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Myriad Red River was the longest and largest river that flowed beside Ji City. Compared to the Yangtze River which Wu Qi knew, no matter it was the length, width or depth of it, or even the flow rate per second, it was at least one hundred times greater than the Yangtze River. It was a great river that flowed from the east to the west, winding through the land of more than one hundred vassal kingdoms of Great Yan Dynasty, and its valley nearly covered more than half of Great Yan Dynasty's land.

It was fair to say that it was the Myriad Red River that nourished the Ji City and nourished the people of Great Yan Dynasty. The rich grassland and hills on the valley of the river had become the foundation of the Great Yan Dynasty. Nearly seventy percent of the people of Great Yan Dynasty drunk the water from Myriad Red River, ate the fishes, and all kinds of crops that grew on the rich soil found in the valley of the Myriad Red River.

Ji City was located at the junction of the Myriad Red River and its main branch - the Blossom River.

The upper reaches of the Myriad Red River were clad in a ridged mountain, and were inhabited by a species of tree that looked similar to maple trees- the 'Red Leaves Guiling'. Throughout the year, palm-sized red leaves would fall into the river, carried by the rocking and rolling water to the lower reaches. Half of the river was besmeared with the red color of the leaves, thus giving it the name of Myriad Red River.

Meanwhile, on both shores of the Blossom River were all country estates and farmland developed by the people of Great Yan Dynasty. They were the people who loved nature, which led them to plant all sorts of flowers with myriad colors along the shoreline. At all seasons, the shoreline was shrouded by flowers that never died. Countless colorful petals fell into the river, turning it into a blossoming river with myriad colors. When the water of Blossom River brought these petals and converged into the Myriad Red River, they turned the entire river into a huge mirror decorated with colorful flowers.

Although Great Yan Dynasty had been established for more than two thousand years, they didn't develop any modern technology like that found on Earth. At most, the people would mine some coals that were found in nature, using it as their fuel. As a result, there wasn't much pollution in this world, and thus, the water in the river was crystal clear. When the red leaves and colorful petals met and mixed together, combined with the crystal clear, greenish blue water of Myriad Red River, it was like a huge transparent crystal that was clad in countless fresh flowers and red leaves. It was a splendid scene, and was extremely enchanting.

So, on a small stretch of hills along the shore of Myriad Red River, some people had occupied a large piece of land and built many villas, numerous restaurants, and brothels. In addition to that, more than a thousand floating restaurants were anchored in the middle of the river. This place had simply turned into the largest place of entertainment found in Ji City.

The birth father of Lu Chengfeng, Yan Buji, 'slipped' and 'fell' into the river during one night when he was having fun in Myriad Red River.

The time was late in the afternoon. Lu Chengfeng and Wu Qi were both in the biggest floating restaurant in Myriad Red River- the 'Palace of Celestial Tune'. They were accompanied by a group of prestigious youth of Great Yan Dynasty, having some good time together. Music of stringed and woodwind instruments filled the air, mixed with the frolic noises of the youth. Occasionally, someone would trip their own feet because of drunkenness and fall into the river. When that happened, people would clap and laugh while some would quickly dive into the river and save the unlucky fellow.

The dying sun was westering and hanging on the line where the water and the sky met. Half of the Myriad Red River was glittering like a long stream of blood, while the other half were splendidly decorated with colorful flowers and leaves. It was a breathtaking scene. However, besides Wu Qi, who was leaning on a window, no one seemed to care to appreciate the view.

The 'Palace of Celestial Tune' was a floating restaurant of five hundred feet in both length and width. A three floors tall pavilion was erected right in the center of it. Wu Qi and the others were currently sitting in the banquet hall located on the top floor of it. Lu Chengfeng was hugging two young and beautiful girls, laughing and talking with a few youths who came from wealthy and influential clans.

Nearly half of the young men here were the eldest sons of their respective clan, whose status in the clan had been confirmed long ago. If nothing went wrong, they would inherit their family's governmental post in the Imperial Court of Great Yan Dynasty, as well as the title of nobility. In the future, they would be the senior and prestigious officials that controlled the trend of Great Yan Dynasty. Yet for now, they were just a bunch of profligates from rich clans, and were wantonly spending their puberty and energy.

They were still young. Their seniors could still hold power for another couple dozens of years. Therefore, they had another couple dozens of years to waste. In their minds, having a dissipated event once in a while was just a trifle matter that made their hearts happy; it was nothing serious. Meanwhile, although the rest of the young men weren't the eldest sons of their own clans, their statuses were no inferior. They were all being taken seriously by their clan, and were the candidates of the family core.

Undoubtedly, as the Clan Leader of the Ninth Clan of Great Yan, and a man who held the title of Duke as well as the governmental post of West Supervisor, Lu Chengfeng's status was of the highest prestige among these young men. As a result, the youths who gathered around him were all from the influential clans of Great Yan Dynasty who stood at the pinnacle. They had seniors in their clan who were government officials, and their position was at least that of ordinary councilors and above. There were even some seniors of these youth undertaking the important position of the Nine Ministers.

