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The men had disguised as either merchant, tradesmen, herb harvesters, or hunters who hunted for rare fowls and strange animals, selling them for a living. Among them, over thirty were Yan Bugui's subordinates from the Scouting Office. Hence, he had full control over this group of men. Bringing with him one hundred subordinates who took different shapes and looks, he entered An He City.

Led by the men from Scouting Office, the group of men were divided into smaller groups and checked into different inns in the city, with some finding lodging in ordinary civilians' residences. The middle and lower-class people on Pangu Continent still maintained their simple and honest nature. Although Immortals had occupied the city for a long period of time, the people had managed to keep their unsophisticated manner. With some random excuses and rentals, Yan Bugui's subordinates were able to stay in their homes.

Yan Bugui had disguised himself as a tradesman and checked into an inn. Before he could wash away the dust he brought from the journey, the celestial fiend puppet controlled by Wu Qi's divine will had come to pay him a visit.

"Brother Bugui! Brother Bugui! Open the door!" Wu Qi shouted as he knocked at the door.

The doors of the rooms to the left and right of Yan Bugui's room opened slightly, from the opening of which, four elites Scouting Officers had locked their sharp eyes on Wu Qi's face. At the moment, Wu Qi had taken Lao Ai's appearance, replacing the real Lao Ai to take charge of Euphoria Heavenly Palace. As they were elites from Great Yan's Scouting Office, they recognized Lao Ai's face immediately, and they drew their swords at the same time.

Yan Bugui too was taken aback when he flung the door opened and saw Lao Ai's face. But it was lucky that when he had a secret discussion with Wu Qi previously, he was told that Lao Ai was now working for Wu Qi. He breathed out a sigh of relief, put on a faint smile, and whispered, "Prince of Changxin, your sudden visit nearly scared my wits out. How did you know that I am here?"

Wu Qi looked to his left and right, then smiled as he cupped his fist to the elites from Scouting Office, who were staring at him from behind the doors. Abruptly, his face turned back to his original look. Upon seeing that, four Scouting Officers breathed out a sigh of relief and slowly returned their swords to the sheaths. 'Duke of Tianyun is truly a man with incredible abilities!' This was the only thought that came to them when they saw how Wu Qi managed to change his appearance in just a blink of an eye.

After entering Yan Bugui's room, Wu Qi threw himself into a large chair and said lazily, "You are late. I thought you would come here earlier."

Yan Bugui breathed a long sigh, then shook his head and said, "It is not up to us to decide when. The Punishment Court only released us after we acquired a physical strength comparable to the power of a Nascent Divinity cultivator." He smiled, then fished out the pill bottle and said, "The other eleven people and I have been given this pill, three for each of us. With just three pills, they can make us into someone with an overall strength to fight against a Heaven Immortal."

Wu Qi clicked his tongue, then took over the pill bottle and gave the pills a careful smell.

They came with a pungent aroma, and he could recognize a few of the ingredients. But what surprised him was that he could smell the unique fragrance of Dragon Saliva from the pills. 'It is the dragon saliva from a Heavenly Dragon who possessed an overall strength of Heaven Immortal.' He was sure about that, 'no wonder it has such a strong effect in improving one's muscle strength and nourishing one's bone marrows and energy essence.'

"In less than a year, they can transform a group of ordinary mortals into formidable warriors who possess the overall strength to fight against Heaven Immortals!" exclaimed Wu Qi as he shook his head and sighed, "It is no wonder that even though human warriors do not have strong souls, the Heaven still dares not to poke their noses too deep into Pangu Continent, and has only let all the different powers of Immortals slowly infiltrate the land. Apparently, this is the reason why the Heaven has not launched a full invasion on Pangu Continent!"

Yan Bugui twitched his lips as he shoved the pill bottle back into his sleeve, shaking his head with a bitter smile on his face.

How could the total number of Immortals be compared to the total population of ordinary mortals on Pangu Continent? If a conflict really broke out between the Heaven and the Human Emperor, with just a single decree, human warriors would completely flood the Immortals like a swarm of ants. Even though they had various weaknesses, they had an absolute advantage in term of number, and that alone was sufficient to send a chill down into all almighty experts' hearts.

"A Heaven Immortal in just a year!"

Wu Qi breathed out a long sigh.

"Too bad that I've only been given the basic cultivation technique of True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture, or else..." said Yan Bugui.

Wu Qi gave him a look and said in a deep voice, "I have the full set of True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture. Send someone to quickly pass it over to His Majesty. Mm, on no account can it be leaked. With it, Great Yan can at least occupy an absolutely strategic advantage over the other few dynasties, or even establish a solid foundation on Pangu Continent."

But, he shook his head after saying that. "Never mind. It is highly possible that Great Wei has obtained some similar cultivation technique. Tell His Majesty that Lord Long Yang has roped in King Zhang Qiu of Great Yu. That man is a King, officially conferred by Great Yu, and he seems to be besotted with Lord Long Yang. Anything that I can obtain, I'm sure Lord Long Yang can have it too, and it will only be more and better than us!"

"We should kill Lord Long Yang immediately!" cried Yan Bugui, aghast.

