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Standing on the city wall, Wu Qi was clad in a hard-shell armor over a leather jerkin. The pale green armor was about half an inch thick, and made of shell taken from some unknown large beetle. The armor was tightly wrapped around his body, but it did not interfere with his movement. Instead, he was shrouded by a gust of soft breeze when he walked, which could greatly improve his combative strength.

Yu He had purchased this armor through his private channels. Although it looked plain and without any decorative patterns, it was a high-quality armor made by the great craftsman of Liangzhu, having an astonishing defensive strength that was capable of resisting a full powered attack unleashed by an upper-tier Heaven Immortal with an immortal item. No Heaven Immortals below the twelfth tier could do Wu Qi harm before the energy of the inlaid immortal stones was fully depleted.

With a Dragon Hunting Crossbow in his hands, loaded with a bone bolt that was engraved with a powerful corrosive spell, Wu Qi smiled and looked up at the Heaven Immortals who were hovering in the air, about one mile from the wall. For a full hour, he and these Heaven Immortals had been yelling and cursing at each other. The dozens of them were rendered completely speechless by him, their faces turning blue with rage from his rich, almost unimaginably queer curses.

All sorts of vicious, slanderous, profane, and obscene curses that came from the internet on the Earth were a real eye-opener to the captains and soldiers around him. If the Heaven Immortals had not attained their immortal bodies and were free from any cardiovascular diseases, the sheer amount of rage might have already killed a few of them.

A rather pretty female Immortal, clad in a palace dress and having two large flowers pinned to her hair, so gorgeously dressed that she looked like a matchmaker rather than an attacker, rolled her eyes angrily as she pointed a finger at Wu Qi and snapped, "I'll not waste any more breath with someone as rude as you! If you consider yourself a man, come out here and fight me in a real battle!"

While smiling, Wu Qi gestured at the female Immortal and said, "Go out there and fight you in a real battle? Woman, do you think I'm stupid? So many of you are waiting out there in such a fierce manner… Why should I go out and let you have a siege on me?"

The female Immortal paused for a brief while, glancing at her companions. "I promise you that if you come out, no one will besiege you!"

Wu Qi sighed, then burst into a loud laughter as he beckoned to the female Immortal with his index finger and said, "Why don't you come into the city and meet me in the drill ground? I promise you with my honor that I'll never let my captains besiege you!"

Her expression changed slightly. How could she have the courage to enter the city and fight Wu Qi, when the defensive strength of Ningbo City had increased significantly? Not only the female Immortal, even the other Heaven Immortals had their faces turned unsightly. With so many archers and the two hundred Fire Souls Destroyers on the wall, there was no way they could break through the city's defense.

After considering for a brief moment, the female Immortal's voice suddenly became very soft. "Why must we be so aggressive towards each other? So long as Hai Province releases fellow Daoist Yao Yue and his clan members, Myriad Immortal Alliance has no intention to drag everyone into a war."

Wu Qi shook his head. "Stop using that evil Yao Yue as an excuse," he said coolly. "That guy and his clan members are destined to be sacrificed to the ghosts and deities. He has a bad record, and his behavior has greatly violated the law of Great Yu. If we don't punish him with torture, how can we make sure that you, the itinerant cultivators, still have respect for the Human Emperor of Great Yu?"

The female Immortal and her companions exchanged a glance, then all softened their tones at the same time and just kept persuading Wu Qi. They did not scold or call for a duel, but instead, tried to reason with him in a calm manner. The female Immortal even resorted to sentimental excuse, telling Wu Qi with a sad voice that there were a few young children among Reverend Yao Yue's clan members, and it would be inhumane for him to sacrifice them to the ghosts and deities.

Wu Qi frowned and looked at Yu He standing beside him. Both men shared the same confused expression.

The mannerism of these Immortals and the three black-clothed Daoists who visited them some days ago was completely different! Since when did the Immortals of Myriad Immortal Alliance become so nice and patient? Especially after they had just ruthlessly killed a team of scouts sent out by Ningbo City… Could they be frightened by Yu Huai's cruel tactics, stunned by Wu Qi's foul curses, or stupefied by Ningbo City's formidable defensive strength?

The dozens of Heaven Immortals hovered in mid-air and chattered like a group of noisy flies, criticizing the officials of Hai Province for wiping out Mount Moon Gazing. They deliberately talked very loud, so that their voices could penetrate the defensive barrier and be clearly heard by the hundreds of thousands of people in the city.

However, after seeing that Wu Qi and Yu He were assuming an indifferent attitude towards their reasoning and begging, the Heaven Immortals quickly took on a different tone. Suddenly, they became very aggressive, and with fingers pointing at the two, they threatened using the most direct words, that if Hai Province refused to release Reverend Yao Yue and his clan members, Myriad Immortal Alliance would certainly destroy Ningbo City, leaving the entire Hai Province in ruins.

Wu Qi still turned a deaf ear to the threats. He would be interested in sending them to reincarnation if they put on a desperate fight. However, although they were aggressive at first, they had quickly become as weak as quails in a storm, and he was not even in the mood to bully them.

