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As the chariot entered the formation, the purple cloud around it dispersed, revealing the group of over three hundred immortals in purple Daoist robes, as well as thirty or so youths in strange outfits. Clearly, those immortals in purple robes were elites the Sovereign had brought from Myriad Immortal Alliance. In fact, they were nearly half of the Gold Immortals the alliance had recruited. As for those youths in strange outfits, no one knew who they were.

These youths were tall and burly, and their bulging muscles looked full of explosive forces. However, their frames were not as heavy and bulky as Fan Yuqi and Fan Kuai's, and they actually gave people an impression of energy, robustness, and flexibility. Their hair took different colors—some purple, some blue, some red, some white, some silver—and all were waist-length, hanging loosely behind their backs.

Their clothes were anciently fashioned, and although the design was simple, it gave off an indescribable air of dignity and majesty. Without exception, they had handsome facial features, and their gazes were full of a natural nobility and pride. When they lifted their heads slightly to glance down on the crowd, they looked like a group of Gods in the cloud overlooking at the insignificant mortals.

They appeared to be a group of outstanding youths; however, their prowess was rather weak.

No sooner had the Sovereign entered the formation than he came after Wu Qi in his chariot. Behind him, over thirty black flood dragons suddenly rose into the sky, their bodies emanating dark gases and a pungent stench as they sprayed streams of venomous liquid to separate the chariot and the immortals who came with him. The group of Gold Immortals growled and cursed, each waving their hands to unleash dazzling sword beams toward these flood dragons.

The air rang with sizzling noises as venomous black liquid sprinkled onto those sword beams, whose dazzling light began to fade as a result of the fierce corrosion. Some had their protective light barriers cracked and shattered, allowing the venomous liquid to directly touch them and leave dents of varying sizes on their surfaces. In just a few moments, booms started to ring across the sky as dozens of immortal swords exploded at the same time, turning into a rain of light and drifting to the ground.

These flood dragons were malicious creatures that Yu Gu had spent countless efforts in cultivating. They were no longer living creatures, but creepy creatures between ghosts and zombies. All they ate was carefully formulated poisons, and on top of that, Yu Gu had been constantly cultivating them with all sorts of vicious magic. As a result, the venom accumulated in their bodies was so powerful that even Primordial Immortals would find it difficult to deal with, let alone these Gold Immortals.

Yu Gu was, after all, a Supreme Oracle, and thus, all his various tactics were designed with Primordial Immortals as the targets. Using these tactics against Gold Immortals was like using a sledgehammer on a gnat.

As the group of Gold Immortals was momentarily halted by the flood dragons, down below, plumes of smoke spewed out of forty-nine lofty mountains to engulf them. Then, dozens of rainbow flags shot up into the sky, fluttering violently in mid-air. The void began to twist and distort, and the Gold Immortals, together with the group of youths in ancient-looking outfits, felt the world spinning around them. In the next moment, they were thrown into different treacherous killing formations within the Myriad Poisons Formation.

The Gold Immortals were to face Yangqiu Fengbo and the other mighty experts, who would try to kill them with the help of those killing formations. On the other hand, the group of youths was being thrown somewhere near the valley located right in the center of the formation. While they were still at a loss about what had happened, they suddenly heard a dull beating of drums. The next thing they knew, they were surrounded by hundreds of thousands of arrows which came whistling through the air at them, shrouded in raging dark flame and long tails of dark smoke.

These arrows were 'Flying Venomous Centipedes Arrows' recorded in the Myriad Poisons Formation provided by Wu Qi. They were crafted by gathering all kinds of strange and venomous centipedes, harvesting their venom and essence, and refining it with ghost flame. When enhanced with various talismans and restrictive spells, they could even fly in the air for days without falling. The flame on the arrows was the infamous poisonous flame of centipedes, the strength of each wisp equivalent to the venom of tens of thousands of centipedes combined. Even a Gold Immortal, if contacted by this poisonous flame, would lose an arm or two.