Since Lu Chengfeng was able to participate in a gathering like this and was able to mingle with these young men, it also meant that the clan behind these young men had started to make contact with Lu Chengfeng. They had begun to establish a good relationship with him. Even though these wealthy and influential clans might not submit themselves totally under Lu Chengfeng, but by maintaining a close connection with a member from the core of Imperial Clan, it brought them nothing but benefits.

It was the same for Lu Chengfeng. After he established a harmonious relationship with these clans who held the true power, it would be much more convenient for him in the future.

Therefore, Lu Chengfeng simply let himself loose and joined these young men, became drunk and indulged in dallying with prostitutes. He disguised himself into a profligate son like everybody else. Except for a stern gleam that occasionally flashed through his eyes, no matter who looked at him, he looked exactly like a profligate son, someone who was extremely lucky and had accumulated great deeds in his previous life.

Leaning against the window, Wu Qi was looking down at the few floors below him. When he saw those young men who were enjoying their time wantonly, a barely visible sneer emerged on his face.

As Great Yan Dynasty had been established for over two thousand years, it was true that it had given birth to elite people such as Yan Bugui, who could endure the hardship and carry out a military mission in a remote mountain for three to five years. At the same time, it was also natural that it gave birth to these profligate sons who came from a good background and had their glorious future decided since they were young.

Wu Qi sighed under his breath. He brought his wine glass over to his mouth and took two sips slowly.

A restless feeling came up his soul, urging Wu Qi to join these dissipated youth, let himself loose and enjoy the bodies of the tender and young. Yet, the strong and sober attitude that came from the depths of his soul had immediately shattered the restless feeling. This wasn't something he was pursuing, and he didn't want to waste his mind and energy on such meaningless things.

He threw away the wine glass, stretched out his leg and kicked away two young girls who tried to leap onto him. A drifting and misted look could be seen in their eyes; apparently, they had consumed a huge amount of 'Transcending Powder'. Wu Qi furrowed. Lu Chengfeng had slowly gained a firm stand in Ji City and had gradually expanded his network of connection. It was the time for Wu Qi to plan something for himself.

Although he had the huge quantity of energy stones and pills given by Princess Zhang Le, Wu Qi still aspired in joining a Sect that cultivated immortals. Lu Chengfeng needed a foundation, and so did Wu Qi. It was near impossible to become a formidable cultivator if he stayed as a rogue cultivator. Only in those Sects that cultivated Immortal were geniuses allowed to show their might.

"I need to ask someone about how many Sects that cultivate immortals exist in Great Yan Dynasty. Of course, I'll just skip those official Sects such as Mo Sect and Scouting Office. I don't have the mood to truly serve Great Yan Dynasty!" Wu Qi muttered under his breath, pondering on his future plan alone.

Right at this moment, the profligate youth that was messing and playing below suddenly cheered at the same time, as voices of greeting could be heard amidst the hubbub of laughter and shouting.

Wu Qi poked his head out from the window hastily and gave the deck a glance.

A boat came quickly and docked at the side of the floating restaurant. A young man, clad in a purple robe, was seen bringing a few attendants and gracefully leaping onto the floating restaurant. Those profligate young masters were greeting the young man one after another, and the young man was seen returning their greeting, leisurely and confidently.

He was a young man with a handsome appearance. It was so handsome that it gave him a touch of evil. The most significant feature of him was his fair snow like skin, and even his lips were snowy white, as if no blood was flowing underneath his skin. He was clad in a purple robe, but didn't wear any crown on his head. His hair were tied with a red rope. He was giving forth an elegant and unconventional air, and every move of his was unhurried and majestic. In brief, everything about him had an air of an influential clan, elegant and poised.

Compared to those profligate sons who were crazily fooling around, it was like a bunch of dirty rats who inhabited the sewer suddenly met with an elegant tiger. Both were totally not on equal ground.

It was as if he sensed the watchful eyes of Wu Qi that the purple robed young man suddenly raised his head up, throwing a glance that felt like blades and aggressively gazed at Wu Qi.

A moment ago, the young man was having a bright smile on his face, but it suddenly faded away, replaced by a ferocious and murderous expression. He puckered his lips, stretched his arm forward and pointed his fingers at Wu Qi, then snapped, "Are you Wu Qi, the hanger-on of Duke Yan Le, Chengfeng? You've killed my eldest brother. Today, I, Taba Haofeng, will not rest until you are dead!"

*Clang* Taba Haofeng drew his sword, throwing it towards Wu Qi with a tremendous force.

Wu Qi tilted his head, as the longsword brushed past his face and stabbed deeply into a pillar behind him.

The challenging shout of Taba Haofeng was echoing in the entire floating restaurant. The noisy, messy scene was immediately reigned by a dead silence.

Suddenly, a young man in his thirties, who stood beside Lu Chengfeng and was having some fun together, clapped his hands and laughed. "Hahaha, Taba Haofeng is known as the best swordsman among the younger generation in Ji City. Mister Wu Qi, do you have the courage to have a duel with him?"

Wu Qi smiled. To everyone's surprise, he spat out a thick lump of sputum toward the direction of Taba Haofeng.

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