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Ferocious, merciless, cruel, tyrannous, sinister, murderous...

All kinds of negative emotions twisted and tangled with each other, turning into a huge billowing fiend aura that looked pitch-dark and sticky like glue. It rose from the hole, smearing the entire Dark Abyss of Northern Ocean black in just a blink of an eye, forming into countless whirlpools that spun rapidly under the water. Strange howls of fiends echoed out without an end, sharp and unpleasant. Sending pain into the ears of those who heard them, they swayed their souls at the same time, as if trying to claim every living soul in this place.

Wu Qi struggled with all his strength amidst the soaring fiend aura. Initially, he thought of using the Divine Flame of Order to resist the attack from the howling, but it was rendered powerless by the fiend aura that blotted every corner. There were even a few times that it was nearly wiped out by the gruesome howling that washed over him crazily. That had frightened him, and he quickly hid the divine flame in the depth of his spiritual ocean, not daring to use it anymore.

He had no other choice but to exercise the Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture, unleashing an inferno fiend aura to swirl around him, using that to resist the attack from the surrounding fiend aura. As it was unleashed, he was immediately shrouded in a heavy death aura, while a pungent stench of rotten corpses gushed out. When the grayish death aura blended with the black fiend aura, the aggressiveness of the billowing fiend aura around him dropped significantly, now ninety percent weaker, allowing him to barely stand still amidst the waves of fiend aura.

Lao Ai had his eyes gone wide as he growled with his male part erected like a rock pillar, a dense pinkish light radiating endlessly from his body. Countless pinkish skeletons could be vaguely seen floating in the light, sending forth an immense evil and lustful aura. Upon sensing the evil aura, the black fiend aura immediately lowered down its attack against him. With that, he managed to lock his feet on the ground next to Wu Qi.

King Zhang Qiu sat squarely on the cloud bed, still like a mountain. Nine strange skulls carved from white jades hovered above his head in a formation of Nine Halls, from the seven apertures of which came spraying out large columns of smoke that formed a barrier around him. No matter how the black fiend aura kept slamming at the smoky barrier, it just would not budge.

Goddess Miao Xin sat steadily on her cloud bed as well. Her body had emanated a black mist of the same source and essence as the surrounding fiend aura, and countless fiends were clustering around her while making deafening hisses. With an enjoyable look on her face, she kept taking deep breaths, drawing the surrounding fiend aura into her body and turning it into her own power. Among all the people in the hall, she appeared to be the most relaxed one.

On the other hand, Lu Buwei and Lord Long Yang appeared to suffer the greatest pain.

Five ferocious-looking little ghosts made their appearances and ran in a circle rapidly around Lu Buwei, emanating a vast ghost aura. But obviously, the fiend aura that filled the atmosphere paid the ghost aura no mind. It ripped, tore, and devoured the ghost aura in a frenzied manner, causing Lu Buwei's facial complexion to change in color, from pale to blue, and then purple. His expression changed as well, as blood was seeping out from his pores. The fiend aura was seizing his energy essence.

Sitting next to King Zhang Qiu, Lord Long Yang had a huge white lotus flower hovering above his head, fully spread out amidst the strong wind and radiating millions upon millions of fine white light streams that enveloped him. However, under the brutal attacks from the fiend aura, the flower shook violently as if about to fall, and was dotted with black spots within just a few seconds of time. His curvy body trembled and swayed like a leaf amidst a thunderstorm. It seemed he could be devoured by the fiend aura at any time.

King Zhang Qiu turned around and gave Lord Long Yang a glance, as a gentle look that was soft as water flashed across his eyes. It was the first human emotion that Wu Qi managed to discover on him. He cleared his throat, and the nine white jade skulls floating above him shrieked together, unleashing a vast column of smoke that wrapped Lord Long Yang within. Lord Long Yang breathed out a sigh of relief. A faint smile emerged on his face like the ripple on a pool of spring water as he nodded lightly at King Zhang Qiu.

When Lord Long Yang smiled faintly and nodded gently, it was as if countless jasmine flowers had just bloomed amidst the soothing breeze of springtime. Everyone present in the grand hall, regardless of their genders and ages, including Lao Ai and Lu Buwei, had their heartstrings plucked and, their hearts raced. Even King Zhang Qiu, a man who was as stiff as a granite block, was taken aback, laughing dryly with his face flushed.

All of a sudden, bloodcurdling ghost howls could be heard echoing out from every corner, while large columns of dark smoke and large sheets of green flame rose from the ground in the grand hall.

Without the slightest hesitation, Goddess Miao Xin rose to her feet, turned to the veiled cloud bed on the lofty dais, and bowed. "Welcome back, Master! Your disciple, Miao Xin, is here to serve you!"

The fiend aura that blotted the entire hall retracted, flowing quickly towards the cloud bed. The pressure was instantly lifted from everyone. Very quickly, Wu Qi and the rest bowed and offered their greetings toward the cloud bed just like Goddess Miao Xin. Even Miao Yue had struggled herself up from Lao Ai's arms, standing feebly on the floor while bowing respectfully.

The chiffon that veiled the cloud bed split from the middle, presenting Patriarch Miao Ying before everyone's eyes.

She had an appearance of some thirteen, or maybe fourteen years old teenage girl. Her body was curvy and slender, her skin fair and glimmering faintly, as if she were carved out of white jade. Every line and every curve was perfect, and not even a tiny flaw could be found. She was seen reclined comfortably on the cloud bed, fully naked, with a head of over thirty feet long hair pouring down behind, fluttering gently like grasses in the water while touching every inch of her enchanting body. Like a long robe made of silk, they covered the few important parts of her body.

