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The eminent monk had an ugly face dotted with pimple scars—he was Madman Xue, Lao Ai's beloved disciple! He wore a golden kasaya over a pale bluish-white robe; around his neck was hung a string of colorful beads, each as large as a fist; and he pretentiously carried a string of pink prayer beads made of some unknown material on his left hand. Stepping atop the lotus flowers, he assumed a solemn appearance of an eminent monk, looking up at the sky.

But, he did not have the temperament, so the attire made him look more like an upstart than an eminent monk. And, the lip print on his cheek had clearly revealed that he was a monk who did not follow the rituals.

However, at the sight of him, Yizhu immediately put on a flattering smile, bowing and hurrying over like a grandson paying his respect to the grandfather. "This little monk is guilty to have troubled Your Venerable..." he said in a low voice, "it is just that when this little monk was preaching here with a few Junior Brothers, we bumped into this rude and unreasonable man who demanded us to leave Zhong Province! And, he even ruthlessly killed two of this little monk's Junior Brothers!"

"En!" Madman Xue responded in an ostentatious manner, and only then turned to look at Wu Qi.

His body gave a hard jerk when he saw Wu Qi's face and the faint smile. Shocked and outraged, he glared at Yizhu, and as he was about to scold the fat monk, Wu Qi suddenly stepped out of the flying ship and bellowed, "Is this evil monk here to ask for death? Take this punch!"

As he leaped across the air, Wu Qi winked at Madman Xue. Noticing that, the ugly monk cried out; countless pink lotus petals emerged and swirled around him as he clasped both palms together to unleash a beam of light. Both strikes collided. The punch, although it looked fierce and powerful, did not come with any force, and the beam of light had only produced some ripples in the air.

"Is that all you've got?" Laughing wildly, Madman Xue pointed his fingers out repeatedly, unleashing dozens of thumb-sized thunder flames, each glinting with a pale pinkish gleam as they flew across the air amidst pale golden lights. They exploded upon touching Wu Qi's skin, producing sounds similar to the moans let out by young girls when they reached their climax. The thunder-flame was not strong, but the moans came with a peculiar power that could stir one's soul.

Wu Qi frowned. The moan had no effect on him, but all the monks around them, including Yizhu, were flushed to the ears, with little tents erecting between their legs. Cursing under his breath for Madman Xue's absurd and obscene trick, Wu Qi quickly gave him another wink. Soon after, the two of them flew towards the ruins of Jianfeng City while still fighting each other, which had turned into a lava lake now.

When they were tens of miles away, Wu Qi growled over his shoulder, "Take those bald donkeys down!"

After feeding Huang Liang with uncountable amounts of money and pretty girls, then overwhelming him with his frightening strength, Wu Qi had turned him into the most loyal lapdog. At the command, he immediately waved his hand and shouted, "Attack!"

Several hundred Oracles standing on the decks raised their hands at the same time, unleashing countless bone arrows toward Yizhu and his fellow monks. The arrows gleamed sharply, and shrill ghost howls could be heard coming out of the tailing black smoke. Some Oracles even attacked with the forces of elements, such as earth, fire, wind, and thunder. For a moment, the sky was blotted with strong wind, thunderbolts, and flames, while meteors whistled down towards the monks.

And, the attacks were mixed with the arrows and bolts released by the soldiers. Being fired from specially made bows and crossbows, they were very powerful, and managed to wound seventeen or eighteen monks by surprise. Dark green blood splattered from their wounds—the arrows were poisonous, a queer poison that even the Arhats, who were as strong as Heaven Immortals, could not resist.

Trembling with rage, Yizhu gave Wu Qi and Madman Xue a glance, who were flying further away as they fought. He gritted his teeth and growled, "My fellow Junior Brothers, let's release these vile spawns from the purgatory! Damn it! I thought we were dealing with a lucrative task this time, yet in the end, we still have to risk our lives?" With a shake of his staff, a sheet of golden light sprung out and had him protected within. After that, he began to counterattack with various Buddhist techniques.

The soldiers whom Wu Qi had sent to dig out the people trapped under the collapsed buildings were back. Upon seeing that a group of monks was fighting fiercely with those on the flying ships, they immediately fell into formations and joined the battle. Waving hands and intoning spells, the Oracles on the ships sprinkled sheets of lights onto these soldiers, which instantly improved their combative strength.

While both sides were locked in a fierce battle, Wu Qi had led Madman Xue to the ruins of Jianfeng City, several hundred miles away.

Hiding in a small hollow melted out by the Immortal's True Flame, Wu Qi gave Madman Xue's bald head a smack with his knuckle and said, "So... after climbing up the high branch of a Gold Immortal, both of you have forgotten to even send me a message, huh? How did you become the Venerable One of... Yab-Yum? What tricks are you playing now?"

Madman Xue looked at Wu Qi with a sad face as he buried his head in his hands and said, "Don't beat me, I'll tell you everything!"

