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"What's going on!"

At this moment, the Sect Master of the Gongde Sect, the Sect Master of the Ascension Sect, Zhantai Linglan, and the others discovered that Wei Suo had crossed the void and accurately intercepted another milky white Dao Sovereign.

The second pill was like a milky white elixir that was injected into Wei Suo's body.

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The aura from Wei Suo's body also increased explosively!

"This is bad!" "What kind of arcane skill does he have that can see through the trajectory of this spirit essence!" In an instant, the Sect Leader and the others reacted. Their faces changed drastically as they all roared and unleashed streams of divine might at full power towards Wei Suo.

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Wei Suo once again sent out another two full moons into the valley, colliding with the divine might in the surroundings. Countless rays of light were annihilated, leaving only the sparse milky white Dao Sovereigns falling into the valley. Many of the white Dao Sovereigns changed their trajectory and flew in all directions.


At the same time, Wei Suo activated his Void Walk Technique once more and crossed the void to arrive in front of the two milky-white Dao Sovereigns. At the same time, Wei Suo used the Void Walk Technique once again and crossed the void once again to reach the two milky-white Dao Sovereigns.

Even so, Wei Suo's eyes were still filled with an extremely pleasantly surprised expression.

However, at this moment, Wei Suo was relying on the Wise King's Perception Scripture and was able to sense some of the trajectory. Moreover, what he did not expect was that some of the Essence Qi seemed to be in harmony with some of the Essence Qi in his body, actually having some affinity with the Essence Qi in his body. This allowed him to successfully intercept some of it.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Brat, I didn't expect you to be able to intercept this kind of thing! How do you feel about this? Just how much Essence does one have! How much can it increase your cultivation!? " At this moment, the green-robed old man was also crying out in excitement.

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Right now, Wei Suo did not have the time to pay attention to what the green-robed old man was saying, nor did he have the time to respond to what the green-robed old man was saying. He once again shot out two full moons.


His Aurous Core Qi had already reached the peak, and was already escaping out of the valley. It was obvious that he was borrowing the Empyrean Dance's might to reach the peak of the fifth level of the Aurous Core stage, but he did not have the confidence to break through to the Divine Profound Realm. He was afraid that he would end up like that old monk from the Merit Sect, defeated while breaking through the Divine Profound Realm. But at this moment, a milky-white Dao Sovereign that changed its trajectory after being struck by another power that shook the world, causing him to release countless amounts of power. No matter how hard he tried to dodge, he could not avoid it and was sent flying into his body.

A look of despair instantly appeared on his face. With a cracking sound, his Jindan broke through the wall, and waves of Jindan energy gushed out from it.

There was no such thing as the Mysterious God technique, and this old man had already lost all his confidence in an instant. Without even trying to channel his Danqi, his body directly exploded, turning into pieces of rotten wood, shocking everyone.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kill! Kill this kid for me! Wei Suo, I will tear your body into a thousand pieces, bind your soul, and torture you to death! I'll let you know what true pain is! "

With a loud rumble, the Sect Master of the Gongde sect rose from the white jade stage and flew toward Wei Suo.

At this moment, the Sect Leader had completely lost his dao heart. Earlier, he had been used by Wei Suo as an Emperor Corpse and his body was destroyed once, but this time, his plan was a success. His cultivation could even break through to the late stage of the fifth stage of the Divine Profound Realm, but it was all messed up by Wei Suo.

At this moment, the arrangements within the valley had almost lost all effect. The milky white Dao Sovereign that was formed had almost completely scattered. The milky white Dao Sovereign that fell within the valley was extremely few in number.

The fruit that was already in his mouth was suddenly snatched away!

Furthermore, this fruit was enough to cause him to soar up into the sky, and could even make him look down on all of the fruits in the world of cultivation!

How could this not make the Sect Master go crazy? How could he maintain his calmness and dao heart!

"Kill him first!"

The Sect Master of the Immortal Seeking Sect also let out a long roar, and immediately after, the Sect Master of the Merit Sect flew out horizontally. Two Divine Mystical Mystics surrounded and killed Wei Suo!


On the orders of the two sect masters, all the Merit Sect cultivators and the Immortal Seeking Sect cultivators charged out. Their powerful auras shook the heaven and earth.


Right at this moment, one of the sparse milky-white Dao Sovereigns in the valley smashed into the Zhankai Spiritual Tide. The Qi on the body of the Zhankai Spiritual Tide also changed drastically as waves of extremely shocking Core Qi burst out from his body.

"This guy is at the moment of breaking through the Divine Profound Realm!" As soon as the Exquisite Heaven swept its eyes over, its gaze immediately turned cold.

However, unlike the other two old antiques, the Heaven's Altar didn't perish. At the moment the aurous core broke the wall, a bronze pill bottle appeared in the hands of the Spirit Wave. It crushed it and swallowed one of the amber pills in a single gulp.

