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Even as the voice was echoing out, thirty-six fist-sized shields made of ice appeared around Wu Qi. They had stopped the advancement of the flaming dragon while sending forth a rolling cold air that devoured half of it in just a blink of an eye. The red-haired youth's face fell, and his body trembled as he took a few steps back.

In a corner at the deepest area of the cave was a muddy ground measuring a few miles in circumference. As the deep and gruff voice was heard coming out from under the ground, a huge black fish head was seen slowly squeezing out of it. It caused the muddy ground to boil violently like a pot of porridge on a hot stove, sending lumps of slurry in all directions that spattered on the cultivators in the cave.

In just a few breaths of time, a snakehead demon with a body stretching as long as ten miles had crawled out of the muddy ground. As he shook off the mud that clung to his body, he began to shrink, and before long, he had transformed into a fat man who stood twenty feet tall with a skin as dark as coal. While panting, he walked towards the center of commotion while the cultivators gave way to him.

The black man gave the red-haired youth a glance, then nodded and said, "I own this place, and I want no troublemakers. I give you time to leave, so off you go now before I punch you to death."

A proud smile emerged on the red-haired youth's face as he glanced at the black man from the corner of his eyes. "Who are you to make such a bold statement?" He challenged with a strange laugh.

"What about me?" Wu Qi put in with a cold voice, "I know you are a master of fire, but open your eyes and see what I am capable of!" He spread his palm, from the middle of which, a plume of cold mist sprayed out and transformed into forty-nine swords made of ice. The swords glinted with a pale blue gleam while flakes of ice crystals kept shooting out of them. Upon making their appearance, they wheeled rapidly around Wu Qi and formed a powerful sword formation.

The temperature in the cave dropped significantly. As the cave was situated right under a lake, the air was heavy with moisture. Before long, snowflakes were taking shape and falling gently down from the air, smearing the ground white and attracting shocked cries from many cultivators.

The red-haired youth was stunned when he realized that Wu Qi was an expert in controlling the frost and cold air, which happened to be his natural bane. Worst of all, the grade of the cold air was extremely high. On the contrary, he was just a newborn God of Flame, and the flame he could control was just ordinary flame found in the mortal world. There was no way he could defend himself against the attack of such powerful cold air.

Seeing that his partner was suffering a setback, the green-haired youth, Wind Wolf, took a few steps forward as he fixed his gaze at Wu Qi with a proud expression and said, "Have you forgotten about me?"

His arms disintegrated abruptly, transforming into two green twisters that spun rapidly around him. He gave Wu Qi a provocative glance, then turned to stare at the black man, whose expression had changed drastically, and said, "Stand down, you meager Nascent Divinity cultivator... There is no place for you to poke your nose here! Try not to get yourself in any troubles, as it is not easy for a snakehead to cultivate to the realm of Nascent Divinity!"

The fat black man's face turned pale. He was choking from the pressure intentionally unleashed by Wind Wolf, and his body was trembling with the fat rising and falling like waves. However, he managed to stand still while glaring fiercely at Wind Wolf and roared, "This is MY PLACE, and you will obey MY RULES when you are here! Get the hell out of here if you want to fight! I might not be your match, but I will bite a chunk of flesh from you before you kill me!"

He opened his mouth to reveal two rows of teeth, each as pointy and sharp as a dagger.

Flaming Tiger snorted coldly as he came before the fat black man and said, "Wind Wolf, this Daoist's ability happens to be my natural bane. Kill him for me. I'll take this snakehead down and roast him for my dinner later! Hehe, the meat of a Nascent Divinity snakehead demon must be chewy and delicious!"

Wind Wolf roared with laughter. All of a sudden, a gust of wild wind spread out from within his body, sweeping across the cave while bringing numerous stalls and tens of thousands of cultivators into the air. Amidst the messy wails and horrified cries, the wind brutally flung these cultivators into the cave wall, clearing up an emptied space as the battleground with Wu Qi and his company standing in the middle.

Wu Qi's eyes turned cold as he said with a sneer, "How unruly! Do you really think you are some incredible beings? You are merely two newborn Gods, and to me… Haha, you are just two clusters of pure energies!"

He gave a wild laugh while gently reaching out his hand to push the rabbit demon, Luo Hao, and the triplets into a far distance. Then, in just a blink of an eye, he had come before Wind Wolf. After practicing two body tempering technique simultaneously, the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture and the Dragon Transformation Script, Wu Qi's ability to control his fleshly body had reached an unimaginable level. Although he had just taken a step forward, he was able to arrive right before Wind Wolf like how an Immortal traversed space with teleportation divine ability. He then closed his palm into a fist and punched out.

When an Immortal was traversing space with teleportation divine ability, there would be a detectable surge of immortal energy. But, as Wu Qi was purely using his muscle strength, apart from a paltry fluctuation of air, there were no other detectable motions or whatsoever. It had become a habit for Immortals and Gods to observe their surroundings with their divine will during a battle, and since Wu Qi did not cause even a tiny bit of surge in energy, their divine will failed to track his movements.

A loud thud echoed out as Wu Qi's fist landed brutally on the arrogant Wind Wolf's head, sending a stream of pure chaotic energy into his body. As the energy entered his body, it began to quickly transform the wind forces that filled up the insides of his into chaotic energies. It was as if someone had poured a jug of dark ink into a clear swimming pool, and the ink had spread out in almost no time, turning the entire swimming pool into a pool of dark water.

