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For the whole time it took to finish a pot of tea, Miao Yue was staring stonily at Lao Ai, who was pushing mine cars up the steep tunnel with the long object between his legs. She could not help but keep sucking in breath through her teeth.

"What an extraordinarily fabulous man!"

Her eyes flickered with a strange gleam, and suddenly, a fiery hot wave of lust flowed from her curvy body. Miao Yue had been a coquettish girl, and with her eyes now turned liquid, even a blind person could see her desire for lust.

Wu Qi caught a glimpse of her from the corners of his eyes and suggested intentionally, "Senior, we have just captured this fellow. It seems like he is too wild and arrogant. Shall I..." he made a gesture of a scissor with one hand.

"Nonsense!" Miao Yue gave him a resentful gaze and said as she giggled, "Keep an eye on him. Aye, what do you want from me?" Though she was talking to Wu Qi, her eyes did not move away from Lao Ai, and her glances were lingering around the long object between his legs.

As Wu Qi's purpose was to lure Miao Yue down here to the mine with an excuse, upon hearing the question, he quickly answered, "It is not something really important, Senior. Since I am now the outer sect disciple of Miao Ying Palace, and I am practicing a cultivation technique from the Fiend League, I wonder..."

Miao Yue smiled faintly, realizing what Wu Qi was requesting. While enjoying the sight of Lao Ai's majestic posture as he strode step by step up the tunnel, using her liquid eyes to glance across his beefy muscles, she said, "Miao Ying Palace does have a cultivation technique specially designed for outer sect disciples. Though it is not particularly fine, it is still a rare technique. Aye, what is this guy called? Have you asked about his background?"

"Why don't I ask him to introduce himself?" suggested Wu Qi as he pointed at Lao Ai.

Miao Yue rolled her eyes and glanced around gingerly, then nodded.

Wu Qi flicked his finger. A sharp air darted out from his fingertip, hitting heavily on Lao Ai's body. It startled Lao Ai, causing him to quickly turn his head around and look over. Wu Qi gave him a nod and crooked his finger at him. Then, without uttering another word, he spun and extended his arm, ushering Miao Yue into the chamber which he had claimed as his residence.

Lao Ai looked to his left and right, his lips curved into an evil smile. "Madman, wait here. Let Master taste this meat first. Hehe, I'll sure save you some broth afterward. Tsk, tsk, this woman has a cultivation base of at least Heaven Immortal realm, hmph! I'm gonna dig out a significant benefit from her!"

After putting on his pants gleefully, Lao Ai leaped into the air and flew straight towards the chamber.

"Master, with you attending to the matter personally, how would there be any broth left for me?" grumbled Madman Xue in a low voice, his eyes filled with an envious look.

Inside the chamber, Miao Yue had sat cross-legged on a stone bed with her gaze fixed on Lao Ai. His beefy muscles, his imposing visage, and the vague romantic air radiated from within his bone, they all pleased her very much. Her heart was racing, so much so that even Wu Qi could hear the heartbeats loud and clear.

She smiled gracefully and asked, "Fellow Daoist, from where do you come? And, what is your purpose here in the Northern Ocean?"

Lao Ai cupped his fist and offered a deep bow. "I am an itinerant cultivator from the outer heavenly realm. I was on the run after offending someone there, and fortunately was able to come to Pangu Continent with the money robbed from someone else," he said gravely, "People had been telling me that Pangu Continent is a land full of rare and precious treasures, and some harsh and dangerous places are even riddled with uncountable treasures. By chance, I learned the name of Dark Abyss of Northern Ocean, and decided to try my luck here."

He breathed out a long sigh, then shook his head and said, "Little did I expect that before I could find any treasure, I would be captured and brought into this place. This is embarrassing."

Miao Yue gave Wu Qi a look before she giggled and said, "Well, that is your fate. Mm, what cultivation technique are you practicing?"

Lao Ai stuck out his chest and said proudly, "What I am practicing is an orthodox Buddhist cultivation technique, the Dhyana Technique of Great Delight!" He gave his male part a strong slap, squinting his eyes to look at Miao Yue, whose face was red with lust, and said, "I am not boasting, but this treasure of mine has never failed me once!"

Miao Yue stopped talking, covering her mouth with hands as she kept giggling.

Wu Qi smiled in comprehension. He spun and left the chamber, shutting the stone door for the lecherous pair. A black light flashed across the door, after which a few bizarre fiend runes could be seen blinking on its surface. Miao Yue had exercised her fiend technique to seal the chamber with a restrictive spell.

Wu Qi pricked up his ears, yet he could hear nothing from the chamber. He gave the stone door a glance with Mystic Eyes of Universe, but his vision was greeted by a couple of ferocious-looking fiends, who showed the intention of leaping into his spiritual ocean through the vision. He quickly retracted the glance and took a few steps back, not daring to let that happen.

And so, he stood quietly outside of the chamber, resting his eyes on a small spot on the ceiling with an empty mind.

After standing there for one day and one night like a statue carved out of rock, the door finally opened. Wearing a radiant face, Lao Ai strode out from the chamber with his arm wrapped around Miao Yue's slender waist. He walked with a strong gait, full of spirit and energy. It seemed that his cultivation base had just improved by leaps and bounds.

But, Miao Yue looked weak and feeble. Her body clung to Lao Ai like a damp dough and her feet afloat. She moaned and groaned listlessly, her pink face flushed with pleasure and satisfaction. "He is a strong man indeed," said Miao Yue as she fingered Lao Ai's chest muscles, "Wu Wang, I'll give you credit for this. Come, follow me to meet Goddess."

