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At the top of the mountain, King Zhang Qiu and Liu Bang drank a toast.

After wiping away the wine stain from the corner of his mouth, Liu Bang gently stroked the thigh of a female immortal sitting beside him and said, squinting, "I wonder how long it would take that Gonggong Huang to capture those people. He's been trapping them with the formation for days. Why hasn't he made any progress yet?"

King Zhang Qiu smiled indifferently, shook his head and said, "I don't care how much time he is going to take. So long as he kills Yu Mu and the others, then go make some troubles somewhere else, I'll consider his task done. In the end, whether he can return alive, or kill by some Great Yu's experts here, that makes no difference to me."

He sighed, looking up at the sky, then suddenly asked with a cold voice, "That old woman still won't concede?"

Liu Bang narrowed his eyes as he too looked up at the sky. Chuckling, he said, "Be cautious, Your Highness. She is after all, the creator of us the human race, and the current holder of the Myriad Spirit Cauldron, with which she has the control over all the newborn human souls."

While toying the soft and slender body of the female immortal with his hands, Liu Bang went on, "She has been worshiped by humans for so many years that she has long been accustomed to being superior. It will be difficult for her to agree to our plan in such a short time. Her status makes it extremely difficult for her to bow her head. Well, there will be a tremendous virtue if the plan is a success, and if I can share just a little bit of it, I reckon it must be enough for me to break through the realm of Primordial."

Liu Bang laughed complacently, while King Zhang Qiu squinted at the sky and did not speak a word. Noticing the look on his face, Liu Bang said, "Rest assured, Your Highness. Yes, you are not the only candidate, but with my help the chances of you sitting on that throne are still very high. When the time comes, even I will have to address you as 'Your Majesty'."

King Zhang Qiu gave an unhappy snort, twitched his lips, and took a gulp from his wine vessel. "What you said now is not the same as what you've told my lord father and me, when you first came to us many years ago," he complained in a low voice. Liu Bang just narrowed his eyes and smiled, paying no heed to the complaint. King Zhang Qiu continued to grumble, but when he saw that Liu Bang was indifferent and unresponsive, he could do nothing else but gulped down another mouthful of wine.

Just as they were both sinking in their own thoughts, a shrill cry suddenly came from a distance and brought them to their feet. Horrified, they looked in the direction together with some mystic arts, and just in time to see Wu Qi chopped off Gonggong Huang's arms, the green sword beams pierced into his body, destroyed all his internal organs before flying out from his lower abdomen.

Vast streams of black water gushed out from Gonggong Huang's body, sweeping fiercely across the lands. In just the space of a few breaths, the earth within hundreds of thousands of miles around him was enveloped by the black water. Meanwhile, a black wave, towering thousands of miles tall into the sky, rushed over and pounded down hard on the mountain where King Zhang Qiu and Liu Bang were drinking. The massive impact caused the mountain to tremble and sway, while all the female immortals cried out in panic, with some fell to their feet.

Liu Bang and King Zhang Qiu exchanged a glance, shocked. Smiling bitterly, Liu Bang gave Wu Qi a quick look, then said, "Eh, how did that Tan Lang manage to come back? I thought we've sent him into the void... Aye, well, well... I think our mission is almost done here. What result can be better than the death of Gonggong Huang? You see, I suddenly recall that I've something very important to do, so, I have no choice but to take my leave now. Haha!"

He pointed a finger at the Sky Veiling Flag of Chaos. A dark cloud emerged, engulfed him and all the female immortals around him, and then brought them away in a hurry. King Zhang Qiu remained silent for a moment, thinking. Suddenly a cold smile brushed his lips as he sunk back to his seat, chuckling under his breath. "I'll stay here and watch to the end. Let's see if that Tan Lang, a mere Marquis of Province, dares to do anything to me? Somebody, withdraw all the soldiers from the borders, and, spread the news that Gonggong Huang had slaughtered the whole Ye clan and millions of innocent people!"

Then, he clapped his hands gently and said in a cold voice, "Lord Long Yang, send the High God Gonggong who serves the Yan Emperor a formal letter. Ask him why he doesn't discipline his own servants properly and allow this fellow to cause trouble here in the territory of Great Yu. Also, complain to Yan Emperor, asking him why his subject is torturing the people of the human race, when all of us are his descendants."

He squinted at Liu Bang, who was fleeing in a panic on a dark cloud, and murmured with a cold smile on his face, "I can't believe you all can come out with such a plan... one that dragged all the Emperors in. The world is going to be in a mess."

Meanwhile, Wu Qi was controlling the Fiend Slaying Sword Formation, conjuring hundreds of mountains with earth-element energy to suppress Gonggong Huang. Sword beams fell like raindrops, each contained powerful earth-element energy that caused great damages to his body. They accumulated in him like the filth that blocked a canal. Gradually, the rotation of his divine energy became increasingly difficult, and his resistance grew weaker.

With both arms chopped off, all he could do now was intoning spells to convert the water vapor in the surroundings into layers of waves around him, to have himself protected against the fierce attacks, much less fighting back.

The trident he spat out earlier was a mighty weapon, though, the natal divine artifact he was born with. But it proved to be useless against Wu Qi. Twelve tiny yellow mountains had trapped it, and around it three Kunwu Swords were wheeling restlessly. How could it pose a threat to Wu Qi, when a heavy pressure had kept it from moving at all?

