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Holding the three Gold Immortal talismans tightly in his palm, Wu Qi shook his hand and flung them towards the Six Rivers City. However, the moment they left his hand, they exploded into a fireball measuring merely ten feet in diameter, then popped like an over-inflated pig bladder and vanished into nothingness.

Wu Qi was stunned, and the people around him were struck dumb. They then heard Reverend Li Yang's sharp laughter coming across the distance. "Fools! Xuan Die and I have barely escaped from the perilous situation and come to this place. How is it even possible that we could still carry three Gold Immortal talismans? All our talismans and magical treasures were long consumed during the escape! The three talismans are merely tools I made in a hurry to fool you!"

The confession had angered Wu Qi and made the corners of his eyes twitch. He had been keeping the talismans safely as if they were some precious treasures, yet they were just three counterfeit products! Meanwhile, after learning that the talismans were mere powerless counterfeits, a smirk had crept over Zhang Yi and Bai Qi's faces. They felt a heavy burden was lifted off their shoulders suddenly, and they began to look at Wu Qi with a vague hostility in their eyes.

Wu Qi gave a cold snort as he peered across the distance at the Six Rivers City. "Even without these talismans, how much combative strength do you still have to defend against my attacks?" he said in a hideous voice.

An extremely thin sheet of black light shot out from Wu Qi's soles, carrying his body up into the sky. Amidst a muffled humming noise, the natural energies in the surroundings began to rock violently. Great plumes of earthy-yellow energies sprayed out from under the ground, rushing into his body in an endless stream. Then, they were transformed into a beam of glistening, dark, magnetic force, and thrust whistling out of his body.

Zhang Yi's expression changed, looking extremely unsightly now. What Wu Qi was exercising, the Magnetic Grand Magic, was his trump card which the latter had robbed from him with force. So, when he saw that Wu Qi was using the divine ability which he was most familiar with to attack the enemy, Zhang Yi felt some warm blood about to rush out of his mouth.

As the humming noise continued to ring, dozens of black sword beams had taken their shapes around Wu Qi, each measuring ten feet long. After locking down Reverend Li Yang and Fairy Xuan Die with his divine will, he gave a command to the black sword beams and made them fly. They pierced through the air amidst humming noises, the unique sound produced as the magnetic force was stirring the natural energies. In the blink of an eye, they had found their targets. A massive glow of dark light erupted as they smashed into Reverend Li Yang and Fairy Xuan Die's bodies, and the ground around them crumbled and collapsed abruptly.

A deafening boom echoed out as half of the Six Rivers City was sunk a few miles deep into the ground, turning into a huge sinkhole.

Zhang Yi and Bai Qi's facial muscles jerked. This was the property they were controlling, the property of Great Qin!

Fairy Xuan Die screeched. The immortal energy in her body was in a mess, frozen by the Dark Yin Soul Captivation poison. She had failed to control the thousands of butterflies with her immortal energy. She had no other choice but to exercise her divine will, using it to control the several tens of thousands of butterflies, making them fly back to her from all directions.

All the butterflies came back to her and Reverend Li Yang in the blink of an eye. They wheeled and danced around the couple, quickly forming a complex formation. Then, the magnetic sword beams came attacking again, hacking and slashing at the formation. The void rippled, as the formation had turned the air into an invisible barrier and blocked off the attacks. Protected by the formation, the couple hovered themselves above the Six Rivers City. They were surrounded by countless butterflies, whose wings glistened splendidly under the bright sunlight.

"Ignorant Junior, if you dare to touch even just a hair of mine, I'll definitely cut you into a thousand pieces and kill every man and woman in your sect!" Blood was trickling down Fairy Xuan Die's chin as she said that. She was merely an emptied vessel which had put on an act when she bumped into Wu Qi, having almost all her energy essence depleted from the previous battle. Now, as she had failed to muster the remaining immortal energy in her body, she was actually controlling the butterflies with the power of the Soul Essences that remained in her immortal soul.

So, whenever the magnetic forces landed another blow onto the butterflies, it was equal to an attack that smashed directly at her Soul Essence. Every hit would shake her immortal soul, and every attack would take away a little bit more of her consciousness. Wu Qi just had to keep on attacking, and he would soon kill a Seventh Tier Gold Immortal.

It struck terror in Reverend Li Yang's heart. He braced Fairy Xuan Die with both arms and began to wail, "Xuan Die, it's all my fault! I shouldn't have asked you for help, or you would still be enjoying a good time in Xiao Yu Heavenly Realm. You wouldn't have ended up in this miserable situation!"

Fairy Xuan Die clenched her jaw and cried out brusquely, "I don't want to hear this useless nonsense. Since I'm here to rescue you, we will leave here together, alive! Damn it! He has really poisoned us with that Dark Yin thing. Tell me, have you told anything about Lady Dark Gold Water to those b*tches you've slept with?" Even as she said that, dozens of sword beams kept hacking at the butterflies. Tens of them were ripped into pieces, and blood was dripping out of Fairy Xuan Die's nostrils constantly.

Reverend Li Yang's hairs were standing on their ends as he answered hurriedly, "How would I mention that to anyone when it would bring nothing but death to us? Lady Divine Water is just one step away from the Primordial Immortal realm!" Then, he raised his hand to swear an oath, vowing that he had never leaked the matter. However, deep inside of him, he was thinking hard if he had accidentally told one of his bedmates about it during one carefree session.

