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By injecting innate water energy into his eyes, Wu Qi saw what was shooting in his direction in the dusk night.

They were dozens of triangular shaped 'Wind Breaking Darts', each having a diameter of a human finger, and about a foot long. They were all coated with a layer of non-reflective, pitch black material. These wind breaking darts of a peculiar design were finely made, and the craftsmanship was extraordinary. They came at an incredible speed as they were being shot out from strong bows. Yet, they made no sound while piercing through the air.

If not because he had stepped into the realm of Xiantian and possessed some basic divine senses, there was no way Wu Qi could detect the approaching small weapons.

"Ha!" Wu Qi exhaled a strong breath. By pushing his innate water energy through his skin, he covered his entire body with a layer of dense and tough energy barrier. After that, Wu Qi thrust both palms forward and greeted a few darts that were only a few feet away from him. Using the Hand of Web, he unleashed a few invisible air vortexes that immediately produced a bizarre whistling noise in the air.

Sounds of ripping and tearing broke through the scene. Two air vortexes unleashed by Wu Qi were pierced through by those wind breaking darts easily, and the energy barrier enshrouding one foot outside of his body was also broken by them without much effort. In addition to that, those darts could still increase their speed by 1/3 of their original speed suddenly while approaching against Wu Qi's energy, making them streak through the air like lightning bolts.

These things could pierce through innate energy!

An azure glow was seen swirling in both Wu Qi's eyes. In that split second, Wu Qi could clearly see a few tiny runes engraved on the surface of these darts - 'Wind Breaking Rune'. This rune was originally used on magical items such as flying sword and similar weapons, and was used specifically to allow the weapon to pierce through the natural wind force in the high altitude, using it to increase the flying speed of the sword. He didn't know that using it against the innate energy of warrior could also yield such an incredible result.

He also saw an indistinct black gleam on the tip of these darts. The sharpest tip of these wind breaking darts was actually made from a rare material - 'Nether-wind Iron'. It was an unusual metal, produced after some black irons of one thousand years old absorbed the underground nether energy for more than one hundred years, and had a specific function of breaking through a warrior's innate energy.

Wu Qi cried. He had no courage to stand up against these formidable weapons. Without hesitation, he held his head with both arms and shrunk his body, transforming into a meatball that only had a diameter of fewer than two feet. He rolled along the surface of the ground and dodged the assault. A rapid whistling noise was heard coming from his back as dozens of wind breaking darts brushed past Wu Qi's body and hit the ground, leaving behind a dozen of tiny and deep holes.

With a few somersaults, Wu Qi sprung beside the coach where Lu Chengfeng and the other two were in. He thrust his leg and forcefully kicked the coach, pushing it towards the exit of the alley.

With the explosive force of his enormous innate energy, the heavy coach was pushed away over one hundred feet. Immediately after that, a rain of over one hundred darts came pouring down in a messy order, and the ground was filled with a large patch of tiny holes. A loud boom was heard as the coach exploded, Lu Chengfeng, Luo Kedi and Ma Liang sprinting out from the broken coach.

As both Luo Kedi and Ma Liang were veterans in battle, right after dashing out from the coach, they immediately stood squeezed up against the wall. However, with an awe-inspiring appearance, Lu Chengfeng soared up nearly eighty feet above the ground and shouted out loud, "You treacherous scumbags, how dare you to assault us from the dark? Aren't you scared of the Imperial Law of Great Yan Dynasty?"

Upon looking at the 'awe-inspiring' Lu Chengfeng, Wu Qi immediately broke out in cold sweat with terror. He let out an odd shout and shrunk his body into a meatball again. Using a speed faster than Lu Chengfeng’s, he sprung up from where he stood, grabbed onto Lu Chengfeng's ankle and threw him on the ground with all his force.

Lu Chengfeng cried as he was being thrown to the ground by Wu Qi. On the other side, Wu Qi had no alternative but borrowed the counter force and soared up high another ten feet.

"Shoot!" All of a sudden, a faint shout was heard coming out from the darkness on top of the surrounding walls.

