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In the blink of an eye, the bright speck was right behind Wu Qi. Since practicing the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture, his body had developed a very magical sense. Before his mind could react, his body had turned automatically, and his finger was pointing outward. All of a sudden, the void about one foot in circumference in front of his fingertip cracked with countless fissures, and chilly air began to gush out of it.

The chilly air quickly congealed into seven little heads of devils that flew towards the bright speck with piercing screeches.

Along with a series of cracking noises, the bright speck easily pierced through the seven little devils and drew an arc in the air while thrusting towards Wu Qi's chest. Startled, his body began to spin rapidly and release a hazy mist. One could vaguely see a boundless snowfield and countless icebergs in the mist, while a gust of biting cold wind was constantly blowing out from between them. The void one hundred miles around him had turned into a field of snow and ice.

Layers of ice, each as thin as a cicada wing and a few miles in circumference, appeared in front of the speck. This was the strongest defensive divine ability found in the Dark Yin Water Scripture. But, they all proved to be useless, as the speck shattered them layer by layer like cutting through tofu. Amidst the crisp and melodious sound of cracking, the speck broke through thirty-three layers of ice and rushed straight towards Wu Qi's chest with a killing intent that almost froze his marrow.

With a cold snort, Wu Qi's body suddenly turned into a mass of fiend mist and spread out. The speck shot through the mist, wheeling about dozens of times but failing to sense his aura. Having no alternative, it flew back to where it came from and fell into the hand of the figure who had suddenly emerged from the air.

Amidst the rolling dark fiend mist, Wu Qi reformed his body. Even as he did that, he quietly made minor modifications to different parts of his face, height, the diameter of his arms, waist, and so on. These were only small changes, but they made him look like someone else entirely, someone who was not related to Wu Qi. And, he had also deliberately unleashed a wisp of bizarre aura which came from the energy essence of the ancient Shen, a strange power that could confuse the mind.

"Why are you attacking me for no reason, fellow Daoist?" Wu Qi stared at the dark shadow and let out an unpleasant laughter.

Yes, it was indeed a shadow standing across him, looking like someone's shadow had suddenly risen under the bright sunlight. Not only was it dark,, but it also did not have any facial features. Even with his Chaotic Divine Eyes, Wu Qi could not see what this man looked like. Apparently, he had mastered some kind of queer mystic art, or he might have used some secret treasure to cover up his appearance and aura.

The shadow studied Wu Qi for a while before slowly nodding and saying, "Not necessarily for no reason. Do you... know that man?"

Pretending to be confused, Wu Qi asked, "Who?"

"The man who had just flown away in a beam of blood light. Do you know him?"

After considering for a moment, Wu Qi shook his head and said, "Does it concern you whether I know him or not?"

The speck was blinking in the shadow's palm as he pointed a finger at Wu Qi and said with a sneer, "It does concern me. Is that man Xiang Yu? I've been following both of you all the way, and he seems to resemble a man I knew in the past. Tell me, is he Xiang Yu?"

Lying with his eyes open, Wu Qi stared blankly at the shadow and frowned. "Xiang Yu?" He asked, "Who is that?"

For a moment, the shadow stopped talking. He walked slowly around Wu Qi, then shook his head and murmured, "It can't be Xiang Yu! He had committed suicide at the bank of the Wu River, and then Zhang Zifang had wiped out his body and soul with Devil Seal Thunder! How could he be here? I must be oversensitive!"

Laughing strangely, the shadow turned to Wu Qi and asked, "Why did he sneak into the barracks? And, why did you save him? Tell me everything you know, or I'll kill you here and now!"

So apparently, this man had followed them all the way here from the barracks in Yuaya City! It was not surprising that Supreme Oracle could find them, as he was an almighty expert of Primordial Immortal level who had mastered various mystic arts and divine abilities. Also, although Wu Qi had left no trace of aura behind, Xiang Yu had filled the air with the scent of blood, which was why they were found. Even so, it showed that this man had a very strong ability as he was able to track and find them accurately even across three provinces!

After staring at the shadow for a long time, Wu Qi suddenly laughed. "Who do you think you are? Do you really think you can kill me? Why are you hiding your face? Too ashamed to show it? Come on, let me see who you really are!"

The shadow guffawed. All of a sudden, the black that covered his body slipped down like water, turning into a faint shadow and fusing with the shadow beneath his feet. Wu Qi was taken aback when he saw the appearance of the man. Clad in a tight black armor, tall, slim, and handsome, he was none other than Han Xin, the man who followed Liu Bang.

Han Xin's eyes were bloodshot, with two one-foot long beams of red light darting out of them, forming a curtain of light before him. In the curtain, Wu Qi vaguely saw a boundless battlefield, with countless soldiers charging, all armed with various weapons. Standing in front of him, Wu Qi felt an extremely fierce killing intent coming at him, as if hundreds of millions of soldiers were charging towards him. Even with his current cultivation base, his body swayed and almost retreated.