Wu Qi smiled and did not speak. 'My ways of getting things done have grown mean and despicable,' he thought. 'But, this is the world of cultivators in essence. This is the quality all Immortal cultivators should have. Should I not be mean and despicable, someone else will kill me with savage and wicked approaches. This is a world where people eat people!'

As she had gone through a fierce battle on the bed for one day and one night, Miao Yue was exhausted, and did not even have the strength to control her flying sword. Lao Ai simply cupped her up before his chest while Wu Qi flew ahead of them into a tunnel, leading the way to Miao Ying Palace's main entrance. When they arrived, Miao Yue showed the guards her medallion, and the three of them managed to enter the palace, running straight towards the tallest, most majestic hall in the center of Miao Ying Palace.

Right in the center of the grand hall was a lofty dais, on top of which was placed a cloud bed veiled with chiffon. It was emptied now.

On both sides of the dais were another two cloud beds, one occupied by Goddess Miao Xin, and the other by King Zhang Qiu. Goddess Miao Xin was accompanied by tens of beautiful and seductive girls, including Miao Feng, while King Zhang Qiu had tens of warriors behind him. The warriors were clad in heavy armors, their faces behind thick, metal masks, and their eyes covered by black, translucent crystals.

A person was seen sitting quietly next to King Zhang Qiu. Clad in a bright red silk robe, he looked charming, beautiful, and coquettish. There was a space of one-foot between them, a distance too far for a couple, but too near for friends.

A tall crown carved from one whole ruby was set upon his brows, adorned with a few red spirit jades that radiated a warm air. Some illusive white lotus flowers shrouded him, appearing and disappearing every now and then, further giving him a touch of otherworldliness. He looked like a figure who had just walked out of a magnificent painting.

Every now and then, King Zhang Qiu would turn his dull and stiff face around, whispering a word or two to this person.

Meanwhile, Goddess Miao Xin had cocked her head, sticking her long tongue to lick her lips from time to time while stealing glances at the person from the corners of her eyes. She had a complicated expression, seemingly sinking in an emotion mixed with sorrow and joy, reminiscence and bitterness.

Both Wu Qi and Lao Ai halted abruptly and nearly cried out.

Who else could be so charming that whoever saw him would like to be intimate with him, other than the infamous Lord Long Yang?

Stirred by their footsteps, Goddess Miao Xin, King Zhang Qiu, and Lord Long Yang turned to glance towards their direction. Goddess Miao Xin's eyes flickered when she saw Miao Yue laid weakly and feebly in Lao Ai's arms.

And, King Zhang Qiu still looked dull and stiff, uttering no word at all.

However, when Lord Long Yang had his beautiful eyes glanced across Wu Qi and Lao Ai's faces, he paused and gave Lao Ai a fierce glare, then smiled suddenly. It was as if all the flowers in the wilderness had bloomed simultaneously; the smile had brightened the dimly lit hall. One after another, white lotus flowers spread their petals around him, radiating a bright white light that blanketed the entire hall, freeing everybody from anxiety.

"Goddess, who are these people?" asked Lord Long Yang with a giggle.

From the question, Wu Qi and Lao Ai immediately understood what Lord Long Yang was trying to tell them– I do not know Lao Ai, and you, Lao Ai, better pretend that you do not know me as well. Clearly that meant he would not do anything to Lao Ai, and he was requesting the same treatment. Everyone would mind their own business, as that was the best for everyone!

Wu Qi gave Lord Long Yang a fierce glare and a quick glance at King Zhang Qiu.

'It will be great if I can recruit Lord Long Yang like how I did to Lao Ai. Girls will be handled by Lao Ai, and men by Lord Long Yang. Both of them could definitely be great help to me.' No matter it was their wits or crafty nature, both were of the best, and they also possessed extraordinary approaches. They were truly two great talents who Wu Qi could not miss.

Only by having both of them serving Euphoria Heavenly Palace could it truly live up to its name!

Cupping his fist and bowing to Goddess Miao Xin, Wu Qi said, "Goddess, he is fellow Daoist Lao Ai, a man who has joined us recently. Mm, Senior Miao Yue has performed a 'thorough examination' about his cultivation base and background just now. He is a talented man."

Lao Ai offered a greeting to Goddess Miao Xin smilingly, but his heart was bleeding, wishing he could draw his flying sword and hack Wu Qi now. 'So this is the Gold Immortal you've mentioned? She is ugly!' Even if she were a Primordial Immortal, Lao Ai would have to gather all his courage to seduce her! Though he had a licentious nature, he would not fu*k every single girl he met. He was actually a fastidious man who demanded girls of the highest standard!

Goddess Miao Xin stared thoughtfully at Miao Yue who laid weakly in Lao Ai's arms, then she said with a faint smile, "He is a talented man indeed! Mm, stand on the side for now. We'll talk later when after Patriarch has come out from her seclusion and finished her meeting with King Zhang Qiu!"

Her words were followed by hurried footsteps, as Lu Buwei brought a group of guards and maidservants rushing out from behind the hall. "Goddess, I've prepared everything. Now, we just have to wait for the Patriarch to come out of her seclusion!"

As he raised his head to look at the crowd, he was shocked to see both Lao Ai and Lord Long Yang. Even though he was a wily old fox, the sight made his facial muscles twitch.

Lao Ai's face blackened with his eyes fixing fiercely at Lu Buwei. At the same time, Lord Long Yang retracted his smile and gave Lao Ai a quick gaze.

Abruptly, a column of fiend aura rose from underneath Miao Ying Palace. It violently shook the palace, taking away everyone's attention. For that moment, the void was frozen like ice, trapping everybody on the spot and sealing their five senses.

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