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Reverend Li Yang was staring down at the several hundred boys and girls who had just been brought into the grand hall.

Each one of them was a carefully picked talent with excellent potential in cultivating immortality. It was especially true for four boys and five girls among the parade, as all of them had a body full of immortal bones. Although they had yet to begin cultivating the path of immortality, their meridians and bone structures were similar to that of Immortals who had attained a notable cultivation base. If they were to be found in the outer heavenly realms, they would be the supreme-grade talents for whom all immortals sects would fight.

Only on Pangu Continent, the land where the human race was born, could someone be nourished by some kind of mysterious spirit energy and eventually possess a Dharma Body full of immortal bones. Reverend Li Yang smiled satisfyingly and kept nodding as he said, "Excellent, too wonderful for words...! Mm..."

With a gentle wave of his finger, five girls with immortal bones floated up in the air and landed before Reverend Li Yang. He studied them, and found that the oldest among the five girls was fifteen years old, while the youngest was only seven or eight years old. Unable to hold down the joy in his heart, he roared with laughter and said, "Amazing! They are destined to be my disciples. Mm, are you willing to acknowledge me as your Master?"

The few Gold Immortal Elders of Green City immediately frowned with discontent. Who would not like excellent talents such as these boys and girls? Especially when all of the five girls standing before them were beautifully featured, and it was predictable that they would be peerless beauties once they transcended Heavenly Tribulations and became Heaven Immortals. If they could take them in as disciples, and later trained them into someone who could warm their bed, acting as their cultivation vessels, it would be the most pleasant thing!

One of the Elders with the highest seniority among them cleared his throat and said, "Li Yang, why don't we share them out? I found this girl congenial to me, so it is best for her to acknowledge me as her Master!" He pointed his finger at one of the girls, who was the tallest and had a pair of valiant brows.

Reverend Li Yang frowned as he gave the six Elders a glance and breathed out a faint sigh. Initially, he thought of having all five girls for himself, but now it seemed impossible. As a matter of fact, he was a licentious man who enjoyed spending romantic moments with female Immortals. However, although he had met countless ladies in the past, none of them possessed a Dharma Body of Immortal Bones except Lady Dark Gold Water, who he eventually failed to get his hands on. Never had he seen so many beautiful girls at once with a similar body constitution.

Even as he breathed out a long sigh, he put his arms around two girls and pulled them over. "Well, how about this? After all, Yun Zang is the one who claimed this property and worked tirelessly to build the Green City Manor, and he is my disciple!"

With his words and actions, it was clear that Reverend Li Yang wanted to have two girls. The Six Elders had no other choice but to communicate through their divine will. After a round of negotiations and exchange of interests, the Elder with the highest seniority took one girl and one boy as his disciples, while the other five Elders shared the remaining boys with immortal bones.

Fearing that these precious talents might get hurt, the seven Gold Immortals of Green City ordered the girls and boys to wait right next to them. In particular, Reverend Li Yang even forced the two girls to sit on his laps and kept feeding them wine, with an evil smile on his face.

But to everybody's surprise, the nine boys and girls were very obedient. Not only did they obey all the orders from the few Elders, they even flattered Reverend Li Yang and the others into a happy mood with soft and gentle voices.

Arranged by 'Lao Ai', cultivators of Euphoria Heavenly Palace began to bring various rare spirit fruits and herbs into the grand hall. The boys and girls received them eagerly and fed these delicious fruits into the mouth of all the Gold Immortal Elders.

As seasoned Gold Immortals, before Reverend Li Yang and the others put any spirit fruit into their mouths, they would always give its appearance and smell a careful examination. But, what 'Lao Ai' had prepared were fruits harvested from spirit herbs that contained powerful energy, which would only bring benefits to Immortal cultivators.

And, that had further pleased Reverend Li Yang and the other Gold Immortals. More fine wines were poured into their mouths, and more spirit fruits were fed into their stomachs. As alcohol slowly consumed their senses, an obscene look began to creep over their faces, and their behavior got looser than before.

With a strange smile on his face, Reverend Li Yang was forcing the girls sitting on his laps to finish the wine in his glass. All of a sudden, both girls pulled out a bone talisman from under their sleeves, which had the size of a palm and made of black bones of some unknown creature.

Reverend Li Yang was taken aback. Even as he unleashed his divine will to examine the usage of the bone talismans, a blinding light exploded from them, amidst which came darting out two beast souls. In just a flash, they pierced through his chest with a ground-shaking roar, shattering the chair behind him and knocking him tumbling backward. Golden blood splattered in all directions.

Right at the moment when the strong light was being emitted, Reverend Li Yang's Gold Immortal item had already activated by itself, unleashing three layers of bright light, colored red, white, and blue, to protect him. However, the beast souls came with an enormous surpassing power which restricted the item spirit. And shockingly, the Gold Immortal item could not defend its master, causing his immortal body to be pierced by the beast souls.

After howling tragically and being knocked nearly one hundred feet back, Reverend Li Yang managed to hover himself midair steadily. His chest had a hole that was as large as a basin, and countless streams of golden light were wheeling rapidly in it, producing new flesh that crawled and interlocked with each other to cover the hole.

