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An attack consisting of weapons materialized from common energies of metal? Wu Qi was not afraid of such things.

The Black Nine Nether Ghost Flame rose into the sky while emanating a biting cold air as the evil and filthy ghost flame transformed into nine black dragons, twisting and slithering behind his back. Countless weapons that came shooting at him were caught by the flame and instantly shattered into pieces.

But, the biggest threat was Bai Zhu. The burly man opened his mouth and drew in a breath, causing all the energies of metal within a thousand miles around him to immediately rush into his mouth in a massive stream. As that happened, a blinding silver light exploded out of his body, amidst which came shooting out countless sharp needles. As he was swooping toward Wu Qi, these needles pierced through the void, leaving behind countless fine, black traces in the air.

His punch was going straight for Wu Qi's face like a shooting star. A silver gleam could be seen flashing and flickering rapidly atop his fist, which felt as hot as a raging flame and was sending forth a dangerous aura. Wherever the silver gleam past, the void was ripped like parchment; and when the fist was still about dozens of feet away from Wu Qi's face, the strong cold wind it brought forth had already left tiny cuts on his face.

Wu Qi took a deep breath and gave Bai Zhu a mysterious smile. All of a sudden, a black beam of light shot out from the top of his head; amidst which, his Dark Yin Celestial Tower was expanding quickly, from the size of a fist to dozens of feet in height. Then, streams of silver starlight began to pour down from its edges, twisting and tangling with one another in the air like auroras while smearing the void with a breathtaking colorful glow.

Bai Zhu's removal of all the natural energies save for the energy of metal within a thousand miles around them had seriously affected Wu Qi. However, there was one energy that he could not get rid of—the power of stars that showered on the entire Pangu Continent from the sky above. It existed all the time even when it was broad daylight, filling every inch of the void.

The Dark Yin Celestial Tower was covered with a layer of about a foot thick silver light while numerous silver torrents visible to the naked eyes poured down from the sky, rushing into the tower. With the mysterious smile on his face, Wu Qi pointed a finger at his precious treasure. With that, the velocity of time in the surroundings abruptly increased by a hundred folds.

The sudden change in the velocity of time caused Bai Zhu to lose control of his own body. He was deviated from his original course, and his punch narrowly missed Wu Qi's face. At the same time, the shadow of a three-headed wolf silently made its appearance behind Wu Qi's back. With a soft incantation, the enormous power of stars the Dark Yin Celestial Tower had absorbed poured into the wolf's body, making it quickly expand from the size of a fist to about a hundred feet long.

Three forlorn wolf howls rang out. Wu Qi gave the wolf a slap on the neck and pointed a finger at Bai Zhu. Without hesitation, the wolf leaped toward Bai Zhu along with a gust of wind, its three mouths wide opened and going for his neck, back, and waist.

A strong white light shivered around Bai Zhu's body as he exerted his divine power, allowing him to barely counter some of the effects the acceleration of time had caused on him. Then, as he lifted his right fist and thrust it toward the wolf, he gave a derisive laugh and said, "Do you really think you can hurt me with this little trick of borrowing the power of the stars? I might flinch if you were some Celestial Lord of the Heaven who had mastered the essence of a star, but too bad you are not…Awoooo!"

Bai Zhu shrieked miserably before he could finish his words. Right when the three-headed wolf was about to be hit by his fist, it suddenly dissolved into a thick plume of smoke, then reappeared right behind him. His neck, the small of his back, and the softest part on his waist were bitten at the same time. Silvery white blood spurted out of the wounds and splattered in all directions as the wolf shook its heads savagely, ripping Bai Zhu's flesh with all its might.

A strange poison was seeping into Bai Zhu's body through the wolf's fangs, quickly turning the skin and flesh around the wounds purple-black. As the descendant of the white tiger, one of the four holy beasts, Bai Zhu had a very strong fleshly body. Few poisons under the heaven could harm him. But, the poison in the three-headed wolf was evolved from an innate Great Dao that was yet to be seen by anyone, a poison that even Bai Zhu's ancestors had never encountered before. So naturally, his fleshly body could not withstand such a peculiar poison.

A deafening tiger's roar echoed through the sky and blood splattered in all directions like a heavy downpour as Bai Zhu wrenched himself free from the wolf's ferocious mouths, sacrificing dozens of kilograms of his own flesh. Bringing with him three severely mangled wounds that exposed his bones, he hastily scrambled backward and went before a woman, who also had the obvious appearance of the white tiger and a frame that was only one size smaller than his. "Mother of my son, quickly find me an antidote!" he growled. "What a brutal and weird magic! Which star's power did he borrow?"

Wu Qi only smiled, not thinking he was obliged to solve the puzzle for Bai Zhu.

The different powers of star controlled by the various Celestial Lords of the Heaven had been thoroughly studied by all the cultivators. Even the information about what weapons these Celestial Lords used and what their favorite foods were had been widely circulated among them. But, the star power Wu Qi used did not belong to any of the Celestial Lords who were known to the public today, and was a brand new star power essence from the Kaleidoscopic Star Core.

'No matter how hard you crack your brain, you'll never guess that I actually found myself a Kaleidoscopic Star Core, and even evolved an innate galaxy in my interstitial world!'