*Boom!* a muffled boom rang out, as if a little steel cannon just fired its bullet beside Wu Qi's ears. Three heavy bolts, thirteen feet long and as thick as a toddler's arm, were whistling through the air and shooting toward Wu Qi's chest. These heavy bolts were entirely forged using tungsten steel, which made them really heavy. Wu Qi was really curious what kind of an insane crossbow could shoot them out, and their speed was at least double that of the wind breaking darts.

"Move away!" Lu Chengfeng shrieked furiously. As he climbed up from the ground, he saw three heavy bolts shooting toward Wu Qi, which instantly struck him with a great fright.

As Wu Qi was hovering in midair now, there wasn't anything he could harness in order to dodge the assault. A shivering azure gleam suddenly flashed through his eyes, Wu Qi thrust both hands forward and starting to draw circles in front of him. The innate water energy began to rush and surge from within his body, forming a couple dozens of invisible whirlpools that spun at an incredible speed. The surrounding air started to spin, and produced a jarring whistling noise. The friction between the air had even created an indistinct, white sonic boom circle.

The three bolts had already reached a distance less than three feet away from him.

A loud pop was heard, and bizarrely, the three heavy bolts forged from tungsten were suddenly twisted into a dough shape. Coiled up and spun by the invisible whirlpool, the twisted bolts brushed past Wu Qi's body and flew far away to a distance of nearly half a mile. Wu Qi felt a tremendous force pushing towards his face, and as if both his hands were smashed by a huge hammer. His innate water energy trembled violently, causing all his vital energy in the body to disperse into a messy state.

A mouthful of blood burst out from his mouth. Borrowing the tremendous force of the heavy bolts, Wu Qi brought himself two hundred feet back.

Wu Qi let out a furious howl as the ferocious and tough spirit hiding in the marrow of his bones was triggered. He suddenly broke out in laughter. While laughing hysterically, he pulled out two fully loaded Nine Cloud Piercing Strongbows from the storage bag hanging on the side of his waist.

Two twangs of bowstrings came amidst his laughter as eighteen pure steel bolts were released, shooting toward the direction where the heavy bolts came from just now. The bolts dissolved into the darkness, and shrill cries suddenly broke out from one thousand feet away. The sound of bolts piercing through a human body and breaking the bones underneath was grating on the ears. Immediately after that was a muffled sound of slamming, which should be coming from someone falling off from the top of the wall.

Conveniently, he placed both the emptied strongbows back into the storage bag. When Wu Qi brought his hands back up, he was holding another two fully loaded strongbows.

Again, he released another round of eighteen pure steel bolts, followed by another round, and another round.

While harnessing the force of heavy bolts and backing off a distance of hundred feet, using twenty-four sets of Nine Cloud Piercing Strongbow Wu Qi actually released twelve rounds of steel bolts continuously. A total of over two hundred bolts blanketed the sky and rained down towards the enemy. As a result, , shrill cries, curses of fright and anger were heard coming through from the blackness from time to time.

Lu Chengfeng laughed out loud and shouted, "Beautifully done! Hahaha!"

All these Nine Cloud Piercing Strongbow were seized from those Crocottas Cavalries during the war of Little Meng City. Wu Qi saw them packed with incredible power, and backed by the principle of 'be prepared, and you won't be sorry later', he had stockpiled one hundred fully loaded strongbows in his storage bag. Sure enough, they came in handy in this night of calamity.

Those men who had been hiding in the dark and used crossbows to shoot three heavy bolts at Wu Qi never expected that he actually brought a storage bag with him, and never thought someone could be insane enough to stockpile that many fully loaded Nine Cloud Piercing Strongbows in it. They were caught unprepared by Wu Qi, and more than half of their men were killed.

A shivering sneer came from the far distance, "Hehe, you're pretty capable. Nevertheless, you'll still have to die!"

As the innate energy he used just now was depleted, Wu Qi staggered and fell off to the ground. Lu Chengfeng and the other two hastened their pace and gathered around him. Wu Qi quickly pulled out a few more Nine Cloud Piercing Strongbows from his storage bag and handed over to them. They were surrounded by darkness, thus, it was better to use these strongbows to defend themselves. Once they sensed any movement, they would just have to pull the trigger and release the bolts.

Led by Wu Qi and with Luo Kedi and Ma Liang protecting on both sides from the back, they surrounded Lu Chengfeng in the middle and sprinted towards the exit of the alley with their quickest speed. As all four of them possessed the cultivation of Xiantian realm, each leap would bring them one hundred feet further with a burst of their innate energy. They were approaching the exit quickly.