As soon as the pill was swallowed, a strange fragrance exuded from the body of the tower's spirit wave. An increasingly powerful aura emanated from the body of the tower, as if an enormous entity was being born at an astonishing speed.

"What ancient pill is that!?" This guy is actually fully prepared for the breakthrough to the Divine Profound Realm. "

Wei Suo's eyes narrowed as such a thought flashed through his mind. However, he did not stop and once again traversed across the void, intercepting the milky white Dao Sovereign.

One of them was so old that he couldn't even open his eyes. Half of his body was buried in the ground, but he still managed to trigger a dilapidated ancient furnace that was covered in blood-red divine runes. This was obviously a legacy magic tool of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, and it would normally not be used. The blood colored divine imprints that it created rippled with a true immortal aura, but when the divine imprints were released, the blood-red ancient furnace was also shattered into pieces by the hands of the ancient antiques.

"Without a Divine Mystic Realm cultivation base, it's best not to come up and throw away your life. Even if it was a real Immortal weapon, with your speed of magic, how could it pose any threat to me? "

The aura of a True Immortal blotted out the skies, causing people's hearts to tremble. However, Wei Suo didn't even look at the old man. He merely spoke coldly, traversing through the void once more and successfully blocking the two White-haired Dao Sovereigns!


Before a large number of blood-red divine inscriptions could be completely formed, that old man from the Immortal Seeking Sect suddenly shouted out, and his entire body exploded outwards.

All of the disciples from the Heaven Merit Sect and the Immortal Seeking Sect who were already completely scared out of their wits by these milky-white Dao Sovereigns, paused in the air.

"This... This is truly comparable to a real immortal pill! "

At the same time, Wei Suo's gaze could not help but twitch violently.

Although he didn't have time to carefully perceive his own cultivation level, once this milky-white Dao Sovereign entered his body, it was already too obvious. However, he instantly felt that his cultivation level was close to the middle stage of the Divine Profound Realm.

A milky-white Dao Sovereign had caused many of the cultivators present to immediately raise their Aurous Core stage cultivation by one level. At this moment, he had only managed to snatch six milky-white Dao Sovereigns, but he was already close to the middle stage of the Divine Profound Realm!

From the first level to the second level, how much resources did he use up?

And at this time, just six of these milky white Dao Sovereigns had raised his cultivation from the early stage of the Divine Profound Realm to the middle stage of the Divine Profound Realm!


Wei Suo once again traversed the void and immediately appeared in front of another milky white Dao Sovereign.

However, at this moment, Wei Suo suddenly shot out two full moons from behind.

"Chi!" "Swish!"

Behind Wei Suo, countless golden divine inscriptions formed into buddha, magic tools, divine mysteries, and buddhist halls. They crazily surged towards Wei Suo as if they were filled with gods and buddhas, pressing him down.

At the same time, a white light dao diagram appeared within and suppressed downwards at the same time.

This was the joint attack of the Sect Master of the Merit Sect and the Sect Master of the Immortal Ascension Sect. The joint attack of Wei Suo!

"Boom!" "Boom!"

The two crescent moons that Wei Suo had shot out accurately caught the trajectory of the two divine powers and clashed against them. He was purely relying on his own strength to fight against the two Mysterious God Stage experts.


Everyone, including the Sect Master of the Merit Sect and the Sect Master of the Grand Immortal Sect, were dumbstruck.

One of them, Lei Que, was completely capable of suppressing the white divine light dao diagram shot out by the Sect Leader of the Immortal Execution Archipelago. The enormous remnant might of the attack sent the Sovereign of the Immortal Execution Archipelago flying continuously in the air, and the profound energy in front of him was annihilated as he retreated dozens of miles, only then was he able to block Wei Suo's attack.

As for the other incomplete moon, it was shattered by the numerous gold-striped Divine Realm attacks from the Sect Master. However, when the remaining power of the attack hit Wei Suo, he didn't even have the time to dodge it. All of the remaining power hit Wei Suo's body. Wei Suo's body only shook slightly and let out a loud clanging sound. He didn't even sustain any injuries.


Wei Suo did not even move an inch in the air. He did not move an inch as he blocked the milky-white Dao Sovereign that was flying towards him. His aura soared once again.


Wei Suo turned around and shot out another two full moons, attacking the Sect Master of the Merit Sect and the Sect Master of the Immortal Path.


Everyone was shocked. The Immortal Seeking Sect's Sect Master flew backwards, striking out with all his might to block the white divine light. All of it shattered as he continuously coughed out blood from his mouth.

The Sect Leader roared again and again, but his godly might was slightly stronger than Wei Suo's. However, when the godly might struck Wei Suo's body, it was like striking a godly iron. It couldn't even affect Wei Suo's true energy flow.

"Is his body made of divine iron?! It's actually tough and strong to this extent! "

In front of everyone's shocked eyes, Wei Suo did not stop at all. He chased after the other fair-haired Dao Sovereign and simultaneously shot out two full moons at the same time, attacking one of the Sect Leaders!

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