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Chapter 735 - Fell Prey To A Plot

With the flow of time increased by a hundred folds, Wu Qi had the Dark Yin Celestial Tower hovering over him as he shuttled through the seemingly impregnable wall of countless weapons without getting himself hurt. His movement was as agile and nimble as a ghost. He approached Prabhutaratna Buddha step by step while the Nine Nether Ghost Flame burned ragingly around him and towered nearly a thousand feet into the sky. Meanwhile, the nine figures of dragons formed from the filthy and evil ghost flame were gradually taking shape behind his back.

He did not expect to escape from Prabhutaratna Buddha. The opponent was a Buddha, and he himself was only a fifth-tier Gold Immortal, whose cultivation base was forcefully pushed up by the Virtues of the Heavenly Dao. In truth, he had not even mastered his current power yet. Even if he did, how was a mere Gold Immortal able to escape from a Buddha, who was an existence standing at the top of this world? He would be overestimating himself if he thought he could achieve such an amazing feat.

Nevertheless, even if he could not escape, he was determined to bite a chunk of flesh from Prabhutaratna Buddha.

And they were in Liangzhu, the capital city of Great Yu. The fact that Prabhutaratna Buddha was trying to kill someone here was almost equivalent to looking for death. Despite how he sneaked into Liangzhu, Wu Qi firmly believed that he would not be able to leave this place so easily.

Putting aside Baihuang Mu, the Grand Oracle of Directorate of Celestials with an unfathomable cultivation base, just a few random Elders walking out of the Secret Palace would be able to rip Prabhutaratna Buddha to pieces. Although some had said that a Primordial Immortal could not be killed, Wu Qi had seen a fallen Primordial Immortal. He knew that Reverend Gale was killed by many deities sent by the Eastern Green Emperor, so there was no reason why Prabhutaratna Buddha could not be killed.

As long as he could hold on a little longer, help was sure to come from the city of Liangzhu.

Before that, however, he must bite a chunk of flesh off Prabhutaratna Buddha's body. 'Hehe…The flesh of a Buddha...' Somehow, while looking at Prabhutaratna Buddha's chubby face that shone like a pearl, Wu Qi felt his mouth begin to water, just like Ao Buzun, Gold Horn, and Silver Horn behaved when they were hungry.

At this critical moment, Wu Qi suddenly thought of Tang Sanzang's 1 flesh described in the novel he had read many years ago. [1] 'Prabhutaratna Buddha is a Buddha, and the quality and taste of his flesh must be better than that of Tang Sanzang, judging from his fair skin. Hehe, if I can chop off his legs and bring them back for Gold Horn and Silver Horn, their cultivation bases will certainly increase by a large margin!'

He walked toward Prabhutaratna Buddha step by step. As the flow of time around him was incredibly fast, the harmony between the space and time was disrupted, causing him to be surrounded by an odd distortion of time and space. Dozens of extremely sharp lotus swords came chopping down at his head, but were instantly smashed into pieces by the hazy and twisting time and space, dissolving into pure energies of the gold element and being devoured by his body, eventually turning into his own energy in just the blink of an eye.

The two dragon horns stretching out of his forehead emitted a faint light as Wu Qi began to intone a spell in a deep voice while his hands flashed in incantation gestures. Using the 'Venomous Dragon Heart Burning Seal' found in the Dragon Kill as the core, he stacked one vicious rune after another on top of it. As the flow of time around him was a hundred times faster, his movement was too fast for any outsiders to see clearly. His fingers moved so fast that they left uncountable phantom fingers in the void. Before long, a bell-shaped, pitch-black shadow that as about the size of a human head and formed entirely of ninety-nine layers of seals took its final shape in his palm.

Countless vicious and ferocious runes could be seen twisting and intertwining with one another in the bell-shaped shadow, occasionally producing a deep rumble. While laughing strangely, Wu Qi walked up to Prabhutaratna Buddha and carefully pressed the seal down toward his chest.

It was at this moment that Prabhutaratna Buddha struck his jade bell, producing a crisp chime that echoed through the nine heavens.

