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While Wu Qi was learning the sword formation at Xuanyuan Peak, Princess Zhang Le was in danger.

Both Liu Bang and King Zhang Qiu had laid their eyes on her. But, as neither one of them would give in to the other, and because they were men with ferocious nature, the disagreement between them had caused Liu Bang to launch an attack at the princess with the Sky Veiling Flag of Chaos.

The flag had only fluttered, and the sky over Princess Zhang Le and the others immediately turned pitch black. All the natural energy, and even the air in the surrounding void was sucked away, trapping them in a vacuum. An invisible force restrained everyone like iron chains, and then a long shadow lashed down at the princess's head like a great whip.

It was the flag that had sucked away the natural energy and imprisoned everyone, and what came lashing down like a steel whip was the flagpole. As the personal artifact of the Celestial Emperor, a treasure of primordial grade, even though Liu Bang could not control the Sky Veiling Flag of Chaos at will, it still had the terrible power to crush his opponents, or so he believed.

A loud ripping sound rang out as the void was torn apart like a black curtain, amidst which, countless colorful streams of light could be seen streaking across like shooting stars. Princess Zhang Le snorted as she looked up and pointed out a finger. With the gesture, a great sheet of white colored gold-element energy abruptly poured out of her five-color divine rays and formed a lifelike silver lotus flower above her, which then shot up to meet the flagpole, wrapped in a dazzling light.

After refining this silver lotus flower day and night for so long, the princess had it under complete control already, and was able to use it to its full power. On the other hand, although the Sky Veiling Flag of Chaos was an artifact of primordial grade, it was not controlled by its owner now, but Liu Bang; who could, at best, bring out less than one-thousandth of its power.

Two unique treasures collided hard. The cloud beneath Zhang Le's feet dispersed, and her body trembled, plunging straight down for hundreds of feet before she managed to stop the fall. A great force came crushing toward her divine sense following the connection between the lotus flower and her divine soul, but it was sliced to pieces by countless sharp auras in the blink of an eye. Wave after wave of energy dashed against her spiritual ocean; but as they were sliced so small and weak, and her spiritual ocean was vast and tough, she was able to withstand the wave of attacks firmly.

Meanwhile, the flag was knocked flying back for a dozen miles up into the sky, its pole trembling and letting out a deep whistle. Following the connection between Liu Bang and the flag, dozens of glinting white knives wrapped in gray divine energy went straight at him. A harsh crackling sound filled the air as the invisible restrictive spell he and King Zhang Qiu had cast to conceal their presence was cut to shreds by the sharp gold-element energy. Countless beams of light shot back and forth in front of them, causing both men to quickly bring their attendants up into the sky with fright.

Terrible howls echoed in the clouds as both King Zhang Qiu and Liu Bang had some of their attendants hacked to pieces by the knives. Wherever these dazzling knives went, all the immortal artifacts and magical treasures were cut through. The upper-grade immortal artifacts hurriedly took out by a few fairies beside Liu Bang were cut in two by the knives like tofu, and these beautiful fairies were also cut in two at their waists.

Gray streams of divine energy transformed into tiny tornadoes and rose up into the sky. Soon, the bodies of Liu Bang, King Zhang Qiu, and all those around them were covered in a layer of gray mist.

A black flame suddenly burst out of King Zhang Qiu's body; he grunted as blood sprayed out of his nostrils like two streams. Without hesitation, he locked his hands into an incantation gesture and incanted some spell under his breath, trying his best to expel the divine power of the God of Scourge from his body. Lumps that were as big as fists emerged from the various parts of him, moving across his skin as if they were alive. He trembled violently while he kept on fighting against the divine power with the power of the Ghost God he worshiped.

But, those captains who followed him here did not have his cultivation base. A few of them, whose cultivation bases were at the realm of the Second Pangu Heaven, had blood of bizarre color spurting out of their seven orifices at the same time, with all kinds of strange diseases ravaging across their inner organs. Some had their intestines all tied in knots, some felt pain in the chest while breathing, and some had their livers moved away from the original positions. In the end, the diseases had left these captains drenched in cold sweat, taking the strength out of them and throwing them to the ground, unable to move.

Liu Bang cried out in horror. "Not good! We need to leave here immediately! Why does she have an innate artifact to protect her...!"

Before Liu Bang, who had turned into a stream of light and soared up into the air, could finish his words, a large meteor suddenly appeared somewhere hundreds of feet over him. Made up entirely of dense metal, the meteor plunged down at an incredible speed and crashed onto his head. He uttered a painful shriek as his head was crushed into pulp, with blood and brains spattering everywhere, and nearly half of his body smashed to bits.

It was unknown as to what cultivation technique Liu Bang cultivated. In the absence any immortal artifact for self-defense, when the meteor smashed half of his body into pieces, wisps of starlight suddenly drifted down from the sky and quickly mixed with his blood and shredded flash to form back his missing parts. A vast power of stars mixed with extremely strong life force rushed into his body to quickly restore him as he gave a horrified cry and bolted away in a hurry.

