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An enormous palm slapped towards Wu Qi's head from above.

He let out a loud cry, and an ice wall, about ten feet in circumference and three inches thick, appeared out of nowhere above him. Almost instantly, the palm struck the ice wall and a dense plume of dark green smoke burst out of it. The ice wall made a jarring hiss, as if someone had poured a bucket of ice water on a red-hot iron. The sound even hurt his ears.

In just a fraction of a second, the smoke had completely melted the ice wall, and the palm continued to fall down. It frightened Wu Qi. Although his current cultivation base was only at the peak of Heaven Immortal realm, but the dark ice wall was one of the best defensive divine ability found in the Dark Yin Water Scripture, capable of freezing all sorts of poisonous gases and liquid, as well as resisting various evil things. Even so, it was defeated by the dark green smoke. What exactly were these thirty-six figures?

Not daring to counter the palm with force, he dodged it with a movement like that of a fish.

In the next second, he heard a loud boom. Thirty-six burly figures locked their hands into a strange incantation gesture at the same time, and a sharp, unpleasant incantation drifted over from somewhere. Soon after, countless strips of white cloth, each about ten feet in width and unfathomable length, came flying over from all directions. They quickly wove into a spherical space dozens of miles in diameter, trapping Wu Qi, Han Xin, and the thirty-six monsters at the same time.

Wu Qi felt a darkness fill up his vision, his legs dangling midair as he was trapped in a bizarre space; it was pitch dark, with only tiny ghost flames drifting everywhere. Exercising the Chaotic Divine Eyes, he could only see about one hundred miles into the distance, further than which point was a mass of roiling dark mist. No matter how hard he tried, he could not see past that layer of dark mist. Beside him, Han Xin, clad in the armor of Greed, had surrounded himself with his Seven Killing Needles and the sword of Vanquisher; the items emitted a pale gleam that lit the space hundreds of feet around them.

"A formation!" said Wu Qi in a low voice.

Vigilantly, Han Xin came two steps closer to Wu Qi and gritted his teeth while saying, "Your enemy?"

Wu Qi rolled his eyes and immediately put the blame on Han Xin, "Bullsh*t! I've been living in seclusion for many years in His Excellency's mansion, and I've never had any contact with those itinerant cultivators. How could this be my enemy? But you... Han Xin, as the assistant of the Celestial Ambassador, I'm sure there are a lot of people who are eager to kill you, right?"

Since the Supreme Oracle had mistaken him for a sinecure of some King, Wu Qi did not hesitate to use that identity and smoothly shifted the blame on Han Xin, claiming that those people were here for him! Being Liu Bang's assistant, who suffered an assassination attempt, it was highly possible that the same assassin would try to kill him as well!

Han Xin's expression changed slightly. He gave Wu Qi a look and said coldly, "You are trapped as well!"

After considering for a brief moment, Wu Qi showed him a finger and said, "Give me one thousand pieces of upper-grade immortal stones, and some spirit pills, herbs, or other natural treasures which I can use. Then, I'll swear with my mental demons that I'll help you escape this formation!"

Struck dumb, Han Xin glared at Wu Qi and said, "I'll pay you handsomely once we are out of here!"

"I'll not commit myself until the reward is certain. If you don't give me what I want… hehe… you better think of a way of leaving this place alone!"

Han Xin had never met someone like this before, who would make use of another's misfortune to serve his own advantage. Grinding his teeth in anger, he pointed a finger at Wu Qi and said furiously, "Y-yo-you... fine! Which King has sent you here? Tell me his name, and we can discuss the rest!"

Wu Qi only smiled. All of a sudden, biting cold winds were blowing around them, rolling up dense dark smoke that looked like a spider web as it gradually approached them. Vague shadows could be seen moving in the dark smoke as the tall monsters were closing in. Next to those monsters were some other things that looked fuzzy but were emanating an evil aura. The nameless things were letting out soft and gentle calls that sounded as if a mother was calling her children, making those who heard it have an urge to answer back.

"Soul Seizing Tune!" Wu Qi quickly performed an incantation gesture, and a rune took shape in his hand, twisting like a snake as it darted into his ears. When he was done, he turned to look at Han Xin and said with a smile, "Never answer that call, or your soul will be taken away by some unknown existence. I think it is needless for me to explain what sorts of divine abilities those evil beings from the outer domains have, right?"

While chuckling, Wu Qi shook his head, then sighed and said, "And don't think that I will ever betray His Excellency!"

After a moment of silence, Han Xin pointed at his own ears. Immediately, Wu Qi performed another incantation gesture, sending a 'Soul Condensing Seal' into his ears. The seal was one of the primordial runes which could stabilize one's soul, concentrate one's divine sense, and prevent one's soul from being swayed by any demons. The Dao of Primordial Runes was extremely magical, and when it was exercised with his current cultivation base, even a man a hundred times stronger than him could hardly take away his soul with an evil technique.

