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High up in the sky, Yu Miao mustered all his strength and thrust his palm down toward Wu Qi.

Although he did not have enough time to borrow power from a Ghost God, with the magic power he obtained through the many years of interacting with Ghost Gods, the palm strike was as powerful as an attack unleashed by an eighteenth-tier Gold Immortal. A dozens of feet wide black palm materialized and fell along with shrill ghost howls, in the middle of which was a ring of blinking runes. The attack was called 'Ghost Controlling Seal', which was a technique given to Yu Miao by some Ghost God after a cruel blood sacrificial ceremony.

When a person was killed by this technique, his soul would be captured and turned into a ghost slave controlled by Yu Miao. Staring at Wu Qi furiously, Yu Miao swore that he would trap Wu Qi's soul in a Yin flame and torment it day and night, immersing him in an eternal anguish.

For some reason, Yu Miao felt sick the first time he saw Wu Qi, and he wished he could kill the latter with a palm strike. As if to prove his ill feeling right, Wu Qi turned out to be a real nuisance to him, for he had helped Yu He seize the power of Hai Province! In Yu Miao's plan, Hai Province was to be given to one of his beloved grandsons; yet in the end, it was taken by Yu He, that useless brat!

But, there was more. When they were fighting for Hai Province's power, Wu Qi had made him look stupid in front of the crowd. His failure to kill Wu Qi with three consecutive palm strikes had made him the laughing stock in Yu Clan. The hatred deepened when his disciples and sons secretly attacked Wu Qi with curses to avenge him, but in the end, were all killed by Yu Huai's savage counterattack. How could Yu Miao not be heartbroken with such a grave loss?

Later on, Yu Miao sent someone to assassinate Wu Qi, who was 'seriously wounded in bed'; but that had failed as well! The assassins had failed to kill him even when his brain was being attacked by evil spirits, and Yu Lei, whom Yu Miao sent to take over Dong Hai County, was forced to return to Zhong Ning City empty-handed.

Not only did Yu Lei come home empty-handed, but the ensuing cruel retaliation had cost Yu Miao a lot of his people. Dozens of his grandsons and granddaughters were killed, a loss that made him nearly faint with a broken heart. Subsequently, the properties of many Elders in his branch were struck like a storm. Many shops were burned and looted, causing great losses that nearly bankrupted Yu Miao!

Even without divination, Yu Miao knew that Wu Qi had something to do with all this. He considered himself having a very good relationship with people, so apart from Wu Qi, he could not think of another person who would have such a grudge against him!

And when he heard last night that Wu Qi had been recruited as a personal guard by King Yang Qiu, and that Yu Mu would give Wu Qi hundreds of Oracles early next morning, Yu Miao's anger grew even stronger!

He got up early this morning with a belly full of anger. And just as he was discussing with his confidants how to get back at Wu Qi, his heart beat violently. To his utter shock, his favorite son, Yu Lei, was killed right on the gate of Yu Clan's residence! Through the connection between their bloodlines, Yu Miao's blood and energy surged at that moment, and he was almost knocked unconscious by a sudden heartache.

Staring at Wu Qi, whose hand was still stained with the warm blood of his beloved son, Yu Miao roared furiously and thrust his palm down with all his might.

"I don't care whose personal guard you are! I don't care if you are the talented youth with a bright future whom Yu Mu is trying his best to buy over! And, I don't care if you have just sold a big favor to Bo Zhongfu! I'll kill you! I'LL KILL YOU!" Hovering mid-air, Yu Miao roared and laughed hysterically. After thrusting his palm, he immediately performed a hand incantation gesture and murmured some spells, getting ready to borrow the power of a Ghost God and turn Wu Qi into a heap of ashes.

Wu Qi looked up at the vicious palm strike that was approaching as he laughed deeply and said, "He sure is quick to jump into action! Well, after all, father and son are connected through their bloodlines!"

