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Three peak-level Heaven Immortals…

Three peak-level Arhats…

Three flaming swords…

Three golden pagodas…

A golden light towered into the sky as Wu Qi smiled while looking at the wave-like attacks that were coming at him. He had his hands clasped behind his back as he fixed his gleaming eyes at the three Arhats who were swooping down on him.

The swords wreathed in raging pure Yang true flames that were capable of melting down any gold and iron, and wipe out any evils, hacked hard on the top of his head. A harsh crunch rang out, but none of his hair broke. However, all three swords had a fist-size notch cracked open on their edges, the result of the collision with his head; and in just a flash, their brilliant bodies were covered in lines that spread out like cobwebs.

Then, the supreme-grade immortal swords forged by the expert craftsmen of the Heaven shattered to splinters, and their masters, the three Heaven Immortals who were performing hand incantation gestures and murmuring spells, coughed up blood as they retreated in dismay. They had cultivated the swords with their lives, so the destruction had severely shaken their nascent divinities, causing the powerful immortal magic in their hands to lose control and strike them with a backlash. It was as if they were blown in the faces by the immortal magic they had conjured with all their might, and the impact had left numerous wounds across their internal organs.

As the air rang with the immortals' alarmed cries, three golden pagodas smashed down on Wu Qi's head like Mount Tai. But, he still did not move, allowing the pagodas to smite his head one after another. Deafening rumble boomed and bright sparks flew off his scalp as the pagodas exploded into countless chunks of pure gold and shot in all directions.

The pagodas had smitten Wu Qi with a force that was equal to a million kilograms, but when they hit his head, a repulsive force that was a thousand times greater erupted from beneath his scalp and knocked them back. It was an enormous force that none of them could withstand. The pure and brutal physical force had instantly crushed them to pieces, turning the three powerful treasures of the Buddhist League to a mere heap of trash.

The Arhats roared furiously while swooping down on Wu Qi with their fists before them. The three of them were peak-level Arhats; their cultivation bases were only half a step away from the realm of Bodhisattva, and their hard-tempered golden bodies possessed the strength that could move mountains, topple seas, and sway a planet. They were confident that their punches, which they had struck out with all of their might, could easily pierce Wu Qi's flesh.

Standing still, Wu Qi let the punches fall on him. He did not even use magic to help his body defend itself. All he did was draw a breath, and then his muscles sank before bouncing out abruptly.

The Arhats howled horribly. When their fists landed on Wu Qi's body, his muscles had shrunk back down, causing the punches that came with tremendous forces to miss by a good inch. Then, the muscles immediately bounced back, sending over a repulsive force like a fierce torrent that was ten thousand times stronger than their punches. They could only feel an excruciating pain wash up their fists before rushing through their arms and shoulders, and spreading across their entire bodies.

Their golden bodies, which they had formed after going through countless transmigrations, after struggling in the mortal worlds for countless generations, and after accumulating countless Virtue and power of faith, cracked and crumbled like sandcastles. Golden powder scattered everywhere, but was immediately drawn into Wu Qi's mouth. Inside his body, his natal true flame burned ragingly as the chaotic energy rolled up the powder, turning it into pure energies and sending them all over him. With that, his fleshly body was strengthened slightly.

"Although not great, it does help in a small way!" Wu Qi praised delightfully, and his hands moved finally. His right hand thrust out like a bolt of lightning, giving each of the nine fist-sized, white as jade relics a light tap, shattering the Arhats' souls in them. Then, he devoured the relics, which contained a very strong divine sense and willpower. As they entered his belly, chaotic energies wrapped them up, quickly digesting them and sending them into his spiritual ocean in warm streams. A brief moment later, his divine soul brightened up, and his divine sense had grown slightly stronger.

Meanwhile, the fragments of the Arhats' souls were sucked into his divine soul, and so did their memories. Wu Qi went through them, paying no mind to those messy life experiences, but focusing on extracting the 'Three Treasures True Scriptures' which the three cultivated. It came with nine chapters, and could allow an ordinary mortal to cultivate up to the realm equivalent to that of a fifteenth-grade Gold Immortal. But, if one wanted to advance further, a follow-up scripture was required.

It seemed to him that the three Arhats did not obtain a complete legacy. However, the fact that they were given a cultivation technique they could cultivate with to such an advance realm, even when they were only peak-level Arhats now and had yet to step into the realm of Gold Immortals, showed that they were treated fairly well.

After defeating the three Arhats with ease, Wu Qi turned to grin at the Heaven Immortals in the distance, whose faces were pale with fear, and said, "Now that you are here, you might as well stay back forever!"

He roared with laughter as a fierce wind began to rapidly gather into a green whirlwind behind him. Using the art of controlling the wind in the Song of Gale, he conjured three wind blades with the whirlwind and sent them flying toward the three Heaven Immortals.

The mighty peak-level Heaven Immortals proved to be no match for the wind blades Wu Qi had sent them. They watched with wide eyes as the blades approached, and in the next moment, three arrows of golden blood shot up into the sky. Wu Qi had killed them all with just one strike. After that, he leaped over, pulled their storage rings off their fingers, and forcibly destroyed the restrictive spells on the rings with his divine sense.

