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Half a month had passed since Wu Qi led the army to destroy Mount Moon Gazing. The reputation of Great Yu scaled to a new height after the strongest immortal power in Hai Province was wiped out, causing the Immortals and itinerant cultivators in the province to stay low for the moment. Before they could learn about the true strength of the current Prefecture Overseer, no one dared to act wantonly and recklessly like before.

For a moment, Hai Province was at peace, and everything was carried out according to Yu He's will in a well-organized manner.

There was an extremely fertile land in the southeast area of Hai Province. It was a region with lush vegetation, countless wild animals, fruits ready to be harvested twice, thrice, or even four times a year, and innumerable mineral veins. The weather was favorable all year round, with no snow and storms. It could be described as the land of abundance. A land measuring millions of miles in circumference sloped from the mountains in the south and into the ocean, forming a peninsula with complicated coastlines and many deep-water harbors. The water around it was filled with schools of fishes, making them the perfect fishing grounds.

At the moment, from each of the five counties of Hai Province, two hundred thousand people had parted from their homes and were heading southeast, bringing along all their belongings in large carts.

The one million people were the reward Yu He had promised Wu Qi, who would become the people of his private territory. Each of them was given a bone talisman produced by the Oracles, and as they traveled across the vast expanse of land, natural energy constantly flowed into the talismans and turned into a magical force that went into their bodies. With the help of the talismans, these common people could travel tens of thousands of miles every day without a single pause.

Wu Qi had also dispatched elites of Scouting Office to guide them, as well as protect them from being harmed by the savage beasts, poisonous bugs, ferocious demons, and ghosts along the way. Three months later, the one million people finally reached their destination, the land in the southeast of Hai Province which Yu He had given to Wu Qi.

He could actually have used Yu He's snake-shaped flying ship to transport these people. By spending some energy stones, the ship could carry several thousand people each time, and it would take just half a month at most to bring one million people to his territory. However, he had intentionally made them walk, and ordered the elites of Scouting Office to monitor if there were any talented people he could use in the future.

During the three months of the hard journey, the elites of Scouting Office managed to spot tens of thousands of outstanding people. Some of them had excellent organizational skills. Along the way, though there were men and women, young and old in all five migration groups, whether it was making camps, cooking meals, or any other matters, everything had been carried out in an orderly manner under their coordination and arrangements. This group of people would be appointed as the first batch of junior officers to help Wu Qi manage the common people.

Some others possessed very strong overall strength, and they had assisted the elites of Scouting Office in protecting the people along the way. Among these mortals who had never been trained were men who could kill pythons with their bare hands, and men who could kill dozens of fierce tigers with just one sword. There was no doubt that these people would become the soldiers and captains of the Military Court in Dong Hai County, Wu Qi's private army, and would not be related to the ten thousand soldiers the Military Court of Hai Province had recently recruited.

There were also men who had learned some wonderful skills by themselves. For example, some could communicate with animals and birds, some could make contact with the Yin ghosts and mountain gods; some knew how to control poisonous bugs, and some could recognize all kinds of herbs at a glance. These people with strange abilities would be the best candidates for being the Oracles of Dong Hai County! With Princess Zhang Le, who inherited the Great Dao of the Ancient Gods, as their teacher, the future development of Dong Hai County's Directorate of Celestials would certainly satisfy Wu Qi.

The three months of long, hard journey had greatly tired everyone, but also allowed these talented people to shine. Three months later, when the one million people entered the territory of Dong Hai County, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le exercised their magic and transported them overnight to the southernmost peninsula.

With the family as the basic unit and the clan as the main structure, Wu Qi was going to set up a city, which he named 'Dong Hai City', twenty towns, and dozens of villages in a land about five hundred miles in circumference along the northern coastline.

Accompanied by their cattle and carts, one million people gathered in this fertile land. To their north was the great blue ocean, from where the sea breeze slowly blew over and filled their noses with a pungent, fishy smell. Up above, a large flock of gulls wheeled and squealed. Their silvery white bodies glinted brilliantly under the bright sunlight, making them look like the spirits from one's dream.

Across the field, patches of grasses that were as tall as one's neck grew wildly, and dense jungles were everywhere. A large pack of wild animals had gathered not far away from the people; the herbivorous animals looked over leisurely, while the carnivorous animals looked hungrily at these strange, two-legged creatures whom they never saw before.

The sea breeze carried pollen from the flowers, which looked like a large swarm of fireflies suddenly taking flight when the sunlight came shining on them. The pungent smell of the ocean was gone, replaced by the sweet aroma of flowers and refreshing scent of trees and grasses. Everything was so beautiful that it made the people feel as if they were in a dream.