Hearing that, Wu Qi's divine soul trembled. Although his divine soul was very strong, the chime nearly shattered it into pieces. He threw his head back and coughed out a mouthful of pale-red mist, then hastily staggered backward. The simple chime came with terrible power; his divine soul was shivering, and each cell in his body was quivering. The dragon scales covering his skin cracked and exploded, and in just the blink of an eye, they all shattered and fell off his body; the two dragon horns on his forehead were broken, and blood was spurting out of the wounds like fountains.

Wearing a calm smile, Prabhutaratna Buddha stared at Wu Qi and said, "Count yourself lucky to be killed by me, vile creature!"

After shivering violently for a brief moment, Wu Qi's divine soul suddenly imploded. Instead of being shattered, it shone even more brilliantly. A deafening dragon roar burst out of his mouth, and as two black beams of light shone tens of feet out of his eyes, Wu Qi bellowed, "Do you think it will be so easy to kill me?"

An innate divine soul was not something that an acquired soul could compare with. On top of that, as Wu Qi's divine soul was filled with chaotic energy, it was virtually indestructible by any ordinary magic and divine ability. Furthermore, what he owned right now was an innate chaotic divine soul, which he had fused with the soul essence of countless living beings and refined and purified with the Divine Flame of Order. So, even though Prabhutaratna Buddha could kill any Gold Immortal under the heaven with his jade bell, he could never kill Wu Qi!

"Now, you try my multi-layered curse attack!" As Wu Qi cried out, he pointed out his finger, causing the bell-shaped shadow pressing against Prabhutaratna Buddha's chest to explode with a boom.

Ninety-nine layers of vicious runes exploded at the same time, each producing a terrible power. Poisonous smoke, poisonous flame, ghost flame, chilly wind, and many other evil magic kept invading and corroding Prabhutaratna Buddha's fleshly body. Almost instantly, half of his body was engulfed by dense smoke and raging flame, with eerie hissing and sizzling noises like the ones produced when cold water would come in contact with a red-hot steel plate ringing out incessantly.

Prabhutaratna Buddha gave a cold snort and casually clapped his hands. With that, everything that was attacking him was gutted out instantly, leaving his body intact. The Buddhist League was famous for its various cultivation techniques of the Vajra Indestructible Body, and as an almighty expert who had mastered the Dao of artifact refinement, Prabhutaratna Buddha valued his fleshly body above all else. Ever since joining the Buddhist League in his first incarnation, he had been cultivating various mystic arts of body refining, and after going through a thousand reincarnations and becoming a Buddha, his fleshly body had reached the point where it could never be destroyed by any means.

Wu Qi had tried his best to wound Prabhutaratna Buddha, but there was nothing he could do to that amazingly strong fleshly body.

He stared at Prabhutaratna Buddha while panting and realized that he could do nothing to hurt this foe with his current overall strength. On the other hand, Prabhutaratna Buddha was shocked that he could not kill Wu Qi with his gold and silver bells. He had failed to capture or kill a Gold Immortal three times in a row, which was a disgrace to a mighty Buddha like him. His face was twisted with rage and frustration.

"Your...Your soul is intact?" Prabhutaratna Buddha's eyes were fixed on Wu Qi. He could not believe that the latter had survived a frontal attack from the 'Soul Capturing Bells' he had forged himself. Although he had only used thirty percent of the jade bell's power instead of its full power, it was still a horrifying power that could put a frown on the face of even a Primordial Immortal. If there were ten thousand Gold Immortals here, he would have killed them all with just a single chime produced with the jade bell, let alone Wu Qi who was just a puny existence, only as strong as a fifth-tier Gold Immortal.

But, why was this little fellow seemingly unharmed?

Wu Qi rubbed his temple with a thumb and cocked his head from side to side. Although the chime did not kill him, it nearly knocked him unconscious. Upon hearing Prabhutaratna Buddha's stupid question, he gave him a disdainful gaze and said mockingly, "I seem to have let you down, haven't I, you bald donkey?"

