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Wu Qi was sitting on the cloud bed that belonged to Patriarch Miao Ying.

The Patriarch was crafting her fiend treasure in the Dark Abyss. She would not move for the next several dozens of days, and was not even able to examine her surroundings with divine will.

King Zhang Qiu, who had some kind of secret relationship with Miao Ying Palace, was tangled by Lord Long Yang right now. Accompanied by that man who was even more charming than a lady, King Zhang Qiu was either indulging in a romantic moment, or was drunk with plentiful of fine wine. He would not make his appearance here for now.

Over the last two years, Goddess Miao Xin had been trapped in her chamber by Lao Ai's sensual treatment. It was certain that she was having an intense battle with Lao Ai now, and would not be in the mood to mind about the various affairs in Miao Ying Palace. Furthermore, unless necessary, she would not come to this grand hall, which was only in use when Patriarch Miao Ying came out of her seclusion.

Meanwhile, the Fiend cultivators of Miao Ying Palace had held fast to their own positions. They would never take an extra step or speak an extra word without permission. Miao Ying Palace imposed very strict rules, and those who violated any rules would be punished with death. Yet, the strict rules had provided Wu Qi a great convenience today. Relying on Goddess Miao Xin's medallion, he was able to enter this grand hall without restriction, and managed to deploy a teleportation formation in it.

As he was constantly communicating with the celestial fiend puppets in the Greenwood Mountain, he learned everything as if he were personally there.

When Reverend Li Yang brought all the Immortals of Green City and rushed into the teleportation formation, Wu Qi laughed strangely and murmured with a nod, "It has begun! For heaven's sake, please let me get that thread of innate Yang energy without any problems!"

With a twist of his body, he transformed into a stream of innate energy and plunged right into the ground underneath Miao Ying Palace. After obtaining the scroll that contained Miao Ying Palace's fiend formations from Lord Long Yang, those ordinary restrictive formations lying everywhere in the palace could no longer hinder him. Although he had yet to possess the ability to crack some of the powerful formations, he was able to carefully travel through them with his innate escape art.

Merely one second after Wu Qi vanished in the grand hall, Reverend Li Yang, the six Gold Immortal Elders, and over one hundred Immortals of Green City made their appearances within the teleportation formation. Upon stepping out of the formation, Reverend Li Yang flicked his sleeve to throw the several hundred boys and girls out. "Destroy the teleportation formation! We can't let those wretched humans catch up with us!" he snapped.

A Heaven Immortal answered his call, thrusting his sword towards the formation. With the power he possessed, destroying a teleportation formation was as easy as cutting through butter with a hot knife.

A boy shrieked suddenly as he pulled out an Immortal Perishing Talisman and smashed it towards the Heaven Immortal. A beast soul shaped like a giant serpent darted out of the talisman, issuing a jarring hiss as it transformed into a beam of dark light and pierced the Heaven Immortal's chest from the back. The enormous power of the beast soul shattered half of his body, and vanished his immortal soul into a puff of smoke.

The Immortal Perish Talisman was a vicious talisman produced by the Directorate of Celestials that specialized in dealing with Gold Immortals. It had enough power to inflict a severe injury on a Gold Immortal, let alone a mere Heaven Immortal who was sneak attacked from the back. True enough, the Heaven Immortal was killed instantly by the talisman, crumbling into countless golden specks that dissipated in the air.

Reverend Li Yang and his company were shocked. Even before they could find out where they were, one of their Heaven Immortals was killed by a boy with a talisman. "How dare you!" Reverend Li Yang bellowed while he kept injecting his immortal energy into a few Gold Immortal items residing inside his body and unleashed a strong light of red, white, and blue color to defend himself.

All the other Gold Immortals and Heaven Immortals of Green City followed suit, quickly unleashing their defensive immortal items for fear that someone might attack them with the wicked Immortal Perishing Talisman. However, as they were busy protecting themselves, they had forgotten to destroy the teleportation formation.

In a split-second, three hundred sixty bones emerged out of nowhere above the teleportation formation. Coupled with the murmur of incantations, a large sheet of white light burst out of the bones, then condensed into several thousand strange runes that completely locked down the void around the formation. Reverend Li Yang was taken aback, and he growled, "The Universe Lockdown Spell! That wretched Great Oracle of Directorate of Celestials!"

As he cursed, a stream of water and a stream of flame shot out of his eyes, fusing together and transforming into a flying dagger that flew towards the teleportation formation. It was the 'Divine Dagger of Three Divinities', which Reverend Li Yang had spent countless Periods to practice, an attack that fused the principles of fire and water, and turned them into the element of Gold. It combined the power of Gold, Water, and Fire elements to produce an incredible force that could destroy almost anything.

As the dagger pierced through the void, over thirty the boys and girls who were scattered across the grand hall suddenly sprung up in the air. Amidst the alarming cries of some boys and girls, these children who looked only in their early teens began to recite an incantation. Ripples spread across their bodies as pale bones emerged from underneath their skins with an eerie crackling noise, forming into a set of bizarre-looking but finely crafted bone armors that covered their entire bodies.

At the same time, each of them pulled out an Immortal Perishing Talisman and threw it out after reciting an incantation.

The Dagger of Three Divinities was one of Reverend Li Yang's most powerful divine abilities, and it would cost ten percent of his current Prime Life Force to unleash each strike. Although the beast souls enveloped in dark smoke impacted it and caused it to sway violently in the air, its blue glow still glimmered brightly as it ripped apart all the beast souls and landed powerfully onto all the three hundred and sixty bones above the teleportation formations.