But abruptly, all the new flesh withered and turned pitch-dark at the same time, falling off his body in succession like dead branches of an old tree. Reverend Li Yang stared blankly at the falling flesh as he cried out with terror, "What is happening? How...? Poison? I am poisoned?"

Meanwhile, when he was being severely wounded, the other six Gold Immortals of Green City were also attacked by the boys and girls standing next to them with bone talismans. Among them, the one who was injured the least had his left arm taken away, while the most serious one had half of his skull turned into nothingness by the beast soul.

Only three of them managed to launch a counterattack. However, immediately after their Gold Immortal items were being unleashed, a strong light exploded from the boys and girls, which transformed into strange armors made of countless thumb-sized bones and clad on their bodies, leaving not even an inch of their skins exposed.

When the attacks of Gold Immortal items landed on these bone-armors, a blinding light and countless runes immediately burst out from each of the small bones. Numerous bones broke and shattered amidst the ear-splitting whistle produced by the Gold Immortal items, but still, the boys and girls managed to escape the grand hall safely with just a few leaps.

Daoist Yun Zang was stunned, and he roared with a hoarse voice, "What is happening? Master, what is going on now?"

But his Senior Brother, Daoist Yun Han, was seized with a wild joy. Without the slightest hesitation, he pointed a finger at Daoist Yun Zang and bellowed, "Junior Brother, how dare you to plot a treason and betray Master? You damn traitor!"

Daoist Yun Zang growled, "No, I didn't! Master, I did not do this!"

Before his words could fade, Shui Xin, who had been standing next to Daoist Yun Zang all this time, issued a long screech as he sprung and dashed towards Daoist Yun Han while throwing out a fiend fireball. "Save your breath, Yun Han! My Master and I have hated you for a long time! You deserve to be killed here today!"

Daoist Yun Zang's body trembled as he stared at Shui Xin with terror. He could not understand how did his beloved disciple manage to unleash a fiend fireball which only Fiend cultivators could have mastered?

Yun Han laughed with wild excitement. His body swayed, and a vase of aqua color sprung out from the top of his head, from the mouth of which gurgled out a stream of water that blocked off the fiend flame. "Master, the evidence is certain. Junior Brother has colluded with Fiend Immortals in scheming against you!"

Reverend Li Yang's face flickered. A bizarre poison was washing over his body. Not only did it corrode his flesh, it had also put a restriction on his immortal soul, reducing his overall strength by at least thirty percent. For a Gold Immortal, having his overall strength reduced by thirty percent was deadly.

In the twinkling of an eye, before Reverend Li Yang could find out the cause of the sudden change and come up with a countermeasure, Shui Yi, who had been following behind him since he was knocked tumbling back just now, rolled his eyes and threw out seven bone talismans, along with seven fist-sized, pitch-dark, and heavy Yin thunder-balls.

Just like the bone talismans thrown by the few boys and girls, the beast souls who darted out of the strong light broke and ripped the limbs of Reverend Li Yang and the other Gold Immortals, and nearly destroyed the bodies of two Gold Immortals completely. Almost at the same time, the seven Yin thunder-balls detonated right next to them. Nevertheless, they did not produce a tremendous power, and only turned into a large ball of dark cloud, swirling around the seven Gold Immortals with deep and muffled thunderclaps echoing out from within constantly.

Although no one in the grand hall could sense the real power of these Yin thunder-balls, Reverend Li Yang shrieked as if he had just seen some ghosts, "Immortal Perishing Talismans! Immortal Slaughtering Thunders! B*stard! These are the wicked things produced by the Directorate of Celestial of the human race!"

Forlorn cries lingered in the grand hall. When Reverend Li Yang and the other Gold Immortals finally rushed out of the dark cloud, all of them were badly mutilated. The seven Immortals who once looked mighty and full of virtue had now looked as nasty and ferocious as foul ghosts.

"Master, I really have no idea how this happened!" Daoist Yun Zang howled at the top of his voice.

Ablaze with anger, Reverend Li Yang gave him a glare. The glare instantly crumbled his body, turning it into sand that sprinkled to the ground. Then, Reverend Li Yang crooked his finger and pulled Daoist Yun Zang's immortal soul over, shoving it under his sleeve.

"Yun Han, quickly bring..."

Before Reverend Li Yang could finish his words, a beating of drums and a blare of trumpets was heard coming from every side. Fifty massive flying ships had arrived above Greenwood Mountain with a towering killing intent. Several thousand Oracles from the Directorate of Celestial floated up into the sky with their leg crossed, each having a large bone talisman hovering above their head. With both hands performing an incantation gesture before their dantian and reciting an incantation in a deep voice, a restrictive barrier measuring one hundred miles in circumference was unleashed to wrap the entire Greenwood Mountain.

Reverend Li Yang roared furiously. He spun, pointing a finger at Shui Xin, who was standing next to him a moment ago. But to his surprise, both Shui Xin and Shui Yi had long vanished from the grand hall.

Even he had failed to find out how they managed to escape.

Feng Lingling's cold voice rang out in the sky, "Seven Gold Immortals and one hundred and seven Heaven Immortals of Green City, I'll spare you a broken soul for reincarnation should you kill yourself now... Mm, the thirty-two female Immortal can live! Hehe, I'll love to show you my affection!"

Numerous figures rushed down from the flying ships, and all of the powerful figures of Zhong Province, including Feng Lingling, made their appearance.

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