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The purple inkstone was an artifact crafted by Lord Le himself. Although it did not have sentience, it was crafted with precious materials and complicated method that were usually used to craft Primordial Immortal artifacts. That had given it a mighty offensive strength which put most of the common Gold Immortal artifacts to shame.

After leaving Ao Buzun's little mouth, the inkstone flew several miles across the sky amidst a dense purple smoke. By the time it reached above the battle array, it had grown so large that it measured a few miles from edge to edge, its entire body shrouded in purple clouds. At the loud dragon roar let out by Ao Buzun, the colossal inkstone plummeted from tens of miles above the ground, crashing down on the battle array with an incredible force.

The monstrous impact instantly killed tens of thousands of soldiers. With that, the Six Gates Formation began to collapse, generating a powerful backlash that took away the ability to fight back from all the other soldiers. As the core of the formation, the Oracles, had suffered the strongest backlash in the form of nine waves in total. And since their bodies were known to be very weak, over a thousand of them exploded into clumps of blood mists in the sky. Trying to flee, their souls wailed and flew in all directions, but soon vanished into nothingness under the bright sunlight.

A few Oracles were attacking with vicious curses when the formation was destroyed. They too were killed by the backlash, but their souls were immediately devoured by the Ghost Gods and other beings whom they had summoned. Evil figures could be vaguely seen in the sky, frenziedly ripping the Oracles' souls apart. Anyone with a strong enough cultivation base could even hear the munching noises made by those monsters.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" Bai Qi swung his sword while letting out battle cries that towered into the sky. With him in the front, the generals of six dynasties slaughtered the tens of thousands of soldiers like they were just cutting through melons and vegetables. Corpses were thrown all over Dayan Immortal Pass, and warm blood flew in streams to give off a pungent stench of blood. The sight of it paled the faces of those immortal officials watching from across the distance.

They were utterly shocked by the fact that the garrison of eighty thousand soldiers was slaughtered by just a few hundred men. These immortal officials had decent eyesight, so they could tell that the emperors and ministers of the six dynasties had just stepped into the realm of Heaven Immortals not long ago. On the other side, of all the soldiers and Oracles stationed here, several hundred of them possessed cultivation bases as strong as Heaven Immortals, while their commander in chief was an expert at the Seventh Stars Realm of the First Pangu Heaven. Even so, all of them were slaughtered in just a very short time.

Although the purple inkstone unleashed by Ao Buzun looked a little strange to them, it was the incredible fighting capability of the men that awed them.

With a sword in hand, Bai Qi stood amidst the corpses and puddles of blood while absorbing the murderous aura in the air to improve his cultivation base. Because of the cultivation technique he was practicing, he could only break through the next realm faster when he was on a battlefield. The death of tens of thousands of soldiers had skyrocketed his immortal energy, and he could make the breakthrough at any time now.

A few immortal officials approached Wu Qi and his company cautiously. Wang Jian, Li Xin, and several other generals of Great Qin, who were going through the corpses to find any possible loots, rose to their feet hurriedly and stopped them. With a stern look on his face, Wang Jian stretched out his right arm and said, "This road is closed. Go somewhere else and do whatever you want to do! You've seen what we can do to Great Yu's army, and we don't mind doing the same to you lot!"

The killing intent emanated by Wang Jian was so strong that it nearly made the few immortal officials drop to their knees. They gave him a look while shivering, then turned to look in wonder at the men of the six dynasties, who were all going through corpses for loots, not sparing even one piece of lower-grade energy stone. The leading immortal official cleared his throat, mustered his courage, and said in a deep voice, "Fellow Daoists, the Special Emissary of the Heaven to Dayan Immortal Pass, Immortal Lord Qian Hua, has sent us here to invite you for a meeting."

Staring at Wang Jian, the immortal official whispered, "If fellow Daoists are in need of money, the Heaven does pay very well!"

Although his voice was low, everyone heard his words. Even so, no one paid him any heed. The Heaven paid well? Were they trying to buy them over with money? The emperors of the five dynasties, excluding Yan Dan, gave the immortal official a gaze with their bloodshot eyes, then bent down again to fish out some odds and ends, such as energy stones and spirit herbs, from the bodies of a few dead soldiers around them. It was as if they had totally forgotten their status as emperors.

Could the money the Heaven willing to pay them match the insane amount of precious resources requested by Hei Mo? In order to get rid of the Black Celestial Forbidden Curse, the terrible curse that had haunted them for over two thousand years, they had to pay an incredibly high price!

Even as emperors, they had gone so low as searching corpses in the battlefield for anything of value, sparing no effort to accumulate money so that they could pay Hei Mo the resources he requested for, and free themselves and their descendants from the curses. And yet, this immortal official was telling them that the Heaven paid well? Was he trying to tempt them to crime?

If not because they were not strong enough, they would have even begun plotting a robbery against the Great Emperors of the Heaven! It was all because the price that Wu Qi told them was too damn high!

The few immortal officials trembled when they saw those bloodshot eyes and sensed the majestic imperial, as well as the terrible killing intent. They then spun and took their leave immediately. 'They are a host of crazy murderers!' thought the immortal official. As experienced immortal officials, they had met all kinds of people in the past. That look on the faces of Ying Zheng and the others were exactly like the Fiend immortals they had seen before, who were absorbed in their Fiend techniques and spent all their time crafting Fiend artifacts and messing with dead bodies. They dared not to further provoke crazy people such as these, for they might really attack the immortal officials stationed in Dayan Immortal Pass.

