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Wu Qi flew quickly through the sky with his wings flapping every now and then, as his heart burned with a raging flame of anger. He had seen the distinct palm-print on Princess Zhang Le's face, and noticed the unstable aura of Lord Xiansheng and the others. Clearly, they were attacked by enemies, and Princess Zhang Le was even slapped on the face. He knew how insulting a slap in the face was to Princess Zhang Le, who was born and grew up in the imperial palace since she was a child, who was so proud of herself.

Shifting his blue-green eyes to the corner of the sockets, Wu Qi gave Reverend Yao Yue a cold glance, who was chasing after him. With a gentle flap of the wings, he shot hundreds of thousands of miles away in an instant. The speed of a Gale was truly frightening, even beyond Wu Qi's own estimation. Far behind, Reverend Yao Yue could only painstakingly chase at his tail. Although he did teleport as often as he could, he was unable to effectively shorten the distance between himself and Wu Qi.

The Gale was the divine beast with the fastest flying speed in the universe, and the only divine beast who could break through the void with just speed. After completely transforming himself into a Gale, Wu Qi now possessed all the innate divine abilities of a Gale, and speed was his most powerful divine ability.

Princess Zhang Le and the others were firmly wrapped by long feathers and bound to Wu Qi's back. The princess was caressing the feathers quietly, as she could sense a very familiar aura from this big green bird, while the prudent Lord Xiansheng was studying the massive body that carried them away with a frown on his face. Behind them, Catfish, Gold Horn and Silver Horn were tossing and turning restlessly while yelling and shouting nervously.

"Damn it! Where is this bird taking us to? What does it want from us? Help!" Catfish roared. She opened her mouth and tried to tear a piece of meat from Wu Qi's back. But, Wu Qi had thick, dense green feathers, and, however hard she tried, she only tore the feathers, and had not even touched a bit of the flesh.

Gold Horn and Silver Horn had not spoken, but they opened their mouths to spray out streams of flame and cold air, which burned the feathers and made them emit a scorched odor. The flame soon pierced one of the feathers and sent a sharp pain through Wu Qi's back.

Wu Qi let out a furious screech that churned the clouds above. "Gold Horn, Silver Horn, I'll break your bones if you keep messing around again!" He snapped.

Upon hearing his voice, Gold Horn and Silver Horn immediately cried out in horror, "Master! How did you manage to transform into a bird? Oh heaven, you have become a bird! How are you going to consummate with Princess? Can anybody tell me how a bird can consummate with a girl?"

Princess Zhang Le's face flushed with excitement the instance she heard Wu Qi's voice, but the next moment, she was fuming as Gold Horn and Silver Horn's nonsense came into her ears. She turned around and gave the brothers a round of slapping in their faces, who were so scared that they dared not move. Lord Xiansheng was laughing and clapping off to the side, saying that the two pythons deserved some lecturing.

At this point, some loud whistling was heard coming from the rear. Thirty-odd colorful beams of light had joined Reverend Yao Yue for the pursuit. Myriad Immortal Alliance had an incredibly massive latent power on Pangu Continent. After Li Qinghua issued the arrest warrant, more than hundreds of thousands of Immortals had joined in the search for Princess Zhang Le and her company near the Dark Valley Immortal Pass. Among them, nearly one hundred of them were formidable and seasoned Heaven Immortals similar to Reverend Yao Yue.

Those weaker Heaven Immortals could never keep up with Wu Qi's speed, but not these seasoned Heaven Immortals, who were as strong as Reverend Yao Yue. While trying their best to draw closer, they kept threatening Wu Qi to stop and hand over Princess Zhang Le and her company.

A cold grin emerged on Wu Qi's face. It was true that being chased by dozens of formidable Heaven Immortals had given him a great sense of danger. But, how could he hand over the people on his back to them? These people were his lover, his brother, his friend, and his two not so reliable subordinates, all of whom were close to him. How could he give them to these greedy Immortals?

He gave a long screech and unleashed numerous green storms from his wings, and his eyes sparkled with starlight, each of which corresponded to a star in the sky, bright and blinking above them all in broad daylight. He had exercised the Seven Luminaries Star Gazing Technique, pulling down a great mass of starlight from the sky and turning it into a dense silver cloud that covered Princess Zhang Le and the others.

Immediately behind him, an Immortal roared angrily, "That fellow is proficient in the art of divination! I can no longer trace the targets as he has disturbed the Heaven's Secret! Fellow Immortals, do not let them escape, or we will never find them again!"

Wu Qi laughed. His speed was increased dramatically with the green storms that surrounded him, and with the silver cloud that kept sweeping across Princess Zhang Le and the others, he had forcibly cut off some of the Karmic ties that had followed them. So, those Immortals who were proficient in the art of divination could no longer grasp their traces.

Princess Zhang Le smiled cheerfully as she gently caressed Wu Qi's thick, smooth feathers. "How did you become a big bird?" she asked with a frown.

Wu Qi gave a helpless caw and said with a bitter smile, "It's a long story. I'll explain to you once we get rid of them. These b*stards, are they really not going to give up? Are the three requests offered by that damn Myriad Immortal Alliance really so attractive to them?"

