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Princess Zhang Le was very busy in An Le County when Wu Qi volunteered to attack Myriad Immortal Alliance's formation at Bo Yunting's field headquarter.

Three thousand miles southwest of An He City, several mountains were being moved by Han Fei with magic. Standing on a white cloud and dressed in a linen robe, Han Fei only gave a gentle cry, and the eight tightly clustered mountains came to life at once. Slowly, they retreated in eight directions like mollusks, revealing a hundred miles wide plain between them.

Each of the eight mountains was about a hundred thousand feet high. At Han Fei's order, they moved slowly and arranged into a formation of Eight Trigrams that protected the plain in the middle. All the other mountains and valleys around them also gradually changed their topography in response to Han Fei's order. Before long, three hundred and sixty mountains fell into a formation that was arranged according to the stars in the sky, with the formation of Eight Trigrams as the center.

Although the mountains were moving to gradually change their positions, it happened without even a sound. Han Fei's magic was very quiet and gentle when it was at work. Even the insects on the mountains did not feel the changes, and were still quietly staying in their own nests.

When Han Fei had finished his work, Xun Kuang stepped on a white cloud and flew into the sky, floating over the plain. With a pale purple jade scroll in his hand, he merely muttered a few words of incantation, and the energy veins under the mountain range rushed toward the plain. Three hundred and sixty giant energy veins rushed and roared like great dragons beneath the earth, and were soon connected to the roots of the three hundred and sixty mountains in the outer perimeter. After these energy veins were perfectly integrated with the mountains under Xun Kuang's control, the three hundred and sixty mountains began to slowly release natural energy that was at least a hundred times denser than before. The flowers, birds, insects, fishes, and the other living beings on the mountains all cheered.

Su Qin, who was an expert in the mystic art of stars, laughed as he flew high up into the sky until he reached the maximum height he could reach. With hands locked into an incantation gesture, he carefully attracted the energy of the stars from the outer space into a silvery shower that rained down on the mountains. All the three hundred and sixty mountains which were filled with an immense natural energy were immediately shrouded in starlight; a layer of dense purple mist and silver light covered them like running water.

After that, Princess Zhang Le flew lightly across the mountains on a five-colored cloud. Wherever she passed, the rocks and sand in the mountains were refined by her five-colored divine flame, and turned into a pure, transparent, glass-like texture. Then, she sent her powerful divine sense into the mountains, and directly used the precious metals found there to lay out foundations of numerous rune formations.

The mountains, which seemed ordinary at the beginning, immediately gave a very different impression after the princess flew past them. Right now they looked like a bonsai that was carved out of the best quality jades, and a strong, almost sentient aura was spreading out of them. They had been transformed from the root.

As the foundations of rune formations in the three hundred and sixty mountains began to talk to each other, and the three hundred and sixty large energy veins were interconnected with one another, a great formation with an extraordinary power was slowly taking shape under the joint efforts of these people.

But, these were only parts of the great formation, and its true power was hiding inside the eight mountains in the center. When they were done with the mountains at the outer perimeter, Han Fei, Xun Kuang, Su Qin, and the others worked together to extract eight colossal immortal energy veins from the depth of Pangu Continent, then fused them with the eight mountains. Each of these immortal energy veins stretched for hundreds of millions of miles across the land, and were actually the sources of one-third of Zhong Province's energy veins. They forcibly combined them into one, and the eight mountains immediately began to emit a boundless bright light. In just the blink of an eye, all the impurities in them were cleansed, and they were rendered as pure as the mother of pearls and the finest jade one could ever find.

Luckily, Yan Dan was presiding the entire operation high up in the sky, using his Disc of Heavenly Dao Transmigration to conceal the activities in this region. Otherwise, the strong light emitted by the eight mountains would have attracted unwanted attention, just like eight lighthouses in the dark of night.

Fortunately, Wu Qi had gained the control over the item spirit of the copy of Pangu's Map in Zhong Province. Without his permission, nobody could find out any changes that happened to Zhong Province's energy veins. Had it not been for that, the tremendous alternation to the sources of one-third of Zhong Province's energy veins would have invited the attack of the entire Zhong Province army.

Hovering in the sky, Su Qin struck out once again. However, it was not the power of stars he had attracted this time, but the terrible True Flame of the Sun. Pale red and with a glaze-like texture, the flame quietly rained down from the sky, fusing with the eight mountains. Soon, the mountains began to melt; boiling lava slowly ran down the steep slopes that Han Fei had purposely left behind, pouring into a lava lake a hundred miles across in the plain surrounded by the eight mountains.

Han Fei was controlling the mountains very carefully. For every single inch the eight mountains were melted, he would make them raise by one foot; for every single foot the mountains were lowered, he would make them raise by ten feet. After one day and one night, the powerful flame had melted about thousands of feet off the mountains, yet their peaks were all touching a height of 180,000 feet now, even higher than before.

Furthermore, having been nourished by the copious immortal energy as well as repeatedly refined by the True Flame of the Sun, the eight mountains were now tens of thousands of time tougher than diamonds, and their textures were finer and smoother than the best jade.

