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Han Xin glanced about frustratingly with two beams of red light darting nearly ten feet out of his eyes, his hands holding two swords. A few moments later, he turned to the old man and bellowed, "You are here to kill a man who cultivates the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture?"

The old man stared blankly back at him, spending some time to size him up. At last, he said hesitatingly, "Are you... really the assistant Celestial Ambassador?"

A long howl erupted, like that of a wounded tiger. Han Xin fiercely swung the sword in his left hand, the void vibrating as a stream of blood-red starlight plummeted down from the sky. It turned into a one-hundred-miles long, arc-shaped sword beam that swept across the land. Accompanied by the wailing of ghosts and howling of wolves, the sword beam flew dozens of miles away, slashing through a distant mountain range measuring thousands of miles in circumference.

The ground trembled as countless mountains crumbled; boulders rolled down the slopes and crashed into the land, causing a devastating blow to all the living beings in the area. Countless animals were crushed and killed; their souls flew across the air and came rushing into Han Xin's Vanquisher. Immediately, more wailing and howling of ghosts rang out of the sword, coupled with a bloodcurdling sound of munching. A blood-red gleam flashed across the blade, and its edges seemed sharper than before.

"Damn it!" Han Xin stomped his feet hard, clenched his jaws and asked, "Old man, what is the name of the person you are here to kill? And why do you want to kill him?"

'I can't let him know the answers, as that will surely expose my identity,' thought Wu Qi with a frown. Stealthily, he drifted to the back of the old man in the form of a speck of dust, then transformed into an ice dragon python. His body was silver in color, but his size was so tiny compared to a real dragon python—he was only as thin as a hair, and about one inch long.

Taking a deep breath, Wu Qi converted all his chaotic energy into the Yin ice energy of ice dragon python, and then opened his mouth to shoot out a beam of white light; thin as a hair, it flew straight toward the back of the old man's head along with a biting chill. As he was only dozens of feet away from the old man, and the white light was so fast and powerful, it reached the old man's back almost instantly and pierced through his head.

The old man's body stiffened as the white light broke free from his forehead and continued thrusting toward Han Xin, who was standing in front of him.

Han Xin was shocked. He did not know what had assaulted the old man, but he raised both hands up all the same to block the white light with his Vanquishers. The air rang with the clashing of metal on metal, and Han Xin gave an unpleasant grunt. Abruptly, the white light expanded to hundreds of feet in diameter and engulfed him. The tremendous impact pushed him back for more than a thousand miles, showing no sign of stopping.

Everything along the way was smashed to pieces by his body. Everything on Pangu Continent, from mountains to trees, were hundreds of times harder than those found in the outer heavenly realms. All the way through, Han Xin could only feel a sharp pain washing over his back. Before long, a puff of hot air rushed from his chest to his mouth, and a mouthful of blood reached his throat. But, the terrible cold in the white light had frozen the blood into ice, and he could not even spit it out.

As Wu Qi was marveling at the incredible power of the dragon python's innate ability, the shriveled old man's body suddenly dispersed into a mass of ice flakes, but a wisp of dark mist immediately flew out of his remnants and turned into a twisted figure in the air. "Shameless junior! How could you assault me from my back?"

But, before that voice could fade, influenced by the savage nature of dragon pythons, Wu Qi had rushed out and opened his mouth to swallow the old man's soul. The extreme coldness in his body ground the soul into the tiniest particles, allowing him to easily digest and read through the old man's memories, including the details of how he was tracked and found.

Sure enough, the culprit was Yu Miao, who had also provided Wu Qi's accurate position to the old man.

The old man was as strong as Wu Qi, and had raised a group of dharma corpses, as well as mastered all kinds of illusory formations. That made him think he could handle Wu Qi easily. Therefore, as soon as he learned about Wu Qi's exact location, he set up with all his possessions, rushing all the way to claim his prize. Unfortunately for him, Wu Qi was with Han Xin when he arrived; before he could find out who the target was, all his thirty-six dharma corpses were destroyed, and he himself was killed by Wu Qi from behind.

"How did Yu Miao find my exact location?" Wu Qi frowned. "No way, this is impossible!"

After considering for a moment, a cold grin suddenly crept over his lips. Since the forming of his innate chaotic spirit body, Wu Qi's aura had been concealed from the Heavenly Dao. Therefore, even almighty experts were unable to fully grasp his destiny, let alone the weaker Yu Miao. However, Yu Miao still had a way to figure out where he was—through some objects he had!

