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It was a clean strike, without any fancy moves or whatsoever, and didn't even stir up a wisp of wind. Everyone just saw the sword slash down and heard a shrill whistle, then Reverend Li Yang was seen retreating. The void behind his back had shattered, forming a black hole that sucked him in. Even though he was quick to dodge, the sword still kissed him slightly, tearing out a long, thin gash from the corner of his left eye to the chin.

A fine spray of blood flowered behind his head. The sword intent that came with the sword had pierced his head, ripped open his skull, and caused severe damage to his brain. An injury such as this was nothing serious for a Gold Immortal, and could be healed with just a little bit of immortal energy. However, the sword intent had pulverized his brain, wounded his immortal soul, and destroyed some of his memories. In other words, Reverend Li Yang had suffered some losses on his enlightenment of the Heavenly Dao.

One thousand feet away, Reverend Li Yang suddenly emerged out of the void. Golden-purple blood was trickling down from his orifices, and his aura had reduced by a large margin. Shockingly, his cultivation base had dropped from seventh tier to eighth tier Gold Immortal realm. Although the sword did not kill him, it had caused him a great loss by taking away one tier off his cultivation base.

It often took one hundred thousand years, if not more, for a lower-tier Heaven Immortal to step up another tier in his cultivation base. As for Gold Immortal realm, he would have to rely entirely on his own enlightenment of the Heavenly Dao, and would not achieve anything of significance without spending several Aeons of time.

Reverend Li Yang was from Green City, and the Ancestral Master was his grandfather. Ever since he was a child, he had consumed countless spirit herbs and pills, and was taught all kinds of knowledge and principles. And, after he became a Gold Immortal, the many Elders of Green City were always providing him guidance, teaching him everything that a Gold Immortal should know.

Therefore, he managed to effortlessly break through to the realm of seventh tier Gold Immortal. It was an incredible speed, just slightly slower than that of Lady Dark Gold Water, which made him a rare young talent. But, if truth be told, it had taken nearly one hundred Periods of time, countless spirit herbs of Green City, and the great effort of all the Elders to push him from the realm of eighth tier to seventh tier Gold Immortal. As such, Bo Yunting's attack had destroyed not only one tier of his cultivation base, but also the countless resources and efforts Green City had poured into him.

Reverend Li Yang lifted his hand and lightly stroke the fine gash on his face, then suddenly broke into a hysterical howl, "How dare you! Do you know that you've just assaulted the Celestial Ambassador's squire, his registrar? You unscrupulous fool... You dare to hurt me?"

The squire and registrar of the Celestial Ambassador? 'It looks like he has climbed up a high branch, hasn't he?' thought Wu Qi with a cold grin. A registrar was considered an intimate subordinate, as his work was to handle all kinds of paperwork, sort out letters, official documents, and manage some other trifling matters. Since the current Celestial Ambassador was the Immortal King conferred by the Heaven, it made Reverend Li Yang the intimate subordinate of an Immortal King, and his official rank in the Heaven should be comparable to that of an ordinary Heaven Lord.

But, the fact was that the official rank of Heaven was not very useful on Pangu Continent. Wu Qi looked at Reverend Li Yang gloatingly, and wished Bo Yunting could give him a few more strikes. It would be best if he was brought down to the realm of Heaven Immortal. If that really happened, Wu Qi wouldn't mind sprinkling salt on his wounds, and would immediately find a way to kill this fellow!

Bo Yunting paid no mind to Reverend Li Yang and his snarling. Coldly, he swung the sword and flicked away the blood stain, then returned it to the scabbard before turning to the chariot in the sky as he said, "Please look after your dog, Celestial Ambassador. If he barks again, I don't mind killing all your dogs!"

"How dare you!" A voice boomed down from the sky. When Wu Qi looked up, he saw a twelve feet tall man with a stocky body, clad in a golden-green armor and holding two nine-feet long halberds, leaping off the sky.

Wu Qi's brows pricked. He did not see this burly man through his divine sense just now. He gave the first chariot a glance suspiciously, and saw a faint smoke lingering about it. Clearly, something peculiar had blocked the probing of his divine sense, and the burly man was leaping out from behind the smoke.

While frowning, he turned his divine sense to the burly man. It appeared that the man was clad in an extraordinary armor; in Wu Qi's divine sense, he saw the big guy being surrounded by nine layers of immortal light, all gleaming brightly. No matter how hard he tried, he could not penetrate the immortal light and find out the man's actual overall strength.

The big guy plunged down like a meteorite plummeting from the sky, two heavy halberds raised over his shoulders. While roaring, Bo Yunting drew his sword with his right hand as a half-moon-shaped shield appeared in his left, and he greeted the approaching halberds with a backhanded slash.

A loud crashing of metal on metal burst out. Bo Yunting staggered dozens of steps backward before falling on his back as strength left his legs, sending wisps of cloud drifting everywhere. On the opposite side, the burly man howled furiously as his body bounced dozens of miles up into the sky like a ball. Wu Qi could see that both of his halberds were marked with a deep dent, which seemed to almost break them in half.