Princess Zhang Le stood in the middle of the lava lake as the five-colored divine rays behind her back kept lashing out like five fierce flood dragons to carve countless runes on both inside and outside of the eight mountains. Perched atop her shoulder, Little Que'er was flapping her wings excitedly while she kept shooting out balls of Nanming Flame.

Under the little phoenix's control, the True Flame of the Sun fused with her Nanming Flame, transforming into a brand-new innate divine flame with an extremely magical and mighty power. The ability came naturally only to the members of the phoenix clan, just like how the members of the Gale could control all the storms under the heaven.

Soon, the flames on the eight mountains gradually receded, condensing into a huge fireball, tens of miles in diameter, in the heart of each mountain. Endless immortal energy continued to fuse with them, slowly raising their power. Because of the runes the princess had carved, not even a wisp of heat leaked out of the mountains. And after Jing Ke and the others brought many disciples of the Mo Sect to plant numerous flowers and trees on these mountains, they looked green again, and were beaming with energy.

Then, Xun Kuang and the other few experts hovering in the sky struck once again. Eighty-one energy veins of pure fire element were forcibly drawn from a distance and fused with the ground under the lava lake. With that, a colossal underground fire-elemental spirit cave was formed. That being done, the fire-elemental energy in this place reached a shocking level, and the temperature under the ground could be comparable to that of a small star.

The lava lake began to surge and expand, and just as a pillar of fire, about a hundred miles in diameter, erupted from it, Mo Di flicked his sleeve and threw out the Mo City; it expanded to a hundred miles wide in just the blink of an eye, pressing down like a dark cloud. Simultaneously, the eight mountains containing an infinite power of flame and the three hundred, and sixty mountains containing an incredible power of stars, spouted out a massive sheet of light to wrap around Mo City. The light shrouded the city made entirely of metal as it descended and forcibly pushed the erupting pillar of fire back into the lake.

Accompanied by a series of dull clanking, countless black metal chains slithered out of Mo City, poking into the surrounding mountains and connecting with the energy cores formed within them. Then, an alloy needle, thousands of miles long but only as thick as a thumb, poked slowly out from beneath Mo City; it gradually pierced through the lava lake, the thick layer of rock underneath it, and all the way into the fire-elemental spirit cave buried deep under the ground.

At that moment, the whole body of Mo City erupted into a dazzling flame as huge amounts of energy surged through countless energy passages inside the city, and the lifeless, dark city of metal suddenly came to life. The air rang with a dull mechanical roar while a variety of metal puppets, such as dragons, phoenixes, tigers, and leopards, came out of their nests, prowling restlessly on the walls surrounding the city.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Mo City smoothly taking root in the mountains.

If Great Yan were to take root on Pangu Continent, in addition to food and fodder, which were actually the easiest challenge to solve, they must prepare plenty of armors and weapons for their soldiers. Under the prospect of confronting the powerful forces entrenched throughout Pangu Continent, the soldiers of Great Yan needed a lot of armors and weapons of Heaven Immortal grade. Therefore, a safe and stable weapon forging base was essential to them.

Fortunately, Great Yan had an advantage over the other five dynasties. Mo Di and his Mo Sect were in Great Yan, and Mo Sect was well-known for forging all kinds of exquisite instruments. Given enough material and time, Mo Di could forge all kinds of excellent armors, weapons, and war machinery.

And now, Mo City had finally taken root here. With the protection of the double formations, they were not worried about any possible intrusion either. Combined with the enormous spirit energy, immortal energy and fire-elemental energy here, they had the most convenient conditions to forge all kinds of immortal artifacts.

As a matter of fact, not only would this place be the future armory of Great Yan, but all the armors and weapons required by Wu Qi's Underhand Sect as well as Dong Hai County would come from here.

On top of that, the land that stretched tens of thousands of miles around Mo City, as well as the hundreds of mountains, could be used as the perfect training base for Great Yan's soldiers. As long as there was enough food and fodder supply, such a large area could support hundreds of millions of soldiers. With the fertile farmlands of An Le County and An Yi County to support them, would they be afraid of not being able to feed so many soldiers?

When the construction of the formation was completed, Xun Kuang, Su Qin, Han Fei, and Princess Zhang Le joined forces to construct countless illusion arrays, trap arrays, maze arrays, and many other similar arrays tens of thousands of miles around the place, all nested together with the two great formations in the middle. The heart of the formation, which was also the artifact that controlled the operation of the entire formation, was Yan Dan's Prime Artifact — the Disc of Heavenly Dao Transmigration.

The complex nested formation was named 'The Endless Transmigration' by the emperor and ministers of Great Yan.

As soon as one walked into the formation, one would be caught in an endless transmigration. This was the meaning of the name.

After a long period of hard work and the joint efforts of the emperor and ministers of Great Yan, this mountain range was finally taken care of. Just as they were applauding and cheering in celebration, someone from Scouting Office brought them a secret report—they found cultivators of Buddhist League secretly preaching and recruiting believers in An Le County and An Yi County!

Furthermore, the spies responsible for tracking and monitoring these cultivators were left with their legs broken on the streets.

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