The meteor that nearly killed Liu Bang landed heavily on the ground and smashed King Zhang Qiu's captains, who had been tortured by the power of the God of Scourge. The ground shook, then abruptly caved in to form a thousand miles wide hole as the meteor plunged for a thousand miles deep into the earth. Torrents of flame, lava, and poisonous gas gushed out of the gaping hole. The captains proved to have incredibly strong bodies. Although they were smashed into the ground and burned by the raging flame and lava, they still somehow managed to survive. Howling in pain, they crawled out sorrily and scurried back to their Master, King Zhang Qiu.

In the distance, two strong beams of colorful light shot out of Princess Zhang Le's eyes like searchlights, piercing through thousands of miles of void to land on Liu Bang and King Zhang Qiu. Then, she gave a cold snort and flipped her hand. Immediately, tens of thousands of mountains in her interstitial world began to shake, each channeling half of the energy in their energy veins to her.

The shadow of a mountain quickly took its shape in her little fair palm. Zhang Le then gestured at the silver lotus flower hovering atop her, causing a vast stream of silver light to pour out of its petals and merge with the mountain. Laughing coldly, she waved a hand, and the mountain that was only about the size of a fist soared up into the sky while spinning, before vanishing in the blink of an eye.

In the next moment, the little mountain appeared above King Zhang Qiu and smashed down toward his head along with a gust of strong wind.

Princess Zhang Le had created her own interstitial world, which had given her the ability to control the forces of the world. This was the main reason why she could put forth such amazing power, even though she had just stepped into the realm of Gold Immortals. The other Gold Immortals, including those of the highest tier, could never match her overall strength if they had not formed their own interstitial worlds, even though their immortal energy was millions of times superior to hers in essence.

The tens of thousands of mountains in her interstitial world were all taken by her and Wu Qi from the Myriad Immortals Planet and other planets. Having half of the energy in their energy veins channeled to her, the weight of the little mountain the princess had conjured was equivalent to that of tens of thousands of giant mountains combined. And after injecting a great amount of gold-element energy into it, it was not only extremely heavy, but also extremely sharp.

King Zhang Qiu looked up as soon as he heard the howling of wind coming from above. What he saw gave him a jolt: a half-transparent, fist-sized mountain was smashing down at him. Before he could even react, the mountain struck onto his head. A loud rumble rang out as a blaze of flame burst into the sky from the top of his head, while streams of blood shot hundreds of miles away. King Zhang Qiu's tall and huge body was jammed deep into the ground, engulfed by the scorching lava and poisonous flames. Part of his skull about the size of a palm near his forehead shattered, and a terrible force rushed into his head, nearly crushing his whole brain.

He gave a miserable shriek. Princess Zhang Le's attack was so dreadful that it nearly crushed his brain, even though he had cultivated his fleshly body to the Eight Stars Realm of the Second Pangu Heaven. Unlike Liu Bang, who had immortal magic to save his life after his body was destroyed, if King Zhang Qiu had his brain crushed as a human being, he would have died immediately with his soul sucked into transmigration, waiting for his turn to be reincarnated.

Sweating profusely, King Zhang Qiu howled as he rose from the lava into the sky. Behind him, a circular bone talisman that was dozens of feet wide radiated with a dazzling light, quickly sketching out a small door of light. Bringing with him the few captains, he dashed headfirst into the door and disappeared. Next, the door disintegrated and dissipated into streams of light.

Liu Bang cursed furiously when he saw King Zhang Qiu flee with the power of a bone talisman. Ignoring those beautiful fairies he had brought here, he hastily sped into a random direction at top speed like a dog with its tail between its legs.

The little mountain, which had severely wounded King Zhang Qiu, swirled up into the air and was behind Liu Bang's back with only a flash, crashing down hard. Suddenly, a plume of dark smoke rose from his body—the Sky Veiling Flag of Chaos had transformed into a cloud of thick black smoke and wrapped him tightly. With that, even though the mountain smashed on him a dozen times, it could do him no harm.

By then, Princess Zhang Le's energy was depleted. She growled under her breath, then opened her mouth and pulled the little mountain from thousands of miles away, grabbing it with a hand and putting it back into her interstitial world. The rapid return of energy to the mountains caused a deafening rumble to ring out of her body.

Yu You, who was fighting with Yu Mu and others, frowned. He glanced into the distance and muttered under his breath, "This is a pond of troubled waters that I should step away from."

The soul of Ying Dragon flew whistling back down toward him. Yu You had wanted to capture Princess Zhang Le with the dragon, but when he saw that she actually possessed such an amazing divine ability and power, and had forced Liu Bang and King Zhang Qiu to flee in a hurry with just the overall strength of a Gold Immortal, he immediately summoned the dragon back.

He was not sure whether he could withstand the attack of the little mountain, especially when what he had was the body of an immortal, which was not as tough as King Zhang Qiu's. All his divine abilities came from the gourd, and he did not bring any other immortal items with him.

He gave a cold snort, and was about to flee with his gourd. However, Princess Zhang Le would not let him go so easily. Countless fine silver threads burst out of the silver lotus flower, spreading out into a rain of swords that came shooting down at his head. "Yu You, don't you dare to run away!"

Just as Princess Zhang Le was pursuing Yu You, a cold snort suddenly came from the void, and a large dark hand pressed down from the sky.

Everyone looked up hurriedly. High in the sky, a God, standing a hundred miles tall and stepping on two black flood dragons, was thrusting a palm down angrily.

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