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Nearly three hundred feet away, a handsome young man was seen standing on the top of a wall. He was clad in a long silver robe, with a white cloak behind him. Besides him stood tens of men with different heights and clad in black clothes. They were now staring forward like they had just seen a ghost.

Never in their wildest dreams they could have imagined that Wu Qi and the others would manage to survive the collapse of these giant rock walls. Yet, Wu Qi's movements were as quick as a sudden thunderbolt. When he pushed away the rocks and came back up to the ground, all these men were awestruck. And in just this brief mindless moment, nine steel bolts came whistling in their way.

The silver robed young man cried out in shock. He swayed his body and fell off from the top of the wall in a sorry state.

Although he was fast in dodging the assault, his shoulder was still pierced through by one steel bolt, leaving behind a big hole in it. The young man shrieked painfully and lost his balance while falling off. His right ankle twisted a bit when it impacted on the ground. A crystal clear bone cracking sound echoed out; his leg was broken.

Out of these tens of men in black, five were wounded by the steel bolts. The Nine Cloud Piercing Strongbow was a very powerful weapon, and anyone who got hit by its bolts would have his body instantly pierced through, leaving behind a see-through hole the size of a toddler's fist. Fresh and warm blood burst out from their wounds. Although these bolts didn't hit their vital parts, the pain brought by the wound still made them feel like their energy was fading away from their body.

The shrill cries of the silver robed young man were still lingering in the night sky. With two leaps, Wu Qi arrived in front of him. Without hesitation, he thrust the prickle held in his right hand toward the man's throat. Wu Qi's eyes shone with a cold gleam, portraying a murderous look that simply made one despair. With a low voice, he shouted, "Since I'm not dead, you'll be the one who has to face your death!"

The young man raised his head up with great terror. He was about to scream when his eyes met with Wu Qi's cruel and merciless eyes, which even seemed inhuman. His breath halted, and the jarring scream that nearly burst out from his mouth came to a sudden stop. The only thing he could do now instinctively was using both hands to support himself from the ground and crawl and roll away from Wu Qi. However, there was a tall wall behind him. Thus, after ran away for merely two steps, he had his head slammed into the wall.

Together with a faint sweet yet stinking scent, the pitch-black prickle was thrust at lightning speed, and was about to pierce the young man's body.

At the other end of the street, a delicate and lovely voice of a female suddenly rang out, "Stop!"

Wu Qi ignored the cry of that lady. He had his eyes fixed on the young man as he continued thrusting the prickle out in a ferocious manner, penetrating it deeply into the throat of the man. The young man looked at Wu Qi's face with an unbelievable expression. His body was twitching and trembling. In just the blink of an eye, dark and dirty blood oozed out from his seven apertures and all the pores on his body, before his body quickly shrunk into a small chunk of black meatball of a toddler's size.

"Young master!" All the men in black standing on top of the wall burst out with a heartbreaking scream of despair.

A few men in black jumped off the wall, the weapons in their hand emanating with a feet-long energy beam as they wielded them savagely toward Wu Qi.

Wu Qi let out a cold snort of disdain. With a light push of his feet, he dashed towards the other end of the street, where the voice of female came from just now.

Like a mad tiger, Luo Kedi roared furiously and reached these men in black. He swung his longsword and unleashed a sixty feet long, light red sword energy that flashed before vanishing into thin air. While still in midair, these men in black had their waists slashed through by the sword beam. Blood burst and splashed like a fountain, as a couple of bloody body parts fell onto the ground with a heavy slam. As they were not completely dead yet, their upper body was twitching and struggling on the ground while letting out shrill and miserable cries.

With this strike alone, Luo Kedi had fully vented all his grievances of being defeated with his entire army wiped out, and being forced by Wu Qi to submit under Lu Chengfeng. He brought the longsword, dripping with blood, over his shoulder, laughed hideously and said, "What a bunch of useless scumbags! You can't even withstand a single strike from me! Who gave you, this bunch of underdogs, the courage to attack... attack out young master?"

