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Chapter 49.2 : Goddess Faith Starting From Seven

「Yukihime-san shouldn’t be overwhelmed by this level of opponents even without cover fire but………….」

But as a man I couldn’t just let her – a girl – fight alone without doing anything.

I habitually put my finger on the trigger and then the green fingers holding the club―― were blown away.


「Nice Assist, Sou-kun」

After saying so, Yukihime-san moved quickly to charge at the goblins within her attack range.


Three blade rays appeared and struck toward the goblins standing on the front into particles of light. But the other goblins were rushing toward Yukihime-san as if aiming for the timing after she used her skill.
But, Yukihime-san calmly stepped back and then fixed her stance with one leg bent to the front and the other leg extended behind (L-stance). With the splendid footwork that she showed me during our match, she had more than enough composure to pull this off without destroying her balance. Moreover, a goddess playing the tune of victory is going to descend. So, there’s nothing that can surprise us now.

「――Song of bewitchment! 」

The sound of Aoi-san’s flute stopped the goblins movement. In the next moment, it looked as if they were really suffering. It seems that the effect of her skill is more powerful than before.

「Thanks a lot, Luu-chan! 」

Yukihime round house kick scored a clean hit on the goblin’s head. Yup, her movement during close combat is so natural that I was unintentionally fascinated by her splendid chopping up movement that send the goblin flying. I was by no means fascinated by her beautiful long leg, not at all, but those beautiful legs a– No, I mean the battle has ended while I was chasing after a different movement with my eyes.

「That was fun. Thanks for your cover fire, Sou-kun. Thanks to you I could easily annihilate those guys」

This must be my imagination. I felt a slightly S disposition from her.

「Not at all, it was all you, Yukihime-san」

I continued our conversation and treated that as just my own imagination. Meanwhile, Aoi-san was approaching us from the back making cute gestures while running.

「Thank you for your hard work Sou-kun, Yukihime-san」

「Thanks for your hard work too, Luu-chan. And for your assists」

The three of us were actually doing just fine even without someone taking the tank role. I don’t think we’re going to have hard pressing fights unless a boss suddenly comes out of nowhere.
Even so, we still have one open slot in our party. I wonder what kind of job the last slot would have if there’s someone wants to join. A beautiful magician who can support and attack from long range would be the best. Or else, another beautiful warrior as vanguard. [Ed: definitely no ulterior motives there]

Such kind of ideas keep going round and round in my head before being interrupted by a strange voice that came out of nowhere.


That guy who screamed doesn’t feel tense at all. In hearing this voice that interrupted my train of thought, I drew my gun, Yukihime-san drew her sword, and Aoi-san shook all over. So cute.

I want to take her hand to avoid any problems in this place, but………. It might be too late.

「I’ll leave Blue to you, Yukihime-san」

「E!? ? Y-Yes」

After leaving both of them, I headed toward the source of that scream with guns in my hands. There the scenery reflected in my eyes was――

「Pig, no, a wild boar? Huge and almost as tall as me. So the owner of that voice was the man on the wild boar’s back huh?」

What should I do to that monster and human combination I wonder. It doesn’t seem like he’s enjoying the rodeo either.


Just shut up already……….. Well, I guess it really can’t be helped if I shoot that man in this kind of situation.


No, the one in danger is you. One mistake and I will make a wide hole in your head you know?

Though when I was ――Though I won’t say where ―― about to aim my gun at him, he suddenly said something unexpected.


Your, monster? Does that mean this guy is a monster user? What kind of job is that? I’m so jealous of this guy’s fantasy-esque job. Yup, I’ll kill him.

But then, just when I was about to press the trigger out of envy, the voice of a goddess woke me up.

「S-Sou-kun! Don’t attack that wild boar! 」

I understood my goddess. My apologies, I was just about to shoot a humno, I mean, a monster now due to my jealousy. But, I can’t do that. And not just a human, I can’t even kill the monster.
I mean even a monster is living his life to the fullest. I have no right to decide what will become of their life. I mean that monster might be rushing at me because I’m pointing my gun at that guy. In that case, let’s try to lower my guns for now. Now let’s try to suppress that guy’s anger, like how the priestess of wind valley did. That should be what my beloved goddess wishes for. Right, my dear goddess. If it’s for my beloved goddess, I can do anythi―― [TL : 風の谷の巫女, an old movie]


I was ran over.

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