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After finding out that he could not defeat Liu Yang, Max Steel gave up fighting, even though he was somebody who was at level 920 and rank 9, he knew that his opponent was much stronger than him. Max Steel thought Liu Yang was someone who was at level 1000 and rank 10, but then realized he was not far from that level. Because of this, he gave up, for it was a meaningless battle.

Max Steel was not a stubborn or arrogant person, or rather he is not. After millions of years with nothing to do and just reflecting on his life, Max Steel thought of all the things he did in his life and saw that many of these things were childish and idiots.

After thousands of years, Max Steel's thoughts matured and he realized that being an arrogant young master was only a stage of his life. As an adult, he had other kinds of thinking and things to do, but it was impossible for him to get out of this cursed world.

Seconds after Max Steel accepted his defeat, a system sound popped into his mind and a sphere of light left his body going to Liu Yang. Max Steel was shocked when he read the message, he could not believe what he was seeing, the freedom he thought would never come, finally arrived.

Despite being happy with his freedom, Max Steel also sighed internally, because his freedom had a price, his life as a slave to Liu Yang. He never imagined such a thing would happen.

After the announcement of the system, Max Steel knelt before Liu Yang and swore allegiance to him. As the world he lived was where the strongest fist was the winner, and as Liu Yang was the strongest person, he submitted immediately.

"Max Steel, what are you going to do now? Live life as an ordinary person or continue to train and refine your skills? "Liu Yang asked, both had already stored the equipment.

"Young master, I would like to live life as an ordinary person, but I want to work as a blacksmith, or a craftsman," Max Steel said in a humble tone.

"Okay, I'll arrange that for you. In between, some people will explain my rules and other things. "Liu Yang opened the portal leading up to the tower.

"Yes, young master, that humble servant understands." Max Steel bowed and entered the portal without hesitation, he did not suspect Liu Yang's words, for if Liu Yang wanted to, he could kill Max Steel with just one thought.

Liu Yang did not have much to talk to Max Steel, things he would need to know, Xillia Wolf would explain. After Max Steel was defeated, Liu Yang realized that the barrier that prevented him and the women from communicating had disappeared.

As the group did activities some time ago, they were still satisfied, so the only thing they did was play around a bit with family and talk. Liu Yang discovered that although he could do activities, the women inside the tower could not get pregnant, this was because Liu Yang was still inside the box and that the effects were still active.

After the big family finished their affairs, and the women gave a good kiss to Liu Yang, the women returned to the tower, while Liu Yang was going to the world of number two hundred one.

After Liu Yang entered the portal, a light covered his body before disappearing.


The journey of Liu Yang to the world of three hundred was the same from the world two hundred one, for the mission of the worlds from two hundred one to three hundred was a challenge of speed. To complete the missions, Liu Yang had to race against the best runner in that world.

However, the inhabitants of ninety-nine worlds were only in levels 1 through 600, for Liu Yang, they were extremely weak, so it was extremely easy for him to overcome the worlds.

One thing that surprised Liu Yang was the fact that there were again extra challenges of conquest, he had to conquer again ninety-nine women, one in each world.

To conquer them, Liu Yang had to do only one thing, he just said he was from another world and had the method to get everyone out of the place. This phrase was like an aphrodisiac to the women living in this cursed world, whenever Liu Yang said that in front of virgin or single women, they immediately removed their clothes and hugged Liu Yang.

After doing these hundreds of times, Liu Yang began to get used to it, he also asked them to tell their stories so he can find out more about the Banshee.

Whenever the challenges ended and the message of the system was shown, those who were most influential and had virgin daughters, whether they were young or not. They tried to use them to create a good connection with Liu Yang.

This sort of thing happened in almost every world that Liu Yang visited, although he did not mind it, sometimes it was very tedious repetitive things. But since he was no saint, he just accepted and pushed the women into bed.

The ninety-nine worlds that Liu Yang passed had as their main challenge the race, he just had to run against the best in the world. The only thing that changed was the land and the inhabitants because the goal was still the same. Liu Yang competed in all sorts of strange environments.

In worlds where there were only women, Liu Yang used the ability of the shadow clones and everyone did a large group of sexual activities. Already in the worlds where there were only men, Liu Yang only completed the mission and sent them to the tower, because he had no desire to talk to crazy men.

In these ninety-nine worlds, Liu Yang also encountered some different races such as the insect race, where it ruled was the Queen Bee, since there were no men in this world, Liu Yang took the queen, the princesses, the maids, and all the others women of the group.

Their bodies were similar to humans, the only difference being that there were little transparent wings on their backs and two antennae on the heads, but one thing caught Liu Yang's attention very much. It was their bottom, as ordinary bees had a fat bottom, their human body had a large round bottom. When Liu Yang did activities with them, he always beat and kissed the two large and round buttocks.


When Liu Yang arrived in the world of number three hundred, he saw that it was still the arena, but this time, there was a cocoon in the middle. Even if Liu Yang was five hundred yards away, he could hear the heartbeat coming out of the cocoon.

Using the Eye of God, Liu Yang information on the cocoon.

Cocoon of the Primordial Beast of the Wood Element

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