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Chapter 1174 - Targeting the Inheritance Together

Wei Ke and Ma Lingshi originally planned on telling Zhao Feng to leave this place. After all, the elder in azure clothes and the Golden-Horned Fire Rats were both very strong. However, the elder said that, if they helped, they would split the fortune within the cave evenly. This was why they had come out with Zhao Feng, but the elder immediately went back on his word after seeing their cultivation.

"Brother Zhao, let's go!" Wei Ke said. The two youths were Quasi-Gods of the Fire Winged Race. Although the Blue Scaled Race and Fire Winged Race were both four-and-half-star powers, the Blue Scaled Race was much weaker. Furthermore, these two Quasi-Gods of the Fire Winged Race had the help of a Rank Three True God.

"If Senior doesn't need our help, then we won't participate!" Zhao Feng smiled faintly and retreated to the forest with Wei Ke and Ma Lingshi, as if they were planning to leave.

"Even three pieces of trash wanted to work with us? At least they know what's good for them!" One of the Fire Winged Race youths snickered coldly and felt smug. However, the elder's eyebrows rose. His Divine Sense entered the forest and found that the trio hadn't left.

"What is the meaning of this?" the elder in azure circulated his soul power and asked. A blast of soul power instantly charged toward Zhao Feng and company in the forest.

Zhao Feng smiled faintly as released his Soul Intent with lightning speed to block the elder's soul attack. Even though the opponent was a Rank Three True God, Zhao Feng had the ability to fight back in terms of soul power.

"Us three are extremely weak and just want to watch the battle between Senior and the Golden-Horned Fire Rats. We might be able to gain some comprehension," Zhao Feng's emotionless voice sounded. At this moment, the trio sat down in the forest and started to cultivate while paying only a little attention to the elder in azure clothes.

"There's no need to worry. Those three will need to pay a price if they want to defeat the Golden-Horned Fire Rats. At that time, their strength will decrease, and they won't be able to handle us!" Zhao Feng privately messaged Wei Ke and Ma Lingshi.

"Okay, I'll listen to Brother Zhao!" Wei Ke revealed a tough gaze. Fortune existed alongside danger. If they were scared even of this little bit of danger, how would they be able to progress in the path of martial arts?

The azure-clothed elder's Divine Sense landed on Zhao Feng. He was surprised by the fact that Zhao Feng was able to easily block his soul attack. Zhao Feng didn't seem as simple as he looked, but if the elder invited them again after rejecting them, it would make it seem as if he had no face.

"Hmph. If you have the skill, then stay here!" The elder's expression turned cold as a deadly look flashed through his eyes.

The two Quasi-Gods of the Fire Winged Race seemed to receive an order; they instantly activated their bloodlines and attacked with full force through their divine weapons.


The azure-robed elder also activated his bloodline, and his strength increased dramatically. Terrifying lightning that contained the power of Destruction surrounded him.

The azure-robed elder and the Fire Winged Race youths wanted to defeat the Golden-Horned Fire Rats the easiest way possible, but now that there was someone watching from the side, they couldn't conserve their strength anymore. They would finish off the Golden-Horned Fire Rats and then go deal with Zhao Feng and company.

Peng! Boom! Bam!

The trio brought out their full strength and instantly suppressed the Golden-Horned Fire Rats. The two from the Fire Winged Race were originally prodigies of the race, and they also had offensive divine weapons. The strength of the elder in azure was even greater; the power of lightning that he controlled could destroy everything.

"Dammit, these humans…!" Several Golden-Horned Fire Rats were heavily injured, and they were no longer a match for the elder in azure and company.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

All of the Golden-Horned Fire Rats started to run into the cave. At the same time, a terrifying disturbance of Divine Power came from the cave, and the aura of Metal and Fire could be felt.

"There must be some sort of treasure in there!" A light flashed through the azure-robed elder's eyes.

"You three are very lucky. Now fuck off!" The Quasi-Gods of the Fire Winged Race sensed something. They needed to obtain the treasures in the cave as quickly as possible, so they had no time to care about Zhao Feng and company anymore.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The azure-robed elder and the two from the Fire Winged Race directly entered the cave.

"Go!" Zhao Feng roared lightly and entered the cave as well with Wei Ke and Ma Lingshi.

The walls in the cave contained rare stones that gave off a hot aura. There was also a hidden pathway in the cave.

"Looks like this place should be an inheritance. Now we just need to figure out what inheritance it is!" Ma Lingshi revealed a joyful expression. She hadn't expected to find an inheritance in the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension so quickly.

Zhao Feng didn't say anything and just directly entered. Wei Ke and Ma Lingshi looked at each other, then chose to follow Zhao Feng and try their luck.

A terrifying surge of lightning flashed the instant they went through the narrow entrance.

"You really don't know what's good for you. How dare you follow us!?" the azure-robed elder's cold voice sounded as a giant palm of lightning slammed toward Zhao Feng.

If it wasn't for the fact that they sensed a unique fortune within the cave, they would have already moved to finish Zhao Feng and company. The elder really didn't think that Zhao Feng would follow behind them.

Weng~ Weng~ Weng~

Zhao Feng had already sensed that the elder was hiding here, so he immediately activated the Sacred Lightning Body and circulated the Lightning-Fire Obliteration as he thrust out his palm as well.

Boom! Bam! Peng~

A devastating aura of fire and lightning exploded in the narrow pathway, causing the entire ground to shake. The tough stones on the walls were shattered and fell.

"Hmm!?" The azure-clothed elder took half a step back and cried out in surprise. He had already used up part of his Yuan Qi beforehand, so Zhao Feng took the advantage, but Zhao Feng's palm just now was too strong; it surpassed Rank Two True Gods and was close to the power of a Rank Three True God.

