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Wu Qi did not know what had happened in the Nine Heavens.

The Nine Heavens were evolved from the interstitial worlds of the Ancient Great Saints. Not even peak Gold Immortals were allowed to enter them without permission, save the almighty Primordial Immortals. As for common immortals, they did not even know the name 'Nine Heavens', let alone knowing what happened inside.

On Myriad Immortals Planet, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le were nervously using their divine abilities to maintain the Myriad Beings Blood Pool. Besides the fortunate tens of thousands of Long Bo people as well as some demons who were hiding deep in the mountains and oceans, the pool contained the blood essence of almost all the creatures on the planet.

After Patriarch Yuan Hua was rescued by Lord Le, the uncontrolled pool of blood began to show signs of exploding. If it did, the force of the explosion would probably destroy the entire planet. How could Wu Qi allow this to happen? If he sacrificed this pool of blood, he believed that Lei Meng, the deity from some outer domain, would immediately descend to Dong Hai County to provide him protection!

The benefits of being protected by such a powerful deity were hard to describe in a short time, as there were just too many of them. In addition, as the lake had constantly been sending a monstrous air of resentment into the sky, if they did not handle the situation well, it might invite some unwanted troubles to all the people here. So, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le were nervously casting all kinds of magic: one was trying to keep the lake from exploding, and the other was trying to keep the blood from drying up.

Little Que'er perched over Princess Zhang Le's head, staring at the pool of blood in disgust. The bloodline of phoenix was one of the noblest bloodlines in the world. Therefore, all phoenixes were born with a taste of cleanliness. Little Que'er's antipathy to all sorts of filth came from her mother's womb, so how could she tolerate this extremely filthy pool of blood?

Ao Buzun was sitting on a large rock beside the pool of blood while grinning, with his body coiled up as he held in his mouth the inkstone he had stolen. Shrouding in a purple mist, the inkstone was carved out of some unknown stone, dotted with flickering silver starlights inside. He gently stroked the inkstone with his two front claws, looking like an old goat caressing the tender skin of a young girl. Saliva kept dripping from the corners of his mouth, making him look extremely obscene.

"Wonderful! This is an inkstone carved out of the Purple Sunstone from the Nine Heavens, and refined with the method of crafting a Primordial Artifact!" Ao Buzun heaved a long sigh and muttered, "It's a pity that without an item spirit, it'll always remain as a dead thing. In any case, this inkstone is an excellent embryo for a Primordial Artifact!"

He loosened his mouth and weighed the inkstone with both claws, then gritted his teeth and said, "It weighs one hundred and eighty million kilograms, but its crafter had used a magic to turn it into only one hundred and eighty grams, making it so light that even ordinary people can easily pick it up. Furthermore, by throwing it out with an incantation gesture, the four thousand and nine hundred arrays embedded in it can increase its weight by another ten thousand times!"

Ao Buzun shook his head after calculating with his fingers for a long time. "Although it's not a Primordial Artifact, it can still inflict some serious damage! I reckon it would be a piece of cake to smash a star with it. Such sheer weight... If not a Primordial Immortal, who can hide such a terrible offensive strike in an inkstone as small as this? Tsk, I bet even a peak Gold Immortal Artifact would not be able to resist a single attack from it!"

With a furtive smile, Ao Buzun peered around, and on finding that Wu Qi did not seem to be paying him any attention, quickly stuck out his tongue, carefully to pinch a small cut on it with his claws. Then, he dropped a few drops of blood essence on the inkstone.

"What a spendthrift... Why are all those mighty Primordial Immortals so extravagant? The bathtub which the White Emperor's daughter used was made with the Boundless Stones forged by Tranquil Divine Flame, but this Primordial Immortal has taken a step further. He actually did not protect this excellent treasure with any restrictive spells? Could he mean to give it to me? Haha… It happens that I need a handy weapon to kill and loot after gaining back my fleshly body!"

As the pale golden dragon blood transformed into a couple of twisting runes and fused with the inkstone, it floated up slowly with faint purple mist swirling around it. Suddenly, the mist turned into streams of purple smoke and squeezed into Ao Buzun's seven orifices. With his eyes closed, Ao Buzun quietly comprehended some messages coming from the purple mists. "Damn it! This inkstone has really been used for three Periods as an ordinary inkstone!" He scolded under his breath. "A precious treasure such as this should be used to kill and abduct beautiful girls. How could he use it for painting and writing? How pedantic!"

While happily stroking the inkstone, Ao Buzun stuck out his tongue and gave it a few licks. "Baby, come with me! It will be your credit if I can live high on the hog and have beautiful girls warming my bed every night in the future! And once I have regained my cultivation base, I'll pay a visit to my dragon clan's sacred land, steal a soul of my ancestor, and make it your item spirit! Hehe… At that time, you'll be a real Primordial Artifact!"

It happened that Wu Qi had finished tidying up the pool of blood and come next to Ao Buzun, only to hear the last parts of words. He could not help but roll his eyes, then grab Ao Buzun with one swift move and put him on his shoulder. "You want to dig your own ancestral graves and use the soul of your ancestor as item spirit? You are really a filial descendant!"

Ao Buzun laughed and looked completely free of guilt. After swallowing the inkstone into his stomach, he said happily, "That's called waste utilization! They were all dead anyway, and the souls they left behind are there for the future generations to worship, as the means of passing on the divine abilities and mystic arts of the dragons. It's a waste if I don't use them!"

