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"Satisfying, this is really satisfying!"

Wu Qi was standing on top of the city wall while holding a shield over his head. The shield was wrapped in three layers of wild buffalo's skin and reinforced with a half-inch thick copper plate from the back. With his face melting in a smile, he watched the fierce battle outside the city. The concentrated prickles poured down from the sky like a rain, hitting on his shield and kept producing popping noises. Yet, none of them could hurt even a tiny hair of his.

The barbarian tide outside the city was indeed frightening. However, it seemed these barbarians who came aggressively didn't have a good teamwork. It was as if different tribes had their own motives. Taking those bird barbarians above as an example, if they had launched their attacks earlier, the barbarians on the ground wouldn't have had to suffer such a heavy loss once those soldiers who controlled the Mo Machines were killed.

In addition to that, the barbarian beast warriors on the east of the city didn't assault with their full strength. They were merely provoking the firepower of Mo Machines half-heartedly. Although a lot of their wild beasts were killed and wounded, the barbarians who controlled these creatures didn't suffer too much of a loss. As for the three barbarian beast warriors who were killed by Mo Machines, it was merely an accident.

If not because the ten Mo Machines from the north of city launched a surprise attack on them, how would those voodoo barbarians who controlled poisonous bugs on the west have suffered any losses? What they needed to do was wait patiently for their bugs to lay siege to the city, and didn't even have to move their fingers.

During the siege a moment ago, among the thirty odd barbarian leaders from the south, a few of them were dancing and jumping in the foremost. Thus, over twenty thousand barbarian fighters under their lead were completely wiped off. Meanwhile, a dozen of other barbarian leaders hesitated their pace, sometimes pushing further, sometimes drawing back a short distance. They too had lost part of their fighters. However, there were five barbarian leaders who appeared to be the strongest among them, and the magical items used by them shone the brightest. The ten thousand fighters behind them charged half a mile before quickly withdrawing back. As a result, they didn't suffer any causalities.

The ones who suffered the heaviest would be the ten thousand barbarian riders on the north, as they just launched a full charge with a simple mind. Yet, this army of barbarian riders who got completely wiped out actually came with full armor and weapons produced by the Lu Kingdom, and they were the one who lost every single man. It seemed there was something mysterious enough behind this that was worth the time to ponder further.

A few prickles brushed through the edge of the shield and fell off to the ground. Wu Qi grabbed over a few of them, conveniently tossing them back towards the outside of the city. A few tiny venomous snakes were slithering towards the city wall, which were nailed right to the ground by the prickles that hit right on the seventh inch of their body.

Holding a similar shield over his head, Zhang Hu was seen leading a group of soldiers, each carrying a fuel barrel, and rushed onto the city wall. A huge amount of fuel was poured down onto the city wall. After that, a couple dozens of burning torches were thrown. In an instant, a fierce flame ignited on the west city wall, enveloping countless poisonous bugs in it. Ear-splitting cries of bugs lingered in the air as they were burned by the leaping flame. A pungent and stinking smell accompanied with dark smoke soared up high into the sky. Amidst this ocean of flame, noises of bug exploding could be heard endlessly.

More fuel was poured down from the city wall, as the entire west city wall was now enshrouded in a sea of scorching flame. The ground was covered by a layer of one-foot deep fuel, and the amount guaranteed the flame to keep burning for an hour. With this layer of protection, there was no need to worry about the poisonous bugs who assaulted from the west of the city.

The voodoo barbarians who controlled the poisonous bugs let out a sharp whistle. The black tide of poisonous bugs immediately turned their direction to the north, sprinting and swarming crazily toward those ten Mo Machines. Panic-stricken and despair-filled shrieks were heard from those soldiers who controlled the Mo Machines. They hurriedly ditched the Mo Machine that moved with slow speed and fled towards the north in a sorry state.

Wu Qi rushed his way to the northwest corner of the city wall, grabbed a few jugs of fuel and threw them out with all his strength. Either intentionally or unintentionally, these fuel jugs fell near the Mo Machines, and a large amount of fuel was spilled and smeared all over them. He then threw out a few torches again. Ten Mo Machines were kindled and started to burn fiercely. From within the pitch-black chassis, noises of steel threads breaking could be heard ceaselessly.

