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Lei Meng seemed to treat everything in an airy manner. After tossing the Eye of Heaven Wrath to Wu Qi and devouring all the sacrifices that were offered to him, he just turned around and took his leave. Fortunately, before he vanished into the void, he reminded Wu Qi to offer him sacrifices on a regular basis. Otherwise, Wu Qi would have thought that this fellow was not going to return after enjoying such a grand feast.

The Eye of Heaven Wrath felt heavy in his hand, even though it was merely one inch long now. It was crafted from some unknown but very strong material; it was hard and slippery to touch, with tiny electric currents darting out and stinging his palm. Wu Qi felt his palm getting warmer just by holding it, and had an urge to throw it away.

All the information relating to this Eye of Heaven Wrath had been extracted from Jue Cheng's memory with a soul-searching technique just now. It was a treasure of great value from the Heaven, the trump card of the Thunder Faction, a mighty weapon that would never be taken out of the Thunder Faction's great hall except for some very important mission. Without it, the strongest offensive formation of the Thunder Faction would be incomplete, and left with only ten percent of its full power.

In other words, without this Eye of Heaven Wrath, ninety percent of the Thunder Faction's strongest offensive tactic was crippled!

Such a loss was more than enough to throw all the officials in the Thunder Faction into a great confusion. If this matter were learned by the North Celestial Emperor in charge of the Thunder Faction, at least half of them would be sent to the 'Immortal Dismembering Platform', where their immortal bodies and immortal souls would be destroyed, left with only a strand of broken soul which would then be sent into transmigration. As for whether could they still become immortals in their next lives and assume high positions in the Heaven, only the Heaven would know.

"I reckon those Celestial Lords, Heaven Lords, and Immortal Lords from the Thunder Faction will go crazy when they find out about the loss of this artifact!" Wu Qi said with a strange laugh.

Princess Zhang Le, too, was staring at the Eye of Heaven Wrath, wondering what to do with this hot potato. It would be a pity to throw it away. When it was used alone, its power was as strong as an upper-grade Gold Immortal Artifact. On top of that, as thunder was the strongest force of nature, this artifact could bring an endless advantage to immortal cultivators. At the very least, it could protect an immortal cultivator from being possessed by demons or anything evil.

But, if they decided to keep it, they would have to think of a way to deal with the wrath of the Thunder Faction.

The Thunder Faction was the strongest Faction in the Heaven. They had the strongest armies, influence, and numerous mighty experts. From Jue Cheng's memory, Wu Qi learned that it was headed by the North Celestial Emperor, and two of his Immortal Kings were responsible for the daily affairs. However, they were only nominally in charge, and those who truly ran the Thunder Faction were the twelve Heaven Lords, each aided by eight hundred Immortal Lords.

In addition, the Thunder Faction was responsible for punishing any immortal who made a mistake, regardless of which faction they belonged to in the Heaven. It was such a great power that it made Wu Qi's scalp go numb at the mere thought of it. At least a hundred thousand immortals were assigned to handle such tasks, and were aided by countless immortal officials.

Wu Qi weighed the Eye of Heaven Wrath in his hand and said with a wry smile, "Zi Xuan, if some random farmer suddenly rushed into Great Yan's Scouting Office, brutally beat one of the Chief Supervisor and took away his seal... what would the Scouting Office do?"

Staring at the Eye of Heaven Wrath, the princess ground her teeth and answered with a cold grunt, "Naturally, they will find him and capture him alive, then torture him with the cruelest methods before killing him. Then, his entire clan will be executed. If that is still not enough to give vent their anger, they might kill his neighbors, or even everyone who lived in the same village, town, or city with him. That is a common practice!"

Clutching the eye, Wu Qi said coldly, "We are in a similar situation right now! If those immortals in the Thunder Faction find out that the Eye of Heaven Wrath was robbed and their Heaven Patrolling Officers were killed…Hehe…We'll have to face huge trouble!

"Green City must have learned of the death of Jue Cheng and the others by now," He said while pointing at the sky. "Perhaps, they are now in the middle of reporting this to the Heaven Lords in charge of the Thunder Faction. I reckon some Heaven Patrolling Officers will rush here to look for information in just a few days of time. We need to leave as soon as possible!"

Princess Zhang Le gave Wu Qi's hand a look as she asked with a smile, "What about this hot potato?"

Wu Qi shook his head and said indifferently, "How can I throw away such a precious treasure? Lei Meng has already destroyed all the 1080 tracking arrays in it, so this artifact is mine now. Also, a thief will never leave a place empty-handed, so I'll never return this thing to them!"