Such a fearsome weapon was carefully crafted by the expert craftsmen supplied by King Yang Qiu, using the cutting-edge forging techniques that the Great Yu's Military Court used to craft all sorts of ordnance. The body of the arrow was made of thirty-six kinds of metal alloys, sharp enough to penetrate the protection of immortal artifacts. Together with the various runes that could increase speed and penetration force inscribed on them by the Sun Oracles under Yu Gu, these arrows were incredibly powerful.

Upon seeing countless arrows shooting toward them, the group of over twenty youths could only scream in terror without coming out with any countermeasure. Amidst a shrill whistle, one arrow after another pierced their bodies, leaving deadly poison and flame to wreak havoc in them while causing their skin to gradually turn black and green. Miserable howls and shrieks could be heard spewing out of their mouths, and before long, they were all brutally killed by the rain of arrows.

Stepping on a poisonous cloud, the military officer in charge of this poisonous arrows formation flew up into the sky from behind a mountain. Glancing disdainfully at the youths, who were now dead, he shook his head and said with a cold grin, "Why are they here, when they don't even have the cultivation base of a Heaven Immortal? Are they idiots or what?"

The venom on the arrows was so powerful that as soon as those youths' bodies touched the ground, they began to rot and melt. Even their bones were rapidly dissolved by the venom, and only their teeth, being the toughest part of their bodies, could barely maintain their original shape. As nobody put heavy concern on these youths, no one ever discovered that the teeth left behind by them did not look like that of humans, but were extremely long and sharp like that of some animal.

If there were some experienced Oracles who came forth to inspect these corpses, they would be 'surprised' to find that these teeth looked almost identical to the ones belonging to 'White Tiger' or 'Black Tortoise'.

Some youths did not leave behind anything. After they were dead, their bodies quickly rotted and melted away, and then threads of pure energy began to slowly seep out and drift into all directions. There were also fist-sized crystal cores, as well as runes representing the Law of Heaven and Earth in their bodies, both of which gradually cracked and shattered, turning into natural energy and returning to the heaven and earth.

Since nobody put heavy concern on these twenty-odd youths of low cultivation bases, naturally no one would have thought of what their death here actually represented.

The various malicious traps and spells in the formation were activated at the same time. Working closely with them, Yangqiu Fengbo and the other military officers trapped the hundreds of Gold Immortals the Sovereign had brought here. The power of the Myriad Poisons Formation was incredible, as no matter which direction these Gold Immortals went to, they were always faced with endless streams of venomous creatures, and all sorts of unimaginably vicious and lethal restrictive spells. Their immortal energy was being constantly drained; their protective immortal artifacts were being slowly corroded by poisonous liquid and gas; their power and strength were reduced at a steady rate.

In his form of a fifty-feet-tall dragonman, Wu Qi was running at high-speed, luring the Sovereign and his chariot to the heart of the formation. Before long, they came to the entrance of the valley, with two lofty mountains standing mightily to either side, on the top of which, huge flagpoles with giant flags swaying in the wind could be seen. The flagpole on the left was coiled with more than three dozen ferocious red-bellied venomous snakes, and the one on the right was crowded with thousands of green spiders the size of thumbs.

Looking back over his shoulder, Wu Qi beckoned to the Sovereign on the chariot and said, "Come in, old Daoist, if you have guts!"

In a peal of wild laughter, Wu Qi flickered into the valley.

With a strange smile on his face, the Sovereign drove the chariot into the valley. He did not care how the formation around him transformed, ignoring the fact that his surroundings had been sealed off by colorful poisonous smoke, and was too lazy to even take a look at the countless runes condensed from the colorful smoke in all directions. Laughing loudly, he drove his chariot straight into the valley and chased after Wu Qi.

"Give me my son…Give me those two dragon pythons!" As he said that, the Sovereign flicked the whisk in his hand, shooting out countless tiny green beams of light, which turned into a surging green torrent while rushing toward Wu Qi. In that instant, the void was frozen and sealed off, rendering Wu Qi completely motionless!