Although their tones had turned frosty and harsh now, Wu Qi could see that there was a certain degree of weakness behind their stern masks. If he were to rush out of the defensive barrier and attack these Heaven Immortals, and if he just killed a random Immortal, the others would surely flee. At that point in time, he would have to chase them all over the world. Wouldn't that be troublesome?

Even so, he was annoyed by them, as they did not attack or flee, but just kept nagging over his head. What the hell were they doing?

With a bitter smile, Wu Qi made a gesture towards the dozens of Heaven Immortals and said, "Well, it is not worth wasting my breath with you anymore. All the captains with the cultivation base of First Pangu Heaven, listen up! Come with me… It's time to kill this group of annoying rascals!"

Among the private guards Yu He brought here, dozens of captains whose cultivation base was strong enough to rival Heaven Immortals responded with a thunderous roar. They crushed their bone talismans and protected themselves with various spells, then set foot on roiling purple mists as they rushed towards the Heaven Immortals along with Wu Qi.

High up in the sky, at an altitude where the largest ocean on Pangu Continent looked like a tiny blue bead, was the outer space of Pangu Continent. Here, countless meteors were constantly flying by, and from time to time, auroras would sway and swirl. Three Immortals in golden robes were hovering in this space, locking up Ningbo City with their powerful divine sense.

"Why should we be so careful?" One of the Immortals complained, "It is just a ninth-grade province! And, even if they have an ambush hiding somewhere, how can they hurt us? That bunch of rubbishes are throwing Myriad Immortal Alliance's face by wasting their breath there."

"It doesn't matter to lose face, just don't lose your life!" Another Immortal said coolly, "Now the Sovereign has been seriously injured, if we are not careful, we might be killed by the army of King Yang Qiu. We have only one life, so it's better to be cautious!"

"That's true. What we do this time will certainly shake Great Yu and the Heaven, and if we are not careful... hehe, it will be considered light if they just smash us to pieces!" The last Immortal took a deep breath and said in a low voice, "See those soldiers and defensive equipment on the wall? They are prepared... But, although such military force can pose some threat to Heaven Immortals, they are useless against us! Haha!"

The three golden-robed Immortals burst into laughter, shaking their heads as they watched the Heaven Immortals down below flee in panic under the attack of Wu Qi and the dozens of captains.

As soon as the fight broke out, Wu Qi enveloped the surroundings with a great sheet of Shen energy. Under his control, the captains were able to see those Heaven Immortals, but the latter were confused by the mirage, and had completely lost their sense of direction, causing their overall strength to be reduced by at least sixty percent. As they did not possess overly strong cultivation bases or immortal items, in less than fifteen minutes, Wu Qi and his captains had killed all the Heaven Immortals, except for the three female Immortals!

The three female Immortals were captured alive by Yu He's private guards, who wore strange smiles. Wu Qi knew that female Immortals and cultivators were very popular among the powerful and influential people in Great Yu, and they took it as a great pride to own a few female cultivators as slaves. The three of them were thirtieth tier Heaven Immortals, and they were also beautiful. Yu He could always keep them for himself, or he could also sell them and purchase at least a few large-scale flying ships.

Wu Qi ignored what those guards were doing. It was the hidden rule of Pangu Continent, and he had no intention of being a hero.

He was wondering why Myriad Immortal Alliance sent this group of half-baked Heaven Immortals here. Although they had killed twelve soldiers and tried to sneak attack Wu Qi with the art of zombies, their cultivation bases were too weak to cause any harm... So, what were they really doing here?

Even if their motive was to find some clues about the enemy's side, was it necessary to sacrifice dozens of Heaven Immortals?

High up in the sky, the three golden-robed Immortals put a jade slip that could record images into their sleeves at the same time.

"The evidence is complete," one of them sighed and said. "Hai Province abducted ab ally of Myriad Immortal Alliance for no reason. Infuriated by this, the allies gathered outside Ningbo City and demanded the release of the captives. But, the officials in the city flagrantly slaughtered fifty-seven allies and captured three of them... That forced us, the Myriad Immortal Alliance, to retaliate!"

Another Immortal nodded. "I've studied the surroundings when they were fighting, and I found no unusual activity, inside or outside Ningbo City. If we strike now, they can be caught off guard. And even if there is an ambush, we can still escape smoothly."

The last Immortal nodded heavily. The three of them exchanged a glance, then each took a different position and released a massive power of Gold Immortal at the same time!

A meteor measuring thirty thousand miles in diameter passed by them, but was forcibly imprisoned by the power of Gold Immortal. Amidst a dull rumbling, the colossal meteor was compressed to just hundreds of miles in diameter. Then, with a wave of their hands, it abruptly turned into a beam of strong light and plummeted to the ground.

Three golden-robed Immortals followed behind it, their hands performing various incantation gestures to wrap the meteor with layer after layer of powerful spells.

Suddenly, a small sun appeared in the sky, its dazzling rays lighting up Ningbo City and the region millions of miles around it.

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