It was not through those magical items he had personally refined, of course, because their auras were the same as him. But among other things he had, such as his clothes, his shoes, or even an energy stone someone gave him, or a gold or silver ingot… As long as Yu Miao had noticed them in advance, he could easily pinpoint Wu Qi's location through them.

As the Military Minister of Hai Province's Military Court, it was impossible for Wu Qi not to interact with others. In the past one year or so, he had received numerous gifts from the military officers and officials of other lesser provinces, all of which had been carried with him and stored in his storage ring. These gifts might have become the means for Yu Miao to determine his location.

"Fortunately, I've learned the art of divination as well as the Dao of Ghost and Deity… And luckily, I'm quite clever!" Wu Qi shook his head. "Thankfully, the man who came to assassinate me this time was not very strong. If he were a Gold Immortal or someone stronger… hmph!"

Laughing coldly, Wu Qi flew into the distance. Along the way, he injected a great amount of chaotic energy into the storage ring and examined everything. As he expected, nearly a thousand objects gave him a strange feeling, but when he cleaned them with chaotic energy, the feeling disappeared.

"Who would have thought of this? The traps were actually right inside my rings! You're pretty good, Yu Miao! How did these things come into my hands? Could it be that many of the people in Zhong Province are actually working for you? You've amazed me!"

Wu Qi did not touch the hundreds of gifts he received, and threw them at random places as he flew to Yuaya City, deliberately leaving these valuable gifts on the roads with busy traffic. Soon, they would be taken by pedestrians or passing merchants. Since Yu Miao used these things to locate him, he might as well let him go on wasting his energy and blood essence.

It took a lot of energy and blood essence to use such divination. Wu Qi wanted to see what new tricks Yu Miao could pull when he failed time and again. By using such a method to determine Wu Qi's location and then hiring a killer to kill him, it seemed that Yu Miao had become unscrupulous in his efforts. Was there really so much hatred between them, when Wu Qi had only indirectly caused the death of his son and disciples?

Laughing loudly, Wu Qi transformed into a breeze and flew quickly toward Huangsha Province.

Not long after get went into flight, a flash of starlight shone in the void, and an astonishing killing intent shot past Wu Qi's head, flying a hundred times faster than his innate escape art. As soon as he caught a glimpse at the starlight, it had vanished without a trace. Wu Qi halted in terror; that should be Han Xin, who was accidentally wounded by his attack. But, what kind of escape art was he using? How could he be so fast?

Wu Qi stared gawking in the direction where Han Xin had disappeared, and could not come back to his senses for quite a long moment.

Ao Buzun sprung out of Wu Qi's hair and looked up at the faint trace of starlight in the sky as he said lazily, "Do you think he is fast? Extremely fast? And, do you think your escape art is slow?"

Bobbing his head, Wu Qi grabbed Ao Buzun over and asked, "What kind of escape art is he using? How can it be so fast"

The little black dragon stretched out a claw and said slowly, "Any Celestial Lord conferred by the Heaven can fly with the power of the stars. This is called the 'Star Escape Art', which is more than ten thousand times faster than the escape art used by Immortals of the same realm!"

He spat and then continued, "If I had the title of a Celestial Lord, I'd fly faster than they do! What's so great about flying with the power of the stars? When you become a Gold Immortal, you'll fly faster than that guy!"

Wu Qi suddenly saw the light. Apparently, this was the special privilege that the Heaven gave the Immortals who had turned to them.

He reached out his hand to catch a handful of air, brought it to his nose, and sniffed the strong killing intent as well as a faint whiff of blood. "No wonder he could catch up with me so easily just now... But, he seems to be wounded!"

With a cold grin on his face, Wu Qi transformed into a breeze and continued to fly forward. Before long, he was at the outer walls of Yuaya City once again.

After looking at the Supreme Tower that hovered above the city for a while, Wu Qi concealed his aura, and even his eyes were closed tightly. Then, he shrunk his body to ten million times smaller than a sesame seed and cautiously snuck into the barracks outside the city to begin searching.

Ao Buzun also shrank his body, holding his breath and hiding on Wu Qi's body. Both of them knew there was a very mighty Supreme Oracle in that tower, so they dared not to be careless. The Oracle had mistakenly assumed that Wu Qi was some King's subordinate, so he had let him off. But, he might not be so good-tempered this time.

After searching through tent after tent, Wu Qi found Liu Bang and his company at last in a magnificent tent near the eastern city gate.

Han Xin was standing in the tent, cursing about what had happened to him.

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