The night breeze was whistling besides Wu Qi's ears. He had his eyes fixed at the other end of the street nearly one hundred feet away where he saw a magnificent coach. Its shaft was made of pure gold and its wheels were made from pure silver. The coach was beautifully decorated with bright green satins. A dozen men clad in green mantle who looked capable and vigorous were guarding the coach. Their cold and cruel gaze were cast over at Wu Qi, who was sprinting in their way quickly.

The shout of the lady just now came from this coach.

No matter who the lady inside of the coach was, she was sure enough to have some connection with that young man. They were ambushed in the middle of the night, and it was obvious that this lady knew the silvery robe young man, who was the mastermind of the ambush. In addition to that, she was watching the entire process at the other end of the street. Without needing a confirmation, he knew this lady would definitely not be a friend.

They had just arrived at Ji City, and were immediately lured into a deadly ambush. Not only that, the mastermind even used the defensive mechanism of Ji City and some heavy crossbows in the ambush. This had made Wu Qi's mind brew and boil with a raging flame of anger. No matter who the enemy was, he had decided to kill them all. Once Lu Chengfeng inherited Yan Buji's title of nobility and government posts, there would be no one in this Great Yan Dynasty he couldn't afford to offend.

An azure glow suddenly condensed in his eyes. A howl so deep yet continuous, like the furious roar of the raging river in the middle of the night, came out from Wu Qi's mouth. He bent his body, hiding two prickles behind his back and sprinted towards the coach at an even faster speed.

Four green mantles were thrown into the sky. Four men clad in green martial suit drew their longsword, strode forward and greeted Wu Qi. One of the men burst out with a loud shout, "How dare you! Back off now, or else you'll be killed!"

Before the man's words dismissed in the air, Wu Qi pushed his feet with a stronger force, breaking a few stone slabs fitted on the street floor and darted himself forward at top speed. With just a flash, he had come beside these four men. He thrust both hands forward at an incredible speed, bringing the prickles to the face of these four young men while producing whistling noises.

The longsword shone brightly like the snow illuminated by the winter sun. The wind brought forth by them sounded hideous and deadly. Four sword beams turned into four streaks of dazzling trails, striking through the air and precisely pointed at the prickles.

Wu Qi let out a strange laugh. He injected his innate water energy into the prickles, and when the longsword touched them, they were immediately pushed aside by the spinning airflow on it. The prickles then pointed forward gently, and with a light force, they poked through the skin of these four young men. Although the prickles only penetrated three inches deep into their body, all four of them started to tremble and struggle violently. Their bodies shrunk quickly, and in just the blink of an eye, they had turned into four black, dirty-looking meatballs, falling into a puddle of filthy blood on the ground.

"How presumptuous!" The other vigorous young men standing around the coach were struck with both awe and anger. Six green mantles were thrown to the sky as another six young men pulled out their single-bladed war sword and ran towards Wu Qi. The moon was hanging high up above as six war swords streaked through the sky like dazzling shooting stars, and slashed towards Wu Qi's body.

Wu Qi suddenly halted his steps while laughing out loud. He placed both prickles under his armpits and pulled out two sets of Nine Cloud Piercing Strongbow from his storage bag.

Amidst the twangs of bowstrings, eighteen pure steel bolts left the strongbows and shot toward the enemies. The distance between Wu Qi and those young men charging towards him with war swords was less than thirty feet. As a result, they had no way to dodge, and were hit by the bolts. At such a short distance, the tremendous kinetic force came together with the bolts pushed their bodies back, sending them flying nearly forty feet away. A dozen streams of blood blasted out, spilling onto the ground and leaving behind a trail of blood over one hundred feet long.

Back in the coach, besides the black-clothed coachman, there were only six green-clothed men left.

As Wu Qi moved closer to the coach, a cold smile emerged on his face. His eyes were fixed on the windows of the coach. On the other side of the green satin, he saw someone staring at him through the curtain made from tiny bamboos, full of surprise and fury. Instinctively, Wu Qi hated the stare of this person. He focused most of his divine sense on this person while both the prickles were vibrating slightly following the movement of his arms. Once he got close enough to the coach, the tip of these prickles would meet the heart of the person in the coach.