Wu Qi was taken aback. After a brief moment of hesitation, he shook his head and said, "As of now, Lord Long Yang is still my ally, and that makes him Great Yan's ally. We cannot kill him... Firstly, it is morally incorrect, and secondly, even if I do want to kill him, I lack the power to do so." Killing someone on a Primordial Immortal's territory? Wu Qi really did not have the courage to do so! Besides, he still needed to obtain some information through Lord Long Yang, so how was he willing to destroy the best source of information?

Both men continued to chat for a while. Wu Qi told Yan Bugui a few things that he was currently working on, while Yan Bugui told him everything he had seen and heard in Punishment Court.

Wu Qi's heart jerked when he heard those descriptions. The power demonstrated by Zhong Province's Punishment Court was simply astonishing. Although it was mainly because Zhong Province was a First-grade province, Great Yu still had plenty other First-grade provinces. He could not help but wonder what kind of power the Punishment Court who managed all the Criminal Officers under the heaven hold.

He breathed out a helpless sigh, staring at Yan Bugui as he said with a rather irresponsible smile on his face, "Thankfully it is not me who has to worry about this, but His Majesty!"

Yan Bugui opened his mouth as if he were about to say something, but he was rendered speechless by Wu Qi's irresponsible words. After staring at Wu Qi for a long while, only then he said frustratingly, "You better don't forget that the Prince is your father-in-law!"

Wu Qi evaded the topic with a guffaw and ignored Yan Bugui's complaint.

After talking with Yan Bugui in whispers for a few moments, they heard a loud knocking on the door again. Wu Qi rose to his feet and opened the door. "You are finally here, Old Sir!" He greeted the guest with a bright smile.

The door flung open, and a man in an outfit many times shabbier than a beggar on the street walked into the room with a dark face. He was none other than Su Qin. "I... I..." Words struggled to come out from his tightly clenched teeth.

As he was about to curse, Su Qin suddenly noticed the mysterious looks in both Wu Qi and Yan Bugui's eyes. He quickly shut his mouth, put on a smile on his face and said, "I've traveled many places over the last few months and experienced a lot. Mm, the local customs and practices on Pangu Continent are totally different from what I've seen in the past!"

He flicked his tattered sleeve and said, "Mm, the journey has been pleasant, haha..."

Wu Qi and Yan Bugui did not speak. Instead, they had their eyes resting on Su Qin's face. The old man flushed with shame, and could no longer cover his embarrassing experience. He threw himself into a big chair resentfully and said with a wearied voice, "Alright, I'll be frank with you. I am a fool and someone conned me. Mm, I saw a teenage girl alone in the wilderness, crying for help. I thought of saving her, but in the end, I was robbed by tens of Heaven Immortals!"

He clapped his hands and said with a dried laugh, "I threw them my storage ring and all my valuables, then managed to escape when they were fighting amongst each other! Hehe, Pangu Continent is truly a foul land. I'll exercise extreme caution from now on, and never to travel aimlessly and alone again!"

Su Qin was robbed by someone?

The cunning and treacherous Prime Minister of Great Yan was robbed by someone?

Wu Qi and Yan Bugui exchanged a glance, trying their best to hold back their laughter as they sat next to Su Qin with a serious face. Forcing himself to not look at Su Qin's tattered cloth, Wu Qi told him the current situation in An He City, as well as his goals.

First, Green City was about to launch their base in Greenwood Mountain, and Reverend Li Yang would arrive here within two years from now.

Second, Wu Qi wanted to teach Reverend Li Yang a lesson, and it would be better if he could kill all the Immortals who came here from Green City.

Third, he wished to help Yan Bugui establish a meritorious service with this opportunity. Scheming against Reverend Li Yang and killing those Immortals of Green City, claiming back An He City, and returning it under Great Yu's authority should be sufficient to land Yan Bugui on a decent post in Punishment Court.

Fourth, apart from helping Yan Bugui, he wanted to have the absolute control of An He City in his own hands. No matter it was for himself or Great Yan Dynasty, it was extremely important for them to have a city and the land of a province on Pangu Continent as a foundation. He had to make An He City his personal property, and he had already decided the future master of the city – the descendant of the original City Lord, and the father of Bajie, his disciple, Zhu Linggong!

Fifth, he wanted to use the opportunity to create some kind of convenience for himself. He was being honest with them about the plots he had in the Dark Abyss of Northern Ocean. He told Su Qin that there was something he wanted to get in that place. However, as the place was currently occupied by an almighty expert, he had to use this incident to create some troubles for that almighty expert, so that he could enter the Dark Abyss and get what he wanted.

After learning about the current situation and Wu Qi's requests, as well as the resources he had right now, Su Qin spent two hours to murmur under his breath, with words such as 'deceptions', 'borrowing a knife to kill others', 'drive wolves to devour tigers', and 'two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs away with it' coming out of his mouth.

Two hours later, a sinister smile emerged on Su Qin's face as he lowered his voice and told them the plan he had come up with.

The more they listened to him, the brighter their eyes became. In the end, both cheered for the brilliant plan.

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