Then, he began to talk, telling Wu Qi what had happened to him and Lao Ai during the last one year or so.

He started from the incident of Miao Ying Palace. After the event, while Wu Qi walked away with the innate chaotic spirit body, his scheme had dragged Feng Lingling into a deep trouble. Instead of being rewarded for discovering the collusion between King Bai Shan, King Zhang Qiu, and Patriarch Miao Ying, Feng Lingling was jointly pressured by them, with one pulling the strings in Great Yu's imperial court and the other using her identity as a Celestial Lord in the Heaven. In the end, he was pushed to a dead end.

After Feng Lingling retreated from Zhong Ning City, Lao Ai returned to Miao Ying Palace and spent most of his time with Goddess Miao Xin. As his proud disciple, Madman Xue had also seduced dozens of junior disciples in Miao Ying Palace, drawing their Yin energy on a daily basis to improve his own cultivation base. Lao Ai's Great Sun Technique was truly an evil and remarkable technique; with it and just a few months of time, Madman Xue managed to become a Heaven Immortal.

And, Lao Ai had obtained a greater benefit by having dual-cultivation with Goddess Miao Xin. After all, she was a Gold Immortal, and any little bit of Yin energy she gave him was comparable to an ordinary Heaven Immortal's thousands of years of hard work. Therefore, in just a few months of time, his cultivation base had skyrocketed into the level of a high-tier Heaven Immortal.

While the master-and-disciple took Miao Ying Palace as their paradise and indulged in pleasures, the Elders of Myriad Immortal Alliance, some Celestial Lord of the Heaven, Yab-Yum, and a few other important figures suddenly came to visit. After a closed-door discussion with these men, Patriarch Miao Ying ordered Goddess Miao Xin to lead a group of disciples and work closely with them.

Although Yab-Yum had only stayed in Miao Ying Palace for a few hours, he had taken a liking on Lao Ai, because in addition to the Great Sun Technique, Lao Ai had also cultivated the Dhyana Technique of Great Delight, and his Prime magical treasure was the Wheel of Delight, an evil Buddhist treasure. With just a few words, Yab-Yum convinced Patriarch Miao Ying and took Lao Ai as his personal disciple. As a result, Madman Xue had also been promoted to the Arya 1 of Missionary [1], a rather important and powerful position in Ruyi Heavenly Realm.

Yab-Yum was pleasantly surprised when he found that both Lao Ai and Madman Xue had Nine Coiling Dragons Penises, so he personally transmitted his cultivation base to them and forcibly elevated them to the level of peak Heaven Immortals.

Wu Qi's lips twitched when he heard that. It had taken him a great effort to attain the cultivation base of peak first-tier Heaven Immortal realm, yet this pair of master-and-disciple got such a great benefit from just changing a master?

He cast a stern glance at the lucky Madman Xue, then snorted coldly and asked, "What the hell are you trying to achieve?"

Knowing that Wu Qi had something on his master, Madman Xue quickly told him the story behind Myriad Immortal Alliance, not daring to hide anything.

As Wu Qi had expected, Myriad Immortal Alliance intended to stir up a war between Great Yu and the Immortals on Pangu Continent, to fill the lands with battles so that the people would be forced to leave their homes, and eventually, allowing Buddhist League to preach and recruit new believers.

But, that was only part of the entire plan. The alliance was a chess piece in someone's hand, whose sole purpose was to provoke a dispute. If truth be told, they had already found a perfect excuse for the alliance's crazy attacks—the Sovereign and tens of Elders of the alliance were seriously injured by some King from the Great Yu's Imperial Clan!

Actually, the Sovereign's other identity was the nephew of an almighty expert in the Heaven. He was badly wounded now, but the spirit herbs that could heal him were nowhere to be found, and thus, he might die at any time! As the nephew of an important figure in the Heaven, a Primordial Immortal himself, the death of a person like this would certainly cause a very serious consequence.

In terms of reasons, the alliance's attack against Great Yu was justifiable.

And, as they had provided evidence, their action of destroying over two hundred cities with meteors was justifiable as well!

Meanwhile, instead of discussing the matter with the Human Emperor in Liangzhu, Liu Bang was purposely visiting different provinces in the name of mediating the dispute, but what he actually did was to mess things up! Also, he had to make sure that Great Yu held an absolute advantage over the Immortals—the more Immortals were killed the better!

"The deliberately let those Immortals die? Are they mad?" asked Wu Qi as he stared at Madman Xue, aghast.

Rolling his eyes, Madman Xue answered with a wry smile, "Who says these Immortals are dead?"

Wu Qi's heart jerked as he grabbed Madman Xue's shoulder.

Arya (Sanskrit, also ārya; Pāli: ariya) is a term frequently used in Buddhism that can be translated as "noble", "not ordinary", "valuable", "precious", "pure", etc. Arya in the sense of "noble" or "exalted" is frequently used in Buddhist texts to designate a spiritual warrior or hero.

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