With a cold grin on his face, Wu Qi turned his gaze toward the dozens of men and women who were rushing at him. While gently stroking the three-headed wolf's body, he cried out in a low voice, "It's up to you to take advantage of them, Ao Buzun! Just be extra careful!"

Among the group of men and women, there were two couples who obviously were the descendants of flood dragons. They had dragon horns on top of their heads, dragon scales around their forehead and necks, and were emanating a strong and pure aura of flood dragons. Ao Buzun gave a strange laugh and soared into the sky, quickly transforming into an about hundred feet long dragon, unleashing an especially strong aura of the dragon.

The two couples were startled as soon as they sensed the aura, and they turned to look at Ao Buzun in horror at the same time. "An ancient dragon?"

Before Ao Buzun could utter anything, the dragon python sisters had already unleashed the unique aura of Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice. As the natural enemy of all the dragons in ancient time, their menacing aura immediately made the two couples shriek, turning around and fleeing almost instinctively.

Just then, Wu Qi casually bent his fingers, and a few strange runes quickly took shape near his fingertips. They were from the Book of Ancient God he inherited through the Scroll of Stealing, powerful offensive runes of the ancient time representing the meaning of 'rupture' and 'pulverize'. At their maximum power, they could destroy and pulverize everything under heaven. At the same time, he extracted a wisp of star power essence from one of the 108,000 stars in his interstitial world, which represented 'slaughter' and 'death', and injected it into the few runes together with all the star power the Dark Yin Celestial Tower had absorbed.

The runes about the size of thumbs swelled to the size of basins abruptly, shrouded in black gases and flickered with beautiful silver gleams as they sped away silently. Controlled by Wu Qi's divine sense, they pierced through the air at an incredible speed, smashing onto the backs of the fleeing couples.

Painful dragon roars rang through the sky as blood essence mixed with the fire of Samadhi spouted out of the couples' seven orifices, splattering in all directions like burning lava. When the black runes entered their bodies with flashing silver starlight, they were forced to transform back into their true forms. Apparently, they were two green dragons and two white dragons.

Green dragons were poisonous, and white dragons had the ability to control the water. They were all from the branches of the dragon clan with lowly status. At the moment, each of the four dragons, whose bodies measured several miles long, had a huge hole on his or her back. Wu Qi's runes had nearly blown them in half. Golden blood was constantly spouting out of their wounds, through which, their broken bones and tendons could be clearly seen.

"I really feel embarrassed bullying you kids!" Ao Buzun bellowed wildly, "But, bullying others is the source of happiness! Aye, these two girls are really beautiful!" As he uttered a load of nonsense, he flew toward the four dragons who were forced to reveal their true forms, his mouth wide open.

In just the blink of an eye, two male dragons had their heads bitten off by Ao Buzun. Then, a great sheet of black light burst out of his mouth, engulfing the two huge dragon bodies and bringing them into his stomach. Meanwhile, the two female dragons were roaring at the top of their lungs, twisting their bodies and struggling with all their might. However, as they were severely wounded, their struggles were weak and proved to be useless. Laughing evilly, Ao Buzun reached out his front claws and clutched their foreheads, forcing them to shrink their bodies and having them pinched within his claws.

"Kill the husbands and abduct the wives...Aye, since when did I become so evil?" He said to himself with an evil grin on his face, his scales shivering with excitement. "But, this is me! Hehe, how long has it been since I last did this? Now, don't you two move! As long as you've slept with me once, I promise you'll never forget... DAMNIT!"

All of a sudden, two black ancient divine runes shot over and accurately hit the two female dragons' foreheads, crushing their heads.

Ao Buzun looked back aggrievedly and saw Wu Qi glaring at him. "It's none of my business if you want to kill someone or set some places on fire, but you'd better do less wicked deeds such as this!" said Wu Qi coldly. "Why would you abduct them and do something like that, when you can just eat them right now? If you really want to do it, marry them first! I won't allow you to abduct and rape!"

The black dragon threw his head back and let out a long roar in disappointment. Lowering his voice, he grumbled to himself, "What is this? Such a waste of these two beautiful girls! Marry them? Bah! I would be a fool if I married them!"

He heaved a long sigh, then shoved the two female dragons into his mouth and ate them without feeling guilty at all.

Wu Qi's mouth twitched uncontrollably. He had known for a long time that Ao Buzun was never a decent fellow, and now, he was even more certain of that. In general, even the cruelest demon would not eat their own kind, but this black dragon had just eaten four dragons without batting an eye. No wonder he was killed and even crafted into a storage ring in the past. He deserved it!

After shaking his head, Wu Qi turned to look at the group of men and women, who all wore unsightly expressions, and said with a cold grin, "I don't know if I really killed your sons in the Myriad Poisons Formation, but I do know you are looking to die by messing with me!"

He casually pointed out a finger, causing 360 balls of silver light to shoot out of the Dark Yin Celestial Tower, each quickly transforming into an about mile wide mass of silver light, hanging high up in the sky.

A strong power of star blanketed the surroundings, and the void suddenly turned into a sea of silver. Wu Qi had quickly laid out a formation!

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