Wu Qi was well aware of Oracles' strength and, above all, of their limitations. When they borrowed the power of a Ghost God, they could even fight against Primordial Immortals from the Heaven; but when they did not, their overall strength was just ordinary.

When Yu Miao borrowed the power of a Ghost God, his overall strength was very close to the peak of Gold Immortal realm! However, the power of the palm strike he unleashed in a haste now was nothing more than that of an eighteenth-tier Gold Immortal. As a matter of fact, Wu Qi's current cultivation base was already stepping over the threshold of the same realm. In other words, no matter it was his fleshly body, his magic power, or his divine abilities, they were already half-way into the realm of Gold Immortal!

Furthermore, after having been tempered by the three hundred dragon-headed men in Ming Li's Buddhist Kingdom, Wu Qi's fleshly body was now as strong as a Gold Immortal who specialized in body cultivation! His fleshly body had already become the real fleshly body of a Gold Immortal.

Wu Qi threw his head back and let out a long roar. A layer of purple mist surged around his body while plumes of gray smoke sprayed out, emanating an immense ghostly aura. Then, he leaped into the air, opened his mouth, and swallowed Yu Miao's palm strike. His interstitial world trembled violently as a great sheet of chaotic energy soared up into the air, wrapping the palm strike and gradually weakening it.

This was the benefit of forming an interstitial world. Wu Qi could choose to withstand the attack with purely his fleshly body, but would suffer an injury afterward. However, when he used his interstitial world to absorb and digest the palm strike, using the power of the pocket world to fight against the power of his foe, it would be much relaxed for him.

After swallowing Yu Miao's attack, under the terrified gaze of Yu Miao who appeared to be in an utter shock, dozens of figures who looked exactly like Wu Qi suddenly emerged amidst the ghostly aura around him. Some of these figures were laughing hysterically, some were weeping miserably, some were rolling on the ground, and some were hacking and chopping at each other with blades and swords. Wu Qi's true self had mixed with these figures, and nobody could find out which was his true self.

From inside Yu Clan's residence, at least fifty Moon Oracles produced powerful bone talismans at the same time, leaped into the air, and showered Wu Qi with a myriad of magic attacks, such as thunder, flame, blades, and icy winds. In just the blink of an eye, many figures in the ghostly aura were ripped or smashed to pieces. But, no matter how many figures were destroyed, there would always be two or more figures emerging right from the remains of the destroyed figure, making it impossible for these Oracles to destroy all of them.

While chuckling sinisterly, Wu Qi unleashed a great sheet of Shen energy and blanketed the entire Yu Clan residence within. Endless visions filled the void, confusing the Oracles and preventing them from locating his true self. Meanwhile, his true self had rushed before Yu Miao and thrown a fist in his face.

The fist was punched out with all his might. Caught unprepared, Yu Miao howled miserably as the punch sent him flying back. But, too bad that he carried a few protective spirit items; just as Wu Qi's punch broke his nose, a spirit talisman jumped atop his head, unleashing a sheet of spirit light which transformed into a vague robe and wrapped Yu Miao up. More than ninety percent of the force that came with Wu Qi's punch was absorbed by the robe, sparing Yu Miao from the fatal blow.

This was the difference between the protective magical artifacts used by the Oracles and the immortal artifacts used by the immortals. Although the power of a magical artifact was not weaker than that of an immortal artifact, there was a delay before it could be activated. It was especially true for those bone talismans which could activate by themselves, as their speed was even slower. Therefore, usually before an Oracle engaged in a battle with an immortal, he would prepare and activate all his magical artifacts in advance; otherwise, he would face the risk of being killed instantly.

But, since Yu Miao was in a hurry and his mind was filled only with the thoughts of avenging his son, how would he have the time to activate his magical artifacts in advance?