But clearly, the halberds were immortal items of excellent quality. Although they were damaged, their roots were unhurt. They were healing, but as the dents were slowly closing up, the gleam on their surfaces had become faded, and the two tigers carved on the shafts looked listless, as if they had just been castrated.

Bo Yunting sprung to his feet, raising his sword with a shivering right hand. The sword that glinted brilliantly once had turned dull, with two obvious chips on the edge, while its flat sides were full of cracks that distributed like spiderwebs. The impact seemed to have rendered it completely useless.

The weapons forged by Great Yu's military did not have so many mysterious features as the immortal items used by the Immortals. What they offered was toughness, flexibility, and weight. It was rare for them to enhance the weapons with elemental damages, such as wind, rain, or lightning. Even if Bo Yunting's sword were shattered to pieces, so long as all the fragments were collected and thrown back into a forge, it would be an excellent weapon in no time. On the contrary, the two halberds of the burly man were marked with deep dents; the damage was so serious that it would take a long time for it to fully recover.

Bo Yunting threw away the sword and gave the shield on his left hand a strong slap. "What a man!" He praised, "Much better than that mad dog! And, he makes me think more highly of the Celestial Ambassador!"

Four chariots slowly descended from the sky along with all the soldiers and beautiful girls. The bead curtains of the first chariot slowly parted, from behind which came walking out dozens of female Immortals with peerless beauty, all clad in extremely thin dresses such that they were almost naked. Between them was a man, the Immortal King, who dressed like an emperor and had a stately face, but with an expression that did not seem to match his appearance.

The burly man who was knocked away by Bo Yunting just now landed on the cloud platform with a thud; he put away his halberds and strode to the Immortal King, carefully waiting on the side. While laughing, the Immortal King gave the man a slap on the shoulder, then cocked his head and said, "Bo Yunting, the third son of Bo Zhongfu... You are a famous young talent of Great Yu, but I am not afraid of you, because I have Fan Kuai protecting me!"

Bo Yunting put away his shield as he cast a stern glance at Fan Kuai, then nodded and said, "I'll remember you!"

The burly man had an ugly face with facial muscles that kept twitching, making him look like a devil. He laughed hoarsely, pointed a finger at Bo Yunting, and said, "Boy, sooner or later, I'll cut your..."

The Immortal King, Liu Bang, interrupted Fan Kuai's fierce threat with a snort. Then, he squinted at Bo Yunting and said, "Fan Kuai likes dog meat best. He wanted to say that he will cut off the head of a black dog and treat General Bo with a dog meat stew! Well, well... Great Yu... Hahaha… Yu, Xia, Shang, Zhou [1]… Little did I expect that Great Yu actually originated from Pangu Continent! Amazing, how amazing!"

Holding his chest out, Liu Bang beckoned over his shoulder, and as if there were no outsiders around, he said, "My dear subjects, come here and have a look at the army of the human race on Pangu Continent. See how does it compare to our army in the past? It is a very strong army, isn't it? Would it be good if the army belonged to me! Then, I can use them to exterminate the two old useless neighbors of ours!"

Wu Qi squinted his eyes. Was Liu Bang shooting his mouth off on purpose or was it his nature? Wouldn't it be shallow if it were intentional? But, could that really be his nature? An emperor who acted and talked like a hooligan?

Two middle-aged men dressed like scholars and a gallant-looking young man clad in a black armor walked out of the three chariots behind. They came over and stood beside Liu Bang, when suddenly, their auras fused into one with him, filling the air with an immense might that caused Bo Yunting to step back in terror.

Wu Qi gave the three men a deep look. The two scholars ignored his glance, but the young man in black armor suddenly turned around and stared back at him. The gaze was like a sharp blade that made his eyes ache.

With a frown on his brows, Wu Qi exercised the Chaotic Divine Eyes and shot out a beam of light towards the youth. With his eyes grew growing wide, the youth stared back with an even fiercer look. As soon as their gazes met in the air, a loud boom rang out, and both immediately squatted down and covered their eyes with their hands. Both of them had their eyes turned red and swollen, with tears trickling down, which made them look rather miserable.

Liu Bang looked at Wu Qi in surprise. Then, he shook his head, turned around, and beckoned at the Blue Phoenix Rock.

"Fairy Phoenix, Hua Qingfeng? You have a nice figure, and I suppose you must have a beautiful face as well. Well, as the King of Han conferred by the Heaven, I think I am more than worthy of you. So, you are my concubine now, and we'll sleep in the same bed tonight!"

Startled by Liu Bang's words, Bo Yunting, Wu Qi, and all the military officers looked speechlessly at each other. However, those around him did not turn a hair, as if they were already used to that.

Fairy Phoenix, who stood in midair above Blue Phoenix Rock, was struck dumb. "Why are you insulting me like that, Immortal King?"

Liu Bang rolled his eyes, and his expression suddenly changed.

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