His eyes shifted from left to right as he whispered, "Would you like to visit the sacred land of the dragon with me? Hehe… Let me tell you a secret... You can find the carcasses of a few Ancient Divine Dragons in the deepest part of the sacred land, who were born at the beginning of the world! Their scales, horns, bones, skins and tendons are all excellent materials for making Primordial Artifacts!"

Wu Qi's eyes suddenly lit up. He turned his head and looked at Ao Buzun with a smile on his lips. Laughing strangely, Ao Buzun rubbed his ten sharp claws against each other.

Wu Qi suddenly felt that Ao Buzun was really a cute fellow! These days, it was really hard to find a descendant who could sell his ancestors along with all their bones and flesh!

The two looked at each other and laughed sneakily at the same time. Then, Wu Qi walked to a tree not far ahead of him and gave a solemn bow to Patriarch Jiang Yun, who was sitting underneath, pale and silent. Princess Zhang Le was standing next to Bai Wu, watching over her. Qing Xia had put her arm around Bai Wu's shoulder and was whispering to her, but it was supposed to be nothing more than women's soothing words. So, Wu Qi did not use a divine ability to eavesdrop.

Before Patriarch Jiang Yun could react to Wu Qi's bow, the three old Daoists who were resting not far away lurched to their feet with a dozen or so disciples, hurrying over to bow deeply to Wu Qi while offering their gratitude. They knew that if it had not been for the timely arrival of Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le, they and all their disciples would have been dead long ago.

These immortals from the Tranquil Vimalā Sect were a bit pedantic. It was absolutely impossible for them to bend to Patriarch Yuan Hua and be his accomplices. So, their only fate under Patriarch Yuan Hua's sword was death. They had all reached the realm of Heaven Immortals, and if nothing happened, they could all live happily for eternity without falling back into transmigration. Therefore, when Wu Qi saved them from the calamity, they all felt that they owed him too much.

One of the old Daoists, Qing Xin, gave Patriarch Jiang Yun a glance, then gritted his teeth and said resolutely, "Thank you, fellow immortal Wu Qi! We from the Tranquil Vimalā Sect owe you too much. Your kindness is too great for us to pay with anything. If you ever need our help in the future, every single one of us from the Tranquil Vimalā Sect will do our very best to help you!"

Qing Xin could see clearly that Wu Qi's overall strength was now beyond his imagination. And through his previous interactions, he knew that Wu Qi was not the kind of harsh and tyrannical person. Hence, it would be great for Tranquil Vimalā Sect to be able to have Wu Qi as their backer!

Wu Qi was elated and quickly said something nice to Qing Xin in return. Although the latter's cultivation base was not very strong, he had nothing to be critical of in his attitude of dealing with people and matters. Simply put, all those from Tranquil Vimalā Sect were honest people! If such people were willing to offer Wu Qi their services, he could not be happier to incorporate them into the Underhand Sect! They were all Heaven Immortals, and with just a little guidance, they could be put into use immediately. So, why should he reject them?

Finally, Patriarch Jiang Yun came to his senses. He sprang to his feet, his face turning red as he looked at Wu Qi with quick, heavy breaths. Yet, he could not utter a single word for a long time. It was a quarter of an hour before he, with a face as dark as a pork liver, roared before suddenly falling to his knees and kowtowing heavily to Wu Qi.

"Wu Qi, what I've done is unconscionable... And in the end, it has caused harm to others and myself... I've brought death to the countless living beings on this planet. I've committed an unforgivable sin!" Patriarch Jiang Yun howled bitterly. "I shouldn't have brought Patriarch here. I really shouldn't have done this..."

Wu Qi was startled by Patriarch Jiang Yun's sudden kowtows, and he quickly helped him up while saying loudly, "This has nothing to do with you, Patriarch! It is Patriarch Yuan Hua who committed the sin. Their death has nothing to do with you!"

After capturing many high-ranking disciples of Yuan Hua Sect from Green Cliff Planet and White Cloud Planet, Wu Qi had interrogated them with soul-searching technique. So, he knew that Patriarch Jiang Yun had no knowledge of Patriarch Yuan Hua's plans. Patriarch Jiang Yun was a filial disciple who carried out duty as he was bid, and the reason he brought Patriarch Yuan Hua to Myriad Immortals Planet was all because he was forced. Therefore, what had happened here had nothing to do with him.

Patriarch Jiang Yun did not commit any crime in this incident. He was merely a helpless man who could not stand up to Patriarch Yuan Hua's threats of violence. And Wu Qi knew him very well. Just like the three old Daoists, Patriarch Jiang Yun was a thorough pedantry old man in this cruel world of cultivators, an unlucky man who deserved to be taken advantage of!

While holding Patriarch Jiang Yun, Wu Qi spent some time to console him, then asked in a very direct manner, "Patriarch, Myriad Immortals Planet is full of resentment now, which makes it no longer a habitable place. Since I've built up a base outside, I wonder if Patriarch is willing to join me with all your disciples?"

Patriarch Jiang Yun was in the most fragile state of mind, and Wu Qi's rescue of him and his family left him feeling deeply indebted. After giving the pool of blood, which looked a hundred times more terrible than hell, one last glance, Patriarch shuddered and bowed respectfully to Wu Qi, along with Bai Wu and Qing Xia.

Wu Qi burst out laughing. He had finally gained control over both the White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect!

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