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No one had expected that Reverend Yao Yue would kiss Gold Horn and Silver Horn in his excitement.

The brothers' expressions had frozen as if they were carved out of wood, and they stared at Reverend Yao Yue with wide eyes, whose face had melted into a smile. After the brief moment of pause, the brothers suddenly vomited. Their long bodies began to twitch from the tip of their tails, and it quickly spread to their heads. They vomited madly, spitting out a lot of pungent venom and poison.

"Damn it! A guy just kissed me!"

"Screw you! You are a man. Why are you insulting us?"

"Oh heaven, don't tell me that you like to play from the back? But, we don't like it at all! You are the scum of all the cultivators!"

"Curse you! We are not Lord Long Yang, you have got the wrong person! My brother and I have the same thing you have between your legs, and there is no way you can harvest any Yin energy from us! There is no use for you to flirt with us! Why don't you do it with Catfish? Though she looks ugly, she is a female fish!"

Gold Horn and Silver Horn cried and cursed as they kept vomiting, their bodies twitching convulsively. They looked extremely pitiful. By then the color of Reverend Yao Yue's face was shifting between pale and blue, and he was so angry that he nearly gave the brothers a round of brutal beating with the pearl. With his jaw clenched hard, he said, "How presumptuous! Shut your bloody mouths, you two wild beasts! What plays from the back? Who is Lord Long Yang? What nonsense!"

The brothers were still vomiting and cursing. They would never obey a man who had just kissed them.

Reverend Yao Yue's face was twitching with anger. "What have you just said? Which part of me looks ugly to you?" growled Catfish as she wagged her big head from side to side, "Look at my silky smooth skin, the healthy complexion… Lok at my flood dragon whiskers that flutter gracefully in the breeze, and my bright, piercing eyes! How can I be ugly?"

With her head arrogantly raised, Catfish gave Reverend Yao Yue a sidelong glance and said with a sneer, "Harvest my energy? Pooh! Even if I wanted to have a dual-cultivation, I'd not take this old white face! With his skinny arms and legs, I bet he can't even stand a punch from me! How could a man like this take advantage out of me?"

The flame of anger burned so fiercely in his heart that Reverend Yao Yue's face was all blue. "Shut your big mouths, or I'll cut your tongues!"

The savage threat had made Gold Horn, Silver Horn and Catfish shut their mouths instantly. "Reverend Yao Yue? Do you have any wife and children? Do you have any kin?" asked Princess Zhang Le in a deep voice after she gave him a cold glance.

Reverend Yao Yue turned to look at Princess Zhang Le with surprise, then he smiled and nodded slowly. "I do! I have three hundred wives and concubines, more than one thousand four hundred children, and a clan of ten thousand kin. They are the people I've raised after living several hundred Periods on Pangu Continent. Why do you ask?"

Princess Zhang Le said solemnly, "I'll definitely pay you back a hundred times for today's enmity. I swear that I'll kill all your people and leave no survivors behind!"

After a brief moment of silence, Reverend Yao Yue burst into laughter and gave Princess Zhang Le a slap in the face. "Kill all my people? Do you really think you can do that? Who do you think you are? If Young Master had not named you to be captured alive so he could have some fun, I would have raped you and killed you, then wiped out your soul so that you can never be reincarnated again! What makes you think that you will have the chance for revenge?"

The heavy slap made her head lean sideways, her lips ripped with blood dripping down. She narrowed her eyes and stared at Reverend Yao Yue with deep hatred, her teeth gritting. She had never suffered such an insult since she was a child. Even when she was assaulted by Patriarch Yuan Hua, she had managed to escape with a teleportation formation and saved herself from any suffering.

But, Reverend Yao Yue had slapped her in the face. Silently, she branded his name and his look deep in her divine soul, so that she would never forget this man who had insulted her.

Princess Zhang Le's cold and relentless glance had made Reverend Yao Yue feel a little bit guilty, so he snorted and turned away sulkily. He glanced at Qianzhang Dragon King, who could not move, then looked at Angelica, Peppermint, Lord Xiansheng, and Catfish. He nodded slowly and said, "Young Master just wants this girl and the two pythons. It will take me more time if I have to bring the others together. Well, it seems I have no other choice but to kill the rest of you here!"

Laughing strangely, he cocked his head to look at Peppermint and Angelica, who had grown into two beautiful girls. "You are two little beauties with excellent latent potentials..." he said lewdly, "But, too bad that I have no time to waste as those old fellows who are as famous as I are coming this way. Otherwise, I would've taught you what the true meaning of pleasure is! Tsk... what a waste!"

While sighing, he pointed a finger at the pearl. It gave off a faint light as it drifted over and hovered above Peppermint and Angelica. "Well, since I can't enjoy you now, it is better to let the both of you reincarnate! I'll kill you now and leave a mark in your souls, and once you have reincarnated, I'll find you and take you both as my concubines!"

