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With hundreds of heavily armored soldiers, Wu Qi spent a long time searching the airspace where the Bear Slaughtering Arrow had been released from. But, they did not find even a single shadow except for a slight immortal energy fluctuation. The airspace was on the edge of the formation laid out by the alliance, so Wu Qi believed that some immortal had sneaked out of the formation and shot the arrow at him from behind the clouds.

A peak Heaven Immortal could use his divine sense to target the enemy billions of miles away. On top of that, because the Bear Slaughtering Arrow was a lethal weapon crafted by the Heaven, it was claimed that it could reach the target that one's divine sense could lock down in just a flash. In other words, if the target was within ten miles or a hundred miles, the arrow could reach in the blink of an eye; if the target was ten thousand miles, a million miles, or even hundreds of millions of miles away, the arrow could still be able to strike accurately as long as the target could be locked down by the divine sense.

In all these years, no one had ever escaped from the lockdown of a Bear Slaughtering Arrow! That was why after the arrow killed two military officers and two Oracles behind Wu Qi, everyone thought its target was one of them. No one doubted that it was actually aimed at Wu Qi.

They searched within the clouds for a while, but could not find any clues. Exasperated, they each glared fiercely down at the chasm not far away, growling and cursing loudly before returning to the field headquarter and reporting to King Yang Qiu what they found.

While Wu Qi was furiously trying to find out who had attempted to assassinate him with such a vicious weapon, many of the immortals in the chasm, including Lord Wandering Immortal, were dumbfounded. Just now, when Wu Qi and hundreds of soldiers were searching among the clouds, they all could clearly see his face—King Yang Qiu's new personal guard, Tan Lang, was not killed by the Bear Slaughtering Arrow!

With Lord Wandering Immortal's prestigious status in the alliance, he only had three Bear Slaughtering Arrows. Over the years, he had used them to kill two of Great Yu's generals. Both assassinations were successful; not only were the targets killed, but several military officers who were with them were killed at the same time as well. However, why did his last arrow fail to even hurt Wu Qi today?

Lord Wandering Immortal stood on the top of a lofty mountain, looking out at Wu Qi as he went away and speaking to himself in a low voice, "Apparently, this fellow is not an easy target. I have to think of some other way!" He did not really care much about the large number of energy stones and immortal stones that Immortal Gourd was showing them. But, the extremely safe and secret cave abode the client had promised was something he truly longed for.

The immortals of the alliance, and even all the other ordinary itinerant cultivators, knew that Great Yu possessed a special treasure, the copy of Pangu's Map. Any unusual activity in all the energy veins on Pangu Continent would immediately be detected by this unique treasure. Therefore, whenever someone dared to build a cultivation cave abode near any energy vein, they would be immediately and forcefully suppressed by Great Yu's officials.

But, Gourd Immortal Market was a unique case. It had been in business for hundreds of years, yet Great Yu's authorities had never found it. This proved that the person behind it had a very strong background and diplomatic skills, as he could guarantee the safety of Gourd Immortal Market. If so, why couldn't there be a cave abode as safe as it?

A cave abode on Pangu Continent that could not be discovered by Great Yu's authorities!

The thought of what this cave abode stood for made Lord Wandering Immortal's blood boil and his body burn! Even if he did not think for himself, he must make the best arrangements for his descendants. He was determined to get the cave abode, so he must kill that lucky personal guard of King Yang Qiu at all costs!

'The plan has already stated that they are all going to pay a visit to the Eight Treasures Lotus Throne. So, it will not be a big deal if they are all dead!' He thought as he looked from the corner of his eyes at the many allies standing beside him with a sinister smile on his face, then transformed into a breeze and flew back into the small lake in the middle of the chasm. A sheet of rainbow light radiated out of the surface of the lake, followed by two streams of air that were shaped like a Ganoderma and Ruyi. They tried to shoot into the sky, but were immediately pressed back into the lake by the rainbow light.

In the great hall of the field headquarter, Wu Qi reported the results of his search to King Yang Qiu.

King Yang Qiu nodded slowly when he heard that Wu Qi had not found any clues about the assassin. Those who could use Bear Slaughtering Arrows in Pangu Continent were usually not ordinary immortals, and the Heaven was definitely behind them. In fact, King Yang Qiu did not expect Wu Qi to catch the assassin either. He was just making an attitude.

Right now, King Yang Qiu had put all his mind on the top-secret intelligence Liu Bang had just provided him. He ordered almost all the people in the hall to leave, leaving only Yu Qingcheng, Wu Qi, and a dozen military officers and Oracles. The heavy stone doors closed slowly while countless huge runes slid down from the ceiling, turning the entire hall into a completely enclosed space.

"The assassin must have been sent by Lord Wandering Immortal to make a provocation. We don't have to deal with him now!" said King Yang Qiu indifferently with a frown. "We'll wipe all those halls that form the alliance, such as the Wandering Immortal Hall, Ascending Immortal Hall, Stealth Immortal Hall, and Divine Hall, after we have killed their Sovereign!"

He said confidently while clenching his fists, "In the face of Great Yu's mighty army, the alliance's immortals can now only barely resist by colluding with the local itinerant cultivators and immortals, as well as with the formations laid down using the geographical advantages available to them. It is clear that the alliance will soon be overthrown. The only reason they keep fighting us is that they think their Sovereign can lead them and defeat Great Yu."

Yu Qingcheng smiled faintly and shook his head contemptuously while taking the opportunity to dart a look at Wu Qi.