Sensing that he was no longer attracted by the faint calling, Han Xin gave Wu Qi a look, then pulled out a palm-sized storage bag from under his sleeve and threw it over to Wu Qi. "In it are three thousand upper-grade immortal stones, one hundred bottles of spirit pills concocted by the Heaven's Tusita Palace, and hundreds of other spirit items. Help me get out of this damn formation!"

Wu Qi put away the glinting storage bag into his sleeve happily, then lifted his right hand to swear that he would do everything he could to help Han Xin get out of here. After that, he unleashed the Starshark and waved his hands to pour out a purple-green flame. Like molten glass, the Divine Flame of Order flowed out in all directions, and wherever it went, the vague existences hiding behind the dark smoke howled sharply and miserably, turning into nothingness.

Soon after, a massive, pure energy rushed into Wu Qi's body in an endless stream, rapidly strengthening his innate divine soul. He couldn't help but take in a comfortable breath.

His chaotic energy kept being transformed into the divine flame. In just a breath's time, thirty percent of the energy in his body was transformed. Then, he suddenly performed a lotus hand incantation gesture with a ball of purple-green flame dancing atop the fingertips, which emitted a threatening heat that forced even Han Xin a few steps back.

"Damn it! Purple and green in color, capable of hurting fiends from outer domains… This is the Divine Flame of Order!" Han Xin murmured under his breath as he stared at the flame. "Even the few Great Emperors are incapable of controlling such an innate divine flame! Who the hell is he? How could he have such an ability?"

After pondering for a moment, a cold grin suddenly emerged on his face. 'He must be from Great Yu Imperial Clan. Hehe… Apart from Pangu Continent, where can one find an innate divine flame that can be easily absorbed such as this? The information provided by the few Celestial Lords is quite accurate indeed… Some Kings of Great Yu Imperial Clan are nurturing Immortals, and have even planted their men in the Heaven!'

"Ha!" Wu Qi cried out in a deep voice. All the divine flame in his body, except for the seed, had been released and compressed into a ball of fire before his chest. About the size of a man's head, the ball was purple and green in color; it emitted no heat at all, with all the power trapped within. It was the maximum compression he could achieve at the moment. The fireball was clearly separated into three layers, and the flame in its core layer had been even compressed into a liquid state.

"Die!" With a wave of his right hand, the fireball shot forward and slammed into the ground about hundreds of feet away. A loud boom echoed out as the purple-green flames splattered wildly in all directions, and columns of fire that were thousands of feet tall rose from the ground, sweeping away all of the black smoke and cold wind in the space. More nameless beings were turned into nothingness in the flame, and an even greater stream of soul energy was pouring into Wu Qi's body. While panting, he had to strain every nerve of his to withstand the severe pain brought by the rapid growth of his divine soul.

The blazing flame swept across a thousand miles of space, wiping out all the nameless beings who kept making faint calls. However, the thirty-six tall monsters were still approaching Wu Qi and his companion step by step. These bizarre figures were surrounded by a thick layer of white light, and even though it cracked under the divine flame, new layers continued to emerge. There were many times when the divine flame had come very close to their skin, but then a mass of dark green mist would rush out to push the flame away, and the breach was quickly patched by another layer of white light.

Han Xin sucked in his breath, "It's the Dark Fiend Bone Armor Talisman, and they have used at least a hundred! This is definitely the talisman produced by some Sun Oracles! Damn it! who's spending so dearly just to kill me?"

Misled by Wu Qi, Han Xin thought that these monsters were coming for him. Looking at the white light that kept bursting out of their burly bodies, he could no longer hold down the killing intent in his heart. As he threw his head back and howled, the Seven Killing Needles silently darted across the void.

Wu Qi was startled as well. In the Directorate of Celestials, anyone could make this talisman, from a tiny Star Oracle to a mighty Sun Oracle, or even a Supreme Oracle. However, as different people would use different materials to make it, it would have different levels of power. The one made by a Sun Oracle could resist at least a few full-powered blows from a peak-tier Heaven Immortal; and of course, the cost of materials was more expensive. Moreover, it would take the Oracle a lot of efforts and physical strength to craft the talisman, sometimes even costing a few days of their life in order to succeed.

Therefore, a fiend armor talisman of such level was extremely rare, and was generally used by the Elders of some powerful clans to protect themselves.

However, when these monsters were burned by the divine flame, dazzling white lights constantly erupted from their bodies, and the shattering of each layer of white light indicated that another fiend armor talisman had been burned. In just a few breaths of time, at least hundreds of talismans made by Sun Oracles were burned!

The cost was really too high!

Wu Qi smiled coldly as he watched Han Xin rush out like a mad bull.

'What's wrong with Han Xin? I thought he was known as a wise man! Why can't he control his temper now?'

'Well, it's good to have Han Xin as my hatchet man! Yu Miao, will this be your revenge?'

'The strange thing is… how did you find my true self?'

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