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Those Immortals were not dead?

Wu Qi stared at Madman Xue with the corners of his eyes twitching. He felt as if there was a blood red curtain in front of him, and something terrible was hiding behind it. Madman Xue's words had lifted the curtain slightly, and he felt he was seeing some light amidst the mysterious.

Patriarch Miao Ying was crafting a Primordial Immortal item in the Dark Abyss under the Northern Ocean!

King Bai Shan and King Zhang Qiu were closely associated with Miao Ying Palace!

The Celestial Lord of Heaven and the Buddha of Buddhist League had suddenly visited Miao Ying Palace!

The Sovereign of Myriad Immortal Alliance was the nephew of some important figure in the Heaven, and the alliance had always been working hard to search for itinerant Immortals and cultivators on Pangu Continent, using all sorts of methods to gradually assemble them into a powerful organization!

Then, all of the sudden, the Sovereign was seriously wounded by some King of Great Yu's Imperial Clan, giving the alliance the reason to retaliate. Meanwhile, the suppression against itinerant cultivators in various provinces had also given the alliance the perfect excuse to revenge. Therefore, the matter had soon evolved into something that concerned the life and death of the countless cultivators on Pangu Continent!

Wu Qi found it funny, though. How could those ministers of Great Yu have failed to discern the unusual situation? The demons had absorbed the essence of the heaven and earth, obtaining sentience and turning into what they were, and it was something that the Law of Heaven and Earth had permitted. But, where did all the itinerant Immortals and cultivators on Pangu Continent come from? Where did they find their cultivation techniques? Was it not possible that someone was pushing this from behind the scenes?

Just like Supremacy Three Flame, Wu Qi's best friend... How did a butcher like him manage to find a cultivation technique in the wilderness? Was it really because of luck? And even more suspiciously, the technique he found matched perfectly with his spirit root, a fire element technique which he could cultivate to the realm of Heaven Immortal.

And, it happened that there was an organization such as Myriad Immortal Alliance which systematically assembled the itinerant Immortals and cultivators on Pangu Continent and bound them together. Even when Wu Qi had just become famous with the name of Daoist Greed in An He City, the messenger of the alliance had immediately come to him and recruited him.

It was a whole set of plans, an extremely detailed scheme!

After taking a deep breath, Wu Qi asked in a low voice, "How do you know those Immortals who died fighting Great Yu's army are not dead?"

Madman Xue's lips curved in a smile. "It is only after we joined the Buddhist League that we learned their mighty power. First, the Buddhist League has controlled half of the Six Paths of Reincarnation. Second, the present Lord Buddha, Amitabha, holds an innate treasure that has existed since the world was created, the Eight Treasures Lotus Throne. It can transform into a Transmigration Pool, and so long as one has a wisp of his soul stored in it, he or she is basically imperishable!"

He smacked his lips in envy and continued, "When an Immortal dies, so long as a wisp of his soul is in the lotus throne, he can be reincarnated, turning into an Arhat, a Bodhisattva, or even a Buddha if he had contributed greatly to the Buddhist League!"

Staring fixedly at Madman Xue, Wu Qi gritted his teeth and asked, "Did all the Immortals and itinerant cultivators who fought us madly in the recent days have their souls in that lotus throne?"

Madman Xue gave him a strange look and said with a wry smile, "Who would fight so desperately if he didn't have a wisp of souls in the lotus throne, or was promised handsome rewards? Myriad Immortal Alliance is just a loose organization, and none of them is the Sovereign's son!"

According to Madman Xue, nearly all the Immortals of the alliance participating in the war had placed a wisp of their souls in the lotus throne. As for those itinerant Immortals and cultivators who joined the war at the later time, the extra rewards the Buddhism League had promised was the sole reason why they behaved even more madly than those from the alliance.

All the Heaven Immortals would be reincarnated in the Transmigration Pool if they were killed in the war, and obtain a power greater than they used to have. And, if they had made a significant contribution, such as the one who destroyed Jianfeng City and caused a great casualty to Great Yu's army, they would have the chance to be reincarnated as Bodhisattva and possess an overall strength similar to that of a Gold Immortal.

The cultivators of Buddhist League did not focus on the promotion of the realm, but the accumulation of the power of faith, as well as epiphanies. Therefore, Buddhism had the idea of 'becoming a Buddha is all but a thought.' Even if it were an ordinary man, if he comprehended some unique power in the Buddhist scriptures, he could become a Buddha in an instant! With the overall strength of all the Buddhas, so long as they were willing to spend a great deal of faith power, they could be able to fulfill their promises.

A Heaven Immortal might never become a Gold Immortal; but, as long as he took part in the alliance's war against Great Yu, destroyed some towns and cities, and killed a few military officers, maybe he could have the power of Bodhisattva when he eventually reincarnated in the Transmigration Pool!

