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Sometime after Liu Yang and his group returned to the arena, Yan Yu appeared, she was wearing a black cape again and had a distorted voice.

"Nice to see you again, I have the results on the people I'm needing. Those who think can have been selected but were not, I will give a small challenge, if you can get through it, I and some more people will take as an apprentice. "After Yan Yu finished speaking, dozens of distortions appeared, and a total of one hundred people appeared, they were wearing black robes that completely covered their bodies. These hundred people had extremely powerful auras.

Many could not identify their power, but the Xiao clan couple and the Song clan's imperial couple could. When they finished analyzing the power of the hundred people, they began to sweat cold, as each of them was above level 700 and rank 7, the highest was level above 900 and rank 9.

Only such a person would be considered a specialist of a great clan or sect, but for Liu Yang, this group of people could have been his bodyguards, this was something very extravagant. That was the thought in everyone's mind on the spot.

"As you all have heard before, we are looking for some apprentices as well, but we will only accept those who stand out. We do not need people without motivation after she finishes choosing first, we will apply a little test and each one of us will evaluate you, Good luck. "One of the people dressed in black spoke, his voice was masculine but distorted.

Hearing these words, the women were shocked, for they never imagined that they could become an apprentice to a great master of the Faction of the Explorers. Although they could not feel their true power, many realized the frightened faces of the two couples beside Liu Yang and understood that these people were great experts.

Although they could not become women of Liu Yang, at least they could become an apprentice of someone extremely powerful, this would also increase the importance of their families and give pride to their parents and ancestors.

Yan Yu waved her hand and three thousand women started to fly, they were scared at first, but then they calmed down.

Those who were not chosen were looking at those women who were flying with eyes of envy and jealousy, but they could not do anything about it, for they did not fit the requirements Yan Yu wanted. But at least they still had a chance to become an apprentice to someone powerful.

"As people have already been chosen, it's time to test." The man in black waved his hand and hundreds of thousands of items appeared in the women's hands, the item was a green crystal with a blue sphere inside.

"This item has a special effect, inject your energy into it and win the challenge, you have a full year to complete it." After he finished speaking, the women immediately began injecting energy into the strange crystal. Quickly, the women began to faint one after another, this showed that they accepted the challenge.

"Young master, we will withdraw." The hundred people bowed and left using the spatial distortions.

"Young master, these young people are the ones who fit the requirements, I already told them to pack their things and warn their families. In a month I'll take them "

"All right, good work." Yan Yu said good-bye and left. The chosen young women did not leave immediately, but it was possible to see the joy in their faces for being chosen, although they did not know for what.

"You feel lucky to have been chosen, but do not be too happy, for after you are taken, someone will cause you to undergo infernal training. You can choose to quit in the middle, but if you can finish, you have become experts among those who are on the same level as you, "Liu Yang said with a serious tone.

"Young master, we are prepared for it. Your bodyguard told us about it mentally. "The three thousand women bowed before Liu Yang.

"As you have already prepared, you can go say goodbye to your relatives, for you will go to a special place belonging to the Faction of the Explorers"

"Yes, young master. The matriarch, your majesty, we are going "

"Take care, show them the determination and strength of our clans"

"Yes." The women bowed again before they left, but they were very anxious, for it was the first time they had spoken to the two most important people in their respective clans.

After the women left, Liu Yang and his group had a small talk.

"Boy, did you ask these women to be called to become apprentices of your faction? Did you ask for our help with this? If you had announced that you would make a selection to recruit disciples, I believe the Nine Worlds would send all your young men to try. But why did you ask the members of our clans? "The matriarch was in doubt about this, for she did not think Liu Yang had an interest in looking for disciples.

"I can not reveal much, but let's assume that some members of the Xiao and Song clan are members of the Explorers' Faction, so they are looking for clansmen to train"

Liu Yang's words shocked everyone on the spot, for they never imagined that some members of their clans would be in the Faction of the Explorers. This was unthinkable to them.

Liu Yang did not lie when he said this, because inside the chest, in some of the thousand worlds there were actually members of the clan Xiao and Song arrested. But they were all ancestors millions of years ago, it would be very strange for them to appear, so Liu Yang asked Yan Yu to search for the descendants.

Yan Yu eventually discovered that there were also descendants of other people who were trapped inside the chest, even though they are members of the Xiao or Song clan, these people also had blood from other clans in their veins. Because of this, Yan Yu got them too.

"Young master, I also want an apprentice." While the group was stunned, a soft, sweet voice was heard, and a spatial distortion appeared.

"Who do you want to take as an apprentice?" Liu Yang did not know she wanted an apprentice, too.

"Young master, I want one of your wives as an apprentice, one who has the innate talent for seduction." The woman in a black cloak spoke softly and sweetly, it seemed that she had some strange relationship with Liu Yang.

"You should talk to my mother-in-law first since she is the master of little Luoyang." Liu Yang pointed to the matriarch.

"You are the famous matriarch of the Xiao clan, pleased to meet you, would you like to take your disciple as my apprentice? Would you allow that?"

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