As he said that, a beam of spinning chaotic light shot out of his left eye and pulled the Eye of Heaven Wrath over. "I can improve my Chaotic Divine Eyes by refining all kinds of natural energies and extraordinary artifacts," he said in a low voice. "Once I have refined this Eye of Heaven Wrath and absorbed its essence, my eyes will possess the same divine abilities as it, and nobody will find out that I've stolen it."

With a smile on her face, Princess Zhang Le nodded joyfully as she looked at Wu Qi's left eye, which now had turned purple-blue while emitting tiny electric currents. She was delighted to know that Wu Qi actually had such a clever way to hide stolen goods. Although they only had one Eye of Heaven Wrath right now, she had already begun to plan how to let Wu Qi absorb all 108 of them.

With the blood sacrifice ceremony completed, Wu Qi quickly destroyed any traces that were left behind by the pool of blood. At the same time, Princess Zhang Le exercised her divine ability and disrupted the surrounding void so that no immortals could find Lei Meng through the traces of the blood sacrifice. When they were done, they repeated what they had done to Green Cliff Planet and White Cloud Planet: all the energy veins on the planet were dug out, and the various beautiful sceneries were uprooted and moved into their interstitial worlds.

The devastation that immortal cultivators could cause to nature was evident at this moment. The interstitial world was the root of an immortal, and it would take a great effort as well as a very long time for the immortal to grow and expand it if he were to cultivate all by himself. Therefore, when an immortal formed his interstitial world, his plundering of the natural resources would immediately enter an insane mode.

A planet with a decent amount of energy veins could supply the needs of thirty to fifty Heaven Immortals. However, it would take a few or even dozens of outer heavenly realms to allow a Gold Immortal to cultivate smoothly. A Gold Immortal needed not only to satisfy his own energy needs, but also provide energy to his interstitial world so that it could grow and expand. What could be more convenient than plundering energy, as well as mountains and rivers from nature?

And this was where immortals were the most criticized. Heaven Immortals were nothing more than parasites, and Gold Immortals had evolved from parasites to cancer cells. They plundered everything willfully, which was not something nature could withstand. Therefore, the heavenly tribulations faced by Gold Immortals were particularly strong.

What Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le had done to Green Cliff Planet, White Cloud Planet, and Myriad Immortals Planet was a deed hated the most by the Heavenly Dao. If it were not for the out of ordinary cultivation techniques they practiced, which made it difficult for the Heavenly Dao to detect their aura and traces, they might have been visited by numerous heavenly tribulations.

After many years of rest and recovery, Myriad Immortals Planet's energy veins and produce were tens of thousands of times more abundant than those from Green Cliff Planet and White Cloud Planet. Not only did Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le sweep away all the energy veins, they even took away all the flowers and trees.

In his thorough plunder, Wu Qi managed to find a number of demons who survived the great purge, including several old dragon kings and their clan members, all adding up to about a hundred flood dragons and four to five hundred underlings. They were the only survivors left in the four seas in the Myriad Immortals Planet that once had billions of aquatic demons.

All these aquatic demons pledged their allegiance to Wu Qi obediently. All it took was for Ao Buzun to stand in front of them and unleash his aura, causing them to immediately go down on their knees and bow their heads. So, without any effort, Wu Qi had collected himself a bunch of smart and capable subordinates who had proven themselves by escaping Patriarch Yuan Hua's butchering.

Wu Qi was even happier when he found Wanying Dragon King, who had taken all the villagers of Meng Village and sheltered them under some old dragon king hideout in the ocean. The villagers of Meng Village were his only concern on Myriad Immortals Planet, and they were all safe and sound now. He repeatedly thanked Wanying Dragon King, and eventually put him in charge of this group of aquatic demons.

After spending two days and two nights, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le finally cleaned up the planet. After that, Wu Qi went to the mysterious cave where he had found the silver lotus flower many years ago.

The sacrifice of the blood and bodies of countless living beings on Myriad Immortals Planet to Lei Meng had brought them great power, and through it, Ao Buzun was able to cross the threshold of Gold Immortal Realm. This fellow's original overall strength was far beyond the realm of Gold Immortals, and all that he was lacking was energy. So, after gaining enough energy, he was now an eighteenth-tier Gold Immortal.

With his help and Wu Qi's guidance, they broke the Outer Dimension Great Void Formation in the cave easily and took the dark pearl from it. Then, without wasting time to identify its origin and usage, they left the planet in a hurry.

Three days after Wu Qi and his companions left Myriad Immortals Planet, thousands of thunderbolts suddenly poured out of the void outside the planet. A host of aggressive immortals came riding on the thunderbolts and smashed the entire planet into pieces.

As Wu Qi had expected, the immortals of Thunder Faction were swarming out of their nest in search of their precious artifact. But by this time Wu Qi and his companions had already arrived at the planet where Yan Dan and others were present.

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