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All six Ancestral Masters of two sects, including Patriarch Jiang Yun, along with their twenty-four Heaven Immortal disciples, had pledged allegiance to Wu Qi.

Generously, Wu Qi gave the Dark Yin Water Scripture to Bai Wu and Qing Xia, and then the Song of Gale to Patriarch Jiang Yun, Qing Xin, Qing Shen and Qing Yi, both being cultivation techniques that could lead them straight to the realm of Gold Immortals. He had also given their disciples other cultivation techniques.

In addition to giving them cultivation techniques, at the expense of his own Divine Soul Essence, Wu Qi also used the Soul Impartment Art found in the Primordial Dao of Divinity to forcibly instill his understanding of the Heavenly Dao into their immortal souls, which greatly improved their cultivation base.

In the past, the use of such a method would surely have taken a toll on his vitality, and would have done a lot of damage to his future. But, he had absorbed hundreds of millions of evil spirits not long ago, and had acquired the power of fiend soul that Patriarch Yuan Hua had left behind after his hasty flight in the pool of blood. So, although using this ancient magic cost him greatly in terms of Divine Soul Essence, it did not cause any actual harm to him.

Besides the pool of blood, Patriarch Jiang Yun and dozens of Heaven Immortals sat cross-legged on the ground, all quietly comprehending the understanding of the Heavenly Dao that Wu Qi had transmitted to them.

The blood-red clouds in the sky had dissipated. Wu Qi stood by the pool of blood, with Ao Buzun laying lazily atop his head. The little dragon had spat out the inkstone, and was constantly sending his own divine sense into it to strengthen the connection between them. Little Que'er perched atop Wu Qi's shoulder with a blank expression, looking as dumb as a wooden chick. From time to time, wisps of flame spurted out of her nostrils, scarlet in color and like melted glass; they were without any temperature, but came with a terrible and shuddering aura.

Princess Zhang Le, in her gorgeous dress, hovered above the blood pool, her toes pointing gently to the surface. With her toes as the center point, circles of ripples spread out over the flat surface of the pool. The sun was shining brightly in the sky; the mountains of dead bodies near the pool were constantly giving off a nasty smell. Under the bright sunlight, the blood pool looked like a giant blood-red gem, eerily beautiful to a stifling degree.

With both hands tucked under his sleeves, Wu Qi looked up quietly at the sky.

When the sun reached its highest point, Wu Qi nodded and said, "Zi Xuan, you may begin!"

Patting Ao Buzun and Little Que'er on the head with his hands, Wu Qi said in a low voice, "The main purpose of this blood sacrifice is to restore some overall strength to Ao Buzun and help Little Que'er purify her bloodline, so that she can be the phoenix of pure blood. When it's done, Ao Buzun and Little Que'er, give me a strand of your bloodline!"

Ao Buzun and Little Que'er agreed in unison. Ao Buzun flicked his tail excitedly while Little Que'er pecked Wu Qi's head intimately.

This pool of blood was made up of the blood essence of all living beings on Myriad Immortals Planet, and the blood essence contained in it was impossible to measure. The sacrifice of all the blood essence in the pool, along with all the bodies nearby, to Lei Meng would undoubtedly yield a massive amount of power. As there was not much room of improvement for Patriarch Jiang Yun and others, the best option was to utilize the majority of the power on Ao Buzun and Little Que'er.

As for Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le, because they had reached the threshold of Gold Immortal realm, no external force could help them to break through in place of their own efforts. Therefore, Wu Qi was not going to take a share of the power this time.

Wu Qi was curious to know, given the strength of the Chaotic Dragon Body that Ao Buzun now possessed, how far this sly, shameless, and obscene dragon could recover if he could get most of the power that the sacrifice brought. 'Gold Immortal? At the least?' Wu Qi thought. If the power brought by sacrificing the blood essence and bodies of the countless living beings on Myriad Immortals Planet was not enough to make Ao Buzun a Gold Immortal, then Wu Qi really did not know what to say.

As Wu Qi's voice echoed out, Princess Zhang Le slowly raised her hands and began to recite the blood sacrifice spell.

Gusts of chilly wind were blowing from all directions close to the ground, stirring the surface of the blood pool and filling it with tiny ripples like the scales of a fish. Faintly, miserable howls and shrieks could be heard coming from under the ground; up above, a gray cloud was gathering in the sky, obscuring the sun's radiance and turning the environment dark and oppressive.

Soon after, numerous Yin Deities began to slowly emerge from the depths of mountains, forests, and oceans all over Myriad Immortals Planet, each exercising different divine abilities and flying toward the blood pool. Princess Zhang Le's spell could attract not only celestial fiends from outer domains, but also these Yin Deities. Before long, more than ten million Yin Deities had gathered around the blood pool.

Exercising his Chaotic Divine Eyes, Wu Qi glanced at the dense Yin Deities in consternation. More of them were coming to the blood pool with the chilly winds, so many that the void within tens of thousands of miles was packed. He could not help but shiver, wondering why there were so many Yin Deities on Myriad Immortals Planet.

But, he immediately thought of the Dao of Ghost and Deity practiced by Great Chu, which led him to suspect that King Yang Qiu's father had deliberately left so many Yin Deities here. Wu Qi was curious where he had found so many Yin Deities and kept them captive on Myriad Immortals Planet?