"Master, we can't spare these b*stards from Myriad Immortal Alliance," Gold Horn put in, his voice grumpy. "They slapped Princess in the face! And, they even want to make some kind of medicinal paste with our internal organs! Oh heaven, they are so cruel! My brother and I are the last two Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice in this universe, and the great task of propagating the race is upon us!"

Silver Horn gave a wail and joined in, "He is right! They would have wiped out an entire race if they killed us! It is a deed damnable by the Heavenly Dao!"

Wu Qi grunted coldly and shouted, "Pipe down! Quickly refine a trace of your bloodline and give it to me!"

Gold Horn and Silver Horn were stunned at first, but as they were used to obeying any of Wu Qi's commands, they did as bid nonetheless. Immediately, they began to burn their blood essence, then extracted and refined a wisp of their bloodline from it. After a while, each of them spat out a thread of bloodline. They were as thick as a thumb and over one hundred feet long. Their color was a striped gold-and-silver, and one was exuding a threatening heat wave while the other a terrible cold air.

Wu Qi gave a long screech as he swallowed both bloodlines, then began to refine them with the Seven Foundation Elevating Technique. Like the bloodline of Gale, once he fused them into his body, he would immediately have the ability to transform into a real Dragon Python, and possess all of their innate abilities. He had long obtained the Dark Scripture of Dragon Python from Gold Horn and Silver Horn, and with their bloodlines, he could practice this fierce cultivation technique in the future.

His body shone with a blinding golden and silver light as he pressed on through the sky with raging storms wheeling around him. The Heaven Immortals in the rear had stopped shouting, and were chasing after him at full speed, their jaws clenched hard. These Heaven Immortals had only hoped they could capture the people on Wu Qi's back alive, and they had completely ignored their own protection.

With a roar, Wu Qi made a leap forward. The storms spinning on his wings shattered the void as he brought Princess Zhang Le and the others across a great distance through teleportation. When they emerged, he quickly descended on a lofty mountain. As he landed, his muscles wobbled like mercury, and in the blink of an eye, he had transformed from a large green bird to a silvery-white Dragon Python, who had a pair of massive wings on the back.

Wu Qi's cultivation base was much stronger than Gold Horn and Silver Horn. Being a twenty-first tier Heaven Immortal, he managed to transform into a Dragon Python whose body stretched longer than ten miles. As he coiled up the long body on the mountaintop, he looked just like a small hill sitting atop a great mountain. His silver scales emitted a faint cold air, while the pure pressure of a Dragon Python kept spreading across the surroundings. Lord Xiansheng could still stand firmly, but Catfish and Qianzhang Dragon King, who were both flood dragons, had collapsed and laid limp on the ground, losing their strength to even lift a little finger.

He let out a strange laugh and opened his mouth. Suddenly, a ten feet thick beam of light shot out from between his jagged teeth, and after piercing tens of miles through the air, it abruptly broke apart and turned into countless spiral-shaped ice spikes. Spinning rapidly, they disappeared in just a flash, then reappeared right before the faces of those Heaven Immortals.

The combination of Dragon Python's innate divine ability and the offensive divine ability found in the Dark Yin Water Scripture, the ability to condense air into ice, had produced an extremely frightening power. On top of that, with his overall strength as a twenty-first tier Heaven Immortal, and the clump of divine energy he absorbed from those Wind Gods, which he had only digested by ten percent, all had made the strike too strong to be resisted.

Reverend Yao Yue and the thirty-odd Heaven Immortals, whose cultivation base were ranging between tenth to fifteenth tier, could never dream that a Gale would suddenly transform into a massive Dragon Python. Furthermore, they never expected that Wu Qi would stop and turn around to launch a desperate attack.

There was not enough time for them to unleash their immortal items, and the item spirit of their defensive immortal items had no time to react either. In the blink of an eye, the whistling ice spikes had pierced through the chests of nineteen Heaven Immortals. The dreadful cold instantly froze their bodies, and soon, they were all wrapped in a thick layer of ice.

Wu Qi did not strike a second blow, because right when the nineteen Heaven Immortals were frozen, Reverend Yao Yue and the other uninjured Heaven Immortals had simultaneously landed their deadly strikes on them. With various immortal items smashing at them messily, the nineteen severely wounded Heaven Immortals were killed in an instant.

Wu Qi laughed wildly as he twisted his body and transformed into a Gale again, cupping up Princess Zhang Le and the others as he sped away.

"How could a motley crowd like you dare to plot against my people?" He cried out as he flew away, "Haha, keep chasing me if you like, and I will stop at any time to give you a deadly blow! Oh, you better keep a watchful eye on those around you! Hahaha!"

Just as Wu Qi had expected, Reverend Yao Yue and the others immediately stopped in both terror and fear, allowing him to swagger off with his company. All of a sudden, these Heaven Immortals realized that Wu Qi had the ability to kill them, while their companions were actually competitors who harbored evil intentions. No one could guarantee that they would be able to kill and capture Wu Qi and his company, and receive all the generous rewards offered by Myriad Immortal Alliance.

Immortals were mostly selfish and cautious. Between their lives and the rewards, Reverend Yao Yue and the other pursuers had wisely chosen their own lives.

"Just you wait, Myriad Immortal Alliance. I'll settle the scores with you sooner or later!" Wu Qi's voice was heard coming across a distance.

"Tell that Li Qinghua to wash his neck and wait for my arrival!"

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