Sword beams kept chopping at Gonggong Huang's body. All of a sudden, he gave a miserable howl as both of his legs were chopped off. When they touched the ground, the legs immediately turned into a great flood that swept out in all directions. For a moment, the earth millions of miles across was submerged thirty feet under water. His legs had turned into a vast expanse of water, drowning countless living beings.

Gonggong Huang hissed and screamed in pain. He looked at Wu Qi and snapped, "I am the servant of the Water God, Gonggong! Do you really dare to kill me?"

Staring coldly at him, Wu Qi sent out a plume of purple mist, causing two Kunwu Swords to fall from the sky. Two green lights hacked into the necks of the two flood dragons. Blood spurted out like fountains as two huge dragon heads flew tens of miles away, while their dying howl made the water below them tumbled, waves rose hundreds of miles up into the air.

The thousands of black flags fluttering amidst the black air exploded abruptly. Protected under a ring of silver light radiated out by the silver lotus flower, Princess Zhang Le and others rushed out of the formation. Gonggong Huang had trapped her and others with the formation, but as her silver lotus flower was an innate artifact, plus she was an expert of the laws of the five elements, so apart from losing some of their energies, they did not suffer any injury.

Princess Zhang Le cried out happily when she saw Wu Qi was hacking Gonggong Huang with sword beams. She retracted the silver lotus flower and threw herself into his arms like a bird returning to her nest. Wu Qi roared with laughter, and in front of everyone, he kissed the princess, sucking her lips greedily. As he did that, he waved his hands, and immediately nine Kunwu Swords descended and hacked Gonggong Huang's body in two.

Seized with terror, Gonggong Huang transformed his body into water, which turned into two water balls and went for each other. He was trying to make his body whole again with some mystic art. But the body parts that were chopped off by Kunwu Swords had lost most of their vitality, so no matter how hard he tried, he just could not mend his broken bodies back together.

He threw his head back and utter a long cry, then bellowed furiously, "Curse you! You have slain my divine beasts, and now you are killing me... I'll definitely..."

Wu Qi did not give him the chance to curse. All these Ancient Gods were the physical manifestation of the Laws of Heaven and Earth, and the curses they uttered before dying came with a terrible power that could trigger the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. A careless mistake could make him severely wounded by their curses. Casually, he pointed a finger out. Twelve Kunwu Swords shot out at the same time, piercing through Gonggong Huang's seven orifices and all the vital parts on his upper body. Earth element energy exploded in him, ripping him into countless sprays that flew in all directions. After that, he sent another sword to cut the trident into two.

After killing Gonggong Huang with Kunwu Swords and Fiend Slaying Sword Formation, Wu Qi turned to look coldly at Yu You and his companions.

Leaning close to Wu Qi, Princess Zhang Le quickly told him about Yu You's background. Wu Qi gave a cold laugh as Kunwu Swords spun restlessly, trapping Yu You and others within a wall of green sword beams. The vast amount of water Gonggong Huang's body had turned into was sucked into the sword beams, and immediately they all turned pale dark while began to emanate a biting cold.

Yu You's gourd could unleash flaming swords to hurt his enemy, so Wu Qi attached water element energy on the sword beams to attack him. Water could suppress fire, by doing so he could greatly reduce the gourd's power. A strong chill lingered in the air, striking at Yu You's treasured gourd. The air rang with a muffled rumble of thunder as the water and fire collided with each other, sending water vapor and spark flying everywhere.

Yu You's body shivered. He could sense an aura stronger than his from Wu Qi, and the aura emanated from the twelve Kunwu Swords were sending a chill down his spine. He gave Wu Qi a look in horror, then clenched his teeth and growled, "It's either you or me that'll be dead today, lad! Yu Mu, you have seized all the property of my clan, so just you wait, I'll fight you to the last gasp! Should I survive today, you better keep a close guard of your head at all time!"

Yu You proved to be a ruthless man. After uttering a threatening remark, he spat a mouthful of blood on his treasured gourd.

Abruptly, the gourd expanded to about a few miles in length, with a vast amount of flames spurting out of its mouth. Wave after wave of devastating aura came pouring out of it, pushing Yu Mu and all the others back in disarray.

Wu Qi was taken aback. He could not believe this old fogy was detonating his own natal magical artifact. Judging by its quality, the gourd was at least an innate spirit artifact, and if it were to explode, the power was more than enough to destroy this entire province.

Not daring to underestimate its power, he grabbed Princess Zhang Le and unleashed Dark Yin Celestial Tower, pulled Yu Mu and all the others into the tower, then together with the princess he broke through the void and bolted to the mountaintop where King Zhang Qiu was at.

Yu You laughed hideously as he chased after Wu Qi with the gourd that had entered the self-destructive countdown.

Amid King Zhang Qiu's hysterical curses, Wu Qi came up to him, and then the gourd slammed into the mountain. A pillar of flame towered into the sky, as Yu You detonated his natal magical artifact.

Blinding red light, raging flame, and countless sword beams blotted the void. For a moment the world turned all red, and nothing was visible to the naked eyes.

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