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Outside Myriad Immortals Planet, the colossal thunder formation was taking shape gradually. Although it was massive and would strike terror into the hearts of those who looked at it, its dreadful power was well-contained. Streaks of lightning were constantly darting out of it like living beings, chasing each other in the void and interweaving into countless dazzling thunder runes. There was no sound in the void except the occasional crackling.

The huge Eye of Heaven Wrath slowly opened, and Lei Meng's figure was imprinted on its dark purple-blue pupil. Endless Acquire Red Yang Gas of Death was being drawn into the thunder formation from the crimson Flaming Ocean of Nether that surrounded the planet, gradually injecting into the huge eye and then being stored in the depths of the pupil in the form of tiny streaks of red lightning. Each streak of lightning was condensed from gases that covered thousands of miles, which showed how powerful they were.

On the thunder formation hovered a row of eighteen immortals in green Daoist robes. They all looked stately, their faces beaming with energy and their eyes gleaming like stars. Each of them had a layer of airflow swirling around their bodies, a sign that their cultivation of Daoist technique had been perfected to a very profound degree, and that the technique they were cultivating was orthodox, not those lowly techniques cultivated by itinerant cultivators.

The group of immortals was headed by a gray-haired old Daoist. With hands clasped behind his back, he looked at Myriad Immortals Planet with a relaxed expression and said with a smile, "My fellow Junior Brothers, after more than a year of hard work, we've finally come to the last one of all the thirteen evil lairs provided by the intelligence!"

"Indeed!" A young Daoist said while smiling. "We've been working restlessly for more than a year. Everyone is weary now. However, once we've completed the mission and returned to Green City, I reckon all of us will be handsomely rewarded!"

All the immortals laughed cheerfully, each wearing a very proud expression. The old Daoist shook his head, then sighed and said, "Those evil ones are really crafty. Most probably, the Flaming Ocean of Nether you see here is their work. Hiding this planet in the midst of a vast starfield... How could we know that there was actually an evil lair here if we didn't get the reliable intelligence?"

The young immortal, who was the youngest amongst the rest and looked like a fifteen or sixteen years old youth, turned to look at the old Daoist and asked curiously, "Senior Brother Jue Cheng, what exactly is the background of these evils? Also, we've destroyed twelve planets, and it will be thirteen after this one. There were countless common people living on every planet… So, by destroying them, are we committing the karma of killing?"

The old Daoist, Jue Cheng, shook his head with a smile. "No, it's not like that." He told the young immortal. "Slaying evils is a deed that can bring us great virtues, so how could it be considered as committing the karma of killing? As for their background, it all started from our Ancestral Master..."

Jue Cheng was about to explain to his fellow Junior Brothers the origin of these evils, the great harm they could cause to all the heavenly realms, and the devastating natural disasters that could occur if they were left unchecked. But before he could speak, the Eye of Heaven Wrath had sucked all the Acquire Red Yang Gas of Death within billions of miles and condensed them into a thunder rune. It was about the size of a rice hopper, gleaming brilliantly as if it was carved out of a purple crystal, yet not emanating any energy wave.

The rune was named 'Thirty-three Heavens Purple Divine Thunder'. It was a Core Thunder Rune created by the Thunder Heaven Lord in the Heaven, who controlled all the forces of the thunder between heaven and earth using the thunder elemental magical artifacts passed down since the primordial era, as well as the power of eight hundred Immortal Monarchs from the Thunder Faction of the Heaven.

The so-called Core Thunder Rune was actually the seed of thunder magic. By activating it, one would automatically extract the nearby natural energies and transform them into a frightful tribulation powerful enough to destroy a planet. Before his departure, Jue Cheng was given a total of thirteen thunder runes by his Senior, and his mission was to destroy thirteen planets along with all the living beings on the planets. If he ever missed a target, he and his Junior Brothers would have to destroy the entire planet by themselves.

But, Jue Cheng did not think it was possible to miss a target.

The Eye of Heaven Wrath in the void was a Gold Immortal Artifact, which was modeled after the real legendary Heavenly Dao Divine Artifact. It was like the barrel of a gun, and the thunder rune was the bullet in the chamber. The combination of the two could produce an attack comparable to that of a Gold Immortal. How could a Gold Immortal miss a target?

According to the intelligence, the strongest cultivators in all thirteen evil lairs were no stronger than the peak of Nascent Divinity realm. To use the power of Gold Immortals against Nascent Divinity cultivators was like shooting a mosquito with a cannon. Had it not been for the purpose of exterminating all the evils and not allowing any of them to escape, how could the Thunder Faction possible have given Jue Cheng such important artifacts?

There were only 108 Eyes of Heaven Wrath in the Heaven, and when they were put together, they would form the 'Thirty-three Heavens Purple Thunder Formation' that had a frightening reputation amongst all the evils across the universe. It was one of the very important and precious treasures of the Heaven, and could never be brought out of Heaven without special permission.

Therefore, Jue Cheng felt very honored, as not only was bringing an Eye of Heaven Wrath with him, but also given thirteen thunder runes to destroy thirteen planets. If he could complete the mission perfectly, he would certainly be rewarded handsomely when he returned to the sect!