Hovering mid-air, Wu Qi controlled the magnetic sword beams and launched a fierce attack at Reverend Li Yang and Fairy Xuan Die. Although the butterfly formation had provided the couple a strong protection, with his Chaotic Divine Eyes, he could tell that Fairy Xuan Die was merely a spent arrow. She was just defending against his attacks with the power of her Soul Essence.

He snorted coldly, stretching out his left hand and closing his palm into a fist. At that moment, the air around him began to swirl and roll as an immense wind power was rapidly gathering in the center of his palm. He had exercised the divine ability found in the Song of Gale, one that could extract the power of the wind to attack enemies. In the blink of an eye, a wind rope measuring tens of feet long and as thick as a thumb emerged in his hand. It looked as dense as a real rope made of steel, yet twisting and spinning like a tornado.

He grabbed the tail of the wind rope like it was a real whip, lashing it forcefully towards the Six Rivers City.

A jarring howl of winds echoed out in all directions. As the thin rope left his hand, it quickly grew into a black hurricane, measuring about one mile in diameter and standing over one hundred miles tall. Countless pillars of wind and whirlwinds spun and wheeled rapidly in it, clashing and brushing against each other while producing deafening rumbles and howls. It was as if countless mountains were smashing against each other, and it sounded exactly like thunderclaps.

The fierce winds tore the air apart, raising numerous storms that swept across the lands. They rotted all the ripening crops that the people of the Six Rivers City had planted in the fields and sucked them up into the air before flinging them out in all directions. Meanwhile, hundreds of waterspouts had made their appearance above the great lake next to the city. They began to draw a massive amount of water up, using them to form a massive water ball that measured one hundred miles in diameter. Because the waterspouts had drawn the water at such an incredible speed, the water level in the great lake dropped significantly, exposing patches of black mud that were once covered by the water.

A loud boom rang out. The hurricane formed from the wind rope smote the land, ripping and shattering all the farmlands within one hundred miles around the Six Rivers City, grinding everything into the finest dust. Even as that was happening, thirty-six gusts of wind hiding inside the black hurricane swept across the void like sharp blades, viciously smashing onto the butterfly formation.

Thirty-six loud humming noises echoed out in succession as one after another gust of wind broke apart before the formation, shattering patches of butterflies when they exploded. The powerful attack made Fairy Xuan Die's eyeballs burst from their sockets, jumping one inch high up into the air. Her fair and delicate skin cracked, and blood and flesh splattered out of her body. She looked as miserable as a ghost now, no longer having the appearance of a graceful lady.

Before she could recover from the shock given to her from this wave of attacks, Wu Qi reached out his right hand and performed a grabbing gesture at the massive water ball. Instantly, it collapsed inwardly, shrinking to only one mile in diameter, with its color changing from a glistening white to a splendid purple-blue. The spell of transforming water into ice found in the Dark Yin Water Scripture was activated, and the water ball transformed into a purple-blue ice ball.

The magnetic force wrapped around the ice ball, pulling it down towards the earth with a tremendous force. Although the ice ball was hovering thirty miles above the ground, the magnetic force had given it a greater speed, allowing it to smash onto the butterflies formation in just a mere split-second.

The ice ball was heavy, tough, cold, and incredibly fast! Zhang Yi and Bai Qi could only see a beam of purple and blue light flash across the sky, and in the next moment, the ground one hundred miles around the Six Rivers City collapsed and sunk. Muffled rumbles filled the air as a great plume of purple smoke rose to the sky. When the smoke reached one mile high in the sky, it was frozen by the extreme coldness that came from the now shattered ice ball, turning into countless ice flakes that drifted away in the passing breeze.

Both Reverend Li Yang and Fairy Xuan Die cried out at the same time, "It is indeed the divine ability of turning water into ice found in the Dark Yin Water Scripture!"

Reverend Li Yang stared despairingly into the sky. He thought Lady Divine Water had really sent an expert to avenge her disciple.

Suddenly, Fairy Xuan Die grabbed his neck and gave him a dozen slaps in the face. "Swear an oath with your Prime Soul now!" She roared hoarsely, "Tell me that you will love me, not only in this lifetime, but in all the lives to come, and you will never have an affair with those sl*ts. You will touch no other women except me! Quick, swear the oath, or I'll let them kill you here!"

Reverend Li Yang was ravished with joy. 'I can still have the chance to escape?' Without the slightest hesitation, he swore the oath.

Fairy Xuan Die let out a forlorn cry. Everything below her neck shattered in an instant, transforming into a large clump of blood mist that wrapped Reverend Li Yang and her beautiful head. She shrieked at the top of her voice, "Daoist Black Dragon, Wu Qi, I don't care what your name is. I'll never let you go easily!"

She had sacrificed her Gold Immortal body which she had spent countless years to cultivate in exchange for an enormous power. Then, countless immortal stones and energy stones emerged next to her, and in just a flash, all the energy contained in them was being sprayed out, fusing into the clump of blood mist.

Numerous blood runes curdled and formed into a huge, three-dimensional formation in the void. A jade colored butterfly flashed in the formation and disappeared without a trace. Wu Qi spread out his divine will, covering an area of ten million miles in a flash, but failed to detect Fairy Xuan Die and Reverend Li Yang's aura.

His face darkened. As the proverb said, the escaped snake would cause endless troubles. His failure had just brought him the deadliest enmity!

As Wu Qi was pondering on how he was going to eliminate the future troubles, Zhang Yi and Bai Qi had surrounded him, together with dozens of their officials.

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