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Chapter 1772, Senior Sister

Long Fei fiercely swallowed his saliva.

However …

He was unable to enter the Kung Fu Storage Pavilion.

It was because of his identity!

In here.

Long Fei didn't even know where the Kung Fu Storage Pavilion was.

"No rush!"


Long Fei started to mow the grass again.

Other than the Auxiliary Method, Long Fei did not use any other techniques in the Techniques Column. All of these did not matter, as he had the abnormal system, as long as he could obtain the Level Increase of the Blasting fist, everything was worth it.

When he met powerhouse at the peak of Green Star, he could no longer suppress the Blasting fist.

The night passed in silence.

Long Fei piled the weeds together and slept for an entire night. However, his stomach was a little unbearably hungry.

Early morning.

Long Fei came to the General Affairs Office early to report.

These people were mostly honorary disciples like him, who did not pass the examination, but were talented disciples. The god rare sect had allowed them to train here for a few years, and in those few years, they would be able to participate in the examination and become an official disciple. If they did not have a good relationship with each other, they could still stay. Being able to stay in ten sects and become a nominal disciple was something ordinary people looked up to and did not even exist.

Long Fei looked around.

Amongst them, Long Fei did not see Lei Jiu and the rest, and thought to himself: "I hope your situation will be better."

"Who is that person?"


"Him? Senior Brother, I know, this is the person who was messing around the day before yesterday called Long Fei.

"It's him?"

"Hahaha... I never thought that he would actually be dead. I never thought that he would still be able to live, and even kill the outer sect leader of our god rare sect s, the second in command elder.


"His talent is all wasted. Does he think he still has a chance?"

"I've been a nominal disciple for two years and I don't even have a chance. Does he still have a chance?"


"He's overestimating himself."

"I heard that many people are dissatisfied with him, it was Elder Xia who used his life to guarantee it for him, but …" Elder Xia seems to have already been stripped of his identity as an elder. "

… ….

The surroundings resounded with all sorts of noises.

Most of them were mocking him.

Among these voices, there was some that held useful information about Long Fei, but when he heard that Xia Chuyuan could not use his life as a guarantee to protect him, Long Fei's heart tensed up.

He owed her a favor.

If he did not rise up, Xia Chuyuan would lose face too.

"Cough, cough!"

Coughing sounds could be heard from the duck's throat as a fattening middle-aged man walked out. He looked like an old eunuch on TV, his fingers clutching onto his orchid.

"The head steward is here!"

"The head steward is here!"

A few of the registered disciples immediately revealed a loving smile as they bent their knees to welcome him.

Seeing their smiles, Long Fei couldn't help but be nervous. "F * * k, a bunch of gay men!"

The manager was called Li Yuanqing.

He walked up, glanced around, and his gaze unconsciously fell on Long Fei who was at the back of the crowd.

"In addition!"

The Head Supervisor took out a small book and said, "room of martial arts training needs a disciple to spar with him today. He will earn five contribution points if he does. This contribution point will be recorded on all of you."

"Who's willing to go?"

Everyone listened.

He immediately shrunk.

There was a trace of fear in his eyes.

Li Yuanqing slightly said: "No one is willing to go?"

And then, one of the disciples laughed, "Head Supervisor, a few newcomers came today. This is a good opportunity for them to gain experience. Such a good opportunity should be given to them."

"Yes, you're right."

Li Yuanqing took a glance at those unfamiliar faces, and said: "Which one of you is willing to go?"

A rookie immediately said, "Lord Manager, there's a crippled genius among us. We should give him such a good opportunity."


"Let him go."

"That's him."

A few of them pointed at Long Fei.

Li Yuanqing looked at Long Fei and asked, "Are you willing to go?"

Long Fei laughed bitterly: "Do I have a choice?"

Li Yuanqing said: "Our General Affairs Office has always been very fair, and we approve of the new Little Brother going to room of martial arts training to spar with him."


Other than Long Fei, everyone else raised their hands.


"We need to make the room of martial arts training accompany them. If they are unhappy, you will be even more unhappy. Do you understand?" As Li Yuanqing spoke, he gave Long Fei a coquettish look.


Long Fei's chrysanthemum tightened even more.

His heart turned cold!

"F * ck …" Long Yang's mania. " Long Fei muttered in his heart: "Fans are everywhere."

Not long later.

Li Yuanqing's coquettish voice sounded, "Go back and busy yourself, we need to report back at 6 PM."

The crowd dispersed.

Long Fei was led by a disciple to room of martial arts training.

Many nominal disciples also came to room of martial arts training, but they were not training partners, but to clean up.

"How long do you think he'll be able to last?"

"It depends on the person. If it's someone like Senior Brother wang tai, I estimate that he would at most fall to the ground at 3000."

"But I heard that Senior Brother wang tai has gone into closed door cultivation."

"Other than Senior Brother wang tai, there is another powerful individual in room of martial arts training."

Their gazes turned cold.

He immediately said at the same time: "Are you talking about Bawang Hua?"


"She is much more powerful than the Senior Brother, and her strength is also extremely terrifying. I heard that she is one of the hottest candidate this year."

"It's here, it's here!"

… ….

Long Fei was brought to the training grounds.

A few room of martial arts training disciples immediately surrounded him.

"So this is today's punching bag?"

"He's so skinny, how much can he carry?"

"Isn't that Long Fei?"

"It's him?"

"The one that killed the Great Elder?"

martial-arts arena exploded once.

What kind of status did Great Elder have?

the hall master of the outer sect room of martial arts training s!

More than half of the room of martial arts training s were his disciples, so this time Long Fei had entered the bandit's nest.

Although Ma Fenglei was not a good person and had exploited them before, but... To step foot on Long Fei to seek revenge was something every one of them wanted to do.

Some people rubbed their hands together, releasing their battle power.

"Don't move, he's the live target of Senior Sister's sparring today." A person shouted.

"Senior Sister?"

"Which Senior Sister is it?"

"There is another Senior Sister, Senior Sister."

As soon as he finished.

Everyone was stunned and did not dare to move forward.

At this moment.


A loud 'kacha' sound rang out, followed by a series of 'kacha' sounds. These were the sounds of stone shattering.

This weight …

The scene in Long Fei's mind was already unimaginable.

How fat was that?

Bawang Hua... Senior Sister!

Long Fei already felt a chill coming over.


The crowd moved away, but what Long Fei did not expect was that it was not a ton level female walking towards him, but a sexy figure, and there was even a trace of enchanting beauty in her eyes.

This is the Bawang Hua?

Was sparring with such a woman a suffering?

This is welfare!

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