To spend a lifetime as a powerless little Heaven Immortal or to become a Bodhisattva in the Buddhist League who would control a small heavenly realm… it was not tough for Wu Qi to guess the choices of those Immortals.

A different promise was made to itinerant cultivators who did not have excellent innate talents in this life and might not become Heaven Immortals. As Buddhist League controlled half of the Six Paths of Reincarnation, they could influence how these cultivators would be reincarnated. When they died in battles, the Lord Buddha would use the power of the Transmigration Pool to complete their souls, and only then send them into the transmigration. With that, they could enjoy a new life in splendor and wealth while also having an excellent innate talent.

The Buddhist League promised that once these cultivators had enjoyed everything, missionary disciples would be sent to bring them back, and they would be trained to become Arhats at the very least. An Arhat could control a densely populated planet in a small heavenly realm, which was much better than being an itinerant cultivator who was so lowly ranked on Pangu Continent.

It was because of such promises and generous incentives that the alliance, the itinerant Immortals, and cultivators had done so much damage to Great Yu. While these cultivators did not even care about their lives, how many soldiers did Great Yu have to sacrifice in order to bring an end to the war?

Wu Qi sucked in a cold breath. Who on earth made the plan? How could it be so cruel and decisive? And what exactly was the purpose of this plan?

Overall, Myriad Immortal Alliance was a total loser in this scheme. The Sovereign was seriously wounded and his life was in danger, while a dozen Elders were badly injured, and it was not clear whether they would recover. Not only that, most allies of the alliance had accepted the terms of the Buddhist League, and when they died, they would become disciples of the Buddhist League. None of this would do the alliance any good. What were they trying to achieve then?

Madman Xue could not answer Wu Qi's question either. He and Lao Ai were merely Yab-Yum's new disciples, and although they were ordered to come to Pangu Continent with a large number of monks to create troubles, because they had not been able to get close to the inner circle, they could not make sense out of all this either.

In the end, it seemed that only the Buddhist League had benefited the most.

How many allies did the alliance have in Pangu Continent? Each province might have only thousands or tens of thousands of Immortals. But, Great Yu had over ten thousand first-grade provinces, and each had three hundred smaller provinces under them. Based on this calculation, the total number of allies was an incredible number. If so many allies joined the Buddhist League, its strength would definitely be greatly improved.

And in the process, the Buddhist League was constantly recruiting common people who had lost their homes. For Buddhist monks, natural treasures, spirit herbs, and immortal stones were important, but their strength was based on the number of believers. For high-ranking Buddhist cultivator, such as Bodhisattva and Buddha, the more believers they had, the stronger their foundations and overall strength would be.

It was as if the alliance was the cannon fodder, and all the benefits were taken by Buddhist League.

Wu Qi did not believe that the alliance was such a self-sacrificial existence. What the Sovereign's son, Li Qinghua, had done showed that the alliance was not a kind organization. So, what exactly did the Myriad Immortal Alliance want to achieve? Why did they involve Patriarch Miao Ying, and even important ministers of the Heaven? And, there was also Liu Bang, the Celestial Ambassador appointed by the Heaven!

What exactly did they want to achieve?

Patting Madman Xue's bald head, Wu Qi said in a deep voice, "Go back and tell your master that..."

Madman Xue grinned and nodded. "Master had said that we just have to follow in the back and pick up anything that is good!" He continued scornfully, "We know these bald donkeys are plotting something, but what does that matter to us? It is a sin to let the good slip in front of you and not take it!"

Wu Qi clapped his hand cheerfully and laughed. "You're absolutely right!"

After considering for a moment, Wu Qi whispered a few words to Madman Xue, then the two looked at each other and nodded at the same time. Without saying another word, Wu Qi punched Madman Xue on the shoulder and broke his shoulder blade, while Madman Xue took out a Muni Pearl which Yab-Yum had given him before he left and hit Wu Qi in the face.

With their injuries, the two leaped into the sky and flew in the direction of the flying ships, one fleeing in the front and one chasing from the back.

But this time, Wu Qi was in the front and Madman Xue was in the back, constantly attacking him with the pearl, breaking his bones and limbs.

When Wu Qi escaped back to the flying ship, he immediately ordered a retreat. Upon seeing that even Wu Qi had lost, Huang Liang and the others quickly wheeled the flying ships and fled. While laughing, Madman Xue ordered Yizhu and the other monks not to pursue, but to continue recruiting new believers.

After fleeing tens of thousands of miles, when Wu Qi was about to find a place to stop, there was suddenly an emergency communication coming from the voice transmission array in the ship!

The Celestial Ambassador, Liu Bang, was made the target of an assassination attempt in Huangsha Province and was critically injured!

The assassin was Jing Mo, the Left Military Minister of Huangsha Province!

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