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He had a cultivation base of mid-stage Nascent Soul realm. He was practicing a Fire element cultivation technique, yet it had an attribute of Yin element. He had harvested the Yin energy of numerous virgins, using his own Nascent Soul as the cauldron to produce a wisp of Acquire True Flame. The white cloth he wore was a lower-grade magical treasure. The flying sword he used was forged with ordinary metals and attached with three simplest Fire element talismans, a very weak flying sword. Everything about this young man was made visible through the Chaotic Divine Eyes.

'He is a lesser man, and even an ant is stronger than him!' For the moment, Wu Qi had this strange feeling.

Wu Qi sensed the enormous energy inside his body and compared with the youth. No matter it was their quality or quantity, the youth was thousands of times inferior than him. Wu Qi could not help but shake his head. Sure enough, this youth was a lesser man, and even an ant was stronger than him. With his current overall strength, Wu Qi could kill an army of mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivators with just a blow of his breath. He was not even agitated by the youth's rude attitude.

It was no wonder those Heaven Immortals and Gold Immortals had regarded lesser cultivators with the same attitude, and killed ordinary cultivators without feeling the slightest guilt. They were able to keep a tranquil mind and study the Great Dao of the heaven and earth, even though they had murdered countless people. As a matter of fact, they never considered that killing ordinary cultivators was a sin, and hence, they never felt any guilt when they did that, and were able to keep a calm mind.

Wu Qi turned to look at Luo Shui as he demanded coolly, "Miss Luo Shui, please bring your Patriarch here. I'll leave after I have asked him a few questions."

Upon hearing that, the young man in white cocked his nose upward, rolled his eyes, and assumed an arrogant look as if he were the person in charge here. "You want to leave? This is no place you can come and go easily!" He bellowed, "What is your name? Which sect are you come from? What is your purpose of visiting Mi Province? Why are you cottoned up to my sisters and sneaking into this place? Somebody, take this man into custody! Shove him into the dungeon and keep him there, under guard!"

"How absurd!" Laying atop Wu Qi's shoulder, Ao Buzun raised his head in a leisurely manner. "How ridiculous! Tsk, should we steam or braise him? Or maybe we can season him with some spices, wrap him up with river mud and throw him into a fire? Mm, to be honest, I really despise Catfish and that two long worms, as they were never particular in their foods! They swallowed everything alive! Do you know that also means they had swallowed men's feces and urine? Disgusting! They should have cooked their food with slow flame, as that would bring out the delicious taste. Otherwise, it will be an utter waste of the spirit creatures!"

At the end of his grumbling, Ao Buzun was drooling as he sized up the youth, laughing strangely. The youth was taken aback by Ao Buzun's words and glances, and he hurriedly took a few steps back. After spending some while to observe Ao Buzun, he laughed mockingly and said, "I thought you are some mighty spirit beast. Apparently, you are just a black-skinned snake!"

Fuming, Ao Buzun stood up on his hind claws, waving his front claws as he bellowed, "Black-skinned snake? You are the black-skinned snake here. Your entire family is black-skinned snakes! Damn it! Do you see that I have four claws? I am a pure-blooded Black Dragon! The blood flowing through my veins is purer than anyone in your family! I reckoned your bloodline must have mixed with some livestock blood! I am the Black Dragon who has only one son for generations... the bloodline of...!"

His words trailed off in a 'tsk', and he turned to give Wu Qi a look while forcibly swallowing back what he was about to say, his origin.

Wu Qi paid Ao Buzun no mind. He just stared coldly at the youth and lightly shook his head.

The triplets were frightened with, cold sweat beading on their foreheads. "Big brother Fu, stop uttering nonsense! Senior has saved our lives!"

But the more panic the girls showed, this 'big brother Fu' felt his mouth was full of a sour taste. His face was set in hard, angry lines as he stared sulkily at Wu Qi, who projected a natural dignity and power, calm as a rock. And when he compared that to the elegant bearing which he had deliberately assumed, he was even frustrated. With anger boiling inside him, he pointed one finger at Wu Qi and cried out, "Don't be ridiculous! How could a green boy like him save your lives? Does he have the ability to do that?"

