taking your place? Since I've already taken it, so don't expect me to return it.

Who was Qi Guogang? He immediately understood that this brat came back to cause trouble for the mother and daughter of Wu's family.

However, Qi Guogang has waited for a long time for Shen Qiang to call him 'Dad', so he also did not want to anger his son anymore. "Little Qiang, Qingqing is my goddaughter …"

Without waiting for Qi Guogang to finish speaking, Shen Qiang continued, "Father, you would also say that she is only your goddaughter and that her mother is only your colleague. But they had been holding you on each side all day. For those who know this, they might say that the mother and daughter took the initiative to come towards you, while you are such an approachable president. But for those who don't know, they may think that my mom isn't taking good care of you and that I'm not filial to you either. "

"This …" What Shen Qiang had said was reasonable, and Qi Guogang indeed could not find any reason to refute him.

No more words? Shen Qiang's gaze swept up and down on the faces of the three of them. With a smile on his face, he pulled Wu Qing away: "Don't keep thinking about other people's father. If you want to be a filial daughter, go and honor your own father. However, I heard that your biological father is a lousy gambler, and after he has failed his business, he was swept away by you and your mother. "

"You're lying!" Her father was their greatest nightmare, and she didn't want to hear anything about him. Wu Qing panicked on the spot.

"I heard it from somewhere, and I did not mean to slander your father. What I mean is, I am filial to my own father, and you should be filial to your own father." Seeing Wu Qing being angry, Shen Qiang's smile became even more brilliant.

"Don't mention him to me. I only recognize my godfather as my real father." Wu Qing said while gnashing her teeth.

Shen Qiang laughed: "Wu Qing, what you said isn't right. Parents are unique and irreplaceable. You can't just recognize anyone as your parent as you want to. I am my father's child, and taking care of him is my duty. Regardless of whether he is rich or poor, and you have the same duty to take care of your own parents, no matter they are rich or poor."

Was this bastard possessed by a ghost today?

Shen Qiang was so mean that Wu Qing could not retaliate at all. Initially, she still wanted to say something, but when she saw that everyone was staring at her intensely, she could only release her hand.

The little fox had been dealt with, and now it was the old fox's turn. The smile on Shen Qiang's face became more and more exaggerated: "Director Wu, I'll have to trouble you to move aside, this place is for my mother."

Right after Shen Qiang finished speaking, someone aside started to laugh, and the others began to laugh as well.

Wu Qiaozhen's face turned red and reflexively distanced herself from Qi Guogang.

"Shen Qiang, it's enough. Your mother has already been divorced with your father for many years, why can't my mother stand by my godfather's side?" Wu Qing's eyes were blazing with fire. After her mother marries to the godfather, she will be the legitimate daughter and let's see if the brat still dares to stop her from standing by his side or not.

"Dad, Director Wu is your girlfriend?" Shen Qiang didn't even look at Wu Qing as he turned to ask his father.

What did this little scoundrel say? Director Qi looked at Shen Qiang with a severe expression, "Don't speak nonsense, Director Wu is my friend and colleague.

Qi Guogang also took this opportunity to clarify to those reporters who like to gossip.

"Then, dad, have you got any girlfriend that I might have to call 'Mom' in the future?" Shen Qiang giggled as he asked his father.

"You son of a bitch, you really dare to speak anything for your mother!" Director Qi was so angry that he was stunned. Would anyone ask this question in front of so many people to his father?

This was all his fault. When he was young, he didn't teach him well, so he had become like how he was now.

Shen Qiang directly ignored his father's expression and continued: "Dad, why are you so angry? I just wanted to ask if there's anyone, we can come out to have a meal to meet each other if you have got one. Otherwise, if she sees me on the streets in the future and I am not greeting her, people might say that I'm rude. "

"No!" Qi Guogang suppressed his displeasure and said.

"Really? Then I'll call my mom, and we'll have dinner together? " Shen Qiang asked for his father's opinion.

Call her mother over? Interesting! The people aside all stared straight at Director Qi.

Can't this bastard talk properly? He even dares to fool me.

Qi Guogang didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at his son. Fine, as long as you can call your mother out, you can do whatever you want. I have already done all that I can, such as apologizing to my son in front of everyone. I don't mind apologizing to my wife either.

"Then let's go to pick your mom?" Qi Guogang asked.

"Sure!" Shen Qiang immediately agreed and intentionally glanced at the Wu's family mother and daughter aside.

Damn, this move of Sister Xia's was beneficial, look at how infuriated they were.

Shen Qiang, you really didn't worth to be called as little loach, you did not even think of this. What a shame!

He winked at Xia Yu, pulled his father along, and proudly walked past the Wu's family mother and daughter.

Well done, Xia Yu praised him crazily aside!

"Sister Xia, why don't you give me a slap to see if I was hallucinating?" Zhang Peng thought that something went wrong with his eyes. This father and son pair had already been tearing each other apart for more than ten years, why did it suddenly become close?

"What nonsense are you talking about? Be careful, if little Qiang heard it, he would fight you." Little Qiang's brain was competent, he is good at drawing inferences about other cases from one instance. What a smart boy!

"No, you might not know them, but Uncle Qi and Auntie Shen have a lot of conflicts." Zhang Peng looked at Shen Qiang's back and said: "Dare you to bet with me, I bet that Uncle Qi will be kicked out by Aunt Shen."

Bet again? Couldn't he speak without betting? Was I too merciful last time that didn't let him return naked? Was he feeling a bit uncomfortable about that?

Xia Yu turned around and looked at him, "What are you betting this time?"

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