A look of aghast instantly crept over Wind Wolf's face. He stared at Wu Qi with fear and cried out, "What have you sent into my body?"

Wu Qi did not answer the question. Instead, he grabbed Wind Wolf's neck with one swift motion, squeezed him with both hands, and rolled him up into a ball of roiling wind that was about the size of a fist, and swallowed him in one gulp.

Laughing wildly, he threw his head back and burped. The chaotic energy was circulating madly inside his body as he quickly exercised the Song of Gale, filling his spiritual ocean with the magical enlightenment of the technique. Wind Wolf's body contained a part of the Wind's Law. By forcibly devouring him, Wu Qi had turned all his energy into chaotic energy while claiming all of the Wind Laws found in the body.

A crisp cracking sound rang out as wisps of green wind force emerged on Wu Qi's skin and disappeared in just a flash. Everything seemed to have returned to normal. The chaotic energy that circulated madly across his body had spread out and gone back to his different parts. However, when compared to previous energies, the power of these chaotic energies was doubled.

"What a fool! As a newborn God, you should be hiding in your nest to stabilize your God's Body or crafting your own Prime God's Weapon, and not wandering around like this! Don't you know that for Immortals, a newborn God such as you is a tonic much more precious than a Ganoderma Immortal or Ganoderma Horse?"

Wu Qi burped again, then turned to look at Flaming Tiger with a scornful expression and said, "A Ganoderma Immortal or a Ganoderma Horse can only replenish the energy essence and energy that has been consumed. But you, the newborn Gods whose God's Bodies have yet to fully stabilize, can contribute part of the Heaven and Earth's Laws which are used to form your body. This can save a Heaven Immortal at least a dozen Periods in studying the Nature's Laws!"

Flaming Tiger roared as he suddenly transformed into a stream of flame and shot towards the cave's exit.

Wu Qi snorted coldly. "Dark Yin Net!" he cried out under his breath, reaching out both hands as countless fine threads of cold mist sprayed out of his fingertips like silk. The glittering threads of mists tangled and interwoven into a huge net and fell down from the sky to wrap around Flaming Tiger. The stream of flame which Flaming Tiger had transformed into was slamming and pushing about inside the net, but a sharp hissing noise was produced whenever he touched it. The biting cold air was diminishing the flame in his body, and had even begun to threaten the stability of his God's Body.

A forlorn cry echoed out from within the net. "Daoist, you cannot kill me! I am a God! I am a God who was born from the Laws of the Heaven and Earth! You are going against the Laws of the Heaven and Earth if you kill me!"

Wu Qi shook his head. The Dark Yin Net collapsed inwardly while a vast stream of cold air was produced within, compressing Flaming Tiger into a fireball the size of a human head. "I am going against the Laws of the Heaven and Earth if I killed you?" Wu Qi smiled derisively, "You've reminded me of someone who had told me a similar thing. But, what can you do to me if I really killed you? Hehe, even if the Great Dao of the Heaven and Earth wants to kill me, it has to be able to find me first!"

He grabbed the fireball and held it in hand ponderously, then suddenly brought it before Ao Buzun's face!

"Grow up quickly! I am looking forward to the day when I can finally ride you and soar through the sky! Tsk, I've yet to ride a real dragon in my entire life!"

Ao Buzun gave Wu Qi a rueful glance before he quickly opened his mouth and swallowed the fireball. He burped as a strong stream of warm energy instantly washed through his body. Without the slightest hesitation, he coiled up his body atop Wu Qi's shoulder and began to digest all of Flaming Tiger's energy.

Two newborn Gods who had yet to take their final shape had bumped into Wu Qi, a freak whose cultivation techniques were their natural bane. As a result, before they could roam the world to show off their mighty abilities, they were swallowed by both Wu Qi and Ao Buzun like some great tonics. Several tens of thousands of cultivators had witnessed how Wu Qi had swallowed them alive, and it made them shiver with fear. No one dared to even make a noise.

The snakehead demon, who was panting heavily from the pressure emanated from Wind Wolf and Flaming Tiger, came before Wu Qi and said, "Listen to me. You have violated the rules which I've imposed here. Therefore, I can't let you visit Blackfish Immortal Market anymore! Now leave the place immediately, or I will bite a chunk of your flesh away!"

Wu Qi stared at the snakehead demon with surprise. While smiling, he said, "Do you know that I can kill you with just one finger?"

The snakehead demon nodded seriously as he said in a low, muffled voice, "I know that all of you are Heaven Immortals at least! But, being not your match is one thing, while the rules of Blackfish Immortal Market are another. If you kill me, you will be able to alter the rules, and if you don't kill me, you will have to obey the rules set by me! These are the rules I've set: you have killed someone here, and you need to leave now!"

Wu Qi stared approvingly at the snakehead demon, then glanced around at the panic-stricken faces of the cultivators and laughed suddenly.

"Fine, I'll leave right now! You are one amusing snakehead demon!"

After giving the snakehead demon a deep look, Wu Qi beckoned at Luo Hao and the triplets, then spun and left the Blackfish Immortal Market.

He had already taken a liking to this snakehead demon.

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