However, there were always gaps between the hairs. When they moved from time to time, the few most fascinating parts of her body would be exposed. And when that was coupled with her face that glowed faintly like jade and crystal, the holy, pure, and flawless face, it sparked a very sharp contrast. Though she looked holy and pure, she was giving off an extremely evil temptation at the same time.

Wu Qi had just caught a glimpse of her, and he immediately felt a heat rushing through his body, an evil thought rising in his heart.

It was even worse for Lao Ai, the peerless devil. His eyes had long rested on her body, and a long, ugly object ripped through his pants and nodded its head in front of everyone.

Lu Buwei turned his head to look at Lao Ai, pointing his finger at him and snapping, "How dare you to insult Patriarch? Somebody, drag him out of here and execute him! Disintegrate his soul and send him down to the nether hell, preventing him from reincarnating again!"

A few Long Bo men clad in heavy armors charged into the grand hall, about to take down Lao Ai.

At that very moment, Patriarch Miao Ying opened her eyes. Smilingly, she gave Lao Ai's proud tool a glance with her blue eyes that shone like a pair of supreme-grade sapphires and said, "Nine Coiling Dragons Penis? It is really an exceptional innate talent. After so many years, this is the first time that I have witnessed this legendary tool. Hehe, little boy, am I beautiful?" As she had spoken, the few Long Bo men halted and bowed to her, withdrawing themselves to a far corner of the hall without making a sound.

Hearing the flirting words, Lao Ai craned his head to get a better look at Patriarch Miao Ying's seductive body, then said with a guffaw, "This Junior has failed to find the right words to describe Patriarch's beauty. Hehe, this Junior has seen many women and tasted countless beauties, proud of his iron mind. But, when he sees Patriarch, his little brother has decided to bend that iron mind and show its head. That is the proof of how beautiful Patriarch is."

Patriarch Miao Ying giggled, nodding her head as she said, "What an amusing boy. Miao Xin, I'll let you have him for now."

After giving Lao Ai another gaze, Patriarch Miao Ying turned to look at Wu Qi. "Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture? How interesting! It had once enjoyed a great reputation across all the outer heavenly realms a few Aeons ago. But, too bad that those fools had offended someone they shouldn't, resulting in the complete wipeout of their sect. Since then, the legacy of Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture had been considered to be broken off. Fate has made you inherit it, which also made you a part of the Fiend League."

She got up gracefully and sat cross-legged on the cloud bed, staring at Wu Qi as she said, "If you can cultivate to the realm of Gold Immortal, I'll take you as my disciple. Before that, carry on with what you are supposed to do. Miao Xin, teach him some basic things, and all the rules that he should obey. Make sure he doesn't break any of them."

She pondered for a brief moment, then pointed her finger at Wu Qi and said, "There are things in Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture which we can borrow to further enhance Miao Ying Palace's cultivation techniques. Guide this little boy properly and use his talent to good account. Don't let the benefits he could bring us go to waste."

Wu Qi expressed his gratitude by cupping his fist and bowing to Patriarch Miao Ying.

Patriarch Miao Ying gave a faint smile, turning her glance over to Lu Buwei.

Lu Buwei bowed hastily and said with a flattering smile, "Patriarch, your humble servant has prepared you forty-nine boys who are born with the Seven Killing entering their Life Palace!"

"Well, you must have put in a lot of effort in finding all of them. Miao Xin, reward him as you see fit," said Patriarch Miao Ying as she nodded slowly.

Then, she waved her hand. Wu Qi and Lao Ai felt the world was spinning around them, and in the next moment, both were sent out of the grand hall.

Vaguely, they could still hear Patriarch Miao Ying's giggle and voice coming out of the hall, "King Zhang Qiu, are you here for the previous matter?" But, that was the only thing they heard, as large columns of dark smoke and fiend aura rose billowing up from both inside and outside of the hall, isolating the conversation.

Wu Qi gave Lao Ai a look, pointing at his lower body at the same time. Lao Ai smiled embarrassingly, fished out a beast skin, and wrapped it messily around his waist. "What now? Throwing us out? How could they treat us like this?" He asked in a whisper.

Before his voice could fade, a black light flashed from the hall's entrance, amidst which came walking out Goddess Miao Xin, Miao Feng, and Miao Yue.

Goddess Miao Xin gave Wu Qi a look and threw him a jade slip, "In this are some basic techniques of Miao Ying Palace, including the Dao of Formations, Dao of Runes, Dao of Pills, and some other stuff. Take your time to study them. Also, since you are practicing the Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture, and Master does know of its origin, you don't have to abandon it and practice our cultivation technique. Focus all your attention on your original cultivation technique, and use these as your supplement approaches."

After dismissing Wu Qi, Goddess Miao Xin crooked her finger at Lao Ai, sticking out her long tongue to lick her nose as she said in a low voice, "Lao Ai? An exceptional innate talent of Nine Coiling Dragons Penis? Hehe, Miao Yue has told me how great you are, but I wonder if what she said is real!"

Lao Ai laughed, cupping his fist as he said, "Goddess, you will know after experiencing that yourself."

Goddess Miao Xin roared with laughter, grabbed Lao Ai's hand with one swift move, and brought him walking towards the depth of Miao Ying Palace.

Wu Qi stood outside the grand hall as he stared at Lao Ai's back. He had an impression that Lao Ai was a hero who was about to enter the execution ground, as if he were going for a suicide mission.

"Lao Ai, sorry to make you suffer!"

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