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Pangu Continent was enormously vast in size. When Wu Qi was fleeing from the Dark Abyss, the fear of being noticed by Patriarch Miao Ying had driven him in a random direction. And, after changing directions a few times along the journey, he was clueless about his current whereabouts.

When he was in the Six Rivers City, Wu Qi had learned that the city was located inside the Mu Province, a ninth-grade province which was inaugurated not long ago. As for what were the places that surrounded this province, the people in the city could not tell. Just a single county in Mu Province was at least one million miles in circumference, a land so massive in size that most of the ordinary people would not be able to leave it in their entire lifetime. So, why should they be concerned about the situation in the other provinces around them?

"Where exactly am I right now?"

A bitter smile emerged on his face as he threw his head back to give the sun a quick glance. He did not know which direction would lead him back to the Zhong Province.

He closed his eyes, entering a meditating state to carefully communicate with the few celestial fiend puppets. The connection was still very strong. Although Wu Qi knew he could communicate with them, he could not figure out which direction they were in. His cultivation base was weak; if he had the cultivation base of a Gold Immortal, he would be able to confirm the exact location of his puppets with the incredibly powerful divine will.

Wu Qi touched his waist pouch helplessly. A thought of returning to the Six Rivers City and robbing Zhang Yi and Bai Qi suddenly leaped into his mind.

But then, a second thought came to him. He had just forced them to agree to his three future requests, and it seemed rather immoral to turn back now and rob them. After weighing his options for a while, he stamped his feet, clenched his jaw, and said, "Well, it is better to just find a prefecture city and gather some information. The prefecture cities of Great Yu are always interconnected via teleportation formations. At that point in time, I will gather some traveling expenses and return to Zhong Province."

He snorted coldly, hiding the chaotic energy deep inside of his body while releasing a faint aura of the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture. He had disguised into an ordinary human who had practiced some basic cultivation technique of the human race. Then, he darted forward and began to run wildly across the wilderness.

After cultivating the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture, Wu Qi could run as fast as a sword beam flying. And, when he pushed himself with some magnetic force, his running speed was one hundred times faster than an ordinary sword beam. In the boundless wilderness, a long serpent made of dust and sand was seen slithering further into the horizon. Wu Qi's arms swung back and forth next to him as he ran wildly across the plain, looking like a madman.

After running restlessly for one whole month, Wu Qi left the territory of Mu Province and entered Mi Province, an adjoining eighth-grade province. Its population was denser than that of the Mu Province, as after he entered its territory, he had come across a few smaller cities populated by the human race.

He studied these small cities with his divine will as he came across them. Apart from several dozens of strong human warriors, they were occupied by ordinary mortals, most of whom were earning their living in the farmlands. The cities were not rich, and weren't visited by any cultivators. Wu Qi was too lazy to enter them, so he just continued running.

Days passed as Wu Qi kept on running through the wilderness, sinking his feet deep into the ground with each step he took. His body was shrouded in a layer of rolling and tumbling purple mists, which attracted the purple mists that rose from the Pangu Continent. They tangled with one another, and gradually, he had a feeling as if he had fused with Pangu Continent, as if his heartbeat and the blood flow were echoing with the land under his feet.

On the seventh day after he entered Mi Province, when he was still running aimlessly, one of his feet accidentally landed on the ground above an underground energy vein. The energy vein trembled abruptly, and Wu Qi felt a numbness wash through his body. At that moment, his heartbeat and the frequency of his muscles trembling had matched perfectly with the frequency of the energy vein. His body became fuzzy, as countless lights and shadows flashed across his eyes, and images were shifting and changing rapidly.

He felt his body become heavy, and the burden vanished in just a flash. He raised his head, and to his surprise, he had arrived before a lofty mountain. He turned around, sending his divine will into the horizon to where he had come from. After spending some moment to calculate, he found that the one step he had just taken had brought him nearly one billion miles away! Even if he exercised a teleportation divine ability with the strongest power, he would not be able to cover such distance.

"What the...?" Wu Qi was stunned. He could not understand how he managed to do that.

All of a sudden, various techniques of the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture were rushing into his spiritual ocean. Wu Qi hurriedly glanced through these techniques. Among them, he discovered that what he had experienced just now was a mystic technique found in the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture, a technique similar to the teleportation divine ability used by the Immortals. It allowed him to travel at a high speed by borrowing the power of the underground energy veins found on Pangu Continent. It was a unique divine ability used by the experts of the human race, the 'Kuafu Chasing The Sun Step'!

By borrowing the energy in the underground energy veins on Pangu Continent, and relying on the connections between different energy veins, the experts of the human race could travel across several thousand and even tens of thousands of provinces with just one single step, traveling from one end of the Great Yu to the other end in just a flash. When an Immortal exercised his teleportation divine ability, it would consume his immortal energy. But, Kuafu Chasing The Sun Step allowed an expert of the human race to travel everywhere with the help of underground energy veins, and it would not consume any of their energies.

As long as one was familiar with the trend of the underground energy veins on the Pangu Continent, as well as their situations under each of the major provinces, one would be able to travel between major provinces with this divine ability. It was also one of the reasons those truly strong Immortals feared the experts of the human race. Despite how strong an Immortal was, as long as he was on Pangu Continent, he would not be able to escape from the pursuit of the human experts!

After briefly glancing through the essence of the Kuafu Chasing The Sun Step, Wu Qi could not help but twitch his mouth.