He was lucky that one of his bone talismans activated by itself and protected his face, saving him from being killed by Wu Qi. However, he was not spared from the ensuing attacks. Punches, kicks, head slams, elbow strikes, and ghost claws transformed from ghostly flames kept landing on his body. Amidst Wu Qi's low but powerful incantations, all sorts of vicious curses showered Yu Miao like a storm, throwing him into a very sorry state.

For a moment, Yu Miao's eyes were bloodshot: that was Wu Qi's Ghost Eyes Curse trying to devour his eyes.

In the next moment, he felt a stabbing pain washing up from his lower body: that was Wu Qi's Yang Broken Curse corroding his penis.

And then, all his internal organs were flooded with an intense numbness and pain: that was Wu Qi's Rotting Entrails Curse corroding his internal organs.

He was repeatedly bombarded with all kinds of evil curses. Fortunately, Yu Miao himself was a seasoned Oracle who dabbled in the field of curses. Amidst Wu Qi's stormy attack, he managed to defend himself against all the physical assaults while murmuring incantations to defend against the curses. Meanwhile, a few magical artifacts he wore, such as jade pendants, jade bracelets, and jade rings were emitting bright lights, all working together to weaken Wu Qi's thunderous attacks.

Seeing that Yu Miao was about to turn the table around with his vast experiences, Wu Qi panicked and suddenly cried out, "Lei Meng, show yourself now! I've something good for you!"

A massive rift ordinary people could not perceive suddenly emerged up in the sky above Yu Clan's mansion as Lei Meng's projection descended at top speed. His lips were wiggling rapidly as if he was munching on something, and he was burping at the same time. It was clear that he had yet to finish all the blood sacrifices offered to him on Myriad Immortals Planet.

"Mm, what are you going to offer me this time? Hehe, you're pretty quick to offer me good things…I like you!" As soon as he appeared, Lei Meng laughed pleasingly.

At that moment, Yu Miao's face turned pale as a wax paper, making him look like a ghost himself. He looked up at Lei Meng in terror, then screamed at the top of his lungs, "Gui Shao! Your Excellency Gui Shao! Save me! I'll offer you a large number of blood sacrifices!"

As Yu Miao was reciting an incantation and screaming, Wu Qi had swapped terms with Lei Meng as fast as he could. Then, he pointed a finger at Yu Miao.

Grinning coldly, Lei Meng slammed his palm heavily down. The giant palm was surrounded by darting bolts of lighting, twisting and roaring like countless furious dragons.

At the moment that it seemed Yu Miao was about to be killed by Lei Meng's palm, the screaming and shrieking Yu Miao had finally convinced Gui Shao, the Ghost God he worshiped, to save his life with a large number of blood sacrifices as the price. Immediately, a bony arm merely covered with strips of broken skin stretched out of the void next to Yu Miao, forcefully colliding with Lei Meng's giant palm.

A deafening boom rang out as dozens of great palaces inside Yu Clan's residence crumbled and collapsed.

Lei Meng let out a furious roar, then grabbed the arm and leaped into the spatial tunnel where the arm had come out of. The failure of killing Yu Miao had driven Lei Meng to vent his frustration at Gui Shao. Meanwhile, a shrill shriek was heard coming out of Yu Miao's mouth. Although he did survive, the incredible force generated from the collision of the two mighty Ghost Gods had shattered all his protective magical artifacts, and the aftershock had dealt his frail fleshly body a severe injury.

Suddenly, a black beam of light shot out of Wu Qi's collar. Ao Buzun opened his mouth and swallowed Yu Miao's legs, then ripped them off his body with one swift and powerful wrench.

Wu Qi grunted coldly. Just as he was about to rush forward and kill Yu Miao, a dark beam of light shot over toward him from a corner.

With a faint smile on his face, Yu Mu appeared before Wu Qi, nodding and saying, "General Tan Lang, for my sake, please spare my Yu Clan's Grand Elder's life!"

Wu Qi was taken aback, and he could no longer punch his clenched fist out.

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