Although it was just one dagger, all three hundred and sixty bones were hit at the same time. This was the mighty ability of a Gold Immortal. In that split-second, the dagger had pierced through the air and compressed the void where the bones were into one whole unit, giving off an impression that it had hacked onto all of the bones at the same time.

If it were those top-tiered Gold Immortals, they could even kill several tens of thousands of targets at the same time across a distance of millions upon millions of miles with just one single strike. So long as it was a place where their divine will could reach, they could kill any target with one sword strike. It was truly a frightening overall strength that could destroy and wipe out everything.

A burst of crackling echoed out as one after another rune shot out of the bones while they crumbled and shattered. The Dagger of Three Divinities had blended the powers of Water, Fire, and Gold elements, transforming them into a peculiar force that vanished nearly half of the white light radiated from the bones, while filling the surfaces of about fifty bones with tiny seams.

"Damn it!" A petite girl suddenly leaped into the air from among the boys and girls clad in bone armors. As she did, her body expanded and grew taller rapidly, turning into a girl who looked like eighteen years old in just a blink of an eye, a beautiful girl with a curvy body. A sharp screech rang out as a gust of green wind rushed out from the top of her head, amidst which a beast soul of a Gale made its appearance, who flew across the void and grabbed at Reverend Li Yang with is giant claws.

Meanwhile, a strange spear appeared in the girl's hand. It measured eighteen feet long and green in color, densely covered in countless feathers. All the feathers swirled and danced when she thrust the spear, generating countless tiny green whirlwinds and an ear-splitting whistle as it was heading towards Reverend Li Yang's forehead.

"I am the General of the Right Division of Zhong Province's Military Court, who holds the Pixiu General Seal of Great Yu, Feng Qingliu!" Even as the girl announced her identity, the beast soul of Gale behind her back flapped its wings, pushing her towards Reverend Li Yang in just a flash. Her spear whistled as it penetrated two layers of the three defensive barriers that protected Reverend Li Yang.

It scared Reverend Li Yang, making him cry in alarm. He couldn't care less about destroying the teleportation formation now. Instead, he opened his mouth and shot out three daggers, each turning into a beam of blue light as they shot straight towards Feng Qingliu's face, chest, and abdomen. Almost at the same time, a giant seal that took the shape of a green hill flew whistling out of his sleeve and expanded into a hill about several dozens of feet in circumference in just a flash as it smashed down viciously on Feng Qingliu.

Feng Qingliu snorted coldly. With a sway of her body, she dashed to a far distance like a spirit.

But, the Daggers of Three Divinities followed her closely as if they were some living beings with sentience. Amidst the sharp whistling, three bluish daggers were at a very close distance from Feng Qingliu constantly, emanating a faint cold breeze while seeming to almost pierce her.

And, the giant seal did the same, following her and hovering above her head as she moved while unleashing an invisible force that was sticky like a vortex in a deep ocean, a force that trapped and dragged her down, slowing down her speed. Had her beast soul not been the Gale, a divine bird whose flying speed topped the world, she would have been struck by a calamity.

Even as Reverend Li Yang engaged Feng Qingliu in a fierce battle, the other few Gold Immortals of Green City had struck out as well.

Three Gold Immortals attacked the teleportation formation with their own divine abilities, and the other three thrust their arms forward mercilessly.

Soundlessly, numerous Yin thunderbolts blanketed the grand hall, smiting and ripping those genuine boys and girls who did not possess any cultivation base into pieces, vanishing their souls into nothingness. None of them could even cry out before they were killed. Because of the merciless attacks, the only survivors in the grand hall now were the over thirty human soldiers who were clad in bone armors and had unleashed bone talismans to defend themselves.

"You b*stards!" The cruel approach of the Gold Immortals from the Green City had infuriated Feng Qingliu, who was desperately dodging Reverend Li Yang's attacks. All of a sudden, her body disintegrated and transformed into a gust of green wind that drifted away. Three beams of blue light pierced the wind, while the giant seal smashed brutally onto the blowing wind.

The wind condensed and formed into Feng Qingliu in a corner of the grand hall. She had three holes on her body, and the flesh near the wounds was slowly disintegrating. Also, her legs were badly mutilated, as if they had just been crushed by a giant millstone.

She was trembling with pain. "How could you still have such an overall strength after being wounded by the Immortal Perishing Talismans and Immortal Slaughtering Thunders?" She said in a deep voice, her eyes fixing on Reverend Li Yang's face. "It looks like there is still a huge gap between us, the human race, and you, the Immortals!"

Reverend Li Yang snorted coldly. As he was about to say something, three Gold Immortals had destroyed all the bones hovering above the teleportation formation. However, before they could destroy the formation, Feng Lingling and the other important ministers of Zhong Province had rushed out of it.

Feng Lingling glanced around with questions in his eyes as he hovered midair in the grand hall.

"How strange! Where is this place? Why are we in a grand hall? Aye, and there are so many powerful and wicked restrictive formations!"

Only now did everyone gave their surroundings a glance, and sucked in a cold breath at the same time.

An Immortal of Green City accidentally triggered one of the restrictive formations. Soundlessly, three Nether Yakshas emerged in the void, killing the Immortal with their tridents and quickly dragging his soul back into the Nether Yellow Spring!

"This is not the restrictive formations deployed by Green City!" cried Reverend Li Yang with a stern voice.

Everyone in the grand hall had their expressions changed drastically.

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