"We followed you because we were scared that Senior might face danger here. Maybe we still have a chance to work together!" Zhao Feng had a nonchalant attitude. Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body was the most resilient against lightning, so the azure-robed elder's attacks weren't very effective against Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng didn't need to display too much battle-power. All he needed to do was get their attention.

"Fine. If you're not scared of dying, then come with us!" The elder in azure waved his robes as he flew forward with the Fire Winged Race youths.

Zhao Feng's strength had far surpassed his expectations. It wouldn't be easy finishing Zhao Feng off, so the azure-robed elder decided to let Zhao Feng off for now.

"Brother Zhao's hidden himself so deeply. Such strength is on par with the strongest genius of the Blue Scaled Race!" Wei Ke revealed an overjoyed expression and exclaimed.

"I've just cultivated a body-strengthening technique of the Dao of Lightning, which counters that senior's lightning attacks!" Zhao Feng explained humbly.

The six kept travelling further down the narrow pathway. The temperature in the area started to rise, and the rocks on the walls had turned golden-red.

The group soon passed through the pathway and arrived at a large underground pass. The surroundings of the cave were filled with tough rocks and materials. Underneath them was lava, and in the center of the lava was a scarlet-golden flaming palace. The materials of the palace alone were already rather rare, so the palace probably contained some special treasures.

"It really is an inheritance palace!" The elder in azure and the two Fire Winged Race youths looked at the scenery in front of them with excitement.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The azure-robed elder, Zhao Feng, and company flew directly to the palace of fire.

Several Golden-Horned Fire Rats appeared before the entrance to the palace. They revealed fierce gazes, and their injuries from before had fully recovered.

"This is an inheritance left behind by the ancestors of the Golden-Horned Fire Rats. Don't even think about entering!" the Golden-Horned Fire Rat with the strongest aura said angrily.

Right at this moment, a powerful aura came from inside the blazing scarlet-golden palace.

"Not good, a Golden-Horned Fire Rat is receiving the inheritance inside!" The azure-robed elder's expression changed. It wasn't easy dealing with the Golden-Horned Fire Rats to begin with. Once the Golden-Horned Fire Rat within the flaming palace accepted the power of the inheritance, it would become even harder to deal with them.

"This friend and Quasi-Gods of the Blue Scaled Race, let's attack together!" The elder in azure looked toward Zhao Feng and company. Zhao Feng's strength wasn't to be underestimated, and if they wanted to obtain the treasures here, they would need to work together.

"Since Senior is inviting us, then I will help out!" Zhao Feng smiled, but the elder in azure felt disgusted by this smile.

"Let's take action together!" the elder roared as the six charged out.

"Protect the inheritance!" The Golden-Horned Fire Rats activated their bloodline power.

Weng~~ Boom!

An invisible power of Fire and Metal within the depths of the palace entered the Golden-Horned Fire Rats' bodies, increasing their battle-power and bloodline strength.

"No wonder they chose to escape back here!" One of the Fire Winged Race Quasi-Gods had a grim expression. The battle-power of the Golden-Horned Fire Rats near the inheritance was much stronger than when they were outside. If it was just their group of three, they wouldn't have been able to deal with the rats.

Boom! Peng! Peng~

The six clashed against the Golden-Horned Fire Rats. Zhao Feng circulated the Lightning-Fire Obliteration, and his powerful attacks instantly attracted their attention.

The battle-power of this brat is much greater than the two Quasi-God prodigies from the Fire Winged Race! The elder in azure paid attention to Zhao Feng. It was incredible that someone at the peak stages of the Mystic Light Realm had such strength. The stronger he was though, the greater the chance of obtaining the fortune here.

"Sacred Lightning Dominating Punch!"

"Lightning Destruction Palm!"

The six combined their power and managed to suppress the Golden-Horned Fire Rats despite their increase in strength from the inheritance. One of the Golden-Horned Fire Rats was soon killed, and the group of six closed in on the fire palace.

"Brat, you three stall the Golden-Horned Fire Rats while we enter and take the treasures. We'll split it all evenly with you after we come out. What do you think?" the elder in azure suggested at this moment.

"That's right. The Golden-Horned Fire Rats are receiving the inheritance inside. We need to stop them or else we probably won't be able to obtain the treasures even if all six of us team up!" The Quasi-God prodigies of the Fire Winged Race immediately agreed.

"Okay, leave them to us!" Zhao Feng agreed.

The elder in azure and the two Quasi-Gods from the Fire Winged Race revealed surprised expressions. They originally thought that Zhao Feng would negotiate with them, but he agreed right away? This made them suspicious.

"You need to stall these Golden-Horned Fire Rats!" The elder in azure didn't bother with Zhao Feng anymore and flew into the flaming palace with the Quasi-Gods of the Fire Winged Race.

"Brother Zhao, how could you agree? What if they take the treasures and ignore us?" Wei Ke asked, somewhat worried.

At this moment, although the Golden-Horned Fire Rats were heavily injured, it would be difficult for just the three of them to stall the rats.

"No need. The treasures in the fire palace aren't that easy to obtain!" Zhao Feng revealed a faint smile, which made Wei Ke and Ma Lingshi relax. If Zhao Feng dared to let the other three enter to take the treasures, he obviously wasn't scared of them leaving after taking the treasures. It was indeed not very easy to obtain the treasures inside.

An enraged roar sounded from within the palace not long after the azure-robed elder and company entered; "How dare you gaze upon the inheritance of the Golden-Horned Fire Rat Race? Die!"

"Not good, this Golden-Horned Fire Rat has received part of the inheritance's power, and its strength has reached the level of a Rank Three True God!" the azure-robed elder exclaimed. Although he was also a Rank Three True God, the Golden-Horned Fire Rat could release more power in this environment.

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