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The fist was covered with three layers of black dragon scales, and Wu Qi deliberately erected the outermost layer. For a moment, it consequentially seemed as if dozens of blades were sticking up on his fist. Before the burly man's palms could touch his shoulders, Wu Qi slammed the fist heavily on his chest. As hard and sharp as they were, the scales tore through the man's armor, allowing the fist to smash onto his body. When inside, the scales vibrated at high speed, ripping his heart to pieces.

Then, the fist came out of the man's back, the scales soaked with blood as they greedily suck his blood essence. Wu Qi had silently exercised the Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture, and was crazily drawing the man's blood essence and feeding them to his dragon scales, making them tougher.

Seizing someone else's blood essence to temper oneself was an evil technique in the Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture. If Wu Qi were not fuming with rage now and these people weren't attacking him without any reason, he would not have used such a vicious tactic against a stranger.

The middle-aged man gawked and stared at Wu Qi. Of all his subordinates, the burly man was the strongest, and yet, he was defeated after the first blow? Even though he was a little careless, how could he be killed by a mere punch?

The man's body quickly shriveled and decayed, and soon was completely dissolved into dust, drifting away with the wind. The scales on Wu Qi's fist were coated with a pale layer of blood, glimmering with a striking red in the sunlight. As he slowly relieved his fist from the partial transformation of the Dragon Kill, they began to retract into his flesh. While that happened, he turned to gaze at the middle-aged man and said in a deep voice, "I'm in a bad mood now, so you better don't provoke me!"

"How dare you? Do you know who I am?" With his face turned extremely unsightly, the middle-aged man bellowed. "I am Ji Yue, King Chuan Qiu! And are just my third brother's subordinate! Who gave you the audacity to be so rude to me? An ignorant punk like you should be punished with death!"

Ji Yue, with the blood of Long Bo man running in his veins, gave a furious roar as his body abruptly grew to about three hundred feet tall. A strange smile flashed across the corner of his mouth before he threw his fist at Wu Qi with all his might. Every Long Bo man was born to master a type of natural force, and the one that Ji Yue mastered was the force of thunder. As his huge fist came smashing down toward Wu Qi's head, it was quickly clad with a thick layer of lightning.

Wu Qi felt a tremendous pressure pressing down against his chest. Ji Yue's punch was too powerful, and he was not confident that he could defend himself against it even with his current overall strength. In fact, Ji Yue was the son of King Yang Shan and some concubine whom the Long Bo Kingdom had offered as a tribute. The clan from which this concubine came held a very high status among the people of Long Bo Kingdom, regarded as the inheritance of the purest bloodline of the ancient Long Bo man. Therefore, Ji Yue was born with amazing talents and an incredible physical strength. At the age of three, he had achieved an astonishing feat of killing a flood dragon all by himself.

Of King Yang Shan's four sons who had been conferred the title of King, Ji Yue had the greatest physical strength. Even among the imperial clan of Great Yu, his strength was one of the strongest.

"B*stard! What does it matter if you're a King?" Wu Qi's belly was filled with resentment from having been used as bait to trap and kill a Buddha, which was ignited into a flame of anger by Gouchen Li's humiliation. And now, Ji Yue ran head-on into him and triggered him, like a spark falling into a barrel of explosives. As a result, he exploded thoroughly, which made him completely ignore the consequences of what he was going to do next.

'Since I am no match for you in physical strength, I will fight you with divine ability and magic!'

"Do you really think you will make me wince by telling me you're a King?" Wu Qi snarled as a black beam of light shot out from the top of his head. The Dark Yin Celestial Tower was unleashed, immediately showering Wu Qi with streams of starlight that caused a bizarre change to the time within a mile around him.

Then, Wu Qi quickly performed a hand incantation gesture to keep the velocity of time near Ji Yue's torso at normal speed, but made the time from his fist to his shoulder flow at a different speed. The velocity of time on his fist was a hundred times faster than normal, and about ten times faster on his forearm. It increased to fifty times faster on his upper arm, and jumped up again to a hundred times on his shoulder.

The air rang with a series of sickening crunches. The bizarre flow of time had caused Ji Yue's arm to twist and fracture, and the sounds of bone cracking and shattering could be heard coming from his fingers, forearm, upper arm, and shoulder at the same time. However, as the velocity of time around his torso and head was maintained at a normal speed, it was only after his arm had been broken for a full breath's time that he felt the sharp pain.

He let out a terrible cry and jumped more than two thousand feet up while holding his right arm with his left, before falling back down and landing on his bottom in dismay. A deafening rumble echoed out as the front door of King Yang Shan's mansion was smashed to pieces by his huge buttocks, while more than thirty guards posted there were also buried beneath him before they could escape with the rest.

As he howled like a wounded animal, Ji Yue's right arm gave a sudden jerk. The next moment, a mass of purple mist poured out of the ground and rushed into his arm. Accompanied by a series of eerie crackles, his broken bones began to mend rapidly, and his wounds were completely healed a few seconds later. With a furious roar, he pointed a finger at Wu Qi and growled, "You have committed the crime of defiance! You are dead meat, Tan Lang!"

Wu Qi snorted coldly. The crime of defiance? Dead meat?

The accusation and threat were like a bucket of oil poured into Wu Qi's burning anger. With a wave of his hand, infinite starlight began to rapidly gather in the Dark Yin Celestial Tower, and in just the blink of an eye, a great silver axe shining with a cold light took shape over his head. While letting out a thunderous roar, he grabbed the hilt and swung it straight toward Ji Yue's neck.