As his reproach echoed out, one after another sword beams began to fly out of different wooden buildings in the dale and gathered around them. Wu Qi shook his head. Luo Clan's slow response had disappointed him. The clamor had been going on for some while, yet only a dozen men had come to them. If he were an enemy, they would have all died by now. This was a cultivator clan who was slow in response and did not deploy a single defensive formation at the entrance of their base, yet they could still survive in Mi Province. It seemed that the officials of Mi Province did not work hard enough in suppressing the Immortal cultivators!

A middle-aged man flew up into the sky on a sword beam. He had a commanding appearance, and his facial complexion took a purple hue. He shouted across the distance, "Luo Shui, Luo Yu, Luo Ling, you are back? Mm, my good nephew Fu, who is it you want to take into custody?"

The girls quickly spun and bowed to the middle-aged man. "Daddy, this Senior is..." Luo Shui stared blankly at Wu Qi, wordless. She suddenly realized that she had yet to ask Wu Qi for the name.

Wu Qi turned to the middle-aged man, cupped his fist, and said in a flat tone, "Greed offers greeting, fellow Daoist Luo!" He cleared his throat and continued, "I was just passing Mi Province, and it happened that I saw your daughters were pursued by some enemies. I've saved them from the hand of those demons. However, as I have a few questions which I hope some local Daoists could answer, I requested them to bring me here."

After hearing Wu Qi's introduction, Luo Hao, the middle-aged man and the father of the triplets, quickly returned the gesture and said, "I see. Is there some misunderstanding between fellow Daoist Greed and my nephew?" He was uncertain about what Wu Qi had told him. His daughters were early-stage Nascent Soul cultivators who hardly found a match among ordinary cultivators when they joined hands. He did not believe that Wu Qi had saved them.

The youth in white hurried next to Luo Hao and said, "Uncle, he is a Daoist with a dubious background, and he is projecting an evil air. He doesn't look like a good person to me. Though he claimed that he had saved my good sisters' lives, who knows, he might have planned everything, and his purpose is to sneak into Luo Clan. I think it is better to take him into custody and get someone to interrogate him with torture. After all, Luo Clan had just moved into this place three years ago. If we let an enemy mixed himself among our own people, we'll have no choice but to relocate again."

Wu Qi's facial muscles jerked unnaturally. If he were to sneak into Luo Clan, there was no need for him to use the three little girls, for they had never put up a strong defense against any possible infiltration or attack. He had decided inwardly, that should the people of Luo Clan have no sense of what was good for them and attacked him, he would show them no mercy.

The girls gave the youth in white a glare as they came next to Luo Hao, grabbed his arms and sleeves and acted like three spoiled children. They told him about the perilous situation they were in, and how Wu Qi had saved them by chance.

As they explained how Wu Qi had killed thirteen Demon cultivators from the Myriad Demons Den with just one single strike, among who the strongest was a peak-stage Nascent Soul cultivator, both Luo Hao and the youth had their expressions changed. The youth had replaced his arrogant and unruly expression with a timid and coward look, while Luo Hao felt nothing but respect for Wu Qi. He cupped his fist and bowed deeply to Wu Qi as he said, "Ah, you are a Nascent Divinity Senior! You've honored us with your presence! Please come with me!"

With a smiling face, Luo Hao brought Wu Qi descending down towards the wooden house that was built in the center of the dale. "The Patriarch of Fu Clan of the Mi Province is paying us a visit today, and he is currently having a discussion with our Patriarch in the main house. Please pardon us, Senior, as it is not our intention to neglect your presence."

Wu Qi had long discovered that there were two Nascent Divinity cultivators inside the wooden house. One of them was a mid-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator, and the other was on the verge of breaking through the late-stage. Judging from their conversation, the mid-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator was Fu Clan's Patriarch, Fu Tianming, while the other was Luo Clan's Patriarch, Luo Hao's father, and the triplets' grandfather, Luo Le.