These Mo Machines were strategic defensive weapons of Lu Kingdom. Thus, it was impossible that they could fall into the hands of Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng. Since they couldn't be theirs, then the wisest decision would be to obliterate them. If not because the other twenty Mo Machines at the west of the city were too far from here, Wu Qi really wished he could burn them too.

However, what Wu Qi couldn't accomplish himself, those voodoo barbarians had done it.

After the threat from ten Mo Machines that came from the north of the city was gone, those voodoo barbarians, who were always surrounded by a chilly wind, charged forward in a merry mood, pulling and dragging all twenty Mo Machines back to where they came from. Surprisingly, these voodoo barbarians didn't continue to assault the city. They left behind a huge amount of poisonous bugs to tie up the guarding soldiers of Little Meng City, and brought all twenty Mo Machines back into the woods.

Wu Qi was struck dumb by what he saw. Apparently, these voodoo barbarians did know the value of Mo Machine!

The gigantic birds over their head suddenly let out sharp cries, and about half of bird barbarians controlled these giant birds and quickly chased towards the direction where the voodoo barbarians were retreating. Though Little Meng City hadn't yet been captured, it seemed these barbarians had already broken from the inside.

All kind of different thoughts flashed through Wu Qi's mind. He suddenly saw the light to the purpose of this barbarian tide. They had robbed three black stone tablets from the barbarian, thus with the purpose of seeking revenge, the barbarians assembled a large army and came assaulting Little Meng City. However, someone among the barbarians had used this barbarian tide as a tool to weaken the other barbarian tribes.

Since the beginning, these barbarians were not of one mind. That was the reason why the barbarian riders on the north of the city were completely annihilated, the ones on the south suffered a heavy causality, yet, those from the east and west only suffered the loss of many wild beasts and poisonous bugs. If not because of a careless mistake that caused half of the voodoo barbarians to be killed, they should have been all safe and sound.

Seeing those voodoo barbarians obtain the loot, these bird barbarians could no longer hold themselves and rushed to fight for the war trophies.

Wu Qi's restless mind came settling down. Supposedly, compared to the previous barbarian tides mentioned by Zhang Hu and the others, this wave of barbarian tide should be much easier to pass. Although this time, they were visited by an elite army of barbarians, they were actually elites that came with ulterior motives. So, what could they really do to Little Meng City? In addition to that, Luo Kedi and Ma Liang were still resisting them outside the city.

A ferocious wind suddenly came forth from above. Some bird barbarians on the back of a few giant vultures indulged too deep in slaughtering and actually descended their mounts, leaping towards the city wall. Unfortunately, a giant vulture had picked Wu Qi as its target, stretching two large claws and grabbing over at Wu Qi's shield.

Wu Qi snorted coldly. He lifted one of his hand and struck it forward from the side. A vital energy started to spin in his palm, and the invisible air vortex drew out all the airflow underneath the wings of giant vultures. All of a sudden, the giant vultures fell off like a heavy rock. Five bird barbarians who had been laughing sinisterly on the back of it were struck with fright and cried out loud, throwing away the heavy bow in their hand and jumping off the back of the giant vultures.

These five bird barbarians were destined to a poor fate, as they forgot that there was a distance of fifty feet between the vultures and the top of city wall. They also forgot that the city wall of Little Meng City stood thirty feet tall. From the height of eighty feet, they fell straight to the ground. Two barbarians had their necks broken in an instant while the other three had their legs broken.

Wu Qi grabbed on the claw of the giant vulture as the piercing cold innate water energy brought together a gentle wave of force and burst into its body, shattering and crushing all its internal organs into pieces while freezing it into a large piece of ice. He then dragged the vulture and forcefully swung it down from the city wall. Three bird barbarians whose legs had broken let out a shrill cry before all their bones were crushed by the giant vulture which had been frozen into a hard solid ice cube. They died miserably on the spot.

The situation outside of the city had turned into a mess. Under the threat of Mo Machines, the barbarian fighters and beast warriors were backing off slowly. The ocean of wild beasts who kept charging forward had been completely slaughtered, and the uncontrolled poisonous bugs had been burned clean by the flame. Besides the bird barbarians who were still shooting prickles from above, all the other barbarians had retreated to a safe distance.

The sounds of gears moving kept being heard. A couple dozens of tiny bolt holes suddenly opened up on top of thirty odd Mo Machines that could still function properly. A burst of twanging noises burst out from the scene, and nearly one thousand heavy bolts were released and soared into the sky, reaching a high altitude of almost over two thousand feet.