A loud noise of metal clashing on metal echoed out as a thick and heavy bronze round shield suddenly appeared in front of the latter, just in time to block off the axe. Wu Qi felt as if his arm had been struck by a thunderbolt; a numbness was creeping up from his fingertip all the way to his shoulder, and he was unable to even lift the arm up. In the meantime, the great axe in his hand exploded into countless silver specks and shot in all directions, riddling the street in front of King Yang Shan's mansion with numerous bottomless holes, each as large as a bowl.

Opposite him, the round shield was quivering with an obvious crack dug into its surface, in which, tiny ice crystals were forming rapidly. His attack had sent the skinny man who held the shield staggering backward. Obviously, the man's strength was much less than Wu Qi's, because he could not keep his balance at all. At last, two great wings sprung out of his back, which flapped in a flurry and produced a gust of strong wind to stabilize him.

Wu Qi gave a cold grunt. Abruptly, his body grew to about a hundred feet tall as layers of black dragon scales emerged from underneath his skin to cover his entire body, while the two dragon horns were slowly stretching out of his forehead. A brutal murderous aura filled the air as a deep roar came rolling out of his mouth; nine shadows of dragons swirled and tangled with one another behind his back, then gradually formed into a strange rune, bobbing within the sea of Nine Nether Ghost Flame while giving off an evil aura.

At the same time, dragon roars could be heard coming from his rapidly bulging blood vessels without an end. Vigorous dragon energy was surging quickly through them, and each was letting out thunderous roars like that of a flood dragon. By having one's entire body seemingly coiled with hundreds of dragons, it was a sign that the practice of Dragon Transformation Script had reached a certain limit. Even then, the sound of violent waves was echoing out of his body; his blood was repeatedly washing his internal organs, with an endless stream of energy gushing out of them and stimulating his body to grow dozens of feet taller while making his aura even more aggressive.

It was at this moment that Ji Ao's voice came, "What is going on, Tan Lang? Tell me, no matter who dares to bully you, I'll stand up for you!"

He appeared in the courtyard behind the front door with a sullen, slightly exasperated expression. Beside him stood his eldest brother, Ji Dai the King Qing Qiu; his father, Ji Kui the King Yang Shan; Feng Lingling, the former Prefecture Overseer of Zhong Province, and a group of King Yang Shan's confidants.

The man who had saved Ji Yue's life by using a bronze, round shield to stop Wu Qi's attack was none other than Ji Ao's fourth brother, Ji Lan the King Dong Qiu, who had the bloodline of Feathermen. At the moment, he was flapping his wings in dismay while glaring at Wu Qi angrily.

Nearly having had his head chopped off by Wu Qi, Ji Yue stood there in a daze for a moment before suddenly shouting out at the top of his lungs, "Bullsh*t! Third brother, your man almost killed me! He almost chopped my head off! And now, you want to stand up for him? That's nonsense! Father, third brother's man nearly killed me, he did it on purpose! He must have done it on purpose! Third brother, this isn't over!"

There was a bright gleam flashing across Ji Dai and Ji Lan's eyes. Just as the two were about to fan the flames, King Yang Shan snapped angrily, "This is ridiculous! Do you think you can hide the truth from your father, Ji Yue? Shut up, all of you! Somebody fix my mansion's front door as soon as possible! You b*stards, you're just..."

King Yang Shan wanted to utter a few harsher words, but it was his own sons who had caused the trouble, so he could not go too far. Staring at the front door, his hands began to tremble. The front door of his mansion, the mansion of a King, was completely brought down by his own son's buttocks. If this got out, it would certainly make him the laughing stock of the entire Great Yu! For a moment, he was in the mood to even strangle Ji Yue!

Gnashing his teeth furiously, it took King Yang Shan quite a while to finally control his anger. Then, he took a deep breath and studied Wu Qi, who was in his dragonman form. After a brief moment, he nodded and praised, "I heard you've only been cultivating Dragon Kill for a little over a year, eh? And yet you've reached this level…excellent! Ji Ao, you did find yourself a good helper this time!"

King Yang Shan had just finished when Ji Ao shouted out, "Tan Lang is indeed a good helper to me. If it weren't for him, how could I have slain the Sovereign of Myriad Immortal Alliance? But, second brother is deliberately humiliating him! Father, you must set things straight for me!"

Upon hearing that, Ji Yue jumped out in a hurry. He stamped his foot angrily and growled, "Father, I almost had my head chopped off by Tan Lang! You have to punish him! Would he have been so bold if third brother hadn't backed him up?"

"Since when, Father, have servants been able to assault their masters?" said Ji Dai with a gloomy voice as he tried to stir the flames.

Ji Lan, with his round shield in his hand, sighed faintly and said, "Father, who do you think is more important to us, a little subordinate or second brother? I was nearly sliced in half by Tan Lang's attack as well!"

As his four sons grumbled and argued noisily right next to him, King Yang Shan's face gradually turned pale, then blue, and finally got covered with an ugly purple-black.

Meanwhile, Wu Qi had transformed back to his human form, and was glaring angrily at Ji Yue, Ji Dai, and Ji Lan. King Yang Shan could not help but heave a sigh in his heart when he saw the unconcealed anger in Wu Qi's eyes.

If these punks were not his sons, King Yang Shan would have slapped them all to death!

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