The pearl descended and almost smashed the sisters' heads, when a beam of dark light suddenly shot out from under Princess Zhang Le's sleeve. It had startled Reverend Yao Yue. He quickly summoned back the pearl, making it hover above his head and unleash a vast sheet of light to protect him.

A spirit talisman carved out of black jade drifted out and fell into his palm when he pointed a finger at Princess Zhang Le's sleeve. A bright light was flickering on it, and a faint squeal of swallows could be heard coming out of it. Reverend Yao Yue frowned as he studied the talisman. "What is this? It looks like it's a communication talisman?"

Princess Zhang Le raised her brows and suddenly intoned an incantation. As her voice echoed out, the black spirit talisman began to tremble, and the squeal of swallows was clear to every ear. Reverend Yao Yue was shocked, and he quickly burned the talisman with a purple heavenly flame that rose from his palm. "How dare you to seek help right in front of me?" He shouted angrily, "Hmph, do you happen to know some experts who can save you from me?"

Before his voice could fade, a sudden gust of wind sent a fierce howl over Qianzhang Lake. In the blink of an eye, a wild wind, dark-green in color, turned into a pillar of wind as it spun down from the sky. Rocks and huge boulders around Qianzhang Lake were lifted up in the air by the powerful force of the wind, which shattered them into pieces and turned them into a sandstorm that could pierce through any metal.

The sandstorm had clouded the heaven and the earth, rendering all eyes useless. In addition to that, there was an extremely peculiar force hiding in the wild wind. Any divine sense that went into it would be ground off by the sand and rocks rolled up by the wind. It was a storm that even divine sense could not penetrate.

The dark-green storm had blanketed and ruled over everything. The sun and the moon were gone, and the stars seemed to sway in the sky. For a moment, there seemed to be nothing existing between Heaven and Earth but this terrible storm.

No, there was a vigorous figure amidst the fierce storm, and Reverend Yao Yue had seen that when he finally managed to open his eyes. It was a green shadow with a pair of great wings, who flew and danced nimbly here and there as it ripped the void and left one deep rift after another in the sky.

"Who are you? How dare you to meddle with my business?" He was both shocked and outraged. A person who had unleashed a storm as fierce and powerful as this, which even his divine sense could not penetrate, must be an expert in controlling the wind. In his knowledge, only a few seasoned Immortals of Myriad Immortal Alliance, who were as famous as him, could have done it. As the storm could rip the void apart, it proved that this person had gained an awe-inspiring enlightenment of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth.

A formidable foe!

"I am Reverend Yao Yue from the Mount Moon Gazing of Hai Province! Please show yourself, fellow Immortal!" He could not help but roar furiously.

The pearl hovering above him was swaying violently, as if it was about to be pulled into the storm, which shocked him further. He was a tenth tier Heaven Immortal, and the pearl was an extraordinary treasure which he accidentally found in the depths of an ocean in Hai Province, a treasure that could be easily ranked among all upper-grade immortal items, or at least a fifteenth-grade immortal item. Despite all that, it could hardly withstand the powerful force of the wind. It made him wonder how could a storm be so strong.

A deep laugh was heard coming out from the storm. "Reverend Yao Yue from the Mount Moon Gazing of Hai Province? Fine, I'll make sure I don't forget your name!"

A crisp bird cry towered into the sky as a Gale that was several miles in length revealed himself amidst the wild wind. The dark-green storm wheeled around the Gale and shook the heaven and earth with the howling of the wind. Surprisingly, Reverend Yao Yue's first reaction when he saw the Gale was to retreat tens of miles backward!

Apart from some powers with extremely strong backing, no one dared to provoke the Gales! They were the divine beasts who had mastered the Laws of the Wind, and they possessed incredible abilities that no ordinary Immortals could have overpowered! There existed many taboos among the itinerant Immortals on Pangu Continent, one of which was to never provoke any members of the Gale!

Hovering in the wild wind, the Gale flapped his wings and sent out a gust of wind to roll up Princess Zhang Le, her company, and thousands of little demons who served Qianzhang Dragon King. In just the blink of an eye, they were all wrapped within the thick and soft feathers on the Gale's wings.

The Gale gave Reverend Yao Yue a deep look. Without uttering a word, he suddenly shot into the sky and sped away in a flash. The divine beasts, Gales, were most adept at controlling storms, and their flying speed was the fastest among all the existences in the universe. With just a flap of his wings, the Gale had gone millions of miles away.

After standing in a daze for some while, Reverend Yao Yue suddenly woke up. "Why should I be afraid of you? It is true that you Gales are very strong, but can you fight against the Elders from the Divine Hall of Myriad Immortal Alliance? They will definitely help me settle everything after I've killed you and captured that girl, as well as the Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice. So, why should I be afraid of you?"

Grinning coldly, he suddenly transformed into a beam of moonlight and shot toward the storm. "Let go of that girl and the Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice, you hairy monster!"

As his voice echoed out across a great distance, a few beams of light were seen shooting up into the sky and flying in the same direction as him.

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