The bird barbarians were caught unprepared. Over three hundred giant vultures and eagles were hit by these heavy bolts. Dead bodies of birds kept falling off from the high altitude while numerous bird barbarians cried out a long, miserable howl before they finally slammed onto the ground and got crushed into a meat paste.

It was a mess outside Little Meng City. Barbarians were peering in the direction of Little Meng City from afar. Taking this opportunity, Luo Kedi and Ma Liang quickly gathered all soldiers who could still fight, and also ordered them to regroup the remaining thirty odd Mo Machines together. At a place two miles east of the city, they formed a defensive circle.

With a pale face, Lu Chengfeng staggered up the city wall and came beside Wu Qi.

"Luckily, those elders from different clans had contributed some local specialty from Meng Mountains. I found a piece of 'Earth-Yin Wood' among them. Using it, I have created twelve array pillars. Now, I've fixed up Grand White Gold Dagger Array around all four city gates. Anyone who dares to breach the city, they will be faced with a certain death!"

After advancing into Respiration tier of Xiantian realm, the innate energy Lu Chengfeng could use had increased a lot, and its concentration had improved greatly as well. As a result, it became easier for him to use the Little 25th Lamp. When Wu Qi was watching the battle on city wall just now, he had quickly created the array pillars of Grand White Gold Dagger Array at the back. In just a short one hour, he managed to smoothly fix up four Grand White Gold Dagger Arrays near the surroundings of the city gates.

Wu Qi nodded his head pleasedly. "We don't have to worry much this time. Judging from what I saw, Luo Kedi and his men didn't bring too many heavy bolts here. With these four Grand White Gold Dagger Arrays, there won't be any problem in defending our city."

After spending some time staring at Little Meng City from afar, a barbarian leader suddenly came out from the crowd. A grayish white flying dagger was seen hovering above his head, and a few feet long beam was shooting out from its tip. Under the protection of a few beast warriors, this barbarian leader walked slowly toward the city gate where Wu Qi and others were standing.

The barbarian leader stopped moving further at the distance of three hundred feet away from the city. He stared at Wu Qi and asked with a loud voice, "Can you guys make decisions here?"

Wu Qi cast his eyes on Lu Chengfeng, then raised his voice and replied, "Of course we can! The mayor of the city is standing right in front of you!"

The barbarian leader nodded his head and continued shouting loudly, "You know our purpose of coming here! You had robbed the stone tablets inherited from our ancestors. We come here on the orders came from the elder council of 'Brotherhood of Mountains', the strongest tribe in Meng Mountains! But, we're not the match of yours, and you have killed all riders and slaughtered all the fighters deployed by them. We want a talk with you!"

Wu Qi responded with a snap, "What talk do you want?"

"Tell us where the people who robbed our legacy went, and we'll leave immediately. Or else, we will be forced to continue attacking you." said the barbarian leader.

In a frightening manner, he threw his eyes over at Luo Kedi and his men, who had formed into a circular line of defense. The barbarian leader made a complaint, "If not because you guys suddenly got those heavy bolts which could cause such severe damage, we would have already captured your city. But because of this reinforcement, the fighters from Brotherhood of Mountains have been completely wiped off. So, we won't be blamed for the failure of this battle. Just tell us where the stone tablets have been sent to, and we'll retreat immediately. We will create no more trouble with Little Meng City!"

Wu Qi pondered for some moments. He gave Lu Chengfeng a look, and while both of them were exchanging glances, a rapid clatter that sounded like the muffled thunder of summer day was heard all of a sudden from the only road that led to the outside world.

The ground was shaking, and dust was seen soaring high up into the sky in the far distance. Approximately fifteen minutes later, a troop of cavalries clad in grayish green heavy armor, mounted on large double-horned beasts, was approaching at a lighting speed. Behind this troop of cavalries, a long parade, consisting of twenty thousand soldiers, was marching forth quickly.

Leading in front of the cavalries was a luxurious flying coach, hovering and flying three feet above the ground, and pulled by three tricolors elks.

An extraordinarily beautiful lady stretched out half of her upper body from a window anxiously. From far away, she had started to cry and yell at the top of her voice.

"My son, Chengfeng, don't be scared! Mama is here, and nobody can touch even a single hair of yours!"

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