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The sword light dissipated, and the Gray Army's leader, Hui He, was dealt serious injuries and was pushed back. His remaining powers disappeared together with the ring.

The Black Army's leader, Grade, appeared like he was on the verge of vanishing and was in a state that was worse than death.

This scene was broadcasted through television and greatly astonished the countless spectators.

However, Jessica did not care about all this. Filled with admiration at the sight of this scene, she broke into a slight smile. Feelings of great respect for Fang Xingjian's cultivation rose from the depths of her heart like lofty mountains and gushing rivers.

She bowed toward the Panwei Sword. Then, wrapped up by the sword light, she flew in Kun Lun Mountains' direction. The surrounding crowds of spectators were left behind, watching dazedly as she disappeared into the horizon.

In the television broadcast studio, Professor Lauretta watched with her eyes wide-open and mouth agape. Beside her, the female television host said hesitantly, "Professor, this is... Has Fang Xingjian defeated the joint attacks from two Commanders?" She looked at this scene in disbelief.

Professor Lauretta was also stunned for a moment. "It seems so." She recalled her confident judgement from earlier and said a little awkwardly, "It's likely that no one would have expected Fang Xingjian would be able to take on two Commanders single-handedly."

She sighed, wearing deep worry on her face. "But his actions will probably bring about a great turbulence to all of Earth.

"The world is going to change."

Inside a manor in North America, Jessica's family members—who were in front of the television with hopeless expressions like they were at their wits' end earlier—now broke into great joy when they saw the television broadcast.

"He won?" Jessica's father suddenly laughed out loud in pleasant surprise. "Good, good, good. Jessica's choice was right. Lord Fang Xingjian managed to defeat two Commanders single-handedly. With this backing, our family won't have to worry that we can't rise up."

As he said this, he stood up abruptly. "This can't do. I must purchase plane tickets to Kun Lun Mountains immediately. If I'm late, there'll probably be nothing left for us."

Jessica's younger brother also relaxed. However, when he heard his father's words, he could not help but mutter, "Father, do you have to be in a hurry to go bootlick?

"Even though Fang Xingjian has won for now, he has offended the Gray Army and Black Army. Moreover, he has killed so many people at once. From now on, the other armies will definitely besiege him and make things difficult for him. If you were to go now, you might become cannon fodder."

Jessica's father was stunned for a moment before he snapped out of it and nodded. "You're right. I was too anxious. Since that's the case, we'll wait it out a little longer and see what the 13 armies think about this matter."

While Jessica's father was making his decision, Edward—the Gold Army's Commander who was in the distant space station far above the atmosphere—watched the entire battle scene.

When he saw that both Hui He and Grade get defeated, the corners of his lips curled up into a slight smile. Hints of golden light flashed in void space as his emotions changed, and he muttered, "Interesting. Another person with some capabilities has finally appeared on this planet."

He then turned his attention to his laboratory in the space station. It was as if no matter what great event happened on Earth, they were still unable to get his attention.

In the direction of Europe, inside an ancient castle in the Despair Mountain Range, the Yellow Army's leader—King of Trepidation—laughed out loud as he watched the live broadcast.

Beside him, the Abomination Sovereign appeared like a person whose body had been sewn up as he said, "What's the matter, Brother? Why are you laughing? That Fang Xingjian has killed the Witch."

"So what if a person has died?" The King of Trepidation stood up, and an overwhelming amount of Spiritual Qi of Trepidation was sent out together with his actions, bringing forth great horror within a range of several hundred lis. Countless agonizing cries rang out and pierced through the skies like these people had sunk into the greatest depths of nightmares.

"Didn't you see that? A great opportunity has arrived." The King of Trepidation smiled coldly. "Fang Xingjian broke the impasse situation, and there's no way that the Gray Army will give in. There's no running from a great war.

"From now onward, Earth will slowly enter a state of chaos and we can finally sent out terror without any restraints. Is there a better opportunity than a chaotic war that's suitable for scattering out feelings of terror?"

The Darkness Currents, who was covered in yellow robes, said, "Then we should be thankful toward Fang Xingjian?"

"Of course, we must thank him." The King of Trepidation broke into a brutal smile. "I'll gift him the most terrifying nightmare in the world and let him feel my thanks well."

In the sky above East Asia, an invisible air current flashed by with a black ring encompassed within it. The ring continued to fly on, eventually landing in the forest deep in the mountains.

At the next moment, the air currents slowly changed its color and turned into pitch-black smoke in the blink of an eye, wrapping up the ring. It appeared as if someone had splattered out ink in the air.

The smoke slowly condensed and took on the form of Grade's appearance.

Right now, hints of repercussive fear was still flashing on Grade's face. The last round of sword light emitted by the Panwei Sword seemed to be engraved into his mind, constantly causing him to experience the feelings of terror.

However, as he gradually sensed his current situation, he was stunned for a short moment. Then an uncontrollable joy rose in his eyes.

It was because he discovered that although the sword light from earlier had crushed 99% of his ring's powers, they had also killed all the avaricious souls he had released.

Due to the black ring's energy, these avaricious souls—that were the wills of countless Black Army's warriors—had been stuck on tightly with his will, and they had the characteristic to engulf everything in the world. No matter what means he tried, he had only been able to wipe out one-third of them over the years.

However, there was now no other consciousness in his body. The engulfing souls had been wiped out completely.

At this moment, all of the black ring's energy was be in his control. There would no longer be the endless quarrels and shouts in his mind, and he felt unprecedentedly relaxed.

The black energy in the ring gushed out endlessly. He had never expected that using these powers could feel so effortless. There were no more obstacles or hindrances.

Although 99% of the ring's energy he used previously had gotten crushed, he would be able to recover very quickly as long as he had the black ring. He might even progress further, gaining powers that were stronger than what he had before.

As black energy continued to gush into his body, his greedy desires seethed more and more, causing his body to tremble slightly.

The Panwei Sword's image kept on seething in Grade's mind.

"That sword... I want that sword... I want it!"

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