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It was a small and remote starfield, so remote that even the Immortal Lord who administrated this region had forgotten its existence. In Wu Qi's words, it was only a small planetary system, smaller than the solar system where the Earth was. Here, four planets revolved around a white-colored star, among which, only a single planet supported life on it.

The planet was occupied by a few evil itinerant cultivators who enslaved the people with force for their own benefits. Although they were only Nascent Souls, they were able to live a comfortable life here. But, since Yan Dan arrived with many of his officials and officers, as well as an elite army and many carefully picked people, these itinerant cultivators had run out of their luck.

All the cultivators were killed, and dozens of small states in the mortal world were wiped out in just one day, with all their imperial members executed. Having done that, Great Yan had completely occupied the planet, and it took them almost no time at all to form various levels of government offices across the planet. The officials and officers whom Yan Dan had brought here were the absolute elites of the Great Yan Dynasty, and even the common people who followed along were the cream of the crop. Therefore, the planet was very well-developed in just a few short years of time.

On this planet, the capital city of Great Yan was still named Ji City.

The city wall, dozens of miles in both width and length, stretched across a vast flatland like a dragon. The field around the city was extremely fertile and crisscrossed with paths, between which were numerous farmlands and tens of thousands of villages and towns. In this brand-new planet, the people of Great Yan were recuperating and accumulating their strength little by little.

On the drill grounds outside Ji City, columns of soldiers were seen practicing the body tempering technique of the human race brought back from Pangu Continent. Their breathing was so loud that it sounded like the roaring of thunder. In outer heavenly realms, the mysterious purple mist was not as abundant as Pangu Continent, but because of the unique nature of the cultivation technique, these soldiers who had been only recruited for a short time managed to accumulate some notable strength, making them look like an elite army now.

Some soldiers did exceptionally well. Their bodies were strong enough to compete with Gold Core cultivators who specialized in cultivating their fleshly bodies; it was an amazing result. If these soldiers were brought to Pangu Continent, they would have possessed the overall strength of a Heaven Immortal in just a few years' time.

As Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le flew across the sky amidst beams of light with their companions while looking down at the thriving scenes, they couldn't help but nod in approval. When Wu Qi ran his divine sense across the various drill grounds and barracks outside the city, he was shocked to find that there were a total of three million soldiers practicing the body tempering technique of the human race!

He was rendered completely speechless by the ratio of soldiers to common people here. On Pangu Continent, a ninth-grade province was only allowed to recruit several hundred soldiers. Even Zhong Province, a first-grade province, only had three hundred thousand soldiers when it was administered by Feng Lingling! Zhong Province was about ten billion miles in circumference, with a population of a trillion people. Yet, Feng Lingling could only assemble an army of three hundred thousand soldiers during the emergency. How many people did Great Yan have currently?

Yan Dan had truly built himself a great army almost ten times the force of a first-grade province like Zhong Province!

Wu Qi thought of the faces of those Prefecture Overseers, Grand Oracles, Military Ministers, and all the other officials and officers on Pangu Continent, then looked again at the three million soldiers who were training hard outside the city. He suddenly had a very strange delusion — those on Pangu Continent were merely a flock of sheep, and he was about to throw one, or maybe six savage beasts into the flock!

He could not help but wonder that if given ample time and the resources like that on Pangu Continent, what kind of result could the heroes of the six dynasties achieve? Most importantly, he had brought them the cure of the Black Celestial Forbidden Curse, with which, both King Yang Shan and King Yang Qiu could no longer control them!

The consonance between them made Princess Zhang Le think of that almost at the same time as him, and they exchanged a smile.

The beams of light descended into Ji City and landed right before the entrance of Great Yan's imperial palace. Before the imperial guards standing guard in front of the entrance questioned them, Princess Zhang Le and Wu Qi had thrown over their Imperial Medallion of Nine Swallows, which landed right in the hand of their leaders.

When they saw the medallions, all the imperial guards went down on their knees and bowed at the couple.

Wu Qi paid them no heed, but focused his mind to transmit his voice into the palace.

"Your Majesty, Wu Qi and Zi Xuan are back... We've found the cure to the Black Celestial Forbidden Curse!"

After a moment of silence, countless sword beams suddenly soared into the sky from the depths of the palace. Yan Dan, clad in a dark robe and riding on a golden sword beam, shot toward them at top speed while laughing loudly. In just the blink of an eye, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le were surrounded by Yan Dan, Xun Kuang, Mo Di, Han Fei, Jing Ke, Tian Guang, Fan Yuqi, Qin Wuyang, and many other ministers of Great Yan.