However, a sneer from the same person came into their ears, and four of them felt the ground under their feet suddenly tremble.

Not only was the city wall of Ji City tall and sturdy, but there were also some secrets hiding in the walls along the side of the street as well. Taking the alley Wu Qi and few others were in right now as an example, the tall wall on both sides was constructed using huge rocks, and some mechanisms were hidden underneath the foundation. Once the mechanism was triggered, these walls would immediately collapse toward the center of the street. If the city were breached by enemies, no matter how many of the enemy's soldiers came into the city, the rocks would fall down on those who were walking on the street once the mechanism was triggered. Even if these enemies were made from steel, they would still be crushed into a wreckage.

It made people wonder who the mastermind behind the assault of Wu Qi and the company was, and what exactly was their background? Why could they brazenly trigger the trump card that was used as the last line of defense for Great Yan Dynasty?

Four men suddenly felt the support underneath their feet disappear, and the speed of their movement was instantly slowed down.

The three miles long walls beside the alley collapsed abruptly, falling inward and pouring down huge rocks of few feet size with loud booms. These rocks slammed into each other, shooting dazzling sparks in all directions. The incredibly loud noise broke the silence of Ji City, and this was also the noise that Yu Xuan and Tie Yuewu heard back in the Imperial Family Court.

The alley was slightly more than ten feet wide, yet the side walls stood nearly eighty feet tall. When these walls collapsed, the space above them was immediately sealed off tightly, and huge rocks were rolling down from everywhere, turning the entire place into a death zone. They had no place to hide.

Luo Kedi and Ma Liang raised their heads and stared at those huge rocks falling off from above. They threw away the strongbows, thrusting their fists toward the sky together.

Wu Qi also let out a long cry, joining both men and thrusting both palms towards the sky.

A couple dozens of falling rocks suddenly trembled, and the falling speed was reduced.

In this brief moment, Lu Chengfeng pulled out three array pillars of Earth Energy Armor Array. He had no time for reciting any incantation nor forming seals with his fingers. Instead, he bit his tongue straightaway, spitting out a mouthful of his blood essence onto the pillars. Using the method that was quickest and also hurt his vitality the most, he finally activated the array. As the situation was critical, Lu Chengfeng didn't care how much the force he used was. He just clenched his teeth forcefully, and when he spat the blood out, a bean-sized piece of his tongue was also shot out.

'Aww!' A painful cry burst out from Lu Chengfeng's mouth. Blood was rushing out from his tongue, and the severe pain made his eyes filled with tears.

Three array pillars trembled, and the surrounding ground was shaking. A Huge amount of earthy-yellow airflow starting to surge towards them, quickly forming an energy barrier of earthy-yellow color. Without any hesitation, Lu Chengfeng threw all three array pillars out, poking them deeply into the ground in a triangle pattern around all four of them.

The huge rocks fell off and hit the earthy-yellow barrier, causing it to tremble violently. However, any rocks that touched the barrier instantly shattered, turning into thumb-sized pebbles.

Blood kept oozing out from Lu Chengfeng's mouth, dripping down from his cheek and dropping onto his chest. He pointed his finger upward and cursed with a loud voice, "You scoundrels, what resentment do I, Lu Chengfeng, have with you, making you assault me with such a dirty and mean method?"

At a distance of hundred feet away, the voice that sneered just now suddenly rung out, "What? You're still alive?"

The sound was full of surprise and doubt. Meanwhile, Wu Qi was able to quickly confirm his position through his voice. With all strength, Wu Qi pushed away two huge rocks above his head, and sprung up into midair while carrying a Nine Cloud Piercing Strong bow.

Nine steel bolts were released and shot toward the direction of the man. Wu Qi then put away the strongbow and shouted sternly, "Luo Kedi, follow me. Let's go kill some people!"

Two poisonous prickles brought from Meng Mountains were now held in Wu Qi's hands. With a sprint, he traveled a distance of hundred feet, darting himself toward the direction of the man.

Because of the ambush, Luo Kedi was also showering in a raging flame of anger. While cursing angrily, he too thrust forward ferociously.

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