When they landed before the wooden house, Wu Qi strode into its foyer with Luo Hao following closely next to him.

The youth in white, the grandson of Fu Tianming, Fu Qianxi, scurried into the foyer before Wu Qi. He went straight to Fu Tianming, who had an obvious look of a wealthy man. He was stout and short, and was sitting in a guest seat. Fu Qianxi went and whispered some words into his ears. As he spoke, he kept turning around to look at Wu Qi.

Wu Qi paid the whispering between Fu Qianxi and Fu Tianming no mind. As he strode into the foyer, cupped his fist, and bowed slightly to Luo Le, who was sitting in the master seat. "Daoist Greed offers greeting, fellow Daoist Luo Le. Mm, the purpose of my visit today is just to seek the answers to some questions which are troubling me."

Luo Le rose to his feet hurriedly and returned a greeting, as he was shocked to discover that he could not tell what exactly the level of Wu Qi's cultivation base was. The aura emanated from Wu Qi was extremely weird to him. At one time, it felt like an aura of a Nascent Divinity cultivator, but in the next moment, he could not sense anything. He was at a loss of how to determine the actual level of Wu Qi's cultivation base.

After returning the greeting in a respectful manner, Luo Le said cheerfully, "You have honored us with your presence, fellow Daoist! Please pardon me for not welcoming you earlier. Have a seat. Somebody, serve the tea!"

While Wu Qi and Luo Le were talking to each other, Fu Tianming's face darkened. "Brother Luo, I thought we had not finished our discussion." He cried out in a deep voice, "I will give you the diagram of the Reversed Five Elements Illusion Formation as the betrothal present, and you will wed Luo Shui, Luo Yu, and Luo Ling to Qianxi. Fu Clan is very sincere and serious about the marriage!"

The girls, who were following closely behind Wu Qi and had just entered the foyer, were stunned with what they had just heard. "What? Grandpa, you are making a marriage arrangement for us? And you are going to wed us to Fu Qianxi?" Luo Ling shouted shockingly.

Luo Yu, who had a quick tongue, growled, "We will marry anyone except this womanizer! Do you know how many girls has he tortured every year?"

Luo Shui knitted her brows into a tight frown and cried out, "Grandpa, aren't you aware of Fu Qianxi's notorious reputation in Mi Province? He is the number one scum amongst all the Immortal cultivator clans! And, you are going to wed all three of us to him? We'll rather shave our hairs and become nuns than become this guy's wives!"

Luo Le laughed dryly. As he was about to explain the reasons to his three beloved granddaughters, Fu Tianming brusquely pointed his finger at the triplets and snapped, "Only men will make decisions here. This is no place for women to do their talking! Now go stand on the side and shut your mouths. Once we've decided the betrothal presents today, I want you and Qianxi to do the husband-and-wife thing immediately! From tomorrow on, the Fu Clan and Luo Clan will be united as one, and the entire Mi Province will be under our ruling!"

Without saying a word, Wu Qi came before Fu Tianming, grabbed his neck, and pulled him up like a frog. Then, under the shocking glances of everyone, he gave the fat man a total of one hundred and eight slaps in the face.

The heavy slaps sent Fu Tianming's teeth flying in all directions, ripping and tearing his facial muscles. Wu Qi had intentionally exerted a slightly greater force to shatter his cheekbones as well. As the slapping went on, Wu Qi bellowed with a frown, "I was talking with fellow Daoist Luo. Why are you interrupting us? Now, go sit on the side and shut your mouth. Once I have all the information I need from fellow Daoist Luo, I'll go and wipe out your entire clan!"

With Wu Qi's hand clutching his neck, Fu Tianming had failed to control his energy. As a result, he just let Wu Qi keep on slapping him like a dead man.

Every single person in the house was terror-stricken. They felt a chill was rushing up from their feet and through their spines, shuddering them and making their scalps numb. They were too frightened to think properly.

It was a fact known to them that Fu Tianming was a mid-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator, one of the ten strongest experts in the Mi Province's world of cultivators!

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