Nobody paid any attention to Patriarch Jiang Yun and the others who were following Wu Qi. Everyone's minds, including Yan Dan's, were already dominated by the news of Wu Qi's return and the fact that he had brought back the cure to the Black Celestial Forbidden Curse.

Once the damned curse that bound their souls and was even passed down to their descendants was removed, they would be completely free to do anything they liked. With Yan Dan and his ministers' extraordinary abilities, there was literally no place they could not go or things they could not achieve! How could they be contented with just a little planet? What they truly wanted was to turn this entire universe into chaos!

Even Xiang Yu dared to openly say 'I can replace you sooner or later' when he saw Ying Zheng's chariot in those years. And Ying Zheng, whom Xiang Yu claimed could be replaced, was an ambitious man of his generation who was determined to reign over heaven and earth!

This was a vast and boundless world, a world governed by the human race and immortals. If these heroes from the six dynasties did not turn this world upside down and replace those superior figures to reign over the heaven and earth, they would have not been the heroes in their times!

That was inevitable, even if that meant they would have to face the mighty immortals and those powerful clans who had been around since the ancient times!

As Xiang Yu had said before, 'I can replace you sooner or later!'

How could these proud heroes, especially the grandmasters like Xun Kuang and Mo Di, tolerate their souls being controlled by others? If it were not for the fact that they did not have the freedom to kill themselves, and that their souls would be controlled even if they died, people like Xun Kuang and Mo Di would have killed themselves long ago to be freed from the suffering.

So, when Wu Qi told them he had found the cure, Yan Dan and the others could not help but get really excited.

The emperor and ministers of Great Yan brought Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le into the palace, and soon, a grand feast was thrown in the great hall. Yan Dan and his ministers were seasoned heroes with vast experiences, so although they were excited about the cure, no one showed the look of panic. The emperor repeatedly proposed toasts, while the ministers raised their cups and cheered, all drinking to their heart's content in celebrating Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le's success.

Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le gave a detailed account of what they had been through in Pangu Continent over the years. Yan Dan and others listened with joy, while Yue Yi, Tian Guang, Jing Ke, Qin Wuyang, Fan Yuqi and other military officers were rubbing their palms excitedly, eager to bring millions of soldiers to Pangu Continent and cause some troubles immediately.

Compared with Pangu Continent, the homeland where the six dynasties were from was too small to be of any interest to these people.

It took hours for Wu Qi to recount the events of the past few years in detail. He also told them the people he had met, as well as his analysis of the events. People like King Zhang Qiu and Patriarch Miao Ying, King Yang Qiu and King Yang Shan, and events like Feng Lingling being charged with the crime but being rescued by someone…he told them everything in detail.

There were a lot of things that Wu Qi had not figured out yet, but he believed there must be someone here in this great hall who could figure them out for him!

When he was done, Wu Qi expressed his fears and worries to Yan Dan.

The Black Celestial Forbidden Curse was inherited from the ghosts and deities of the outer domains. It was so mysterious and bizarre that even Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le could not fully understand it. It was true that they got the cure directly from King Yang Qiu, but none of them could predict what would happen during the removal of the curse. So, although Su Qin and Yan Bugui were on Pangu Continent, and all the one thousand elite Scouting Officers there were also descendants of Great Yan's important ministers, Wu Qi dared not to let them try the cure.

Su Qin, Yan Bugui, and others were the elites of Great Yan, and even the loss of just one of them would upset Wu Qi.

After listening to him, Yan Dan understood his worries and fears. But, just as he was about to say something, Yan Qijun had already clapped his hands and given a few orders in a low voice. Before long, several maidservants came in with a baby who looked only a month old.

Upon seeing the baby, Yan Dan narrowed his eyes and said nothing, while the faces of all the courtiers turned pale as they all looked at the latter at the same time.

Xun Kuang and Mo Di stood up together, trying to say something to Yan Dan. But, Yan Dan waved his hand and refused to let the two grandmasters speak. "Wu Qi, try the cure with him... He is..."

His facial muscles twitched as he clenched his jaws and said, "He is one of Yan Clan's descendants, and we've yet to give him a name. If anything happens to him, it will not cause any harm to Great Yan. Try the cure with him!

"I've made up my mind!" Yan Dan snapped, not allowing the courtiers to object. "All of you are the pillars of Great Yan Dynasty. How can I take the risk of losing any of you? Although this little baby is one of my descendants... his death will not mean too much to me!"

The corners of Xun Kuang and Mo Di's mouths twitched a little as both took a step forward and were about to say something when Wu Qi suddenly pointed one finger out and unleashed a beam of black light that went into the baby's forehead.

Suddenly, a gust of chilly wind rose from the ground within the great hall, and a large plume of dark smoke gushed out of the baby's body.

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