While laughing strangely, Wu Qi suddenly grabbed Ao Buzun by the tail and gave it a strong squeeze.

The black dragon roared, opening his mouth and shooting out a smelly column of black water that sparked with a vast amount of bright red flame as soon as it rubbed against the air. The surrounding temperature soared in an instant, and amidst the howling of the wind and fire, the hill beneath their feet melted into a wisp of smoke, demonstrating the incredible power of Ao Buzun's pillar of fire.

Meanwhile, the clever dragon python sisters lifted their heads and shot out two beams of light at the same time, one gold and one silver, both of which wrapped around Ao Buzun's pillar of fire. Together, they pierced through the air while shooting toward Prabhutaratna Buddha. Along the way, the power of the pillar of fire was multiplied several times by the golden beam, while the silver beam came with an incomparable coldness that compressed it into a fine line, multiplying its penetrating ability by several times.

As he watched the three fine beams of light approaching, Prabhutaratna Buddha gave a cold snort, then darted a somewhat disdainful and greedy glance at Ao Buzun and the dragon python sisters perched atop Wu Qi's head and shoulders. 'An ancient black dragon and a pair of Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice...They are the best ingredients for artifact refinement!'

Casually, he thrust a palm toward the attack while sighing faintly, "This place is, after all, Liangzhu. So, I don't have much time to play with you anymore. Vile creature, you will certainly die this time!"

According to Prabhutaratna Buddha's estimation, this palm strike should be more than enough to easily destroy the three beams of light. After that, he would spare no efforts to kill Wu Qi by using his Golden Body of Buddha and a grand divine ability of the Buddhist League. When he was done, he would leave You Xiong Plain immediately to escape the expert Oracles whom Great Yu would surely send out to hunt him down.

But to his horror, his arm suddenly became limp and powerless, causing the three beams of light to blaze through his palm and slam him in the chest. Immediately, two weird streams of energy, one hot and one cold, rushed into his fleshly body. A deafening rumble rang out as large pieces of flesh and bones exploded out of his chest; some burning ragingly and some quickly frozen into ice.

'This is...'

Wu Qi was utterly shocked. Since when did Ao Buzun and the dragon python sisters become so strong?

Ao Buzun was taken aback as well. He lifted his upper body stiffly, his claws trembling and pointing at Prabhutaratna Buddha as he muttered to himself, "He must be a lewd monk, and he must have rotated the Delightful Zen the wrong way last night, sending all his cultivation base to the woman he was having fun with...Otherwise, how could he possibly be this weak?"

The dragon python sisters were looking at each other with their heads filled with questions, their eyes growing wide in disbelief. They could not believe that they had just seriously wounded a Buddha with a single strike. How was it even possible? They knew how strong their cultivation bases were. Although they could fight against common Gold Immortals, the opponent standing in front of them now was a Buddha, who was as strong as an almighty Primordial Immortal!

Prabhutaratna Buddha was struck dumb. He stared in horror at his pierced palm and broken chest, then howled at the top of his voice, "M-my...indestructible Golden Body...How is it even possible...Wait, what is this? WHAT IS THIS?!"

"This is Avichi incense, an excellent treasure specially created to handle someone with a Golden Body of Buddha like you!" A grim voice rang out from the sky above, and the void rippled as eighteen pitch-black Supreme Towers, each with slightly different appearances, emerged out of thin air.

Immediately after that, the void in the four directions of the hill began to ripple as well, and before long, six Supreme Towers emerged out of the void in each direction.

Then, the ground suddenly collapsed with a boom, revealing a huge hole that was dark and bottomless, inside of which hovered eighteen Supreme Towers. With that, all six directions were now blocked by a terribly powerful energy.

Prabhutaratna Buddha was completely and utterly dumbfounded.

[1] Tang Sanzang, based on the historical Buddhist monk Xuanzhang, is a central character in the novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng'en. Along the journey, Tang Sanzang is constantly terrorized by monsters and demons because of a legend which says that one can attain immortality by consuming his flesh because he is a reincarnation of a holy being.

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