Desperately, Wu Qi threw his head back and let out a loud and long howl. The Nine Nether Ghost Flame shrouding him towered hundreds of feet into the sky as his body doubled in size, and the dark dragon scales covering him became thicker and heavier. With that, he lifted both arms and gave them a powerful swing. A crisp crackle rang out as white cracks visible to naked eyes suddenly emerged in the void hundreds of miles around him.

Blinding light radiated out of these white cracks. With all his strength, Wu Qi made his body vibrate at a high frequency, sending out a terrible force that slowly shattered the void. While that was happening, a strange spatial force came pouring out from behind the spatial barrier, transforming into countless spatial blades that wheeled wildly in the air. The green torrent unleashed by the Sovereign was immediately struck by tens of thousands of spatial blades, causing countless green beams of light to break and shatter, turning into a green rain of light that blotted the sky.

Meanwhile, high up in the sky, Yu Gu's Supreme Tower quietly made its appearance. Standing at the top of the tower, King Yang Qiu, Yu Gu, and Yu Qingcheng were looking down at Wu Qi, who was risking his life to lure the enemy into the trap.

A wild joy jumped over King Yang Qiu's face when he saw that Wu Qi was able to shatter the void that had been sealed off by the Sovereign. Standing next to him, Yu Gu pricked up his brows while going through all his daughters and granddaughters in mind, wondering which one of them was the prettiest and was not married yet. Yu Qingcheng, however, was staring fixedly at Wu Qi as if he had just seen a ghost, with a gloomy gleam flickering in his eyes.

Accompanied by a crisp crackle, Wu Qi walked step by step through the shattered void. The spatial blades ripped apart his dragon scales and his skin, slicing through his muscles and cutting his bones. But, with the help of the powerful healing ability provided by both the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture and the Dragon Transformation Script, the wounds were healing rapidly. He strode forward with his teeth clenched, then suddenly threw his head back and roared furiously, "Lend me a hand, Lei Meng!"

As his voice echoed out, a plume of purple smoke, in the shape of a dragon and a tiger, spewed out of the pill cauldron placed atop the lotus throne hovering over the Sovereign, grabbing toward Wu Qi. Simultaneously, high up in the sky, Yu Gu made his Supreme Tower plunge straight down toward the ground. All of a sudden, about a hundred miles wide patch of void cracked and shattered, from which came rushing out a raging thundercloud. Accompanied by muffled thunderclaps, a one-hundred-miles tall figure slowly squeezed out of the shattered void, with countless bolts of lightning flickering and flashing around his mighty body.

It was at this moment that Yu Qingcheng's fingers moved slightly, and a tiny jade slip cracked in his fingertips. A crafty gleam flashed across his eyes. He was confident that some tricks he had secretly laid down in advance could send Wu Qi into an utter failure!

But, Yu Qingcheng's smile froze suddenly.

Yu Gu's Supreme Tower fell unimpeded on the Sovereign's chariot, smashing it to pieces.

Then, countless streams of poison gas flew whistling over, all squeezing into the Sovereign's seven orifices. In just the blink of an eye, his skin turned colorful, making him look like a python in human shape.

Meanwhile, Lei Meng, who came to help upon Wu Qi's request, spun in mid-air and transformed into an enormous thunderbolt, smashing down from the sky. A deafening boom rang out as he ripped the flame, the pill cauldron, and the little boy hovering over the Sovereign into pieces. The Sovereign howled miserably as blood that had turned into a mixture of seven colors came spouting out from all over his body.

With a cold gleam flickering in his eyes, King Yang Qiu suddenly jumped off the Supreme Tower, unsheathed his sword, and put its end right into the Sovereign's forehead.

While howling, the Sovereign's body exploded abruptly, and then a beam of spirit light shrouded in purple mist came shooting out of it, reaching for the sky.

The Sovereign's immortal body was destroyed, and his immortal soul was fleeing in desperation!

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