Han Xin stared at Wu Qi as he cried out, "I am the Warrior, Han Xin!"

The killing intent that filled the air made Wu Qi feel very uncomfortable. Hastily, he exercised all sorts of soul-guarding mystic arts found in Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture, trying his best to stabilize his soul. A few moments later, he exhaled a long stream of white mist, then turned to give Han Xin a nod and said, "So, you are fellow Daoist Han. Hehe, it must have been hard for you to follow me here from as far away as Huangsha Province!"

Han Xin smiled and said coolly, "I'm very sensitive to the smell of blood. The smell of blood on the man you've rescued is too strong, so it was actually not too hard to track you down! Now, be honest with me and tell why you sneaked into the barracks, and I'll leave you an intact corpse."

Shaking his head, Wu Qi said with a cold grin, "That barrack belongs to Great Yu. What does it have anything to do with you?"

Han Xin squinted at Wu Qi while the blood red gleams in his eyes grew stronger. "Why are you still pretending? You've been to Huangsha Province, so there is no reason that you don't know my emperor was assassinated there, and is in a critical state. We all know what you are going to do there, so why bother pretending to be a clown?"

After a long silence, Wu Qi slowly stepped back for dozens of steps.

The killing intent of battlefield that came out of Han Xin's eyes was growing in strength, and the air was filled with faint cries of countless soldiers; the sounds of sharp weapons ripping and tearing bones and flesh, the rumbling of drums, and the thunderous clatters of hooves. As the powerful killing intent swirled through the atmosphere, a blood mist began to gush out of Han Xin's body, and then, a large red star suddenly appeared behind him.

It took only a glance at the big red star, which was full of sharp edges, for Wu Qi to feel as if his soul had been fiercely chopped by a blade. He grunted as blood trickled down his nostrils. 'What the hell is this star?'

Han Xin bent down slowly, and bright specks began to gradually appear in his palms "It seems that you are unwilling to tell me your origin and purpose! Forget it then! I'll cut off your limbs, extract your soul, and find out the answer myself! Hehe… You shouldn't have involved yourself in this matter!"

Laughing wildly, Han Xin stretched out his hands and shot out dozens of tiny specks at Wu Qi. As that happened, walls of dark ice appeared around Wu Qi, but they were quickly shattered by the specks. For a moment the entire void was filled with crisp, melodious sounds of cracking. As the ice walls crumbled and shattered, a great deal of cold air was spreading, and soon, snowflakes, each as thin as a cicada wing, began to fall rapidly from the sky, all falling and drifting towards Han Xin.

Han Xin was moving quickly around Wu Qi, his body flickering and flashing in the void like a ghost; this moment here, the next moment there. Using the specks, he kept attacking Wu Qi and breaking the ice walls, and when the falling snowflakes approached him, they were instantly pulverized.

As the specks approached Wu Qi, Han Xin cried out, "These are the Seven Killing Needles I crafted with the essence of the Seven Killing Star. Nothing in the world can withstand their power! Enjoy the wonderful feeling of being invaded by the seven killing intents!"

A weapon crafted with the essences of the Seven Killing Star?

Wu Qi snorted coldly. The next moment, the Starshark let out a long shrill howl as it flew out of his forehead, turning into a huge green shark and wheeling in the sky. Bits of starlight began to gather in the air, then collided with the specks and produced deafening rumbling.

The Starshark crafted by Wu Qi could also gather starlight, turning them into energy beams capable of destroying almost anything. Such a unique divine ability happened to be the Seven Killing Needles' rival. As a result of such attacks, the flying speed of Seven Killing Needles had reduced by more than one hundred times.

Amidst a satirical laughter, Wu Qi suddenly transformed into a gust of green wind, which then compressed into a 100-foot long wind blade and flew out, striking Han Xin heavily. The blade was so fast that, even though Han Xin had mastered some really fast escape art, it was only in the blink of an eye that he was hacked and pushed dozens of miles away.

A wolf howl went up into the sky. A great mass of chill air suddenly burst out of Han Xin's black leather armor, with a shadow of a wolf behind him as he made a dash for Wu Qi, both hands clasping the hilt of a strange sword.

"The armor's name is Greed, and the sword's name is Vanquisher, both of which I crafted with the essences of the Greed Star and Vanquisher Star. Face your death, Daoist!"

The Starshark shot into the air and slammed Han Xin.

A loud noise of metal clashing on metal echoed out. The Starshark trembled violently while Han Xin was pushed a few steps back.

They looked at each other. Just as they were about to make another move, a strong stench of rotting corpse suddenly spread from the surrounding void.

Thirty-six figures, each thirty feet tall, their bodies wrapped in bandages and emitting a strong stench of rotting corpse, made their appearance out of thin air. Then, without uttering a single word, they leaped towards Wu Qi and Han Xin.

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