"Poor b*stards!" spluttered Wu Qi, flustered.

He had thought the three were wealthy when he saw how powerful their superior-grade immortal swords were. But to his disappointment, their storage rings were nearly empty, with only dozens of mid-grade immortal stones and a few bottles of life-saving pills. They did not even have a single upper-grade immortal stone.

He found a golden scroll in each of the rings, which were the promissory notes personally written by the three penniless immortals. After glancing at them with his divine sense, he did not know whether to laugh or weep. In order to forge three powerful immortal swords, the trio had spent all their wealth, but that was still not enough for the materials. So, they had borrowed a lot of materials from Gan Jiang 1 , the expert craftsman of the Heaven.

"Gan Jiang? That legendary Gan Jiang is actually an expert craftsman of the Heaven?" Wu Qi chuckled with his eyebrows cocked. "Well, it seems that you are as unlucky as me, lending money to these poor b*stards! You will never get your money back now!"

With a wry smile, he put away the three immortal-grade storage rings and crushed the promissory notes. Only now did he know that the immortals who served the Heaven could only use the standard artifacts provided by the Heaven normally. And if they wanted powerful weapons such as immortal swords or others, they would have to spend huge amounts of their own materials to order from the Heaven's craftsmen. It showed that the Heaven was not a paradise as some had claimed; at least, there were poor guys who owed a huge amount of debt!

Laughing coldly, Wu Qi gave the back of Green City a glance, which had been reduced to heaps of rubbles after the brief exchange between him, the Arhats, and the Heaven Immortals. He shook his head indifferently, then turned and sped away toward the Arctic Pole in a plume of white smoke.

The scores had been settled. He had killed Shangguan Ye, Daoist Miao Yun, and those cultivators of Green City. With all his fellow disciples and friends in Underhand Sect killed, he no longer had anyone to worry about on earth. It was time for him to return to Pangu Continent and plan for himself. The past was behind him, and now his friends, loved one, and everything he owned, was in Pangu Continent. That was where he had taken root.

He had killed Daoist Miao Yun as easily as pinching an ant, who was so formidable in the past that he and the others could not fight him at all. When he looked back at his encounters over the years, he felt his life was unimaginably queer like a dream. The fruit of Gold Immortal, which others could hardly attain even after spending several eons of hard effort, had fallen into his hand so easily. He could not help but feel in awe of the unpredictable wheel of fortune.

As his mind was filled with mixed emotions, Wu Qi felt that his heart had become exceptionally clear; and his state of mind, which had been a little unsettled, had become as bright and hard as a diamond, with no external things that could sway it anymore.

He flew slowly and gradually he approached the Arctic Pole. The teleportation formation he had used to come here was in the Antarctic Pole, but he did not plan to use that. It was his instinct; a good thief never took the same route after all.

More than a hundred kilometers from the North Pole, Wu Qi stopped over a thick sheet of ice.

He found nothing unusual when he sent his divine sense into the thick ice, and then nodded satisfyingly. It was the work of the magical restrictive spell Prince Chang Qin and others had cast, he knew. The spell had been passed down from some ancient deity who served the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan, whose ability could blend anything into the surroundings and completely conceal its energy fluctuation. Without specific magical words, no one could find where these hidden things were laid.

The teleportation formation in the Arctic Pole was hidden with such a spell. Wu Qi glanced about, then murmured a magical word under his breath.

As his voice drifted away in the gusting north wind, a tiny slit cracked open silently on the ice down below, from which, a faint stream of energy came spraying out. He saw the formation beneath the ice, and following his magical word, it had begun to adjust its destination, locking down on Pangu Continent.

Just when Wu Qi was about to dive into the ice and return to the Pangu Continent, a fat figure emerged behind his back in silence.

"There is a predestined relationship between you and the Buddhist League, little benefactor!"

The voice came from a fat, smiling monk. As he said that, he casually pressed a palm against Wu Qi's back. Wu Qi trembled as a stream of pure and scorching hot Buddhist power poured into his body, crushing his internal organs in just a flash.

The monk chuckled and said, "I'm Buddha Futu, and I oversee the 840 million mortal worlds under the decree of Lord Buddha. Little benefactor, you have killed three of my Guarding Arhats, which means you do have a predestined relationship with the Buddhist League!"

The smile on Buddha Futu's face was kind and amiable, but his attacks came like a fierce storm. Eighteen palm-strikes struck Wu Qi in a row, causing his bones to crack with loud crunches and sending him into the ice like a meteor.

A massive rumble rang out. With Wu Qi at the center, the entire Arctic Pole disintegrated.

The ice that had not melted since ancient times cracked open, huge icebergs flew up into the sky, and waves rose tens of miles up around the Arctic Pole. The entire Earth trembled slightly because of this strike.

Gan Jiang and Mo Ye were a swordsmith couple who lived during the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history. A pair of swords were forged by and named after them.

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