Fairy Xuan Die and Reverend Li Yang were very lucky. Most probably, her mastery in the Energy Traversing Space Grand Magic was the single reason that they were able to escape from the pursuit of King Bai Shan and King Zhang Qiu. Otherwise, how was it even possible they could escape from the endless human experts?

"Excellent! As long as I can find the map of the entire Pangu Continent, I will be able to travel anywhere conveniently." Finding hard to hold down the joyful emotion, he threw his head back and roared with laughter. According to what he had read, out of one thousand human warriors, only one to two of them could have mastered this divine ability, yet he was able to learn it through running a long distance restlessly.

Carefully, he took another step forward. His body blinked again, traversing over three million miles of distance in just a blink of an eye. Through a little energy vein under his feet, he had arrived in a massive mountain range.

Surprisingly, this mountain range was actually a blessed land of excellent quality. He exercised his Chaotic Divine Eyes and peered into the ground, only to see several dozens of energy veins twisting and tangling with one another like huge dragons. Vast energies gathered in one spot, transforming into a plume of pale purple colored immortal energy that rose to the surface. Without further modification, this place made an excellent Immortal Abode. However, when Wu Qi spread his divine will into the surroundings, he found that right outside of this mountain range stood a large city ruled by the human race of Great Yu. Over one hundred human warriors with significant cultivation base were stationed in the city. It was a mighty city with very strong overall strength.

That had prevented any Immortal from establishing his Immortal Abode here. Who dared to establish his base here, right under the nose of the official of the human race, unless he was confident enough to swallow up the city together? Wu Qi glanced around at the spirit flowers and exotic plants that spread across the entire mountain range. He could not help but shake his head, feeling pity that a blessed land like this had to be left untouched.

Exercising his Chaotic Divine Eyes, Wu Qi walked along the trend of the energy vein. Before long, he had come before a small hill which stood less than three miles tall. He glanced around, waving his hands and exercising a divine ability. With that, his body grew up to three miles tall as well. Then, he uprooted the small hill, clasped his palms together, and unleashed an enormous amount of magnetic forces, crashing and shattering the small hill into pieces.

With a wave of his hand, all the immortal stones contained in an excellent energy vein inside of this small hill flew out in a stream and fell into his sleeve. Usually, in those ordinary energy stone veins, only one immortal stone would be formed among millions of energy stones. However, there was not even a single ordinary energy stone found in this energy stone vein, as all of them were fist-sized immortal stones. Wu Qi calculated that a total of twelve hundred immortal stones of excellent quality had fallen into his sleeve. With these immortal stones, as long as he could find a prefecture city with a teleportation formation, he would be able to return to Zhong Province.

After collecting all the immortal stones, Wu Qi sucked all the small rocks and dust into his body, which came from the shattering of the small hill. The chaotic energy rolled these rocks and dust up, transforming them into new chaotic energy and spreading them throughout his body.

"Well, it seems this is one of the benefits of the Seven Foundation Elevating Technique. Now, I can absorb almost anything under the heaven and turned them into my energy. I wonder how many energy stones and immortal stones I can save with this ability?" Wu Qi could not help but smile, "At least, if I were to establish my own sect now, I don't have to fight with my own disciples and apprentices for energy stones and immortal stones!"

While he was indulging in a moment of triumph, a thunderclap suddenly rang out from behind a mountain off in a distance. In just a blink of an eye, tens of sword beams came flying out from behind the mountain. Three took the lead, and they seemingly came from the same sect, as they were wearing purple clothing. Behind them came chasing thirteen sword beams, each taking a different color.

Obviously, they were from different sects. Among the three sword beams who fled before the rest, two looked dull and spiritless. Their light blinked and flashed rapidly, a clear sign that they were severely wounded.

All the sword beams pierced through the air at an incredible speed. The mountain was about one hundred miles away from Wu Qi, but in just a few breaths of time, the sword beams were only three to five miles away from him. A female voice suddenly rang out from among the three purple sword beams, from the one that seemed to be unharmed. "Fellow Daoist, please leave here as soon as possible! We are being pursued by the Demon cultivators from the Myriad Demons Den!"

Demon cultivators from the Myriad Demons Den? Were they strong?

Wu Qi studied the thirteen sword beams with his divine will. The strongest among them was a peak-stage Nascent Soul cultivator. Meanwhile, the three sword beams who fled in front of the pursuers were all early-stage Nascent Soul cultivators.

A hoarse voice suddenly echoed out from behind the three sword beams, "Three little girls, why are you trying to save someone when you can't even save yourself? Hehe, our chief's birthday is around the corner, so we have to capture all of you and you shall become his presents! You can't escape from us! Haha!"

All thirteen Demon cultivators laughed out loud together, increasing their speed and pressing forward.

Wu Qi's face turned dark. He pointed one finger out, unleashing a beam of dark magnetic force to cover all the thirteen sword beams. Miserable shrieks echoed out instantly as a powerful gravitational force pulled and slammed them into a mountain off in a far distance.

A ringing of bone cracking and flesh ripping rang out. The thirteen Demon cultivators who were laughing wildly a moment ago had crashed into blood and gore, and even their Nascent Souls were shattered.

Three purple sword beams halted hesitatingly. Before long, they were retracted, and three girls came landing before Wu Qi, all wearing the same purple colored dresses. They cupped their fists and bowed deeply to Wu Qi. "Juniors Luo Shui, Luo Yu, and Luo Ling offer greetings! Thank you for saving our lives, Senior!"

As Wu Qi gave them a glance, he could not help but exclaim in his mind. 'What beautiful triplets!'

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