As Princess Zhang Le's incantation continued to echo out, the void above her, about a hundred miles in circumference, suddenly shook and began to ripple like the surface of water. The princess then intoned Lei Meng's true name under her breath, transforming it into a strange wave with magic and sending it into the rippling void.

Amidst the shrill howling, dozens of extremely small ghosts and deities rushed out of the rippling void from some outer domain. As soon as they came into this world, these strange-looking ghosts and deities broke out in a whoop of joy. Suddenly they bumped into a group of hundreds of Yin Deities and roared with rage. But all of a sudden, the angry roar turned into a deafening cheer that shook the ground.

Whether it be these ghosts and deities from some outer domain or the native Yin Deities on Myriad Immortals Planet, they were essentially the aggregations of Soul Will. So, they could devour each other to strengthen themselves. Princess Zhang Le's incantation had gathered up all the Yin Deities on the planet, the total number being way over a billion. Therefore, on seeing so many Yin Deities gathering here, these visitors were immediately struck with wild joy, and they opened their mouths without hesitation to inhale with all their strength!

The billions of Yin Deities let out shrill howls in unison as well when they suddenly discovered these intruders, and what followed was them opening their mouths and inhaling with all their strength. Although these visitors from the outer domain were at least a hundred times stronger than the natives, they unfortunately came in a small group. So, when facing so many Yin Deities striking at the same time, they could only let out miserable howls before their bodies disintegrated into numerous streams of light, and were devoured by the surrounding Yin Deities.

Those who devoured the streams of light had their bodies suddenly became much clearer, and their overall strength doubled at least. After having a taste of the benefits, these mindless Yin Deities who only acted on instinct cheered together, quickly transforming into gusts of chilly wind that flew toward the rippling void. They intended to invade the world these intruders had come from through the spatial portal, where they could hunt for prey that could strengthen their overall strength.

Ao Buzun rolled his eyes and sneered. "A bunch of fools! Do they really want to die? Even the Ancient Great Saints dare not enter the world where the ghosts and deities live. Who do they think they are?"

Before his voice could fade, a blinding flash of lightning suddenly flashed across the rippling void, and then a terrible deity, hundreds of miles high and covered in black thunderclouds, slowly poked his head out of the void. The projection of Lei Meng's true self had descended into this world. "A swarm of ants… Who gave you the courage to be so rude? Uh, what smells so good?"

A dazzling flash of lightning came darting out of Lei Meng's eyes as he burst out with a ground-shaking cheer. "Excellent! It's a great blood sacrifice! Who is it? Who offered me such a great sacrifice? What do you want? Power or cultivation techniques? Tell me, what do you want?"

Princess Zhang Le floated up into the air and cried out, "Lei Meng, do you remember me? Do you remember your promise?"

Lei Meng stared at Princess Zhang Le for a moment, then he slapped himself on the head and laughed loudly. "It's you, woman! Of course I remember you. I said that if you offered me three hundred and sixty sacrifices, I would be the Ancestral God of your clan! I'm very pleased with this sacrifice, so I am the Ancestral God of your clan from today on! Worship me with sincerity, and I'll give you endless benefits!"

Lei Meng rubbed his hands greedily and then pointed to the billions of Yin Deities who were fleeing in horror. "Are these little ants sacrifices as well?" he asked.

Wu Qi guffawed and said, "Whatever you say! But, the few living people by the pool of blood are our people, so spare them!"

Lei Meng burst into laughter, then waved his hand and said with satisfaction, "Got it! So be it!"

The next moment, countless bodies within a million miles flew up into the sky and fell into the dark clouds swirling beside Lei Meng. With his Chaotic Divine Eyes, Wu Qi managed to see through the dark clouds and caught a glimpse of what was behind. It was a vast wasteland filled with thunderclouds; all the bodies were falling toward the ground where a colossal figure, ten thousand miles tall and with his body formed entirely of lightning, sat cross-legged while reaching out to grab many bodies and stuffing them into his mouth.

'That colossal figure should be Lei Meng's true self, right? He is such a massive guy. No wonder he can't come to the outside world!'

In just a few short breaths of time, all the bodies were sucked into the wasteland. After that, huge waves began to surge on the surface of the blood pool, and soon, all the blood was sucked into the thunderclouds as well, along with all the Yin Deities. The air rang with their miserable screeches as every single one of them was swallowed by Lei Meng.

After happily claiming all the offerings, Lei Meng burst into laughter and said, "Now is the time for me, your Ancestral God, to reward you! Be prepared to receive the power! For us, the power you want is just some waste produced after we have digested the blood essence. It is of completely no use for me! But for you, this power is extremely precious!"

As he continued to laugh, a massive sheet of blood-red light fell sprinkling down from the sky.

Outside Myriad Immortals Planet, immeasurable thunderbolts were producing deafening rumbles as they formed into a giant thunder formation that was over a million miles in diameter. Terrible forces of thunder were brewing in the thunder formation. At the heart of the formation, facing the direction of the planet was a slowly opening, large, emotionless eye!

A Heavenly Tribulation had arrived, and it was one that only existed in the legends—The Thunderous Wrath of Heaven!

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