The dozen military officers and Oracles in the hall laughed deeply at the same time. How could Myriad Immortal Alliance be able to defeat Great Yu? Only they, who were at the heart of Great Yu's power, knew what terrible latent overall strength Great Yu had. So far, in order to defeat the alliance, the overall strength that had been exposed was, in fact, less than one percent of its true power.

Great Yu had been at peace for too long. Before the current Human Emperor, there were more than thirty generations of Human Emperors who had not experienced any major upheavals and changes. The whole Great Yu was like a pool of stagnant water. It was a little too old and stiff in all respects, so it was unable to unleash too strong of a force to attack the alliance. At the same time, because the real mighty existences of Great Yu were either retired in seclusion or wandering in some unknown places, while the current Supreme Oracles refused to lower their lofty status by attacking those juniors in the alliance, the alliance was able to resist for such a long time.

Great Yu was actually a bottomless pool of water. Although it looked dead as if it were only a pool of stagnant water, once it was disturbed, the great waves it caused could swallow everything in just the blink of an eye. That was why Yu Qingcheng and others agreed with King Yang Qiu.

A mere Immortal Ding Jun, a mere Sovereign of the Myriad Immortal Alliance, did he really think he could turn the world upside down?

Clearing his throat, King Yang Qiu tapped on the armrest of his throne and said calmly, "However, he is after all, the Sovereign of Myriad Immortal Alliance. If we can kill him and uproot the whole alliance, it's going to be a major credit. Because of what happened to the Left Minister, Gouchen Guang, His Majesty is very angry, and the score is charged up to the alliance's account. Heh, if I can uproot the whole alliance..."

He slapped the armrests with both hands, then gritted his teeth and said, "My title of nobility can certainly go up to a higher level, and each of you will be made a Marquis!"

Everyone in the hall cupped their fists, then bowed to King Yang Qiu at the same time and shouted, "We are at Your Excellency's service!"

King Yang Qiu nodded satisfyingly, then turned to Wu Qi and asked in a low voice, "Tan Lang, in that formation catalog of yours, what is the strongest formation you can lay out? How many Gold Immortals can you deal with, if I want you to lay out a formation that serves as a cover-up, and another that can trap and kill someone?"

'How many Gold Immortals can I deal with?' Wu Qi considered for a moment, then cupped his fist and answered, "If Your Excellency can provide me with enough materials, including all kinds of lethal weapons and vicious equipment, and send a team of soldiers to lay ambush in the formation, I can kill one hundred Gold Immortals at the same time."

He did some calculation with fingers and added, "But, it'll take me at least a month or two to get this formidable formation in place! And, it's based on the fact that Your Excellency will send a lot of people to assist me. Otherwise, if I were to work alone, it'll take at least a couple of years to finish!"

King Yang Qiu was very pleased with Wu Qi's answer. While laughing, he clapped his hands and said, "Excellent, that'll do! Whatever you need, just go to the armory and get it. But, I want you to lay the strongest formation. Can you do that?"

Wu Qi bowed and replied, "I'll do my best!" Yu Qingcheng's face gave a slight twitch as he darted a sardonic look at Wu Qi, but said nothing. His eyes wandered, and nobody knew what he was thinking.

Slapping the armrest, King Yang Qiu cried out in a deep voice, "Excellent! Then, we'll set a trap and kill Immortal Ding Jun when he shows up!"

In a high spirit, he began to tell Wu Qi and others about the top-secret intelligence Liu Bang had given him:

In three months, the Sovereign of the alliance would take a group of Elders and Gold Immortals from the Stealth Immortal Hall to hunt down a pair of Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice in a dangerous place on Pangu Continent, with the purpose of extracting their guts to concoct medicine. The Sovereign was severely wounded by King Yang Qiu's father in an ambush. If he was not treated with spirit medicine in time, he would be in danger of having his immortal soul dissolving, his immortal body disintegrating, and eventually perishing for eternity.

The alliance had once offered astronomical rewards to collect all sorts of spirit herbs, so that they could concoct a special medicinal potion to treat the Sovereign.

Unfortunately, the spirit herbs they needed were very rare, and because Pangu Continent was ruled by Great Yu, they still lacked dozens of spirit herbs after years of hard work.

But, the spirit herbs that were still missing were not very important either. They could still cure the Sovereign as long as the medicinal potion was mixed with the guts of the Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice! It was exactly the reason why Li Qinghua tried to capture Gold Horn and Silver Horn alive the last time, for he wanted to use their guts to save his father; although, he failed miserably in the end. Nevertheless, the alliance managed to find another pair of Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice somewhere on Pangu Continent. It was their last hope of saving the Sovereign!

"We'll lay the formation where the pair of Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice live, and then we'll kill the Sovereign on the spot!"

King Yang Qiu gave everyone different orders, and Wu Qi was the obvious main character in the plan to assassinate the Sovereign!

To placate Wu Qi, King Yang Qiu gave him a piece of news as everyone began to move into action: the head Wu Qi submitted to Bo Yunting, which belonged to Ming Li the monk, had been sent to Liangzhu by King Yang Qiu via the most urgent channels.

Liangzhu had made targeted arrangements for what Buddhist cultivators had done on Pangu Continent. Wu Qi no longer had to worry about the possibility that his territory might face the retaliation of the Buddhist League.

Wu Qi bowed and thanked King Yang Qiu, then left the great hall to prepare for the formation.

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