"The Thunderous Wrath of Heaven!" Jue Cheng burst into laughter. "It is not the real one produced by the Heavenly Dao and just an intimation created by the Thunder Faction with immortal magic. Although I've watched it a dozen times, I just can't resist to watch it again! Observe it carefully, my fellow Junior Brothers! There is an endless profound knowledge in it, and if you can learn something from it, it will be of great benefit to your cultivation of Green City's thunder magic!"

Even before Jue Cheng reminded them, all the immortals were already looking at the Eye of Heaven Wrath. The expressions on their faces were as if they wanted to fly over and embrace the eye so that they could understand the mystery once and for all. Suddenly, the thunder rune, which had accumulated enough force of thunder, quietly shot out of the eye.

After absorbing all the Acquired Red Yang Gas of Death within billions of miles, the lightning produced by the thunder rune had a very violent nature. However, when it shot out of the eye, it actually made everyone feel as if it was flying at a very leisure pace.

Countless bolts of lightning poured out of the Eye of Heaven Wrath; the entire thunder formation was shaking violently while waves of lightning followed closely behind the thunder rune as it made its descent on the Myriad Immortals Planet. Like the thunder rune, these destructive lightning bolts fell slowly through the void, quiet and eerily beautiful.

Soon, the entire Myriad Immortals Planet was gently but tightly surrounded by a thick layer of lightning. At the same time, the thunder rune slowly passed through the planet's atmosphere, and was slowly flying toward Lei Meng, the existence that emanated the most powerful energy wave on the planet. Even as it approached the target, the lightning around the planet gradually compressed inward, moving closer to the ground while sending out countless very fine strands of light, each attached to the thunder rune.

On Myriad Immortals Planet, Lei Meng was in the middle of sprinkling immeasurable amount of blood-red light.

As Lei Meng said, ghosts and deities from outer domains and immortals were different. The reason they devoured blood essences and souls was the same as why human beings ate — it was their biological need, and at the same time, the best way for them to improve their overall strength. However, after digesting the blood essence and souls, as well as extracting the energy they needed, their bodies would release a lot of waste.

It was like when people ate, they produced excrement and urine, and when they breathed in oxygen, they exhaled carbon dioxide. The waste released by Lei Meng and his kind was pure immortal energy and spirit energy. They were like the best energy converters. As long as they were provided with enough offerings, they would give back enough immortal energy and spirit energy.

At the moment, thirty immortals, including Patriarch Jiang Yun, were floating in the air as the blood-red light constantly fused into their bodies. Their expressions were a mixture of pain and pleasure. The level of immortal energy within them was surging at a speed they dared not imagine. However, although the speed was incredibly fast, because Wu Qi had forcibly raised their understanding of the Heavenly Dao at the expense of his Divine Soul Essence, their bodies could still endure this constant influx of immortal energy.


On the other side, Little Que'er was also absorbing the blood-red light. All her feathers stood upright; they were falling off her body constantly while new ones kept sprouting from under her skin. As more and more blood-red light being pouring into her body, the ring of Nanming Flame around her became clearer; its color turned redder, and it was growing thicker while the temperature was rising higher and higher.

Of all the people present, Ao Buzun had changed the most. With a big inkstone placed atop his head, he greedily devoured the blood-red light that sprinkled onto him. His body had grown to a length of nearly ten thousand feet, and he was shrouded in a roiling dark smoke. The scales on his body kept breaking, then healed in just the blink of an eye. From time to time loud, noises of bones and meridians breaking could be heard coming from within his body; but as his body kept twitching and twisting, these bones and meridians quickly healed as well.

In order to force his cultivation of Dragon Transformation Script to evolve toward the True Dragon level, which equaled to the realm of Gold Immortal, he nearly passed out many times in the throes of rebuilding his dragon body in such a short period of time. However, this fellow was incredibly hard on himself. He kept murmuring as he breathed out flames, but his words left Princess Zhang Le, who was standing not far away from him, flushed with anger, wishing she could strangle this obscene fellow to death.

"Only by experiencing the hardest hardships can one rise above the ordinary! Rise above the ordinary, rise above the ordinary, RIDING THE ORDINARY!

"Apart from Master's women, I want to ride all the women in this world! This is what I called RIDING THE ORDINARY!

"Haha… I have to quickly recover my power and my divine abilities. I must become the dragon who rides all the women!

"Those b*stards who pulled out my meridians and bones, just you wait! I pray to the heaven that you will have a lot of daughters and granddaughters, and it will be even better if you have many, many great-granddaughters and great-great-granddaughters! When I visit you, I'll make sure that you have no more virgins left in your clan!"

Amidst Ao Buzun's nonsense, the glittering thunder rune slowly drifted toward Lei Meng's head along with countless tiny streaks of lighting trailing behind.

Lei Meng looked up in surprise and grabbed hold of the tiny thunder rune.

"What is this thing? How strange! Why are we surrounded by lightning?"

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