"What incredible gall!" The soft and delicate voice of the lady was heard again.

The rest of the green-clothed men didn't have any changes to their expressions, and were about to sprint forward when the lady in the coach suddenly let out a cold laugh. "Stop, you're not his match."

A dark shadow sprung out from the coach soundlessly, hovering one foot above the ground and leaping towards Wu Qi like a ghost. When this dark shadow made its appearance, some small whirlwinds immediately coiled up in the surround streets. They had the diameter of a bowl and were a few feet tall, spinning while making a noisy, whistling sound. They followed behind the dark shadow and moved swiftly towards Wu Qi. A layer of faint dark mist could also be seen emerging from the ground, slowly gathering towards the dark shadow.

Wu Qi snapped his fingers as both prickles immediately shot out with a jarring whistling sound, hitting right onto the dark shadow.

The prickles penetrated through the body of this dark shadow, continuing their flight into the distance. Yet, the dark shadow didn't show any sign of being wounded. It was still hovering a foot above the ground, leaping towards Wu Qi a moderate speed.

Wu Qi was greatly shocked. He fixed his gaze at the dark shadow and saw a beautiful lady with a light green hue on her face amidst the enshrouding dark mist. She was baring her teeth and grinning at him, a truly frightening smile. A vague crimson glow could be seen hiding in this ghostly lady's eyes. When Wu Qi’s glance made contact with hers, he felt a creepy sensation run through his flesh that made him shiver.

Cold breeze kept coming out from the lady's body and dispersed into the surroundings, coiling up whirlpools and clumps of dark mist one after another.

Together with a deep laugh that sounded like it was coming right from his own mind, the bizarre lady dashed in front Wu Qi, stretching out both arms and grabbing towards his neck.

Wu Qi immediately felt a chill run down his back. In the depth of the night, where the pale moonlight shone dimly to the creepy alley, a ghostly looking lady with a half transparent body was grabbing toward his neck! He couldn't hold himself anymore and screamed, "Hell, what kind of a thing are you?"

He stretched both arms forward as well, circulating his innate water energy and made it gather in his palm. Using all his strength, Wu Qi grabbed towards the claws of the lady.

The lady in the coach giggled. "Hell? Aren't you seeing a ghost from hell right now?"

Noiselessly, both Wu Qi's palm clashed with the claws of the ghostly lady. In an instant, Wu Qi felt a cold energy come through his palm and thrust into his body, making his body shiver uncontrollably. All his fingers had turned dark, and the fingertips were numb, he couldn't feel anything at all.

The smile on the ghost lady's face suddenly came to a halt. Wu Qi's innate water energy was an amazingly powerful energy, cultivated from a thread of Innate Water found inside the Innate Water Stone. This energy thrust into the ghost lady's body, stirring all the energy into a chaotic state. As a result, just like Wu Qi, an extremely cold energy was running through her entire body.

An evil wind dispersed into the surroundings, and the incorporeal body of the ghost lady suddenly turned faint. It was half-transparent a moment ago, but now had become totally transparent.

A shrill shriek came out from her mouth. She spun and turned into a clump of chilly wind, rushing back towards the coach. The delicate voice of the lady in the coach was heard again, but this time, she was scolding furiously, "How dare you hurt my Demon Ghost guard? Are you looking for death?"

A red light suddenly came from Wu Qi's back, streaking through the air at an incredible speed and hitting right onto the clump of chilly wind. A loud boom burst out together with an explosion of flame, shattering the chilly wind into tiny fragments. Vaguely, they saw an incorporeal head of a lady sprung into the coach.

Wu Qi turned his head quickly. The one who shot out the explosive talisman and shattered the chilly wind from the demon ghost was none other than Luo Kedi.

Both Wu Qi's arm had turned stiff, and his body was shivering endlessly. With his mind filled with discontentment, he gave the coach one more glance before he clenched his teeth and shouted in a low voice.

"Retreat! We need to leave this area as soon as possible!"

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