They still could not figure out why they were here.

Hundreds of years ago, their ancestors had come to Hai Province, going through all the hardships to lay the foundations of the five provinces. But, on the orders of the new Prefecture Overseer, they were forced to leave their homeland, part from their homes, and come to this fertile land, where everything was still in primitive form and never been set foot by anyone. They had to start from scratch again, to build their new homes in this vast wilderness.

One million people lifted their heads and stared blankly at Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le, who were hovering in the sky.

Led by Su Qin and Yan Bugui, five hundred elites of Scouting Office were patrolling around the people, driving away all the ill-intentioned carnivorous animals. From time to time, they would turn to look at these people, their hearts filled with joy. Unlike An Le County, these one million people and the land under their feet belonged to them completely. Dong Hai County would be their real home on Pangu Continent, and the people here would be their brothers and neighbors.

Although they were now in an uncultivated grassland on Pangu Continent, Yan Bugui and the five hundred elites of Scouting Office, and even the old man Su Qin, felt that they were at their own home.

Wu Qi held Princess Zhang Le's hand as he looked at the one million people with a smile on his face, without saying a word. Clad in a gorgeous black dress, Princess Zhang Le glanced across the people down below, her eyes deep and black as night. The people bowed their heads as they felt her gaze being filled with a terrifying power like that of a fierce storm. At the same time, they saw in them the kindness and benevolence of a mother. The strange feeling filled their hearts with restlessness, and they thought they were not looking at a beautiful girl, but a god!

"This place is called Dong Hai County. From now on, you are all people of Dong Hai County!"

Princess Zhang Le's crisp voice rang out. With her right hand slowly raised, she said, "My name is Zhang Le. I will be your Master, and I will protect you forever. In the name of Zhang Le, rise!"

A wisp of five-colored divine ray shot out of her fingertip. Suddenly, the ground trembled, and a deep rumbling could be heard coming from below. The people shouted in shock as they saw a city of clay abruptly rise from the ground a few miles ahead of them. The city measured one hundred miles in both width and length, and its walls stood one hundred and fifty meters tall. As it made its appearance, the fresh smell of clay came caressing the people's faces. It was a city entirely made of clay.

Princess Zhang Le smiled majestically. "In the name of Zhang Le, melt!"

A sheet of purple-and-green flame burst out of nowhere and enveloped the city, melting down its walls and turning the clay into translucent lava that looked like crystal. The flame squeezed into the ground along the walls and went a few miles deep, melting down all the clay and turning it into scorching red lava.

Heatwave towered into the sky as the people witnessed the magical scene, and soon, there were people dropping to their knees and worshiping Princess Zhang Le with devotion.

She smiled cheerfully and shouted in a deep voice, "In the name of Zhang Le, combine!"

A thunderous boom rang out as the mighty city instantly cooled down, forming into a seamless city with a foundation that went miles deep into the ground. Its golden-red walls loomed mightily on the vast grassland, glinting dazzlingly under the bright sunlight. The wall was entirely forged with Princess Zhang Le's magic, giving it a strength hundreds of times stronger than steel. It was more than enough to provide the greatest defense for the people.

The ground in the city was flat, and the streets and neighborhoods were well planned. Some important buildings, such as the City Lord Mansion, the Directorate of Celestials, and the Military Court had been formed; just like the city walls, they were made of clay melted by the flame.

This was Dong Hai City, the administrative center of Dong Hai County.

Around Dong Hai City, twenty smaller towns, only ten miles in both length and width, were formed by Princess Zhang Le with her divine ability in front of the people.

After that was the turn of dozens of villages, each surrounded by walls. With Dong Hai City as the core, twenty towns and dozens of villages spread throughout the five hundred miles of fertile land. Afterward, a great fire emerged and burned the grassland, sending thick plumes of smoke into the sky.

Amidst the cheers of the people, the grassland was turned into fertile farmlands. Wu Qi had taken the first step in Dong Hai County!

Princess Zhang Le became the first County Governor of Dong Hai County. Under her leadership, the people began to construct houses, divide farmlands, build fishing boats and all kinds of tools, as they started their life in Dong Hai County.

As they had witnessed Princess Zhang Le's divine abilities, the people threw themselves into the construction of their homeland with an almost fanatical spirit.

And, after killing a few flood dragons that caused some troubles in the ocean, Wu Qi rushed back to Hai Province with the fastest speed.

The Myriad Immortal Alliance had sent a messenger of the Ascending Immortal Hall, ordering the official of Hai Province to hand over all of Reverend Yao Yue's clan members!

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