After scaring off the few immortal officials who tried to recruit them, the emperors and ministers of the six dynasties searched through all tens of thousands of dead bodies using the fastest speed, and looted everything that was valuable. When they were done, they barged openly into Great Yu's military camp and administrative center in Dayan Immortal Pass, stripping them of all articles of value. Even the water bowl used by the pet of the commander in chief here was conveniently taken away by Qin Wuyang.

The pet was a mixed-blood green Qilin and was raised in luxury, as the water bowl was made of 'Green Spiral Stone', a very expensive material that could be used to make all kinds of excellent cauldrons. So, Qin Wuyang was not to be blamed here. The emperors and ministers of the six dynasties were so desperately poor that they would take away anything that was valuable.

After ransacking Great Yu's military camps and administrative center, the men of the six dynasties returned to the square where the teleportation formations were present. Behind them were the military camps, and in front of them were the palaces where the immortal officials of the Heaven carried out their duties, along with the pavilions where they stayed.

Great Yu's military camps and administrative center were constructed from black boulders, which made them look rather dirty and poor. But, the palaces and pavilions of the immortals were different; the floors were paved with golden bricks, the walls and the roof tiles were made of jades, and the pillars were either pure gold or silver; all decorated with gleaming crystals, corals, and turtle shells. Everything about them shouted luxury and magnificent.

"It seems we still need many, many natural treasures. Only then all of us from the six dynasties can get rid of that evil curse!" Muttered Qu Ping as he fingered his neatly trimmed mustache with a frown on his face.

Ying Zheng narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "I remember someone told us the Heaven pays well!"

Wei Wuji's eyes gleamed fiercely with greed as he grinned and said, "Those people in front of us don't seem strong... Their auras feel like that of lambs to me!"

"Just say it frankly that you lots are planning a robbery," Zhao Sheng was blunt with his words. "Well, so long as we kill everyone after that, who would know we were the ones who robbed this place?"

Tian Wen and Yan Dan exchanged a glance, shook their heads, and unleashed their Prime Weapons without saying a word.

The men of the six dynasties smiled at each other. Then, with the six emperors leading the way, the hundreds of fierce generals and wise ministers unleashed all kinds of weapons and charged aggressively toward the unaware immortal officials. A few moments later, Bai Qi made his way to the front, waved his sword in the air, and cried out, "Let's spread out! Great Qin will take the front, Great Zhao will attack from the back. Great Wei and Great Qi take the left and right wings while Great Yan will take care of the sky, so that none of them can escape by flying. The people of Great Chu, you will hold them from under the ground, as none of us can travel faster under the ground than you, who have practiced the Dao of Ghost God!"

Men roared in unison as they surrounded the immortal officials according to Bai Qi's arrangement.

Great Qin, who took the front, was mighty in their fighting capabilities. Each of them owned excellent Prime Weapons, and their attacks were so strong that the immortals could only howl miserably and be incapable of fighting back. The men of Great Zhao were charging with strong mounts; they had inherited the legacy of wearing of the Hu-nomadic people's attire and shooting arrows from horsebacks [1]. With just a single charge, they had broken the defensive barrier that protected the rear end of the immortals. The men of Great Wei and Great Qi were equally strong, both of whom had sent the immortals fleeing from the left and right wings.

Some immortals were trying to flee through the sky, but all were killed by Yan Dan's Disc of Heavenly Dao Transmigration. And with the beam of light cruising in the air which Jing Ke had transformed into, none of the immortals' Prime Immortal Artifacts could be spared from shattering into pieces. Xun Kuang and Han Fei had also filled the sky with illusions, causing the immortals to lose orientation as soon as they flew up, eventually being killed by Great Yan's fierce attacks.

As for old mister Mo Di...

He simply unleashed the Mo City, which had expanded ten times and now measured dozens of miles in circumference!

As soon as Mo City made its appearance, the immortals simply went straight into the ground and did not have the courage to take the air route again.

Unfortunately, the underground had been densely occupied by millions of Yin Ghosts and Deities. As soon as the immortals went into the ground, they were surrounded by countless Yin Ghosts and could never climb out again.

Within a few minutes, the immortal officials of the Heaven in Dayan Immortal Pass were wiped out, and all the treasures they looted became the war trophies of the six dynasties.

When the men of the six dynasties were looting everything inside and outside the immortal pass, the void suddenly darkened, and a patch shattered into pieces in the next moment.

A pitch black, six-tier Supreme Tower flew out of the shattered void, and then came a shrill whistle, which caused all the living beings within ten thousand miles around Dayan Immortal Pass to collapse to the ground, all losing their conscious. Wu Qi and the men of six dynasties felt their souls being stirred, almost escaping from their fleshly bodies. Thankfully, all of them were protected with amazing treasures. And when Ying Zheng produced his Yu Cauldron, their souls were finally calmed down.

But, the whistle still seriously hurt everybody. Even with his cultivation base as a Gold Immortal, Ao Buzun could not help but cough up a mouthful of blood.

Wu Qi managed to raise his head and look up at the black Supreme Tower with a bitter smile on his face.

Why would a Supreme Oracle suddenly visit this place?

[1] King Wuling of Zhao (340 BCE-295 BCE), after realizing the advantages of light cavalry warfare over that of the heavy and cumbersome chariots, instituted reforms generally known as "胡服骑射" (wearing of the Hu-nomadic people's attire, and shooting arrows from horseback), which greatly increased the combat-effectiveness of the army of Zhao.

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